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EoRC Round 64 04/12/2015

<Appocomaster> Welcome to this End of Round Ceremony, for Round 64 - Triumph for the Brave
<Appocomaster> Just for information, please refer to this recent announcement for Planetarion dates for the next month
<Appocomaster> http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...nd-and-round-65
<Appocomaster> covering information for havoc (which starts tomorrow), the winter round signups - 12 days of Christmas! - and the Round 65 dates
<Appocomaster> We will now move on with the EORC
<Appocomaster> we will try and break into 4 segments as, for the first time ever, we have a galaxy winning the most flag roids
<Appocomaster> firstly, we will congratulate the top 3 planets:
<Appocomaster> 1) 8:1:7 jayzinho of Faceless
<Appocomaster> 2) 7:4:3 agar3s of Ultores
<Appocomaster> 3) 6:8:3 anImaru of p3nguins
<Appocomaster> agar3s has opted not to speak tonight, so we will be welcoming Jayzinho and anImaru to the stage
<[FL]Jayzinho> hey appoco :)
<[p3n]anImaru> Yay thanks Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> congratulations to you both on first and third places
<Appocomaster> Firstly, I must say, usually the top 3 are a little more one sided
<[FL]Jayzinho> thx, me and my mates did it!
<[p3n]anImaru> Moving up slowly in the rankings :P
<Appocomaster> do you think this round was closer in terms of alliance combat than some of the previous rounds?
<[p3n]anImaru> Think p3ng did an awesome job attacking as usual
<[p3n]anImaru> Can't speak for others
<[FL]Jayzinho> i guess yes, cuz fl decided atk ult
<[FL]Jayzinho> it made a better and fun rnd
<Appocomaster> did you always think you were going to end near the top?
<[FL]Jayzinho> i didnt agree with the decision about atk ult, but im just a peon, at least was fun
<Appocomaster> or was it far less clearcut?
<[p3n]anImaru> Was looking like agar3s was guaranteed planet win 500 ticks ago
<[FL]Jayzinho> t5 for sure, since we had a calm rnd here in fl
<[p3n]anImaru> Congrats to jayzinho for proving me wrong
<Appocomaster> jayzinho, what do you have to say about your fleet 3 landing earlier today?
<Appocomaster> as I know many users have asked questions about it
<[p3n]anImaru> It was epic!
<Appocomaster> your name must have been striking fear into all of their planets
<[FL]Jayzinho> we had to calc where to land to #1, we knew bf were not defending good, we opened a mass on bf
<[FL]Jayzinho> we picked 6 8 targets since ult were attking there too to guarantee t1 gal, and another target on fl fort
<[FL]Jayzinho> raul and xoca called some peeps to escort me!
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> well it was certainly influential
<[FL]Jayzinho> and it happened, couldnt believe it too
<Appocomaster> so was that the highlight of the round?
<Appocomaster> or was the politics more interesting?
<[FL]Jayzinho> i guess yes, agar3es never expected it
<[FL]Jayzinho> me neither
<[p3n]anImaru> Dogg crashing was my favorite moment of the round!
<[FL]Jayzinho> for real, agar3s deserved more than me t1 planet, but pa isnt fair
<Appocomaster> why?
<Appocomaster> I mean why was Dogg's crash the most fun? :P
<[p3n]anImaru> He always complains about the rest of us crashing
<Appocomaster> oh well, everyone crashes sometimes
<[p3n]anImaru> Plus no top 100 for him!
<Appocomaster> so Jayzinho, who do you have to thank most?
<[FL]Jayzinho> xoca for dcing and helping me alot, raul for our calm round, faceless pals for the support, my gal for helping me a lot, MntrX for being cool, raven ck and demort for the support too =p
<Appocomaster> and anImaru .. I have to ask
<Appocomaster> why is the capital letter in the middle of your nickname?
<[p3n]anImaru> typo that was never fixed
<[p3n]anImaru> :P
<Appocomaster> for how many years now?
<Appocomaster> I can't say anything, with my obvious misspelling too :p
<[p3n]anImaru> 10+
<[FL]Jayzinho> may i say one last thing?
<Appocomaster> sure
<[p3n]anImaru> Same
<[p3n]anImaru> Jay can go first
<[FL]Jayzinho> Brazil ftw, thx u all guys! lets rock next rnd
<[FL]Jayzinho> a special thanks to ace, who banned me rnd 56 in a stupid and absurd way, your lousy job made me play for real just to come here in eorc to say how mediocre you are. Thanks u all
<[p3n]anImaru> Just want to give a shout out to p3ng and my galmates.
<[p3n]anImaru> Too many people to name but I especially want to thank:
<[p3n]anImaru> 1. All the dedicated defwhores: Imagination, Recluse, Dreads and Reapersexxy! among others.
<[p3n]anImaru> 2. The rest of #teamani: Veil & Katie, Krypton, Loophole, TC, Tok, Thanos, Shine and Napoleon.
<[p3n]anImaru> 3. Others who helped a ton: Mano!, Booji, Londo, Jintao, Jinstarro, Sad, Dogg, Kafka, and Willzzz from p3nguins. Sebace, Nelito, Direwolf, SCK, and Glide from gal. Apologies to anyone I forgot.
<[p3n]anImaru> 4. Our glorious leader Munkee!
<[p3n]anImaru> 5. And finally Napoleon and Reapersix again for making all this possible.
-!- [p3n]anImaru was kicked from #planetarion by Pea [[Warning] :: No flooding please! :: (7 lines in 4 secs)]
<Appocomaster> well that was convenient
<Appocomaster> okay, well done with all the thanking.
<Appocomaster> any last workds?
<Appocomaster> if not, we will move on :)
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> thanks
<Appocomaster> next we have 6:8
<Appocomaster> 6:8:1 Sebace of Black Flag
<Appocomaster> 6:8:2 GenChaos of RainbowS
<Appocomaster> 6:8:3 anImaru of p3nguins (MoD)
<Appocomaster> 6:8:4 nelito of Black Flag
<Appocomaster> 6:8:5 Mano of p3nguins (MoW)
<Appocomaster> 6:8:6 Napoleon of p3nguins (GC)
<Appocomaster> 6:8:7 Direwolf of Black Flag (MoC)
<Appocomaster> 6:8:8 SCK of ┬Žsgard
<Appocomaster> 6:8:9 glide of RainbowS
<Appocomaster> 6:8:10 Steffken of Black Flag
<Appocomaster> 6:8:11 raven187 of Faceless
<Appocomaster> so I will be revoicing anImaru :P
<Appocomaster> I can't work out where the rest of you are :p
<[p3n]anImaru> someone is banned ;)
<Appocomaster> oh
<Appocomaster> there goes Napoelon
<Appocomaster> *Napoleon
-!- SCK_ was kicked from #planetarion by Pea [[1] :: No need to repeat yourself :: (Auto) Duration: 12m]
<Appocomaster> oh
<[p3n]anImaru> [p3n]Mano
<Appocomaster> there goes SCK
<[p3n]Mano> lo
<Appocomaster> bet he regrets being silly now
<Appocomaster> okay
<[BowS]glide> Yes Nelito wont be attending the party so I will just drop it for him
<Appocomaster> so, we are missing your GC
<[p3n]anImaru> Last minute mutiny anyways
<Appocomaster> but congrats
<Appocomaster> oh?
<[p3n]anImaru> Nelito was always our gc
<[p3n]Mano> hes milking camels at this hour
<Appocomaster> as GC, Napoleon gets the 5 credits, you realise
<[p3n]anImaru> Did all the work
<Appocomaster> well that sounds like more people should want him in their galaxy :)
<[BF]Steffken[6-> hey thx :) Especially to Nelito, Cheetos and our Amazon Gal!!
<Appocomaster> were you ever worried about not winning?
<[p3n]anImaru> No we were best gal by a longshot ;)
<[p3n]anImaru> Thank you p3ng aasguard and fl for roiding 7 4 :P
<Appocomaster> what was your favourite moment?
<[p3n]anImaru> Our lolwaves landing on agar3s :D
<[p3n]anImaru> Our scanner willzzz roided him 3 times this round!
<Appocomaster> who were the standout people? you mentioned nelito? was anyone else involved in any way? :p
<Appocomaster> are you finding things like whatsapp and telegram the standard?
<[p3n]anImaru> Yes we use whatsapp and tg both
<[BowS]glide> i actually have a eor statement from nelito...i can paste it..?
<Appocomaster> if it's more than 7 lines long you will get kicked
<Appocomaster> if I think it's inappropriate ^ same :P
<Appocomaster> your choice
<[BowS]glide> yeah its longer :)
<Appocomaster> wow
<Appocomaster> how many lines did he want to write? :p
<Appocomaster> even anImaru had 5 actual lines :p
<[BowS]glide> around 20ish
<Appocomaster> TWENTY?!?
<Appocomaster> you can summarise? :P
<[p3n]anImaru> He made a huge speech no doubt
<[BowS]glide> lol well
<[BF]Steffken[6-> Just try
<[BowS]glide> ill do the Hello haters this nelito talking your worst nightmare is here on EORC live with it
<[BowS]glide> one for all the whinners saying we cheated plz get a life u sucked we outsmarted u benefiting from ur idiotic war and free landing both of you
<[BowS]glide> u are clowns closing bf incomings and we made great use of it
<[BowS]glide> s for the escorts from 8 1 7 no sorry we won't def vs 9 fleets and hoping its an escort we won't loose or risk gal win
<[BowS]glide> first i want to thank my awesome crew who been with me for all long rounds
<[BowS]glide> archester cutulin flint flash
<[BowS]glide> who no matter sticked with me
<[BowS]glide> blockhead thegreatjupp cheetos and frazzles the craziest bunch i saw thanks for all escorts and def
<[BowS]glide> blockhead thegreatjupp cheetos and frazzles the craziest bunch i saw thanks for all escorts and def
<[BowS]glide> galzilla greytonic lewis for always being here , serio for crashing ur fleets so many times
<[BowS]glide> this is ur win guys not ours it was an alliance effort that everyone took part in
<[BowS]glide> clouds for being a grumpy funny dude, fun2begrils and her family for always looking after us and setting bcalcs i hate doing
<[BowS]glide> sevenseas for awesome politics however i wanted to kill bows top planet
<[BowS]glide> as for the emoers ag3ars and chimp and benneh and the rest get a life
<[BowS]glide> u where too busy for planet win u could have easily won all if u had small brains
<[BowS]glide> so better luck next round
<[BowS]glide> ND LAST BUT SPECIAL THANKS TO ASGARD we could have never done it without u
<[BowS]glide> special thanks to sandvold and advantix (big nose cause air is free)
<[BowS]glide> and thanks for the bp members anymore being awesome
<[BowS]glide> mano sebace direwolf genchaos sck
<[BowS]glide> everyone was just epic and thanks for the portuguese crasher who almost gave us heartattacks
<[BowS]glide> oh thats me
<[BowS]glide> steffken and raven u two were epic giving us the win mainly stefkken who outplayed himself :))
<[BowS]glide> thanks all
<[BowS]glide> thats it
<[BF]Steffken[6-> thx Nelito :)
<[p3n]Mano> to sum it up we were very lucky with randoms ..
<Appocomaster> wow
<Appocomaster> well, that is good :P
<[BowS]glide> to add something myself,..this gal was super active on whatsapp telegram..really looking out on each other 24h a day..
<Appocomaster> but
<Appocomaster> I think we justified nelito not being allowed in
<[p3n]anImaru> :p
<[BowS]glide> lol
<[p3n]Mano> hes an awesome clown
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> well, we're finished here
<Appocomaster> so thank you
<Appocomaster> and Napoleon will get the credits as gc ^
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> congrats Napoleon :p
<[p3n]Mano> halleluja
<Appocomaster> so, this is unanticipated
<Appocomaster> but we actually have two galaxies tied on 5 special roids
<Appocomaster> 4:1 and 7:4
<Appocomaster> which makes things more complicated
<Appocomaster> ;P
<Appocomaster> so we will move on to the top alliance
<Appocomaster> and return there shortly
<Appocomaster> the top alliance was, of course, Ultores
<Appocomaster> Chimpie, are you with us?
<Appocomaster> Chimpie may be slightly tipsy
<Appocomaster> okay :P
<Appocomaster> as the person-who-has-stayed-up-latest-ever for an EoRC, congratulations MQ and Ultores
<Appocomaster> :p
<[ULT]MQ> On behalf on ULT, We'll like to thx everyone in ULT for the great job.
<[ULT]MQ> thank you our scanner team and our DC team when agar3s was not around
<[ULT]MQ> Wish agar3s speedy recovery
<[ULT]MQ> #prayforagar3s
<Appocomaster> anyone in particular apart from agar3s to single out?
<[ULT]MQ> thx xerxes for dcing
<[ULT]MQ> :D
<Appocomaster> okay
<[ULT]MQ> and chimpie
<[ULT]MQ> for awesome politic
<Appocomaster> and finally ... I noticed that the top galaxies are 4:1 and 7:4 but 7:4:1 has had two of the special roids for over 1000 ticks - 1088 and 1100
<Appocomaster> which honestly, is pretty awesome
<Appocomaster> as agar3s is the GC of 7:1
<[ULT]MQ> yeah Thats Deejay
<Appocomaster> I will congratulate him and, as his rep, MQ, congrats to you too :P as a member of 7:4
<[ULT]MQ> Thanks
<Appocomaster> he's pinged out so he's not around ;(
<Appocomaster> but he deserves to win that
<[ULT]MQ> Thank you all member in 7:4
<Appocomaster> so, as a tie break, 7:4 win with 5 roids and the longest 2 being held by 7:4
<Appocomaster> sorry * agar3s is the GC of 7:4 :p
<[ULT]MQ> cool
<Appocomaster> well, thanks and congrats again
<Appocomaster> now get some rest before havoc!
<[ULT]MQ> :D
<Appocomaster> and thank you
<[ULT]MQ> ahh
<Appocomaster> oh!
<[ULT]MQ> his here
<Appocomaster> hi Chimpie
<Appocomaster> MQ stood in but congrats
<Chimpie|phone> Hey
<Chimpie|phone> Thanks
<Chimpie|phone> xmas party. Tad late
<Appocomaster> is there anyone you want to single out?
<Chimpie|phone> we won?
<Chimpie|phone> Agar3s and Xerxes especially, amazing def, all the members who sent
<Appocomaster> Ult won
<Chimpie|phone> planet?
<Chimpie|phone> Not had time to check
<Appocomaster> no
<Chimpie|phone> k
<Appocomaster> I can explain later :)
<[ULT]MQ> "To build may have to be the slow and laborious task of years. To destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day."
<[ULT]MQ> Sir Winston Churchill
<Chimpie|phone> Ty Mq
<Chimpie|phone> yes, Winston has a point
<Chimpie|phone> hard work all round
<Appocomaster> are there any other comments?
<Chimpie|phone> Lucky politics, and a couple allies that kept their word, bows and hr especially
<Chimpie|phone> and even ct
<Chimpie|phone> it was a rollercoaster of a round
<Chimpie|phone> swayed back and fourth
<Chimpie|phone> Since Sunday we had a good feel of things
<Chimpie|phone> and everyone stepped up
<Appocomaster> who were your biggest rivals?
<Chimpie|phone> Fl in the end really, p3ng before that
<Chimpie|phone> we knew fl wouldn't win tho
<Chimpie|phone> and people were fired up on that
<Chimpie|phone> Tbh, if Jayz won round I'm bitter
<Chimpie|phone> for reasons most of you know
<Chimpie|phone> Not going into detailsw
<Appocomaster> thank you
<[ULT]MQ> "Those who serve supreme causes must not consider what they can get but what they can give."
<[ULT]MQ> Sir Winston Churchill
<Chimpie|phone> Word
<Appocomaster> I sent that to the Harbio manufacturer near me
<Chimpie|phone> best by far, ult
<Appocomaster> supplying me with Haribo is a noble cause
<Chimpie|phone> lol
<Appocomaster> okay, thanks to you both :)
<Appocomaster> we'll run the allcomp now
<Appocomaster> so everyone, get ready and tag up
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 218 nicks and found 10 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: Norse, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: HR, count: 2
<Pea> #8. Tag: P3ng, count: 3
<Pea> #7. Tag: FL, count: 4
<Pea> #6. Tag: BF, count: 8
<Pea> #5. Tag: p3n, count: 9
<Pea> #4. Tag: BowS, count: 12
<Pea> #3. Tag: ULT, count: 23
<Pea> #2. Tag: ND, count: 33
<Pea> #1. Tag: CT, count: 34
<Appocomaster> congrats to CT
<Appocomaster> more credits to you :)
<Appocomaster> and now, finishing slightly early for once, thanks all
<Appocomaster> notes:
<Appocomaster> I will havoc in the next hour
<Appocomaster> you're all in clusters
<Appocomaster> then stats and logs and things will go up today or tomorrow morning
<Appocomaster> get a nights rest!