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  • Round 77 Signups start: Friday 18th May 2018
  • Round 77 Ticks Start: Friday 25th May 2018
  • Round 77 Ticks End: Friday 13th July 2018

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Beta Progress and New Round 13 Features

Beta testing is so far going well and on schedule, as well as various bug fixes that escaped internal alpha testing there are also some new features being implemented. Here is a summary of what has happened so far:

- Buddy Pack creation, joining and leaving is implemented for upgraded planets, on the Preferences screen. Buddy packs can only be joined or created before the shuffle. Buddy Packs can also see who is in their pack on the preferences screen.
- The galaxy-system will now no longer create more galaxies, but keep filling up those we have.
- Message system rewrite - both planets and alliances can now send messages to planets and alliances. When alliances send messages, no coords or planet-names are revealed, only the name of the alliance. Messaging your entire alliance is now done from the new messages page under Alliances, by PR-officers, BCs and HCs. Doing that will message anyone accepted into the alliance, even the recruits.
- When updating status / kicking an alliance member, the updater can now add a message to the planet being updated. (From the alliance, no coords revealed ofc)
- GCs must now supply an explanation for a started exile, and the exilee is sent a message about the started exile with the explanation.
- Some minor CSS changes have been made
- The old members page has now been split up into 2 pages, Members and Applicants.
- The process of accepting / rejecting new members has been redesigned for better communication etc.
- The Members page now lists more data for all members, you can sort by clicking on the headers
- The handling of prepaid credits have been rewritten. It is no longer a script running separately causing load every 15 minutes, it now checks only once per signup, at ACTIVATION. First it tries to find a match by email, then by firstname & lastname & country. If a match is found, the activation-page will display this with big yellow text to the user. There is also an "upgrade now" link on Overview.
- To reduce size of the DB, planet ranking history is only the last 500 ticks and we only store the history every 10 ticks!!! saves lots of DB space
- Scans are now deleted after 24 hours.
- The overview page has been somewhat optimised.
- Preferences optimised.
- text on alliances members page should now show fuller race names (Ter instead of T etc)
- galaxy status page changed to include fleet names rather than planet names and to a single line format to allow for easy parsing by external toolkits
- Free planets have 1 extra eta and 1 extra hct
- Some typos fixed
- Players can now defend planets in vacation mode or closed planets
- Jolt payment page updated with more current exchange rates
- Free planets can access history

The current bugs exist:
- reporting an abusive message does not work.
- exiling someone might break the game as not all functions reflect the new gal system yet
- some images are old round 12 images

Changes still to happen:
- shuffler implementation
- allowing scans on closed planets
- changing salvage amounts to 15% from attackers and 20% from defenders
- Allowing fleet scans on incoming defence fleets
- Removing the "your galaxy has incoming message" when only friendly fleets are incoming
- EULA update to reflect the current game with clearer information on cheating
- Minor improvements to the new messaging system to make mailing alliances easier
- Changes to the new Applicants page to give more information to Alliances
- New combat system including stealing and all new stats

The bugs and the changes planned will be sorted out over the next few days, it is however possible that some features may need to be dropped in order to get the round out of the door, all bugs listed will however be fixed.

Once the code is in an acceptable state there will be a very short public preview round before round 13 signups.