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EoRC Round 63 25/09/2015

<AppocoEoRC> Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen
<AppocoEoRC> and welcome to the latest EoRC
<AppocoEoRC> tonight we gather together to congratulate the winners of Round 63 of Planetarion
<AppocoEoRC> we will start first with the top planets
<AppocoEoRC> er
*** Mode #planetarion +vv shaz [BF]Sevenseas by AppocoEoRC
<AppocoEoRC> trying to find TheMaN
<AppocoEoRC> as apparently there's two of them :p
*** Mode #planetarion +v [FL]Xoca-TheMaN by AppocoEoRC
*** Mode #planetarion +v [FL]Xoca_TheMaN by AppocoEoRC
<AppocoEoRC> which one of you is it?
<AppocoEoRC> :p
<AppocoEoRC> okay
<AppocoEoRC> well, congrats to our top planets
<AppocoEoRC> 4:2:4, TheMaN of Faceless
<AppocoEoRC> 7:2:8, Shaz of Faceless
<AppocoEoRC> and 4:7:7, SevenSeas of Black Flag
<AppocoEoRC> shaz, SevenSeas, are you here?
<AppocoEoRC> or this could be a very short interview
<[BF]Sevenseas> yes
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Sec
<shaz> ya
<AppocoEoRC> good start!
<AppocoEoRC> okay, we'll come back to the winner
<AppocoEoRC> congrats on #2, shaz
<shaz> thx
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Well
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Should I start?
<AppocoEoRC> sure
<shaz> go
<AppocoEoRC> if you're ready
<AppocoEoRC> congrats on #1
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Thank you
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Yeap I am
<AppocoEoRC> well done - how do you think you managed to win when your alliance was taking such a hammering

towards the end of the round?
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> First of all I want to thanks everyone that played in faceless this round
<AppocoEoRC> :)
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Well
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> First we were going for for #1 ally
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Would be harder to win if we managed to stay in the race
<AppocoEoRC> so Faceless losing top spot made it easier for you to win?
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> We didn't, cause of fkd up politics we been for many rounds
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Yes appoco, we didn't had chance at gal or ally, so we focused on me shaz and raven(that ended

<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Last week was all about Def the tops
<AppocoEoRC> that's quite a dedicated alliance to support your planets
<AppocoEoRC> er
<AppocoEoRC> your top 3 planets
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Yes that's why I want to thanks them for being awesome
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Without them we wouldn't win anything
<AppocoEoRC> were there any in particular that you want to thank?
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> This is everyone's victory ;)
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Yes
<AppocoEoRC> good luck spreading out the 2 credits
<AppocoEoRC> did you worry that you'd be overtaken?
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> I want to thank my gal mates too, they went to in the #1 xoca train too
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> They helped a lot
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Everyone from 4:2 <3
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Appoco not really
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> I even crashed 2mill score last week
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Still won
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Lol
<AppocoEoRC> how did you recover so well?
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Well, faceless did some good naps for the end of the round
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> So my Inc's got controlled
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> I did some good lands, I had 1mill lead by the time I crashed
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Gal helped with donation.. Thanks to whoever made this crash donation rule :p
<AppocoEoRC> lol
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> I got 65mill res from gal after crash
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> The one time I slept too much...
<AppocoEoRC> quite a costly mistake
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> What else you wanna know
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> If I may
<AppocoEoRC> will you be back to try and win again next round?
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Lol never
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> It's exhaustive I'll just chill next round
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> My social life went shit Last week's of roubd
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> :p
<AppocoEoRC> final words? or can we move onto shaz?
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Yes final words
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Sec
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> First of all I want to to suggest you to change ally size to 40
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> The game can't afford 60 allies anymore
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Too much troll tags
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> No one really trying to win the game
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> This round was just us and bf fighting for 1
<AppocoEoRC> "troll tags"?
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Yeah
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Hoddor, etc
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Norse
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> They play just to mess up someone
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Asc attacked 100 times just to piss me off
<AppocoEoRC> ah okay
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> They thought I was Raul..
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Lol
<AppocoEoRC> poor Raul
<AppocoEoRC> anything else?
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Yes
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Ct should be ashamed to be still playing like they are
<AppocoEoRC> they aren't able to defend themselves!
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> They were just supporting bf ftw thus round while they had the best shot at winnkng
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Well not my problem ;p
<AppocoEoRC> I believe that they had heavy incs from ultores
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Thanks 7seas for nap at end
<[BF]Sevenseas> your welcome =)
<AppocoEoRC> okay
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Brasil > asia
<AppocoEoRC> shaz
<AppocoEoRC> you next :)
<AppocoEoRC> congrats
<AppocoEoRC> we see you yet again here
<shaz> thx
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> And thx Raul I love you
<AppocoEoRC> do you agree with mostly TheMaN
<shaz> some
<shaz> my first rnd with fl
<shaz> since souls demanded i joined fl this round and asc was chilling
<shaz> then souls disappeared, so i was left stranded with no acess
<shaz> just def whore for ally
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> (@AppocoEoRC) they aren't able to defend themselves! <- guess why, that's what happens when you

play for someone else.. Maybe some bf can defend them ;)
<shaz> and just lucky to exile and land in a decent bf fort
<AppocoEoRC> did being in a bf fort help you as FL?
<shaz> i thought it was a good place to stay, since fl and bf were napped
<shaz> but it didnt turn out well in the end
<shaz> when war broke out
<shaz> i had a lot of inc
<AppocoEoRC> haha yeah there we go :p
<AppocoEoRC> no def in-gal?
<shaz> xan fi was hard to stop, since i need ghosts in gal
<shaz> ya
<shaz> as etd it was very hard
<shaz> in gal bf did their best to keep bf away, but i guess when bf secured ally win
<AppocoEoRC> well, you did okay
<[BF]Sevenseas> you had some easy weeks inside that fort we made sure of that shaz
<shaz> they want planet win too, so i got hit
<shaz> a lot
<shaz> including seven
<shaz> they tried several times
<shaz> plus the block hitting fl, it was a struggle to get covered
-*- AppocoEoRC nods
<AppocoEoRC> anyone particular to thank?
<shaz> so i lost quite a lot of roids
<shaz> got to thank fl dc
<shaz> joseph and raven for stepping up to dc my planet
<shaz> and other fl members who responded and sent help
<shaz> also team wallet and asc
<shaz> even though most of them only knew about my planet the last week
<shaz> a lot of them offered to help
<shaz> in gal bf
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Not me? :(
<AppocoEoRC> hehe
<shaz> especially dybi
<AppocoEoRC> shaz can get def too
<shaz> non-bf
<shaz> xerxes, rasp, cashy, cartman
<shaz> these 4 helped to keep ct/bf
<shaz> xoca actually made it harder for me
<shaz> since when he had inc/pl
<shaz> means less def for me :)
<shaz> it was a hard time to keep up
<AppocoEoRC> lol
<AppocoEoRC> well done :)
<shaz> especially with the donations
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> So.. Everyday :p
<AppocoEoRC> final words - we need to get onto SevenSeas
<AppocoEoRC> :)
<shaz> think a few of the top planets had those :)
<shaz> yup
<shaz> ok
<shaz> pass on to seven
<shaz> thanks all
<AppocoEoRC> thanks
<[FL]Xoca_TheMaN> Yeap donation for people above average score is dumb.
<AppocoEoRC> so, SevenSeas, congrats on trying to keep these guys honest
<[BF]Sevenseas> thx
<AppocoEoRC> did you ever feel you were close to catching and taking them?
<AppocoEoRC> with a whole alliance behind them
<[BF]Sevenseas> no, but that was never my intention
<[BF]Sevenseas> thats why i napped fl in the end
<[BF]Sevenseas> napping the planets above you dont really help on catching them
<AppocoEoRC> were you just trying to maintain third then?
<[BF]Sevenseas> BF dont play for ranks, we play for ally, when ally was secured then we went for gal. (so we keept

shaz save enough until it was secured)
<[BF]Sevenseas> i just played and in the end i found myself in that situation. however i was supposed to ground

the last day and take #4 , but stuff happend and we decided to have a go for #3.
<[BF]Sevenseas> i probly dont deserve this place at all
<AppocoEoRC> wow
<AppocoEoRC> you're one of the saddest #3s I've ever seen :P
<[BF]Sevenseas> i had to backstab my friends to get here
<[BF]Sevenseas> so not really porud of that
<AppocoEoRC> ah okay
<[BF]Sevenseas> proud
<AppocoEoRC> I am sure Apostle has some things to say
<AppocoEoRC> so ...
<[BF]Sevenseas> yeah , i just have to say sorry to apostle and i wanna share #3 with him ;)
<AppocoEoRC> anyone you want to thank in particular?
<AppocoEoRC> I don't think we've ever had a resource tie for third place
<AppocoEoRC> *score tie
<AppocoEoRC> in fact, for any top place
<AppocoEoRC> you could have tried being first
<AppocoEoRC> :)
<AppocoEoRC> anyone in particular you want to thank for your third place?
<[BF]Sevenseas> as said i did not deserve this, never dced my own calls. clouds, nelito, hobster dced like a boss

for me
<AppocoEoRC> or apparently, apologise for
<[BF]Sevenseas> also ingal i got alot of help , special thanks to hobster, olav the dildo king, stender and

<[BF]Sevenseas> could not done it without my bf teamates. so a big thanks to them all
<[BF]Sevenseas> and thank BB for breaking nap with us ;)
<AppocoEoRC> haha
<[BF]Sevenseas> oh im a douche sorry
<AppocoEoRC> be nice
<[BF]Sevenseas> continue
<[BF]Sevenseas> and thank bram for makeing my life a bitch =)
<AppocoEoRC> oh be nice to Bram
<AppocoEoRC> :p
<AppocoEoRC> okay, well, we'll move onto the galaxy now
<shaz> after bf secured ally and gal fort win, they wanted to stop fl top planets, i guess in that sense we kinda

<[BF]Sevenseas> also gotta thank guppie for makeing me aware of a whole in themans waves
<AppocoEoRC> if there's no one else you'd like to thank and apologise to
<[BF]Sevenseas> who made me get trough ingal and ally def
<[BF]Sevenseas> so i landed him once who made me get up there in the first place
<AppocoEoRC> :)
<[BF]Sevenseas> also i have to say its hard beeing in this position end of rank when you also controll politics.
<[BF]Sevenseas> cause you fight 2 different causes
<[BF]Sevenseas> thats why i really wanted to ground last day
<AppocoEoRC> okay.
<AppocoEoRC> well, thanks :)
<[BF]Sevenseas> thx
<AppocoEoRC> we'll move onto the top galaxy now
<AppocoEoRC> you'll all get your credit
*** Mode #planetarion -vv [BF]Sevenseas [FL]Xoca-TheMaN by AppocoEoRC
*** Mode #planetarion -v [FL]Xoca_TheMaN by AppocoEoRC
<AppocoEoRC> okay, shaz help me here
<AppocoEoRC> next up is top galaxy 7:2
<shaz> sure
<shaz> those with 7-2 tags
<shaz> bf
<shaz> blizzz
<shaz> dybi
<shaz> iborg
*** Mode #planetarion +vvv [BF]Blizzz[7-2] [BF]dybi[7-2] [BF]iBorg[7-2] by AppocoEoRC
<shaz> ult rasp
*** Mode #planetarion +vv [Ult]Rasp[7-2] [Ult]Xerxes[7-2 by AppocoEoRC
<[BF]dybi[7-2]> yoyoyoyoyoy
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> cashyš
<shaz> cant find the other nicks
<AppocoEoRC> Arty? cartman? cashy?
<shaz> xerxes
<AppocoEoRC> Sebace?
<shaz> cartman, cashy
<[Ult]Rasp[7-2]> I was told there would be punch and pie
<shaz> ary is sleeping i think
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> Sebace, yes and cashy
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> arty went to bed
<AppocoEoRC> well, I named them at least ;)
<shaz> hr-cashy
<[BF]iBorg[7-2]> Thanks for the opportunity! Well what a bizarre round this has been, but I want to thank all the

members of this awesome gal for all the support we showed each other. Dybi and I tried our hardest to make the

race for #1 gal as competitive as possible by crashing numerous times but that still didnít work. But to have 5

gal members in the t14 of the uni is pretty impressive.
*** Mode #planetarion +v [HR]CaShY by AppocoEoRC
-*- shaz slaps [HR]CaShY around a bit with a large trout
<[BF]Blizzz[7-2]> Thanks ms 4-2 for crashing so much





<[BF]dybi[7-2]> Did I win PA now?
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> Also, thx BF and FL for playing naptarion
<[BF]dybi[7-2]> FINALLY!
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> our gal had very little incs
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> except for me having CT incs every night ofc
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> =)
<shaz> erm
<AppocoEoRC> wow
<shaz> i think my inc matched yours
<AppocoEoRC> shortest gal thing :p
<AppocoEoRC> we can get the gal incs later
<[BF]Blizzz[7-2]> Random ally BP FTW
<[BF]iBorg[7-2]> Personal thanks goes to CaShY for sacrificing his Clippers for me early in the round and to Tommy

for being my personal escort, not to forget EvilMonkey for picking great targets!
<[Ult]Rasp[7-2]> I would like to thank Xerxes for DCing the hundreds of fleets on his own planet so that I could

<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> shaz, only at the end
<shaz> not much inc on bf
<shaz> it's always us, non bf getting hit
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> shaz: excactly
<[HR]CaShY> Thanks to all HR, especially Bram and Appie they know what they did and the whole galaxy for actually

making this round fun(ish)
<[BF]dybi[7-2]> you guys are so slow
<[BF]dybi[7-2]> come on
<shaz> anyway, good to exile here and play with you guys :)
<[BF]iBorg[7-2]> And of course big thanks to BF, every single member is fantastic! Our forts all worked really

well and itís a testament to our dedication that we got the top 2 gals this round.
<AppocoEoRC> you won by quite a lot
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> also, big thanks to Cashy for sending a ridicolous ammount of def fleets to me!
<[BF]Blizzz[7-2]> Not as slow as top 3
<[BF]dybi[7-2]> hit us with the questions AppocoEoRC
<shaz> and ya, cashy clippers is awesome
<AppocoEoRC> favourite moment of the round?
<AppocoEoRC> apart from of course getting shaz as a random exile
<[HR]CaShY> Most Defended Planet 7:2:1 (26 times)
<[BF]Blizzz[7-2]> Xerxes constant I c
<shaz> rasp as a random exile kinda secured the win too!
<[Ult]Rasp[7-2]> think their favorite moment was when they found out it WAS shaz
<[BF]Blizzz[7-2]> Every night Xerxes had Inc for weeks
<shaz> we exiled everyone until rasp came in like 800 ticks later
<[Ult]Rasp[7-2]> because most of them didn't know until the last week
<[BF]Blizzz[7-2]> Fu rasp I didn't know until er
<[Ult]Rasp[7-2]> I am the lucky rabbit's foot of PA for gal wins (unless golan is ingal)
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> I wanna thank Ultores, especially agar3s, Bazza and a few others for answering def-calls

although we said we wouldnt defend this round
<AppocoEoRC> Rasp, I have seen you an awful lot
<[BF]iBorg[7-2]> my fav moment was Norse not being able to land when they lolwaved us
<AppocoEoRC> you and Golan
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> Pius deserves mention, he was my hero this round
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> yes
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> Norsemen crashing 6.2 million value today was fun
<[BF]iBorg[7-2]> yes
<[BF]dybi[7-2]> ^
<AppocoEoRC> what do you think could be done to make it more fun?
<[BF]dybi[7-2]> the game?
<[BF]dybi[7-2]> or the eorc? :P
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> Also, Sevenseas using 26 fleets to try and escort himself to the win, by hitting HR-people in BF

forts and failing was fun too
<AppocoEoRC> both :p
<[HR]CaShY> less phone calls asking for clippers
<[Ult]Rasp[7-2]> marketing?
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> haha
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> AppocoEoRC: integrate with Facebook
<[BF]dybi[7-2]> Integrate with #Slack, AppocoEoRC
<[BF]dybi[7-2]> the com unit is so ancient
<AppocoEoRC> what's wrong with the com unit?
<[BF]dybi[7-2]> IRC is ancient too
<[BF]dybi[7-2]> well
<AppocoEoRC> I need to probably update it to the latest qwebirc
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> also, the donation system is pretty weird tbh - that xoca was able to just get donated to when

he crashed was off
<AppocoEoRC> irc is awesome :P
<[BF]Blizzz[7-2]> Slack is better
<[Ult]Rasp[7-2]> where is the PA app on itunes?
<[BF]iBorg[7-2]> slack and whatsapp worked really well, we didnít use irc at all
<[BF]dybi[7-2]> IRC IS SO 1990'S. but seriously, check it out.. it's pretty kewl
<[BF]iBorg[7-2]> i suppose i better thank Chronox for all that stuff
<AppocoEoRC> okay
<AppocoEoRC> final words?
<[BF]iBorg[7-2]> Yeah I just wanna say one final thingÖ GO THE ALL BLACKS!
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> bigger BPs, say 5 would be nice
<[HR]CaShY> they are lucky they was nice to xerxes else we'd of exiled
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> Glory glory Man Utd
<[BF]Blizzz[7-2]> Thanks gal awesome win
<[Ult]Rasp[7-2]> Run Forest Run
<[BF]iBorg[7-2]> all blacks eat man utd for breakfast
<[Ult]Rasp[7-2]> go TEAM WALLET!
<[BF]dybi[7-2]> i'll never crash my fleet again.
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> lol
<AppocoEoRC> okay thanks
<[BF]iBorg[7-2]> yeah right
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> the crashing was kinda fun tho, in hindsight
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> since we won anyway
<[Ult]Xerxes[7-2> heh
<[BF]dybi[7-2]> EZ :D
<[BF]iBorg[7-2]> we didnít just win
*** Mode #planetarion -vvvvvv [BF]Blizzz[7-2] [BF]dybi[7-2] [BF]iBorg[7-2] [HR]CaShY [Ult]Rasp[7-2] [Ult]Xerxes[7

-2 by P
*** Mode #planetarion -v shaz by P
<AppocoEoRC> thanks
<AppocoEoRC> :p
<AppocoEoRC> so congrats to 7:2
<AppocoEoRC> finally, the winning alliance Black Flag
<AppocoEoRC> who came from behind to win by a fair margin of 10% or more
*** Mode #planetarion +vvvv [BF]Clouds [BF]ChronoX [BF]NoXiouS [BF]Sevenseas by P
<AppocoEoRC> wb Sevenseas and congrats to you on coming #1
<[BF]Sevenseas> thx
<[BF]NoXiouS> ty poco
<AppocoEoRC> second round in a row
<[BF]NoXiouS> wierdest round for a while
<[BF]Sevenseas> yeah we are very pleased with that.
<AppocoEoRC> I understand you probably have faceless to thank as much as anything else for clearing your path
<[BF]Sevenseas> well
<[BF]Sevenseas> to be fair fl was the first ally i approached. i wanted to work with them early on
<[BF]Sevenseas> however when they started nap others like p3ng, we had to make a change
<[BF]Sevenseas> so from wanting to work with fl, we had to take a different path
<[BF]Sevenseas> fl ofc got scared when we broke the nap early on,even though ive told them we was not gonna take

on them.
<[BF]Sevenseas> fl overreacted a bit to early and started the show really from there
<AppocoEoRC> you make them sound like a jilted lover
<AppocoEoRC> they still got the top 2 planets though
<[BF]Sevenseas> yes they did
<[BF]Sevenseas> we also knew that would be their path
<[BF]Sevenseas> faceless care very for their planet ranks, so have to use it as best we can
<AppocoEoRC> you won everything else
<[BF]NoXiouS> that kinda left the path way open for us to walk
<AppocoEoRC> and came third yourself
<[BF]NoXiouS> FL/p3n having a fallout in the end helped too
<[BF]Clouds> We also changed up our strategy. As "defence support planets" are legal, we decided to go with 10 of

them, and they contributed towards our defence pool immensely.
<[BF]NoXiouS> yeah, people like blackrhag, crusie etc. were awesome
<[BF]Clouds> Acidpink, Blackrhag, Cazaure, Crusie, Hollowgrams, Serio, Sorcerer, Steel, Werewolf & Xerxes to be

<[BF]Clouds> also, I have to do this otherwise the camel-lover will emo, thank you to Nelito from putting in the

effort to DC.
<[BF]NoXiouS> (not the 7 2 xerxes naturally)
<AppocoEoRC> okay :p
<[BF]NoXiouS> honestly, we didn't expect the round to go anything like this
<[BF]NoXiouS> and were expecting some blockfest on our doorsteps from the start
<AppocoEoRC> will you be back for a hat trick next round?
<[BF]Clouds> ChronoX's tech skills (constantly adding new commands) also contributed towards our victory. Yes,

he's even better than TBBT.
<[BF]NoXiouS> that'll have to be discussed still, some of us are getting a bit worn down
<[BF]ChronoX> Don't make me blush, nobody is better than TBBTNut
<AppocoEoRC> haha
<AppocoEoRC> :)
<[BF]NoXiouS> oh, and before I forget, I gotta raise a hand for our 1:10 guys Mntrx, Nicolos, baggy, Morgan and

Lewis, GJ getting #2 gal
<AppocoEoRC> any final thanks?
<[BF]Clouds> I have to mention EvilMonkey too with his logical thinking of not antagonising people while

'galraiding'. He has been a great BC HC this round.
<[BF]Clouds> and DG for his constant spamming of "keep stocking"
<[BF]NoXiouS> the stocks helped a lot
<[BF]Clouds> we saved about 4.4b?
<[BF]ChronoX> no
<[BF]NoXiouS> close to 5b yea
<[BF]NoXiouS> horribly huge numbers anyway
<[BF]Clouds> also, our donators
<AppocoEoRC> wow
<[BF]Clouds> MoneyNutz, Fun2bgirls & Vavtrudne.
<AppocoEoRC> that is a lot of funds
<[BF]NoXiouS> MonkeyNutz* :D
<[BF]Clouds> they donated towards our sms/call bot fund
<[BF]Clouds> Dybi too
<AppocoEoRC> okay, well, thanks and congrats again :)
*** Mode #planetarion -vvvv [BF]ChronoX [BF]Clouds [BF]NoXiouS [BF]Sevenseas by P
<AppocoEoRC> okay, thanks all
<AppocoEoRC> we will now do the allcomp
<AppocoEoRC> get readyyyy
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 184 nicks and found 12 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: KingGide, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: HR, count: 3
<Pea> #8. Tag: FL, count: 4
<Pea> #7. Tag: p3ng, count: 4
<Pea> #6. Tag: HODORS, count: 5
<Pea> #5. Tag: BowS, count: 11
<Pea> #4. Tag: Ult, count: 14
<Pea> #3. Tag: BF, count: 16
<Pea> #2. Tag: ND, count: 16
<Pea> #1. Tag: CT, count: 21
<AppocoEoRC> congrats to CT
<AppocoEoRC> so, finally
<AppocoEoRC> for those in London
<AppocoEoRC> as announced in-game
<AppocoEoRC> we will be having a London meet next Saturday (3rd October)
<AppocoEoRC> at the Crosse Keys in London
<AppocoEoRC> if you want more information, please let me know
<AppocoEoRC> logs, havoc setup, etc, will be up over the next 24 hours
<AppocoEoRC> havoc starts at 09:00 GMT
<AppocoEoRC> tomorrow :)
<AppocoEoRC> thanks all
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