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  • Round 107 Ticks Start: Friday 31st May 2024

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  • Round 105 -The Legend of PontyPandy: 403

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Round 63 Signups Open!

Round 62

Round 62 has finished and congratulations to the winners as follows:

Top Planets
1) 2:5:1 Joopster of Conspiracy
2) 2:7:4 Redrush of Ascendancy
3) 3:4:3 RaUlZiToS of Faceless

Top Galaxy (2:7)
2:7:1 elvizzz of Ultores (MoC)
2:7:2 CRISMT of Ultores (MoW)
2:7:3 Pommeh of Rogues (GC)
2:7:4 Redrush of Ascendancy (MoD)
2:7:5 aftereight of Norsemen
2:7:6 Joseph of Ultores
2:7:7 cocteau of Faceless
2:7:8 crusie of Black Flag
2:7:9 Greenhills of Faceless
2:7:10 SantaCruz of Faceless

Top Alliance

Black Flag, with 56 Members

End of Round Ceremony
To see the End of Round Ceremony log, click here.

New Dawn won the AllComp tagging competition.

Round statistics

Top 100 Planets
Top 50 Galaxies
Top 30 Alliances
Top 100 Launchers
Top 100 Covert Ops
Combat stats
Resource stats
Round 62 Beta History page
Round 62 misc stats

Round 63

Round 63 signups have now opened! If you have played since Round 41, login here. If you haven't played at all (or at least since Round 41) then sign up here.

Ticks for Round 63 start at 20:00 GMT on Friday, 7th August.

As before, buddy packs are at 4 and the alliance limit is 60.
Ship stats are not yet confirmed final but will be confirmed final by Sunday night at the latest. Please view them here. Government and race stats are final.

Changes from last round as follows:
Loyalty bonus of up to 5 full Planetarion rounds giving CU/RP startup + upgrade bonuses of up to 5% (1% for each previous full round played).
Removed late joiners.
Added total count for planets/att/def incs for ally intel.
Added "last active" output to politics.pl for trusted.
Changed planet status output to show for wanted/trusted as well as ministers on politics.pl.
Bugfixes to incoming log / mass wave scan around pagination, co-ord matching and display.
Modification to "last active" time to make it closer to final pageload.
More minor display/etc tweaks will also be made (and captured in the manual) before ticks start.