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EoRC Round 62 17/07/2015

<AppocoEoRC> Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. And Welcome to the Round 62 End of Round Ceremony
<AppocoEoRC> This evening we will be celebrating the winners from Round 62
<AppocoEoRC> http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...62-and-round-63
<AppocoEoRC> for more information on Round 62 and Round 63, please see the link ^
<AppocoEoRC> basic rating stats have also been generated to http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...und-62-rankings
<AppocoEoRC> and other stats and havoc will be generated after this ceremony
<AppocoEoRC> so, without further ado, we will bring to the stage the winning planets for this round
<AppocoEoRC> Joopster, 2:5:1, of CT
<AppocoEoRC> Redrush, 2:7;4, of Asc
<AppocoEoRC> and Raul, 3:4:3, of Brazil ... and Faceless
<AppocoEoRC> :)
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +vvv [CT]Joopster Redrush [FL]Raul[BR]
<AppocoEoRC> so, firstly, [CT]Joopster
<AppocoEoRC> congrats on winning!
<[CT]Joopster> :) thanks
<[FL]Raul[BR]> Tks
<[FL]Raul[BR]> congrats [CT]Joopster and Redrush =]
<[CT]Joopster> And congrats to redrush and raul
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: -v Redrush
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +v SantaCruz
<AppocoEoRC> sorry, redrush|afk is being replaced by SantaCruz apparently
<AppocoEoRC> we are not sure if Redrush is Redrush :p
<AppocoEoRC> so, Joopster, a little bit of a tight win
<AppocoEoRC> and some entertaining last ticks
<SantaCruz> ^^
<[CT]Joopster> It was yes
<[CT]Joopster> very close
<AppocoEoRC> http://game.planetarion.com/show_ne...c6iqm345k1ukhpx
<SantaCruz> congrats joopster
<AppocoEoRC> for those who didn't see it ^
<[CT]Joopster> let me first thank the people who have been dc-ing me today
<[CT]Joopster> I've been driving all day
<[CT]Joopster> with almost no access
<[CT]Joopster> great alliance and gal effort here
<AppocoEoRC> for what it's worth, this is the second top 10 finish for you in 35 rounds (the last being #9 in round 56), so congrats for getting here! :)
<[CT]Joopster> Sorry gm, for using all sms funds for myself this round
<AppocoEoRC> were you worried with the big combats landing right at the last minute?
<[CT]Joopster> nope
<[CT]Joopster> Not at all
<[CT]Joopster> hehe
<AppocoEoRC> Due to all the good calcing!
<[CT]Joopster> I was told it was a great calc
<[CT]Joopster> haven't seen anything
<AppocoEoRC> haha
<AppocoEoRC> that's pretty awesome
<[CT]Joopster> s7r and bobzy did a great job there
<[CT]Joopster> together with my gal
<[CT]Joopster> mystic and others might have helped
<[CT]Joopster> I really don't know
<AppocoEoRC> "you'll be fine, don't worry, 2 ticks to go, 30 attackers, 200k in it"
<[CT]Joopster> I knew last tick was tricky
* AppocoEoRC changes topic to 'Welcome to #planetarion | Signups [OPEN] | Ticker [STOPPED] | http://game.planetarion.com or http://pa.ranultech.co.uk (for those who are behind restrictive work filters)'
<AppocoEoRC> that's trust :)
<[CT]Joopster> I knew I would lose score there
<[CT]Joopster> and didn't knew anything about redrush
<[CT]Joopster> what was happening
<SantaCruz> 80k is close thats for sure
<[CT]Joopster> Yes
<AppocoEoRC> well, congrats. What were the highlights of the round, apart from that?
<[CT]Joopster> For me
<[CT]Joopster> the 2 great escorts few days ago
<[CT]Joopster> that brought me in 1st
<[CT]Joopster> +
<AppocoEoRC> (for what it's worth, Joopster is answering this from a hotel - he's on a victory holiday already!)
<[CT]Joopster> my galmates
<[CT]Joopster> driver was awesome today
<[CT]Joopster> for the ingal coordination
<[CT]Joopster> thanks flyflax for giving me a credit this round
<[CT]Joopster> and lee in another round (he wanted to be mentioned)
<[CT]Joopster> It's too much typing all names
<[CT]Joopster> all ct did great defence
<[CT]Joopster> it's special to ct ground
<[CT]Joopster> they never did
<SantaCruz> elviz ffs
<[CT]Joopster> now they did 2 days in a row
<SantaCruz> your wife cost red his victory
<[CT]Joopster> My wife almost cost mine
<[CT]Joopster> she doesn't know I still play ^^
<AppocoEoRC> haha
<AppocoEoRC> how do you hide it from her?
<SantaCruz> lol how are you going to brag to her tonight
<AppocoEoRC> pretend you're chatting to girls online? :/
<[CT]Joopster> Thank god we are in seperate hotel rooms now
<SantaCruz> mr.planetarion needs his victory sex
<[CT]Joopster> both one kid
<[CT]Joopster> lol
<AppocoEoRC> phew
<[CT]Joopster> or I couldnt do eorc
<AppocoEoRC> wow that's hilarious :)
<[CT]Joopster> Psy would had done
<[CT]Joopster> instead of me
<AppocoEoRC> so, anything else?
<[CT]Joopster> I want to thank all.people escorting me a lot
<AppocoEoRC> to get you out of the major risk zone asap
<[CT]Joopster> adam, calculus, bobzy, Psy, Syih and all others I forgot
<[CT]Joopster> I really want to say gratz to raul
<[CT]Joopster> to end top 3 after all the stuff towards his planet
<[FL]Raul[BR]> o/
<[FL]Raul[BR]> tks man
<[CT]Joopster> I want to thanks blackflag
<[CT]Joopster> for being a great ally for ct
<[CT]Joopster> and for the defplanets in the last 3 days
<[CT]Joopster> to me
<[CT]Joopster> Thanks for clouds and others
<[CT]Joopster> to keep fleets home for me
<AppocoEoRC> :) good
<AppocoEoRC> okay, now we'll move onto SantaCruz (on behalf of Redrush) if that's okay?
<AppocoEoRC> thank you, Joopster, and congrats
<[CT]Joopster> Yes
<AppocoEoRC> enjoy your evening
<[CT]Joopster> :)
<AppocoEoRC> celebrating :P
<SantaCruz> w00t
<AppocoEoRC> SantaCruz: so, kinda close
<SantaCruz> yeah it sure was
<AppocoEoRC> small decisions in it .. 80k and some apparent small deciding factors winning it for Joopster
<SantaCruz> yeah it comes down to all those ticks red missed donating to himself from gal fund
<AppocoEoRC> did race choice make a difference?
<SantaCruz> no idea
<AppocoEoRC> or alliance?
<AppocoEoRC> :p
<SantaCruz> well ct did def the shit out of joop at the end
<SantaCruz> but, asc really started to support red also
<SantaCruz> escorts were the factor
<SantaCruz> joop had some really nice lands
<SantaCruz> red needed one good land
<SantaCruz> red got this to say
<SantaCruz> [Redrush] Congrats to Joop on win and Raul on t3
<SantaCruz> [Redrush] Just thx gal, ally,team asia etc. Was a good fun round
<SantaCruz> [Redrush] Especially last week asc breaking all naps and hi whoever we want, its fun and that's how gaming should be
<SantaCruz> [Redrush] Thank FL for saving me a few times during the ult war
<SantaCruz> [Redrush] Elviz pommeh does all the behind the scene shit to keep us safe etc
<SantaCruz> [Redrush] All gal members were great as well
<SantaCruz> [Redrush] mention nicks
<SantaCruz> Intel 2:7 - Score (1) Value (1) Size (1) - #1 elviz [Ult] - #2 Crismt[Ult] - #3 pommeh [Rog] - #4 redrush [Asc] - #5 after8[Nor] - #6 Joseph [Ult] - #7 cocteau [Fac] - #8 crusie [BF] - #9 Greenhills [Fac] - #10 SantaCruz [Fac]
<SantaCruz> [Redrush] And team asia bg is the best
<SantaCruz> [Redrush] kk
<AppocoEoRC> and you won the top gal
<AppocoEoRC> so it's not the end of the world :p
<SantaCruz> sure did
<SantaCruz> its good he didn't win
<SantaCruz> he would probably retire on me
<AppocoEoRC> lol
<AppocoEoRC> oh well, always next round
<AppocoEoRC> any other thanks? :)
<SantaCruz> yeah he's always a top planet
<SantaCruz> he will have his time again
<AppocoEoRC> or we'll move onto Raul, who is also a top planet
<SantaCruz> thanks to me
<SantaCruz> for giving him like 600k value
<[CT]Joopster> Can I thank one more person quickly
<[CT]Joopster> :P
<SantaCruz> me?
<[FL]Raul[BR]> no
<AppocoEoRC> haha
<[FL]Raul[BR]> its my time
<AppocoEoRC> and yes, he was #3 and #6
<SantaCruz> he won
<SantaCruz> as Sunny also
<AppocoEoRC> ah
<SantaCruz> like r28 or 29
<SantaCruz> or something
<AppocoEoRC> r29
<AppocoEoRC> all these different nicknames :(
<SantaCruz> before the other sunny came along
<AppocoEoRC> joopster: just type it out
<[CT]Joopster> nin4th, for building 1m beets to escort me, and giving up his round for me
<SantaCruz> and made his nick awesome
<AppocoEoRC> lolol
<AppocoEoRC> :)
<AppocoEoRC> okay, well, thanks guys
<AppocoEoRC> and now Raul
<[CT]Joopster> again giving up a round
<[FL]Raul[BR]> o/
<SantaCruz> raul uther
<[CT]Joopster> gogogo Raul
<AppocoEoRC> you were almost here last round
<AppocoEoRC> and you made it here in r51
<AppocoEoRC> third again
<AppocoEoRC> going for #1 ? :)
<[FL]Raul[BR]> Well
<[FL]Raul[BR]> i was #1 all round
<AppocoEoRC> techncially not all round! :P
<[FL]Raul[BR]> but last week i had some incs
<[FL]Raul[BR]> =p
<AppocoEoRC> so I guess you must be a bit upset
<[FL]Raul[BR]> not realy
<[FL]Raul[BR]> Was fun
<AppocoEoRC> interesting last week
<[FL]Raul[BR]> i lost more then 2k roids in 1 day
<AppocoEoRC> you went down to under 300 roid
<AppocoEoRC> yse
<[FL]Raul[BR]> and then i cant land 1 single roid
<[FL]Raul[BR]> all week
<[FL]Raul[BR]> Have 1 ally just watijg to fc me
<AppocoEoRC> :(
<[FL]Raul[BR]> btw 3 allys
<[FL]Raul[BR]> Asc Ct Bf
<[FL]Raul[BR]> too much love on me
<AppocoEoRC> you are a popular guy
<[FL]Raul[BR]> then i just wait
<[FL]Raul[BR]> till the last day
<AppocoEoRC> they're worried about those brazilians ;)
<[FL]Raul[BR]> today i landed more then 1 k roids
<SantaCruz> Raul is awesome to play with. Everyone is jealous of his brazilian tan
<[FL]Raul[BR]> if redrush and jopster has lost some waves
<[FL]Raul[BR]> maybe i won
<[FL]Raul[BR]> so i fight till the end
<[FL]Raul[BR]> Fun round
<[FL]Raul[BR]> =p
<AppocoEoRC> well, I hope to see you next round
<AppocoEoRC> any particular thanks? :)
<[FL]Raul[BR]> yes
<[FL]Raul[BR]> Tks for my gal 3:4 for all the suport. Fugape, Nin4th , crowley,Nitros, Knight, Special tks for my bp: Anakyn Zwan Chimpie
<[FL]Raul[BR]> Also i wanna say tks for My BG. Brazilians ftw! Destructor Xoca Junior Darkkon Anakyn Fugape Jayzinho
<[CT]Joopster> I lost some ;)
<[CT]Joopster> I went down big
<[CT]Joopster> Not like you thank god
<[FL]Raul[BR]> Tks for Brazilians Ultores also, i hope we will be togueter next round Joseph!
<[FL]Raul[BR]> Tks for all Faceless, awesome ally who suported me all time.. tks for all player ... this top is for you all
<[FL]Raul[BR]> And a especial Tks for Collkat... without him i will be not even t100
<[FL]Raul[BR]> colkat love you
<SantaCruz> lol coolkat*
<[FL]Raul[BR]> And too finish... thanks for Bennen and Asians for all fail in let me out t3 =D
<[FL]Raul[BR]> Brazil > Asians
<[FL]Raul[BR]> remember that
<AppocoEoRC> haha
<[FL]Raul[BR]> =]
<AppocoEoRC> fighting talk!
<AppocoEoRC> okay, thanks guys
<AppocoEoRC> on to top galaxy now
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: -vv [CT]Joopster [FL]Raul[BR]
<AppocoEoRC> I'm sure we'll see you both next round
<AppocoEoRC> no one has defended a #1 spot yet, so challenge is on, Joopster
<SantaCruz> back to back
<SantaCruz> without wife knowning?
<SantaCruz> yeah right
<AppocoEoRC> actually I lie. 46 and 47
<AppocoEoRC> :)
<AppocoEoRC> but still
<AppocoEoRC> okay, 2:7
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +v Pommeh
<Pommeh> Thank god for that
<SantaCruz> cocteau
<SantaCruz> Greenhills
<Pommeh> Crusie
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +v CRISMT
<SantaCruz> [Norse]after8
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +v cocteau
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +v crusie
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +v Greenhills
<Pommeh> Who else is here? Elviz with his dogs
<CRISMT> Congrats :)
<AppocoEoRC> [Norse]after8
<SantaCruz> i think we are supposed to tag [2:7]
<crusie> Victory!!!
<SantaCruz> so appoco knows wtf is going on
<AppocoEoRC> where is elviz?
<AppocoEoRC> I can't find him
<AppocoEoRC> yuo're all useless at tagging
<SantaCruz> walking his dogs
<AppocoEoRC> oh
<AppocoEoRC> yeah it's his turn
<AppocoEoRC> okay
<SantaCruz> dog whispering
<AppocoEoRC> congats all
<AppocoEoRC> *congrats
<crusie> Hehe
<crusie> Elviz is the best
<AppocoEoRC> so, Pommeh, as the ringleader, how did you do it?
<SantaCruz> the king lol
<Pommeh> Tbh this round was harder than before
<AppocoEoRC> and where did Greenhills go ??! he's not been here for a while
<cocteau> I think elviz is always scared of the limelight
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +v [Norse]after8
<AppocoEoRC> sorry I though I voiced you already
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +v Greenhills
<AppocoEoRC> wb Greenhills
<AppocoEoRC> and good to see you up here again
<SantaCruz> he quit
<SantaCruz> pressure got to him
<Greenhills> lost internet
<[Norse]after8> herro pals
<Pommeh> Previously our wins have been relatively easy but the awful politics this round without santa being HC and controlling anyrhing made It bloody difficult
<Greenhills> found it again
<AppocoEoRC> :)
<SantaCruz> you find a way to blame me for everything
<SantaCruz> ffs
<crusie> Congratz to joop and raul from my end
<Pommeh> You made my life difficult man
<AppocoEoRC> any standout people in the galaxy?
<Pommeh> I had half as many pnaps as usual lol
<crusie> Raul > benneh anytime
<AppocoEoRC> apart from Greenhills, obviously
<Pommeh> Elviz obviously
<Pommeh> Without elviz we wouldn't win
<Greenhills> Absolutely
<crusie> Brazil > asia :p
<Greenhills> Elviz considered kicking me for inactivity in week 2 of the round
<Pommeh> But at the same time without wishmaster and norse we wouldn't have won
<SantaCruz> Untouchables > *
<Pommeh> Wish has been awesome
<AppocoEoRC> all these norwegians
<AppocoEoRC> is Wish even in your galaxy?
<AppocoEoRC> I don't see him
<SantaCruz> he is support somewhere
<Pommeh> Tbh greenhills that was because I emoed at him about you :(
<cocteau> elviz is a possessed maniac during the fall of 1:2
<SantaCruz> i don't think he even knows his own co-ords
<Pommeh> You were useless man lol
<SantaCruz> there he is
<AppocoEoRC> you still ended up with a 10% lead
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +v elviz
<AppocoEoRC> elviz apparently you had something to do with 2:7 winning
<SantaCruz> i wasn't worried
<AppocoEoRC> we're a bit unclear on the details
<SantaCruz> elviz was emo about pt 500
<SantaCruz> about trying harder
<SantaCruz> and sending all this moral mails
<Greenhills> Very demotivating
<AppocoEoRC> *morale
<SantaCruz> that no one reads but, pommeh
<Pommeh> Haha
<AppocoEoRC> unless he was telling you to pray more and read the 10 commandments
<AppocoEoRC> further evidence crusie and elviz are the same person
<SantaCruz> he does that also
<SantaCruz> only pray = work out
<Pommeh> Pretty much sums up crusie right there
<SantaCruz> commandments = reps
<Pommeh> She's said 23 lines all round
<[Norse]after8> half of them where "nn"
<AppocoEoRC> so, challenge for next round?
<AppocoEoRC> sounds like she's competing with Jaran :p
<elviz> At work, i dont have time for this
<Pommeh> Not playing again here
<Pommeh> Neither is elviz
<cocteau> planets 7-10 are just revived from the dead by elviz/pom
<SantaCruz> yes they are
<Pommeh> This round was too draining :(
<SantaCruz> as support
<elviz> Time for a 5 year break
<elviz> I just wanna say one thing
<SantaCruz> we will be back playing for gal in a year or so
<SantaCruz> when they get bored at being losers in rl
<AppocoEoRC> haha
<SantaCruz> and need to win something again
<SantaCruz> ^^
<SantaCruz> yes elviz?
<AppocoEoRC> he's typing slowly
<elviz> Thanks to everyone Ingal for their effort. It was Especially Nice to have cocteau and Greenhills back after 10 years
<SantaCruz> yup
<Greenhills> Same for us ofc
<AppocoEoRC> Greenhills was in last round and r56 and so on
<Pommeh> Yeh it was a pleasure, coct played awesome as always as well
<SantaCruz> there is our last gal member AppocoEoRC
<elviz> And discover everyone in gal still got the same Personality we did back then, just abit older and wiser
<AppocoEoRC> who? boiling?
<SantaCruz> voice [CT]Boiling
<SantaCruz> yeah
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +v [CT]Boiling
<SantaCruz> #2
<AppocoEoRC> er
<AppocoEoRC> no
<AppocoEoRC> #2 is CRISMT
<cocteau> Last i played was 38-40 rounds ago, didn't know one could init to 1k and protection not 72 anymore. Those bonus confused me, used it asap upon getting credit :p
<SantaCruz> i dunno planet #'s
<Pommeh> Haha
<CRISMT> Very hard To own this top.
<SantaCruz> i don't even have gal chan access
<AppocoEoRC> cocteau: you were #11 in r31
<cocteau> also, it helps that the gal has a good collection of planet and gal wins. Didn't panick when things go south.
<SantaCruz> [05:03pm] -> *p* invite #theuntouchables
<SantaCruz> [05:03pm] (..notice..) P: Sorry, you have insufficient access to perform that command
<AppocoEoRC> and played r32
<CRISMT> incs half id The round
<AppocoEoRC> then gave up
<elviz> You have to exuse CRISMT , Google translate is down atm
<Pommeh> Hahaha
<cocteau> nice trivia Appoco
<AppocoEoRC> np
* SantaCruz slaps [CT]Boiling around a bit with a large trout
<AppocoEoRC> I won't mention your r32 rank
<SantaCruz> how do you find all that so quickly
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: -v [CT]Boiling
<AppocoEoRC> I'm amazing
<AppocoEoRC> :p
<Pommeh> Appo ask questions man
<AppocoEoRC> erm
<elviz> Oh
<Pommeh> Santa shut up you newb
<Greenhills> Pommeh leave Santa alone
<AppocoEoRC> were you ever worried about not being #1?
<Pommeh> No
<SantaCruz> what do you want him to ask ffs
<AppocoEoRC> I think like, 3 weeks ago you were all "hey you're interviewing me in eorc"
<elviz> I wanna thank my wife for letting me play , thank you , I love you
<AppocoEoRC> smug smeghead :
<[Norse]after8> They said we where winning when i first joined wa room
<Pommeh> Every time we played together we have won?
<SantaCruz> ffs devoice elviz
<Greenhills> elviz just earned himself a bj
<SantaCruz> he keeps saying loving things
<Pommeh> No seriously we knew we would win
<AppocoEoRC> well, your lead certainly justifies your confidence so well do
<AppocoEoRC> *done
<Pommeh> Only competition was clouds and the asc gals
<Greenhills> I hate the fact that we only used whatsapp
<AppocoEoRC> what would you see changed about the galaxy fund and exile setup?
<Pommeh> And nobody let's clouds win gal
<AppocoEoRC> Greenhills rather than IRC?
<Greenhills> I just found out Pommeh was in my gal
<AppocoEoRC> hahaha
<Pommeh> Haha idiot
<SantaCruz> Pommeh if you could change one thing about this round what would it be?
<AppocoEoRC> what is he on your phnoe?
<Pommeh> I'd have tobbe in gal
<Greenhills> Elviz kept asking me to launch def
<Pommeh> Plating without tobbe is a nightmare
<Greenhills> and every time I had to ask what planet as he always mentioned nicks
<AppocoEoRC> really?
<[Norse]after8> Should change the latestarter back. Sandbagging for 300 ticks where boring
<Pommeh> With huge incs tobbe gal dcing is a must
<AppocoEoRC> yes I did get some suggestions about removing latestarter
<AppocoEoRC> definitely something to consider
<SantaCruz> dont do that
<Pommeh> We sandbagged too hard
<[Norse]after8> dont remove LS, but change it back
<SantaCruz> you can have latestarter just change this stupid top 10 thing
<AppocoEoRC> ah
<AppocoEoRC> yeah
<AppocoEoRC> well, there are discussions both ways :p
<AppocoEoRC> so will see
<AppocoEoRC> I have some holiday during havoc
<[Norse]after8> 300 ticks of not playing isnt fun
<AppocoEoRC> any other comments?
<SantaCruz> ty LukeyLove
<AppocoEoRC> priv gals or anything?
<AppocoEoRC> as you seem to haev a semi priv gal
<[Norse]after8> lower alliance sizes :D
<SantaCruz> priv gals would be awesome
<elviz> Thanks to everyone who protected Sulitjelma in hard times, Especially you Bobo
<SantaCruz> we all exile in anyways
<cocteau> wife get cranky because im lost in translation lately. So i should probably thank her. Already told elviz to delete all my contacts.
<SantaCruz> it would be easier for other gals to build good bps
<Pommeh> Priv gals is daft seriously
<Pommeh> We prove that for you
<[Norse]after8> Thanks to Norsemen!
<Greenhills> Thanks to all who helped us out this round, thanks to our friends, thanks to Pommehs bf who was a big support for him.
<Pommeh> We can win with just a bp and exiles
<Greenhills> Thanks all
<Pommeh> Would be terrible with priv gals
<AppocoEoRC> elviz: who is Sulitjelma? I can't find her nick
<cocteau> Enjoyed the awesome teamups with Greenhills, i must mention that :p
<SantaCruz> joseph says remember me in eorc
<AppocoEoRC> lol
<Joseph> Brazil > Asia
<Pommeh> Jo the crasher
<Joseph> Raul is my pal
<AppocoEoRC> okay, if you have no more questions ..
<Pommeh> Haha
<SantaCruz> you have questions
<Greenhills> Any food suggestions for tomorrow? Any nice suggestions?
<SantaCruz> not us
<SantaCruz> AppocoEoRC
<AppocoEoRC> er *answers
<AppocoEoRC> yes
<Pommeh> He doesn't that's the problem
<AppocoEoRC> I meant comments!
<SantaCruz> what did you like about the round
<SantaCruz> what stood out for you?
<AppocoEoRC> it's hard to ask questions about how hard it was when you didn't do much to win surely?
<Pommeh> Did you think we would win appo?
<[Norse]after8> He enjoyed Norsemen's raids ofc
<AppocoEoRC> I kind of wished you wouldn't
<AppocoEoRC> :p
<Pommeh> But you knew we would?
<SantaCruz> lol
<AppocoEoRC> what did you think of the stats and how they affected this round?
<SantaCruz> shit
<AppocoEoRC> and the blocking?
<SantaCruz> pick old ones tweak them
<Pommeh> The blocking was the worst part
<SantaCruz> stop letting random stats play out
<SantaCruz> make it so if y our sending more then 50 fleets at an alliance
<SantaCruz> you have to declare war
<Greenhills> I got the feeling that it is time for a random scentence here
<SantaCruz> and only 2 alliances can delcare war on another one at a time
<SantaCruz> limit incoming on alliances
<Pommeh> Next time we win I'm just letting santa talk
<SantaCruz> and get balanced stats
<Pommeh> He loves his voice too much
<AppocoEoRC> what are balanced stats? :p
<Greenhills> Why did santa get time to talk?
<SantaCruz> he's asking questions like you wanted pommeh
<AppocoEoRC> he just talked
<AppocoEoRC> haha
<SantaCruz> i just have the right answers
<SantaCruz> use old jbg stats
<SantaCruz> his always worked
<AppocoEoRC> there's that sort of war limitation already
<SantaCruz> r20-30
<AppocoEoRC> no
<SantaCruz> play them all out again
<AppocoEoRC> stats don't play the same twice
<SantaCruz> then you know they work
<Greenhills> I fell with my bike yesterday, it did hurt a lot
<elviz> Sulitjelma is my hometown= my planet
<AppocoEoRC> elviz ah okay :p
<SantaCruz> tweak the problems and play them
<AppocoEoRC> good bobo then
<Pommeh> I am elviz actually elviz?
<Pommeh> Ops
<Pommeh> Is*
<AppocoEoRC> yes
<AppocoEoRC> any further thanks?
<SantaCruz> [05:44pm] [[CT]Grafknd[LCH] Say put back PDS in the game :p
<AppocoEoRC> no
<AppocoEoRC> :(
<SantaCruz> anyone else got ideas while i got voice?
<[Norse]after8> lol no pds
<SantaCruz> hey i'm just helping a brother out
<SantaCruz> so hostile
<[Norse]after8> lower alliance size to 30 or 40
<AppocoEoRC> p.s. Pommeh has the creditsy ou got
<AppocoEoRC> after8: no
<AppocoEoRC> for reasons previuosly discussed
<SantaCruz> dont give them to pommeh
<AppocoEoRC> okay, time for the alliance part
<Pommeh> I use them on myself and multis
<elviz> Sepa tells santa to shut up, you talk more than his wife
<AppocoEoRC> so say thanks
<AppocoEoRC> haha
<AppocoEoRC> you can take that up between you
<[Norse]after8> +o
<SantaCruz> [05:47pm] [[ND]Rap[BEER]] 30 peeps max per tag
<SantaCruz> [05:47pm] [[ND]Rap[BEER]] :P
<AppocoEoRC> thanks to all of you
<[Norse]after8> o/
<SantaCruz> [05:47pm] [[CT]Peenbag] remove the nd tag from the game!
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: -vvvvvv [Norse]after8 cocteau CRISMT elviz Greenhills Pommeh
<SantaCruz> creators hour
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: -v SantaCruz
<AppocoEoRC> not quite :p
<AppocoEoRC> okay
<AppocoEoRC> thanks to the winning galaxy
<AppocoEoRC> finally, the winning alliance
<AppocoEoRC> BF
<AppocoEoRC> first time winning, though they were #2 twice in recent rounds
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +vv [BF]ChronoX [BF]Clouds
<AppocoEoRC> apparently Clouds is the chatter and ChronoX is the eye candy :P
<AppocoEoRC> hi guys
<AppocoEoRC> congrats
<[BF]Clouds> [BF]Gos [BF]steel and [BF]DG
<AppocoEoRC> I can't voice your whole alliance!
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +vvv [BF]Gos [BF]steel [BF]DG
<[BF]Clouds> We LET 2:7 win because we had to prio ally-win.
<[BF]Clouds> but anyway
<AppocoEoRC> of course
<[BF]Clouds> we also dedicate this victory to bagzy. We <3 you bro
<AppocoEoRC> so again, quite a good sized win
<[BF]Clouds> Yes. Our intentions this round was to play casually and not challenge for the win. We originally started off with a core of around 35-40 members, but then we recruited some Germans and Nelito’s
camel humpers
<AppocoEoRC> So how did playing casually after being #2 end up in a block war where you won?
<AppocoEoRC> obviously you're allied with #3 and #5 (CT and RainbowS)
<[BF]Clouds> Well our intentions was to rebuild after losing the fight with Ultores last round. Shortly into the round, we realised that if no-one stops Ult, they will have an early victory, they were growing at
an exponential rate. So we had two choices; either we just let them win and we have a relaxed round or we try and stop them. After discussions with CT, we decided that it was mutually beneficial
<[BF]Clouds> to form a coalition against Ultores, seeing as no-one else was going to challenge them.
<[BF]Clouds> Bows later on joined too
<AppocoEoRC> and Faceless joined Ult?
<[BF]Clouds> Not until later in the round
<[BF]Clouds> Ultores are a tough alliance to fight because they are a strong military force. We were barely landing on them as they put about 70%~ of their value mainly into FI
<[BF]Clouds> Gos and I issued a build order to concentrate on FR anti CR until otherwise told. Eventually, we had big FR fleets and we were able to stop Ultores/Rogues/ND assaults on us
<AppocoEoRC> sorry, not a tactical genius
<AppocoEoRC> but if Ultores are mainly Fi, how is Anti Cr helpful?
<[BF]Clouds> I have to give a special mention to Gos & Syron for DCing vigorously alongside myself during this war. Also Fun2bgirls & Deathbeyond for doing calcs doing the war incs, Sevenseas for helping with
politics and doing a superb job and finally ChronoX for being one of the best techies in the game!
<[BF]Clouds> <SoulS> take your pick: World Class politician or world class techie
<[BF]Clouds> We chose the techie.
<AppocoEoRC> how did that help BF to win?
<[BF]Clouds> usually it has only been me DCing mainly, but Gos and Syron stepped up and did a lot of the work
<[BF]Clouds> Gos is a machine!
<AppocoEoRC> Gos was pretty motivted to be as he ended top 5 :p
<[BF]Clouds> also sevenseas stepped and and did a fantastic job on politics
<AppocoEoRC> were you involved in the final big battles on Joopster?
<[BF]Clouds> I want to give a special mention firstly to GM/Monroe of CT, who stuck by us even when they got nuked by Ult’s block. They are very loyal allies and it was a pleasure working with them
<[BF]Clouds> we helped joop where we could
<[BF]Clouds> also Ult is a strong alliance and they never back down. And secondly, BoWs. They didn’t back down even when Ult+co hit them after Greencat/Cr0 refused to back down even though they knew that a block
will hit them
<[BF]Clouds> so thank you to both CT and bows
<[BF]Clouds> More alliances need to step up. The prime reason why Black Flag challenged Ult yet again is to show people that if you fight the best alliance in the game, you can be victorious. You just need to form
alliances with the right alliance(s) and keep at it
<AppocoEoRC> what was the major tipping point?
<[BF]Clouds> I think when Asc joined the war
<[BF]Clouds> Ult dropped everything and went all out on Asc
<[BF]Clouds> We realised we had an opportunity when Ult dropped everything to hit Asc and were practically letting Incs land for free, so we issued an order to stock, and we stocked damn well. We managed to stock
12-13m worth of score by the time Ult’s 6-7 tag block hit us
<AppocoEoRC> and so you could outbuild some incs?
<[BF]Clouds> it was mainly to hide value
<[BF]Clouds> which worked to an extent
<[BF]Clouds> on the first night, we grounded and lost 17%, so we made the strategical decision to fight back, and we formed a block on Asc (who were at the time our main competition), and we were sending around
70+ fleets a night at them. Eventually we got the upper hand
<[BF]Clouds> the members really stepped and and worked as a team
<[BF]Clouds> and I'd like to thank them for putting in the effort
<AppocoEoRC> any final words before the allcomp?
<[BF]Clouds> not from me :)
<AppocoEoRC> it sounds like a great effort
<AppocoEoRC> and congrats for making it here
<[BF]Gos> well i got mentioned so i can die in peace now :D
<[BF]steel> I have some notes from nelito to pass on...
<[BF]ChronoX> I'd like to thank Fun2bGirls - Gos - iBorg - MonkeyNutz - Lewis for the donations to purchase Skype and Twilio credits!
<[BF]DG> I'd like to thank my BC team being EM, Nicolos and Nelito. Great times :)
<[BF]Clouds> also thank you to Zhil for proving Forest right.
<[BF]steel> no, not this time.
<AppocoEoRC> erm - which time?
<[BF]steel> thanks to everyone
<AppocoEoRC> okay, thanks all :)
<[BF]DG> And love to Serio :)
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: -vvvvv [BF]ChronoX [BF]Clouds [BF]DG [BF]Gos [BF]steel
<AppocoEoRC> so, thanks to all
<AppocoEoRC> Havoc donations will be given out in the next hour
<AppocoEoRC> and stats will be produced in the next hour or two, as well
<AppocoEoRC> now for the allcomp
<AppocoEoRC> it's close ...
<AppocoEoRC> oh
<AppocoEoRC> let's try that again
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +o Pea
<Pea> #4. Tag: BowS, count: 8
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 211 nicks and found 12 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<AppocoEoRC> oh
<Pea> #3. Tag: BF, count: 21
<AppocoEoRC> well, this is going to be entertaining
<AppocoEoRC> sorry :P
<Pea> #2. Tag: CT, count: 30
<Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 32
<Pea> #10. Tag: Saints, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: ODDR, count: 3
<Pea> #8. Tag: HR, count: 4
<Pea> #7. Tag: p3ng, count: 4
<Pea> #6. Tag: Ult, count: 6
<Pea> #5. Tag: Norse, count: 8
<Pea> #4. Tag: BowS, count: 8
<Pea> #3. Tag: BF, count: 21
<AppocoEoRC> but congrats to ND :P
<Pea> #2. Tag: CT, count: 30
<Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 32
<AppocoEoRC> it was close
* Pea sets mode: +l 219
<AppocoEoRC> also, apparently, well done to Asc for their lemming run on Joop
<AppocoEoRC> it was certainly entertaining
<AppocoEoRC> so, finally
<AppocoEoRC> round63@planetarion.com - round name suggestions, free credit!
<AppocoEoRC> you should know the drill by now
<AppocoEoRC> steal names from previous votes, reuse the same ones from previous rounds
<AppocoEoRC> the more you send in, the better our overall name suggestions will be* and the more chance you have of a credit
<AppocoEoRC> *probably
<AppocoEoRC> also, just to note, polls are now active on the forums and image tags are now allowed on general discussions
<AppocoEoRC> if that entertains any of you
<AppocoEoRC> http://pirate.planetarion.com/showt...ad.php?t=200992
<AppocoEoRC> there is a death star to prove it
<AppocoEoRC> thanks all
<AppocoEoRC> and see you for havoc - which is a cluster havoc
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: -m