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EoRC Round 61 08/05/2015

<Appocomaster> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen
<Appocomaster> welcome to Round 61's End of Round Ceremony
<Appocomaster> tonight, as always, we will cover the top planets, galaxies and alliances
<Appocomaster> as everyone in the UK knows, the last 48 hours have seen turbulent changes at the top, but we also had elections running alongside Planetarion :-)
<Appocomaster> so, moving SWIFTLY on, we will start with the top planets for Round 61
<Appocomaster> We have Ronin (playing incognito as Ninor, in the image of Ranul Tech), agar3s and Sleepless
<Appocomaster> Good evening and congrats to you all
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> Ta
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Congrats Ronin and agar3s
<Appocomaster> CT/4:1 looks good as a combo this round :P
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> sure does
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> both us being here have it to thank to CT and 4:1
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> so makes sense
<Appocomaster> so, we'll start with you Ronin
<Appocomaster> you've been #1 fairly solidly for the last couple of weeks - did you always feel confident that you would win?
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> Nah, most definitely not
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> Agares was pushing strong
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Agar3s sexcort was strong
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> but he forgot that galaxy donations can get you 600k additional score at end of round
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> thx Euler & Shaz
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> not to mention brazilian sexcorts
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> which come at at least 20 planets
<Appocomaster> well, as you were 800k+ bigger ...
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> We got 600k from euler and shaz
<Appocomaster> but anyway - CT did take quite a beating in the last week or so, which probably didn't make you feel that comfortable
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> nah
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> but CT did absoultely great
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> Arc and Joopster did a great job, especially these last days
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> and CT was awesome today
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> many thanks to some return defenders like Sleepless, Villeh, Hedgie, Doza, Dza, Joopster, Bream, Mystic, Nin4th, Bigbob, Macaroth, Davidsr, Jaric, D3st
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> who visited my planet at least 6 times this round
<Appocomaster> very hospitible
<Appocomaster> so how did you / arc decide your planet strategy? :P
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> euh
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> Arc does all the work
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> sleep and me launch attack fleets
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> thats it
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> basically
<Appocomaster> keep it simple
<Appocomaster> congrats to arc then
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> yeh
<Appocomaster> but we will speak to you in a minute
<Appocomaster> he had to get your attention somehow I gues
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> we gotta thank Raul to
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> for failing
<Appocomaster> talk was made of the stats this round but there were 2 xans, 3 etd, 2 cat, 1 terran and 1 zik - how balanced do you think the stats where?
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> hmm no clue actually
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> think it was ok
<Appocomaster> when did you think that you were going to be winning?
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> He was supposed to support me ftw
<Appocomaster> I mean, you got top 20 early in the round, then fell off completely before rising back
<Appocomaster> he's an awful support planet :p
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Yes he was 3 fleeting almost every chance he gets
<Appocomaster> well maybe you need to apologise
<Appocomaster> Sleepless, why were you the chosen one?
<Appocomaster> or is that a difficult question?
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Arc wants me to have a winner tshirt like his so we can wear to clubs and pickup chicks
<Appocomaster> haha
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> But we found it easier just to get it printed in china
<Appocomaster> stealing money from those poor UK sweatshop workers :(
<Appocomaster> [Ult]agar3s: so, congrats on being second. how was it being pinned between these two puppets?
<[Ult]agar3s> well
<[Ult]agar3s> how would you feel if to guys were hugging you from the front and the behind
<[Ult]agar3s> its scary..
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Hugfest...
<Appocomaster> they're in it for the t-shirts apparently
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> mine is going to doza
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> if I get one
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> do we get one?
<[Ult]agar3s> well the tshirts are good quality
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> if we do, that must be new
<[Ult]agar3s> only you do
<[Ult]agar3s> :p
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> really?
<Appocomaster> Ronin, take that up with Lunar
<Appocomaster> you all get credits ;P
<[Ult]agar3s> in any case i never intended to play for planet, my only goal is to get ult to #1
<Appocomaster> I think we did t-shirts for a speedgame competition or something
<Appocomaster> so we have a #1 and a #2 planet who only won by accident
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Ronin and agar3s ill send u guys each from china
<Appocomaster> I hope at least you planned some of your own attacks :p
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> haha
<[CT]Ronin[4-1]> yes plz
<[Ult]agar3s> i wouldnt say i was #2 by accident
<[Ult]agar3s> my gal voted on putting pressure on CT
<Appocomaster> well that's reassuring, agar3s ;p
<[Ult]agar3s> and i was the ideal person to put the pressure on
<[Ult]agar3s> we were sending big co waves and CT wasnt dcing them at all
<Appocomaster> so they armoued you up and pointed you forwards and fired you at CT?
<[Ult]agar3s> CT hit ult for like 800 ticks
<[Ult]agar3s> so it was obviously just returning the favor
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Guess we gotta hit ult for 1000 ticks next round to stop ult
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> 800 ticks just doesnt work ;)
<[Ult]agar3s> yes, you have to hit ult
<[Ult]agar3s> not hr on the side
<[Ult]agar3s> :D
<Appocomaster> you had quite a low amount of roids gained for a cathI think
<[Ult]agar3s> ofcourse, ult was hit often
<[Ult]agar3s> so i needed to defend
<[Ult]agar3s> and about the galfund
<Appocomaster> it was only really this last week you got int the top 3 - did you think you could just get to #1 ?
<Appocomaster> yes
<[Ult]agar3s> it needs changing
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> the galfund
<[Ult]agar3s> nothing was said about it and i think alot of people would agree that it is pretty odd there is no limit to who can get donations
<Appocomaster> I think that's certainly something we can look at for next round
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Whats wrong with the gal fund? I like my daily boost hehe
<[Ult]agar3s> when i heard about it, i thought it was a bug lol
<Appocomaster> any final thanks, agar3s?
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Yeah heard reports were made that we abused it
<[Ult]agar3s> ofcourse
<[Ult]agar3s> thanks to every ult player
<[Ult]agar3s> and yea i aint naming all of you
<[Ult]agar3s> and a special thanks for my galmates and especially the ults in my gal
<[Ult]agar3s> without them i would be nowhere
<[Ult]agar3s> ULTORES \o/
<Appocomaster> Sleepless: anything to add, or can we ditto what Ronin said?
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> I wanna thank ascendancy, teamasia, conspiracy, wallet crew, untoucheables
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Sorry on phone irc
<Appocomaster> np
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> And benneh
<Appocomaster> don't make his head bigger :(
<Appocomaster> shall we get your ringleaders up? :p
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Sure lol
<Appocomaster> thanks to yuo all - I'll donate credits later.
<[Ult]agar3s> who is this benneh guy anyway
<[Ult]agar3s> never heard of him
<Appocomaster> thanks agar3s, we'll speak to you later
<Appocomaster> so without further ado, we'll get up the rest of 4:1
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Will leave it to benneh and euler for galwin
<Appocomaster> point out the others please :P
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> er think thats us all.
<[Ult]signs[4-1]> I want to thank agar3s for being a great Padawan. I have taught him well throughout the years. He still has a lot to learn, but he's getting there! Also, the stats were pretty shit, didn't enjoy them at all :| Sorry to whoever spent time making them!
<Appocomaster> where is arc?
<[Ult]signs[4-1]> That's all from me.
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> arc is probably actually working now. seeing as all he did this week asc dc.
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Arc sleeping
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> for the lazy two who finished t3 :/
<Appocomaster> *was dc
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Yeah arc did all the work while i get drunk and emo
<Appocomaster> signs: that's very organised :)
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> sorry was practicing my brazilian english.
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> its about as good as they are at PA.
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> Anyway come on appoco, questions!
<Appocomaster> so congrats
<Appocomaster> you were #1 for quite a while
<Appocomaster> did you ever think you'd get overtaken?
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> We had to get 11th first.
<Appocomaster> in the last couple of weeks?
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> to get your late joiner
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> Honestly not really. Tick 400 we had it won.
<Appocomaster> took your time
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> we had to sandbag for 336 ticks to get arc in, because he is the worst exiler.
<Appocomaster> is there exile rankings now?
<[Rg]euler[4-1]> then I exiled
<[Rg]euler[4-1]> Best exile in PA
<[Rg]euler[4-1]> 79 tries
<Appocomaster> oh I remember that
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> As far as exile rankings go, arc fails 30 times every round and late starts. Euler lands somehow every time. this round it took him 79 tries.
<Appocomaster> I still need to work out how many resources you spent
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> shaz took 35 odd.
<Appocomaster> but you were in almost every galaxy in the universe
<[Rg]euler[4-1]> I wanted to exile once more to end in 1:1
<Appocomaster> you must have had a lot of peopel donating to you
<Appocomaster> you had another few galaxyes
<Appocomaster> so once you'd won the galaxy battle, you focused on planets and alliances?
<[Ult]signs[4-1]> One thing that sucked ingal were the blocks :| BF+CT on one side, Ult+FL on the other.. Had 700 odd ticks where half the gal couldn't def the other half if they got incs..
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> Yeah we wanted to get 7 t10s. But Bear screwed that up today.
<[Rg]euler[4-1]> Once I landed I got the fund and started donating to keep max top10 players possible, we donated 4.5M score, 600k score for top 7 planets
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> Alliance wise, CT and BF were very good to us. As were hodors.
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Yes
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> Faceless can do one though.
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> Ult looked after signs so guess we have to mention them ;) we basically had a lone ult hostage.
<Appocomaster> hodors or hoarders?
<Appocomaster> that's a pretty important typo to clarify
<[Ult]signs[4-1]> agar3s told me he needed me to function :\ So yeh.. Had to be Ult
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> They are a friendly group of people who "rehomed" quite a lot of faceless fighters.
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> When you manage to change a 60 man allys fleet strat with 10 of you, you realise they are quite a force.
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> HODOR rocks...kept Raul from landing any attacks for quite some time
<Appocomaster> do you think that your galaxy had an impact on the top alliance rankings?
<Appocomaster> obviously it has done on the top planet rankings
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> Yes. Because FL used us to try and XP the way up.
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> They nearly made it last few days but didnt quite do it. Much like Rauls planet win attempts.
<[Ult]signs[4-1]> We also had a lot of value in our gal, so if we were hit, that would ground a lot of def value for the rest
<Appocomaster> any specific people you wish to single out?
<[Rg]euler[4-1]> I want to thank my ally Rogues, been very nice with my gal!
<[Ult]signs[4-1]> I would also like to direct a thanks to my teamup partners, red, bear and fuyu :) Didn't have too many DE heavy planets so! This gal was great to play in, and so was Ult. Enjoyable round all in all :)
<[Rg]euler[4-1]> not like they could attack anyone, we napped all the uni :D
<[Ult]signs[4-1]> and cardi exiled and died
<[Ult]signs[4-1]> :D
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> Erm, i usually sit up here and say nasty things, but clouds was actually decent for team asia this round. So kinda have to thank him :( .
<[CT]Villeh[4-1]> \o/
<[Ult]signs[4-1]> wow, print screen this moment everyone
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> But yeah, thanks to everyone who launched at our gal, hostile or friendly. Im pretty sure everyone visited 4.1 at some point this round.
<Appocomaster> haha clouds pinged out. he missed that!
<[Ult]signs[4-1]> And btw, benneh did some SICK roiding this round
<[Ult]signs[4-1]> The only person I've seen do something close is shaz :D
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Yes top roider for this round
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> that'll all be in the history pages up this weekend
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> Need a page for Moral Victory as im claiming that.
<[Ult]signs[4-1]> Indeed
<[Rg]euler[4-1]> 6.6k roids lol
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> but yeah you can do ally now if you want. Grats to ult. Although we got gal ;D
<Appocomaster> you can compare to historic planets
<Appocomaster> okay, Im going to switch back to agar3s
<Appocomaster> thanks all
<[BF]BENNEH[4-1]> Ta!
<[Ult]signs[4-1]> ty!
<[CT]Sleep[4-1]> Ty
<[CT]Villeh[4-1]> Go team Asia
<Appocomaster> so finally, the winning alliance, Ultores :)
<Appocomaster> congrats guys
<[Ult]agar3s> thanks
<[Ult]Chimpie> thanks
<[Ult]agar3s> did you fall asleep appo ?
<Appocomaster> yeah :p
<Appocomaster> well, you know the drill by now
<Appocomaster> how did you win?
<[Ult]agar3s> i ll leave that one for chimpie
<[Ult]agar3s> he did our politics this round
<Appocomaster> last week you were #4
<Appocomaster> even earlier this week you were #3
<[Ult]Chimpie> ye, was an upstream swim in the river this one
<Appocomaster> and #2 yesterday
<[Ult]Chimpie> basically
<[Ult]Chimpie> we sat there at easter thinking "wtf, something has to give", so we went searching for a solution
<[Ult]Chimpie> and with some good help from our friends we managed to get bf/ct block to drop roids, from there on out i think our members showed quality and hunger
<Appocomaster> I thought you were going to say that you sent signs to infiltrate the top CT/asc galaxy and convince faceless to attack them and take them out of the race
<[Ult]Chimpie> lol
<[Ult]Chimpie> not quite, i'm not that smart
<Appocomaster> which, no offense, would have been most awesome
<Appocomaster> signs took the initative himself!
<[Ult]agar3s> chimpie convinced raul that benneh slept with his gf
<Appocomaster> hah
<[Ult]agar3s> so raul had a grudge against benneh
<[Ult]Chimpie> fl did great working on our side vs the bf/ct block, and we always said "if we aint winning, better make sure they do"
<[Ult]Chimpie> hehe
<Appocomaster> can we maybe ask about out of tag planets?
<[Ult]Chimpie> sure
<Appocomaster> it was noted that you had 59 planets for most of the last week then mr 60 comes along today
<[Ult]Chimpie> we had stojke out of tag, he didnt want to play "serious pa" and elected to do his thing, wich was fine
<Appocomaster> do you think that was a key part of your win at all? was there a plan to keep someone outo f tag?
<[Ult]Chimpie> it was discouraging to ct at least, but i think we'd have taken it anyway
<[Ult]Chimpie> they all knew he was there, and they all knew his coords
<[Ult]Chimpie> have to thank the big serb tho
<Appocomaster> it was close
<[Ult]Chimpie> pulled off a lot of score out of tag and in the end made a nice score contribution
<Appocomaster> I'd have to run the numebrs to see how big your 51st planet was I guess
<[Ult]Chimpie> think he added around 4 mill
<Appocomaster> fair enough
<Appocomaster> so, anyone outstanding who lead to the win?
<[Ult]Chimpie> well, all the ult members
<[Ult]agar3s> chimpies politics :)
<[Ult]Chimpie> if i'm to single out two it has to be bazza and agar3s for sorting att and def respectively
<[Ult]Chimpie> lol, i got lucky and you know it agar3s ;)
<[Ult]agar3s> ODDR SKing doza was prime though
<[Ult]agar3s> i heard cheers in ult private then
<[Ult]Chimpie> in the end this was a big team effort tho, and all of ult + faceless, and p3nguins and rogues when they werent busy fighting eachother
<Appocomaster> pretty sure they sked me too :( booo
<[Ult]Chimpie> ye, oddr was awesome
<[Ult]agar3s> should change your nick Appocomaster
<[Ult]agar3s> so they know who you are!
<[Ult]Chimpie> also have to say thanks to bf and ct for putting up a proper fight, it was fun and intense
<Appocomaster> I am fairly recognisable :p
<Appocomaster> thanks guys
<[Ult]Chimpie> one last thing
<[Ult]Chimpie> if i may
<[Ult]agar3s> we came back strong !
<Appocomaster> credits to you (and, amusingly, to Sleepless, the 4:1 GC) this weekend
<[Ult]Chimpie> i know it's been mentioned already; but those galaxy fund donations needs to be looked at, can't be intentional that the most powerful gals should get extra advantages?
<[Ult]Chimpie> and ye, we came back strong
<Appocomaster> we'll review as part of next round
<[Ult]agar3s> whats the rest of the story buddah :(
<[Ult]agar3s> deras and bear sitting in a tree ?
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> thanks guys
<[Ult]Chimpie> \KISSING
<[Ult]Chimpie> nn
<Appocomaster> and now for the tag rankings
<Appocomaster> so get ready to rummmmmmmble
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 226 nicks and found 22 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: BF, count: 5
<Pea> #9. Tag: ODDR, count: 5
<Pea> #8. Tag: HR, count: 8
<Pea> #7. Tag: FL, count: 10
<Pea> #6. Tag: p3n, count: 11
<Pea> #5. Tag: BowS, count: 11
<Pea> #4. Tag: Rogues, count: 16
<Pea> #3. Tag: ND, count: 18
<Pea> #2. Tag: Ult, count: 20
<Pea> #1. Tag: CT, count: 30
<Appocomaster> congrats CT
<Appocomaster> clear win there :)
<Appocomaster> credits for you too
<Appocomaster> thanks all, and see you in 10 weeks time for the next installment
<Appocomaster> more information on Round 62 changes over the coming week or so
<Appocomaster> havoc setup will be complete in the next hour or so
<Appocomaster> sorry
<Appocomaster> I forgot
<Appocomaster> reminder
<Appocomaster> please mail round62@planetarion.com with round names
<Appocomaster> honestly, the amount of entries we get, any half decent ones make the shortlist then you can bully 20 friends and get a credit
<Appocomaster> can't go wrong
<Appocomaster> mail as many as you wish!