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  • Round 71 Signups Start: Friday 10th March 2017
  • Round 71 Ticks Start: Friday 17th March 2017
  • Round 71 Ticks End: Friday 5th May 2017
  • Round 71 Havoc Ends: Thursday 18th May 2017

Who's Online

  • Round 71 - No Cloaks, Just Daggers: 343

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  • 10 Mar: Round 71 - No Cloaks, Just Daggers signups are open! Sign up at https://t.co/jMD3ougsJQ

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  • 29 Jul: Round 68 - The Harvest signups are now open! Signup at https://t.co/CpLfRbZE3g Ticks start 5th August.

Round 60 and Round 61 Update

Round 60
As many of you will be aware, on Friday evening at 21:00 we donated a whopping 3 billion resources and 3000 asteroids to refresh our havoc game. Havoc will continue until 20:00 GMT on Thursday 12th.

Miscellaneous Round 60 links:
Round 60 EoRC Log
Top 100 Planets
Top 50 Galaxies
Top 30 Alliances
Top 100 Launchers
Top 100 Covert Ops
Combat stats
Resource stats
Other misc stats (scanning etc)
Full planet/galaxy/alliance rankings and analysis

Round 61

Round 61 signups will be open from Friday, 13th March.

The Round 61 Beta is available and ongoing with non-final stats and changes in progress and will be until next weekend (or later).

Please vote for your favourite round name(s) here (remember, the winner wins a credit!)

There has been a reconsideration since the previous announcement, and Round 61's more major changes are now as follows:

-Alliance Limits won't be changing (as before)
-Buddy Packs will be 4 rather than 5, and only 1 late joiner will be allowed no matter if buddy packs are 3 or 4 (or 2x2)
-Only galaxies outside the top 10 can use their late joiner spot.
-Multi-tick combat will now no longer be included
-Production cost will now be modified slightly based on total resources in the universe - if you are building rarer ships then they will be cheaper; more common ships will be slightly more costly.
-The galaxy fund limit discussed last round will also come into effect in Round 61.
-The galaxy status page will be modified slightly so the groupings of fleets on the same ETA is more like the alliance defence page
-Funds will now be counted in alliance / galaxy score

This hasn't been forgotten and will hopefully be available this month