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EoRC Round 60: 28/02/2015

<Appocomaster> Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen
<Appocomaster> and welcome to Round 60's End of Round Ceremony
<Appocomaster> thank you to everyone for joining
<Appocomaster> ticks have now stopped and celebrations begun!
<Appocomaster> as always, we're gathering to see those top planets and the top galaxy and alliance this round
<Appocomaster> Firstly, I'd like to remind you that you can submit as many entries as you wish to round61@planetarion.com for your choice of the round name. The winner does win a free credit. :)
<Appocomaster> but without further ado, the top 3 planets this round were:
<Appocomaster> 1) 2:6:5 DeeJay of Ultores
<Appocomaster> 2) 6:5:8 Zwanstic Mofo of Ultores
<Appocomaster> 3) 4:7:6 Redrush of Faceless
<Appocomaster> Zwanstic has run off :\
<Appocomaster> fs
* Appocomaster sets mode: +vv [Ult]2-6|DeeJay [ULT]Ariel
<Appocomaster> and as Redrush cannot make it tonight
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> HELLO!
* Appocomaster sets mode: +v SantaCruz
<Appocomaster> Santa is stepping in
<[ULT]Ariel> :D
<Appocomaster> well done for being the most confusingly-named person, "Ariel"
<SantaCruz> ^^
<Appocomaster> so, congrats to you (and thanks for stepping in, SantaCruz)
<[ULT]Ariel> didn't santa crash and let ppl farm him?
<Appocomaster> Ultores obviously were a strong force this round
<Appocomaster> was it a race between you to get into #1, DeeJay, Zwanstic?
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> hmm
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> yes
<[ULT]Ariel> it was a race to kill red :D
<Appocomaster> with agar3s coming up behind you
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> redrush was ahead all the time
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> so we needed him roided first
<SantaCruz> :-/
<Appocomaster> did you ever think he would get away with winning?
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> after that it was just a race
<[ULT]Ariel> kill him thanks to our pals ND & Norton Airlines
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> who could roid/xp better
<SantaCruz> ultores could have done it alone
<SantaCruz> having the rest of over kill ;-P
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> no Appocomaster
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> without a xan ingal
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> redrush was easy pray to FR lolwaves
<Appocomaster> did it literally come down to that?
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> yep
<SantaCruz> yeah :-/ nasty waves. without prelaunch we couldnt cover
<SantaCruz> faceless was a 26 man tag.
<[ULT]Ariel> they couldn't handle live waves
<SantaCruz> it wasnt going to be easy for us to support red ftw
<[ULT]Ariel> 4:7 was ghey gal so needed roiling
<[ULT]Ariel> roiding lol
<Appocomaster> they are lions, tigers and bears though
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> he also didnt land much while we were at war with ct/p3ng
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> he barely landed
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> so couldnt get far enough ahead to afford roid loss and still win
<Appocomaster> so how did you let DeeJay beat you, Zwanstic?
<Appocomaster> I mean clearly you managed to get more roids than anyone else
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> i was ahead all the time because of my huge stocks
<SantaCruz> deejay is awesome
<SantaCruz> zwan is working on it still
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> zwan was playing a catchup race
<SantaCruz> btw congrats you two from red and myself
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> thanx
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> gz to redrush aswell
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> not easy in a 26 man tag
<Appocomaster> do you feel your galaxies made a difference? or was there an alliance favourite?
<SantaCruz> the night you guys hit us 24 of the 26 defended him. Faceless supported red very well
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> i dont think there was an alliance favorite
* Appocomaster sets mode: +v Zwanstic
<Appocomaster> wb
<Zwanstic> back :D
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> certain people favored me or him
<Appocomaster> it's okay, we said DeeJay was awesome and you weren't
<Appocomaster> and that's why he won
<Appocomaster> :p
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> but we wanted planet win too much so we had to play with both
<SantaCruz> lol
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> if one of us gets lolwaved and lose roids
<Zwanstic> Once Red was done it was an Ultores planet
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> the other would still win
<Zwanstic> as much as i tried i could get my epenis bigger
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> in the end it was Tche pulling the short straw
<Appocomaster> well, Sleepless was probably the only other threat?
<Appocomaster> non-ult
<Appocomaster> or Coolkat
<SantaCruz> it also came down to a few nice ultores moves
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> he was too far behind
<SantaCruz> stopping red land on 2 6 10 with no pod fleets
<SantaCruz> was 300k land for him
<Zwanstic> TBH Ultores had every corner covered this round
<Zwanstic> we couldn't be touched
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> yeah
<SantaCruz> that was a pretty big let down
<Zwanstic> Players came and we crushed them all
<Appocomaster> I'm not sure if having 6/10 of the top 10 for Ult or 2/10 of Faceless, who were only 26 people, is more impressive tbh
<Zwanstic> Pgn and CT found that out the hard way
<SantaCruz> ultores had almost every corner covered
<SantaCruz> ;-D
<Zwanstic> when you nap the uni and bottom feed it is easy :D
<SantaCruz> they missed us hiding out
<SantaCruz> we didnt nap the uni
<Zwanstic> + Adapt is pregnant so well done
<Appocomaster> so you think you'll be back next round to soar up the charts again?
<SantaCruz> we had a nap with p3ng bf all round
<SantaCruz> once ultores backstabbed us
<SantaCruz> we never took another
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> our ally helped a lot in the last days
<Zwanstic> what is the closest 1-2 score appoc?
<Appocomaster> so was it politics of ultores, general organisation, or ..?
<Appocomaster> hmm
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> 46k
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> round 29
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> i think
<SantaCruz> red beat archi that round
<SantaCruz> by 46k
<SantaCruz> he was nicked as sunny back then
<Appocomaster> not sure offhand
<Zwanstic> bf & Nd where ace to us
<Zwanstic> we all backed each other are never turned on each other
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> this is the closest in pa history
<Appocomaster> yeah - time for the thank yous?
<SantaCruz> yeah reds given me a list when its his turn
<Zwanstic> plus the other really suck at doing anything intelligent
<SantaCruz> i cant forget that
<SantaCruz> thats the point of me having voice right ^^
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> yep
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> should I start?
<SantaCruz> ofc
<SantaCruz> its your round
<Appocomaster> round 41 was apparently cloest
<SantaCruz> you the man
<Appocomaster> 22.3k
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> hmm
<Zwanstic> also my gal rocks & pig / spy / tuck my attack team (spycors had a boy today naming it Zwan)
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> agar3s says the same thing
<Appocomaster> so it beats you :p
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> yeah it does
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> GZ SPYCORS!
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> ok
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> so here comes
<Appocomaster> come onnnnnnnn
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> thanx to my gal for keeping my planet safe
<Appocomaster> :p
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> especially agar3s for DCing like mad and Judas for poems
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> thanx to my teamup for a decent part of the round: Rain and Nitros
<Zwanstic> AND Benneh for ruining my cap :D
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> thanx to MQ and the mercs for defending me the last 3 days against a wild HK 3 fleeting me
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> thanx to migz/gzambo for doing cov-ops for me
<Appocomaster> are covert op planets important?
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> and finnaly all Ultores for being awesome
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> yes
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> i needed to figure out fake real def
<Appocomaster> ah ha
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> so if ships were home
<Appocomaster> yes :)
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> obvious fake def
<Appocomaster> those naughty faking xans
<Appocomaster> okay, thanks DeeJay. Zwanstic ?
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> and thank Norton for the next round plan
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> 3 ticks SKs
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> \o/
<SantaCruz> lol
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> thanx and bye
<Zwanstic> Just my Ultorians Pals
<Zwanstic> we rocked this Bitch
<Appocomaster> that's all?
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> if so, then over to Santa on behalf of red
<SantaCruz> ok i wrote it out while i was waiting
<SantaCruz> so i will just paste it
<SantaCruz> As Reds buddy, i would like to say congrats to him for third. He is a great galmate/alliance member. a true team player for both.
<SantaCruz> He would like to thank his alliance Faceless. He couldnt have asked more of a tag our size. You all did awesome.
<SantaCruz> Our gal was great! Exor,sonic,darkzidane, "send beetles" chuck, magni, eksero, bear, sleepless and arc! all of you worked together as a team all round. We supported red, we escorted and we defended like true champs. Good work guys.
<SantaCruz> Red would like to send a special thanks to the guys that helped DC him this round. Coolkat,Raven and myself! Then bear you are almost the best support planet red could ask for. Maybe in the future you can just send EVERY we do ;-D and finally to arc's daily porn dump into our whatsapp channel.
<SantaCruz> thats it! if i forgot someone
<SantaCruz> its not reds fault its mine!
<Appocomaster> lol
<SantaCruz> good luck next round with 3 ticks everyone. hope it goes well
<Appocomaster> I won't ask about some of that motivational factoring
<Appocomaster> okay, thanks, we'll be moving on now
<SantaCruz> congrats you 3 on ranks
<SantaCruz> w00t
<Appocomaster> and also
<Appocomaster> as it was mentioned here
<Appocomaster> I was going to mention it at the end
<Appocomaster> but we were (firstly) planning on only 2 ticks not 3 ticks for next round. but after the concerns raised, we're going to skip imlpementing MT for this round until we can see if we can negate those concerns raised
* Appocomaster sets mode: +vvvvvv [CT]2-6|Yama [Ult]2-6|darts [Ult]2-6|DeeJay [Ult]2-6|agar3s [Ult]2-6|dreis [Ult]2-6|Judas^
* Appocomaster sets mode: +v [CT]Monroe|work
<[CT]2-6|Yama> o/
<[CT]2-6|Yama> I think you've just doubled the playerbase for next round Appocomaster
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> zeurg
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> :p
* Appocomaster sets mode: +v zeurg
* Appocomaster sets mode: +v [Ult]Jmpr
* Appocomaster sets mode: +v [HR]2-6|Virt
<[ULT]2-6|Zeurg> ;)
<Appocomaster> I think I got you all?
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> ye bite and lrgcow arent around
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> HELLO AGAIN!
<[Ult]2-6|darts> Wťweeeeeeeee
<[Ult]2-6|darts> My first
<Appocomaster> darts, surely not?
<[Ult]2-6|darts> About friggin time
<Appocomaster> you've been playing for ages
<[Ult]2-6|darts> Yeh
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> he s never had me ingal
<Appocomaster> you're always talking in here
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> so ye
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> :D
<Appocomaster> I guess just not during the eorc :p
<[Ult]2-6|darts> From round 1
<Appocomaster> okay, so congrats everyone
<[ULT]2-6|Zeurg> Weee we won !!
<[CT]2-6|Yama> ta
<Appocomaster> a strong ultores presence
<[Ult]2-6|darts> Ehh 2
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> thanks
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> we are missing 2 ult
<Appocomaster> hmm?
<Appocomaster> (kinda close with 2:1)
<[ULT]2-6|Zeurg> I think it was Vikings defense that got us this gal win so a big THANK YOU goes to all the vikings
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> yes it was close
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> especially when zeurg decided to make it even closer
<[CT]2-6|Yama> lol zeurg
<Appocomaster> Zeurg: you're the only Viking in the galaxy, right?
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> yes
<Appocomaster> so you're thanking your alliance
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> Zeurg crashed to entertain coolkat
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> giving him false hope
<[CT]Monroe|work> I only have one thing to say: I spent the round as an ult roid farm, so thanks ults for letting me keep a few roids at the end
<[Ult]2-6|Judas^> i saved you pal
<[ULT]2-6|Zeurg> Just keeping it spicy no one likes an easy win
<Appocomaster> if you'd have lost ...
<[Ult]2-6|dreis> Zeurs was the only viking and only crasher in our gal!
<Appocomaster> wait
<Appocomaster> Coolkat is in 2:1
<[ULT]2-6|Zeurg> Haha
<Appocomaster> you literally almost gave him the win :p
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> if your ally would've sent you just a 10th of the def fleets ultores did you wouldnt have lost a single roid
<[Ult]2-6|darts> Back 2 beer its selebrate time
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> it was a tease
<[CT]2-6|Yama> remarkably few crashes actually
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> zeurg is like a calculator
<[Ult]2-6|darts> Thx agar3s
<[ULT]2-6|Zeurg> I knew it was CK he was never going to win XD
<Appocomaster> right, "calculator"
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> calcing every move 2 1 would make
<[Ult]2-6|darts> And gal
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> true story
<[ULT]2-6|Zeurg> Lol
<Appocomaster> so what was the difference - if we remove the remarkable vikings defence
<[ULT]2-6|Zeurg> It's a gift I'm like the matrix
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> difference is activity and a better setup
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> and ofcourse my presence
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> we had everyone active ingal
<Appocomaster> they had more planet
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> clouds even asked for penis size
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> its was weird
<[Ult]2-6|Judas^> i think viking removed that remarkable defence for zuerg
<Appocomaster> *planets
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> and agar3s DCing like a few years ago
03* Neo (pa.comunit@195-241-188-169.ip.telfort.nl) has left #planetarion
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> we had a #12 at some point
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> shadowmaster
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> and it got deleted a few days before round end
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> he left us hanging
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> :(
<Appocomaster> oh no :(
<[ULT]2-6|Zeurg> Well I'm not going to blow agar3s horn becuz that's Judas^ role but agar3s deserves a special mention..but the whole gal was awesome even #12
<Appocomaster> but despite that, and despite Zeurg, you struggled on
<[CT]Monroe|work> Zeurgling
<Appocomaster> did the number of xans make the difference?
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> oh ye
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> his nick got changed
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> its zeurgling now
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> forgot to mention that
<[ULT]2-6|Zeurg> Hah fs
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> and yes Appocomaster
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> also we were mainly fr
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> so cr bs didnt have much on us either
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> FR and broads
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> a lot of both
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> and dreis covopped like a beast
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> yeah
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> i forgot to thank dreis
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> for donating my like tick 200 or so
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> :/
<Appocomaster> so we've singled out a couple of people - anyone else?
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> and i forgot to thanx jesterina too
<[Ult]2-6|dreis> :)
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> for supporting me
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> and mz!
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> <@mz> (I'm desperately trying to find something that will allow me to claim your victory for myself)
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> everyone in ult was awesome
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> when zeurg got hit
<[HR]2-6|Virt> all credits to agar3s for saving my arse countless times when HR couldn't
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> they all gladly deffed zeurg without pods
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> i wanna highlight the RED DEF!
<Appocomaster> he does get the credits as GC :P so literally
<Appocomaster> what red def?
<[CT]2-6|Yama> haha, had not seen red def since r9
<[HR]2-6|Virt> and that was like every single inc i got :p
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> 4 7 + FL launched 2 big waves on zeurg
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> red def like in the old days
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> :D
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> to try and get redrush xp/2 6 to lose roids
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> so i asked ult members to send fleets without pods
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> to reduce the cap
<Appocomaster> nice
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> instead of -1300
<[CT]2-6|Yama> worked a treat
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> it went -240
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> so it was highly effective
<Appocomaster> I don't think we've had that much red def in a while tbh
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> we did not
<Appocomaster> okay, so, final round of thanks!
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> ultorians def in every colour
<[Ult]2-6|dreis> thanks to everyone in our gal.. they saved my few roids a lot of times!!!
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> few?
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> thanks to ult and my galmates :D
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> you call 3500 few?
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> :D
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> HELLO KITTY!
<[CT]2-6|Yama> thanks to CT for sending me 5 def fleets over the rouind (I didn't need more) Thanks to the awesome gal!
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> i hope you watch this
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> and thanks for to monroe for staying strong while ult hit him
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> thanx for keeping agar3s sane!
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> -for
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> she isnt watching deejay
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> haha
<[CT]2-6|Yama> and thanks to ND nad HR for not updating their intel
<[Ult]2-6|DeeJay> tell her I said hi!
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> she said congratz earlier :p
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> [CT]Monroe|work
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> :)
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> stop pretending to work
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> and say your thanks
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> :D
<Appocomaster> quick quick hurry
* [CT]2-6|Yama high fives 2 6
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> \o/
* [Ult]2-6|dreis slaps [CT]Monroe|work around a bit with a large trout
<[Ult]2-6|dreis> its ur turn
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> he fell asleep
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> stop being so boring Appocomaster
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> jesus
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> :D
<[Ult]2-6|Judas^> yes
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> okay, finnnnnnnnnished
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> and nowwww
<Appocomaster> Ultores
<Appocomaster> who finished with a fairly hefty win
* Appocomaster sets mode: +v [Ult]2-6|agar3s
<Appocomaster> who am I voicing, agar3s?
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> yo
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> hmm
<Appocomaster> Khaleesi is jumping up and down like a school girl
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> dead_ops
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> and bazza
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> my scan buddies
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> :D
<Appocomaster> :P
<Appocomaster> you can argue it out later I guses
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> ye everyone wants a voice
<Appocomaster> so, congrats
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> thanks
<Appocomaster> why did you choose these side kicks?
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> they scanned whole ult for me every night
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> so i could get predef
<Appocomaster> wow
<Appocomaster> just you?
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> dcing is easy, scanning makes people go mad
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> try scanning 40-50 planets seperately lol
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> so thats why those 2, they wasted as much time scanning as i did dcing
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> :D
<Appocomaster> we're going to hopefully improve that
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> i heard
<Appocomaster> next round
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> gj mz
<Appocomaster> :)
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> :D
<[Ult]Dead_Ops> scanning has always been easy ;)
<Appocomaster> so why did you come back this round properly/
<Appocomaster> last round being ultprime
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> we were just going to have fun
<Appocomaster> you seemed to win
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> but certain events made us get serious
<Appocomaster> such as?
<[ULT]Khaleesi> we always have 20-30 core
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> i read some convo from munkee
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> acting like ult were push overs
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> it motivated me to dc ult once again
<[ULT]Khaleesi> this was the first round ppl didn't seek out to kill us from pt24
<Appocomaster> was that their mistake?
<[ULT]Khaleesi> allys like ND/BF
<[ULT]Khaleesi> mainly clouds/Souls trust made us have strong allys
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> we could counter a monster block with allies like ND/BF who stood by us
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> aye
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> they didnt have the right answer to it
<[ULT]Khaleesi> Agar3s skill dcing meant other allys couldn't land us
<Appocomaster> why did you do a lot of NAPping?
<[ULT]Khaleesi> Ultorian skill
<[ULT]Khaleesi> we had 1v1 battles
<[ULT]Khaleesi> peng couldn't beat us
<Appocomaster> so you napped all of the universe apart from 1-2 alliances?
<Appocomaster> how did that make your alliance attack plans ?
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> no, just 1 1
<[ULT]Khaleesi> we had lots of 1v1 wars
<[ULT]Khaleesi> pgn/ct we had 2 wars both 7-10 days
<[ULT]Khaleesi> neither could roids us
<[ULT]Khaleesi> while we roiled them
<[ULT]Khaleesi> roided
<Appocomaster> and that seemed to be a winning strategy
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> think listenultsbs needs a voice Appocomaster
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> he has something to share
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> :D
<Appocomaster> no it's okay thanks :p
<Appocomaster> did you only fight on your own then?
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> no
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> we had help from ND & BF where needed
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> and they helped us win this easily
<Appocomaster> so are you playing next round?
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> the fact we could trust our allies made the other side angry
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> yep
<Appocomaster> full on?
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> yep
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> if bf doesnt win
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> we will
<[ULT]Khaleesi> Ultorian love!
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> again shout out to ND and BF
<[ULT]Khaleesi> raise tag limit to 100
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> they were amazing :D
<[Ult]Dead_Ops> Live long and prosper, Leonard Nimoy R.I.P!
<[ULT]Khaleesi> we got more playas
<Appocomaster> 100, no
<[ULT]Khaleesi> 110?
<Appocomaster> nope
<Appocomaster> any final comments ?
<[Ult]Bazza> scrap pl'ing or make it 2 ticks max
<Appocomaster> or wanting to confirm key players :)
<[ULT]Khaleesi> giving Zwan 5 slots
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> devoice zwanstic
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> seriously
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> :D
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> but no
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> first of all thanks to all the ults
<[ULT]Khaleesi> and Xyph
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> you were awesome
<[Ult]Bazza> Was the first round in 61 rounds of playing I never lost a single roid thanks to agar3s DC'ing like a demon & all the Ult members who woke to send def
<[ULT]Khaleesi> for awesome tools
<[ULT]Khaleesi> and paying for bots cos he is to lazy to code whatsapp
<[ULT]Khaleesi> next round sort out farming
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> and BF + ND for taking the heat for us
<[ULT]Khaleesi> 3 waves on Santa with inca scans when he can scan pods only
<[Ult]2-6|agar3s> lesser allies would have fallen
<Appocomaster> well, enjoy :)
<Appocomaster> thanks everyone
* Appocomaster sets mode: -vvvv [Ult]2-6|agar3s [ULT]Khaleesi [Ult]Bazza [Ult]Dead_Ops
<Appocomaster> just before we finish
<Appocomaster> a reminder: round61@planetarion.com for round names
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> no MT next round
<Appocomaster> beta may not start on Sunday any more now
<Appocomaster> (depends on changes)
<Appocomaster> okay, finally, alliance tagging
<Appocomaster> tag up but be careful
<Appocomaster> oh yes MT = multi tick
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 269 nicks and found 18 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: Pit, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: Offline, count: 2
<Pea> #8. Tag: ODDR, count: 4
<Pea> #7. Tag: FL, count: 6
<Pea> #6. Tag: p3n, count: 8
<Pea> #5. Tag: Bows, count: 9
<Pea> #4. Tag: CT, count: 21
<Pea> #3. Tag: ND, count: 36
<Pea> #2. Tag: Ult, count: 37
<Pea> #1. Tag: BF, count: 45
<Appocomaster> well done BF
<Appocomaster> I'll give you credits
<Appocomaster> and we'll get havoced and stats up shortly
<Appocomaster> thanks everyone
* Appocomaster sets mode: -m