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  • Round 71 Signups Start: Friday 10th March 2017
  • Round 71 Ticks Start: Friday 17th March 2017
  • Round 71 Ticks End: Friday 5th May 2017
  • Round 71 Havoc Ends: Thursday 18th May 2017

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  • Round 71 - No Cloaks, Just Daggers: 343

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Round 59 Summary / Winter Round Update

Round 59 - Edge of Insanity
Round 59 has finished and the top planets are as follows:

1) 2:2:9 C1NAP jesterina of THE FOCKERS
2) 5:6:9 Plaguuu of p3nguins
3) 7:8:9 arc of Conspiracy

They all receive a credit.

The top galaxy consisted of:
2:2:1 Chuck of Rainbows
2:2:2 Pommeh of Inferno (GC)
2:2:3 tobbe of Inferno
2:2:4 Knusern of Black Flag
2:2:5 SantaCruz of hu3hu3 faceless (MoD)
2:2:6 elviz of Inferno
2:2:7 t0k3r of Howling Rain
2:2:8 Cartman of p3nguins (MoC)
2:2:9 C1NAP jesterina of THE FOCKERS
2:2:10 Ony of ULTPRIME (MoW)
2:2:11 ekseri of ULTPRIME
2:2:12 LukeyLove of NewDawn

Pommeh, the GC, will receive 5 credits to allocate as necessary.

The winning alliance was P3nguins, and they will receive 5 credits for winning.
Black Flag also won the alliance competition and will get 3 credits for this.

A summary of recent links:
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Misc In-game Statistics
Beta History Site

Winter Round

The Winter Round signups are now open. They are accessible from the following locations:

If you have previously played Planetarion (since Round 40) then you can immediately login. We recommend using old accounts where possible as it tracks your ranking history since Round 40.

This is based on Round 59 code, but with 15 minute ticks, 6 man buddy packs, "Present" asteroids to score galaxy points, and Winter-themed races and ship stats. It also has no alliances but does allow cluster defence, and there is a modified XP formula.

Round 60
Just to remind you all that you can submit e-mails to round60@planetarion.com with suggestions for next round's round names - the winning entry gets a credit.