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EoRC Round 58: 26/09/2014

<Appocomaster> Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to Round 58's End of Round Ceremony
<Appocomaster> tonight we celebrate the winners of another round
<Appocomaster> With some interest, as 2 of the top 3 are from an alliance outside the top 10, and #4 isn't in an alliance
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> so, without further ado, I welcome to the stage Joseph of HUEHUEHUE, Plaguuu of p3nguins and XiCot of HUEHUEHUE
<Appocomaster> good evening and congratulations to you
<[BR]joseph> hi, thanks
<[p3n]Plaguuu> can we do this in portogueuse?
<Appocomaster> erm, I don't speak portugese
<Appocomaster> so I'd rather not
<Appocomaster> I'd be randomly typing on the keyboard
<Appocomaster> we'll adapt as best we can though :)
<[p3n]Plaguuu> este appocomaster é hilária
<Appocomaster> I am always hilarious. they love my calls at work
<Appocomaster> anyway, Joseph, congrats to you first :)
<[BR]joseph> plaguu helped a brazilian this round, learning portuguese
<[BR]joseph> thanks appoco
<Appocomaster> I feel the outsider
<Appocomaster> so you've played since round 40, is that right?
<Appocomaster> on and off?
<Appocomaster> obviously you're part of the Brazilian contingent to the game, which has really shown its power this round!
<Xicot> yeah
<[BR]joseph> we enjoy the game
<Xicot> forget the World Cup
<Xicot> here we are awesomes
<Xicot> =D
<Appocomaster> well, yes
<Appocomaster> the World Cup was not so good for you this time, but at least you did well at Planetarion
<Appocomaster> did you always set out to win, with an alliance of what, 12 people?
<[BR]joseph> never
<[BR]joseph> we left ultores to give room for bigger guys
<[BR]joseph> so we started to play trolling from this moment
<Appocomaster> and how did you end up winning?!?
<Xicot> lucky
<Appocomaster> xp was obviously a clear part of this
<[BR]joseph> yes
<Appocomaster> was that a concious gameplay decision?
<[BR]joseph> after last round, and motti strat, was clear that MC work well
<[BR]joseph> and we have no time to defcall
<Appocomaster> hence the distorters, too?
<Appocomaster> for you
<[BR]joseph> so, the heroes/fockers, etc etc style, became very interesting
<Appocomaster> to help a little :)
<[BR]joseph> yeah
<[BR]joseph> help a lot
<Appocomaster> do you think it helps the game, being able to use military centres? are they too strong?
<[BR]joseph> i can say
<[BR]joseph> ppl keep asking for a game change
<[BR]joseph> but the game is already changing
<[BR]joseph> see it from inside can be hard, but i see it very clear
<[BR]joseph> ppl can play without waking up all night to send def
<[BR]joseph> just 3 fleet attacking
<[BR]joseph> and waiting a good land to end up good ranks
<Appocomaster> it's interesting to note that 10 people went for 100+ mil centres by the end of the round, and there were no others in the top 30 apart from #1 and #2
<Appocomaster> er
<Appocomaster> #1 and #3
<Appocomaster> so what do you think you did differently?
<[p3n]Plaguuu> ..
<Appocomaster> sorry Plaguuu, you went hardcore fcs and refineries, I know :)
<[BR]joseph> raul planed a triple land, just to try
<[BR]joseph> and i landed,
<[BR]joseph> after a big crash
<Appocomaster> so it was just luck?
<[BR]joseph> so i cameback to the game in first position
<[BR]joseph> good plan from raul too
<[BR]joseph> after that, we just kept doing the same entire round
<[BR]Xicot> can i anserw too?
<[BR]joseph> sometimes we landed (hi phant) and kill, sometimes we escrt
<Appocomaster> sure
<Appocomaster> wait
<Appocomaster> there are two of you?
<Appocomaster> o.O
<Appocomaster> can I work out which one of you is real? :p
<Appocomaster> or are they both you?
<XiCoT> just me
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> another one of you?
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> okay, we need to go with Plaguuu next
<Appocomaster> then you
<Appocomaster> Plaguuu, how does it feel to be sandwiched between two Brazilians?
<[BR]joseph> lol
<[p3n]Plaguuu> sad
<[p3n]Plaguuu> cause i know they're not female
<Appocomaster> yeah, sorry guys but I'd have answered the same
<[p3n]Plaguuu> make sure you get someone else to make the round name next round
<Appocomaster> hahah
<Appocomaster> you've been close to the top for the last couple of weeks
<Appocomaster> when did you feel you wouldn't make it to #1?
<Appocomaster> I assume that yesterday, as #1, you thought you were in with a chance?
<[p3n]Plaguuu> well I knew it was a long shot for a long while
<Appocomaster> er
<Appocomaster> **Wednesday
<[p3n]Plaguuu> but yesterday I gave myself 5%
<[p3n]Plaguuu> yeah but its painful
<[p3n]Plaguuu> when joseph has 8 escort fleets
<[p3n]Plaguuu> and you need to get people in other alliances to understand that he will land solo
<Appocomaster> we will consider fake attacks
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> are there any special moments, beyond apparently learning portugese, that stood out this round?
<[p3n]Plaguuu> hmm
<[p3n]Plaguuu> probably one of the 20+ fuckups we had ingal :P
<-* Pea has kicked [p3n]Plaguuu from #planetarion ([Warning] :: No offensive language ::)
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> good start :p
<Appocomaster> what went so wrong?
<[p3n]Plaguuu> in gal ?
<Appocomaster> yes. did some muppet mess up?
<[p3n]Plaguuu> well we lost 2 planets for one
<[p3n]Plaguuu> and we had ct fighting a imaginary war with a c1nap
<[p3n]Plaguuu> and lets not forget nd declaring war against a single planet (theodd)
<Appocomaster> so that hurt your chances?
<[p3n]Plaguuu> well we're 5 mill behind and 2 players extra would ovbiously cover that :P
<Appocomaster> this is top planet :P
<[p3n]Plaguuu> ah
<[p3n]Plaguuu> well my chances got screwed over by the bravery factor formula
<[p3n]Plaguuu> :)
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> well, XiCoT
<Appocomaster> are you still there?
<Appocomaster> your connection is not that stable :p
<XiCoT> yeah
<XiCoT> it is
<Appocomaster> so, how did your round go?
<XiCoT> was at work
<XiCoT> easy
<Appocomaster> apparently you were a late starter?
<XiCoT> no i reset
<XiCoT> start full distorcer
<XiCoT> then didn't liked
<XiCoT> and reset
<XiCoT> but
<XiCoT> My english isn't fluent so Just wanna say something:
<XiCoT> This game is about strategy and team work, but it's mainly about friendship and having fun. So players don't forget it... and next round we'll come stronger.
<Appocomaster> okay :)
<Appocomaster> so, final thank yous
<XiCoT> ;)
<Appocomaster> anything specific thanks wise? Joseph?
<XiCoT> yeah
<XiCoT> he did a lot
<XiCoT> invite us
<XiCoT> gave credits
<XiCoT> take care about politics
<[BR]joseph> i have some thanks yes
<[BR]joseph> the first, and obviou thing, i want to thank is to all brazilians playing pa this round. was a pleasure have all that funny days whatsappeando voces dia e noite sem parar!
<XiCoT> go on
<[BR]joseph> raulegend (a lenda, made the first move for #1, curintiano favelado), tche (gordinho simpatico querido), jayzinho (papaix, pediu p dzer Staff Lixuuu), offmind (lesado), crismt (mets top, tche nao chega nem perto), protoss e teya, katagronomo, krugger (inseto, dyfly nele), mxy (o sabio kkk), darkkon (carioca marrento ne. pegadorzim), 1 2 dreis (from the city with more beautiful womans in the world), xicot (latesignup?!!?!), slip querid
<[BR]joseph> airlines and cowboys
<Appocomaster> :)
<[BR]joseph> and finally thanks to our stewardes keara for the awesome sandwiches she served.
<XiCoT> kkk
<XiCoT> and; 'Mostra pra gente abelhinhaaaaaaaaaa"
<XiCoT> x)
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> Plaguuu, anything to add?
<[p3n]Plaguuu> yeah
<[p3n]Plaguuu> thanks to everyone in p3nguins dcing me at nights I didnt myself(wont mention names as I wasnt online to see them all Ill just leave too many of you out!) and also the rest of you for a good time. And thx to all the people in gal for a good time :P IsilX was also very helpful last weeks :)
<XiCoT> dcing what it means? kkkk x)
<[p3n]Plaguuu> heuhuehue
<[BR]joseph> destructor, valeu seu inutil.
<Appocomaster> ok thanks to you all
<Appocomaster> and you'll each get a credit
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> on now to the winning galaxy, 5:2
<[5-2]Dealer> Appoco
<[5-2]Dealer> HAI!!
<[5-2][HEROES]Pt> \o
<[5-2][FL]Willy> what upppp
<[5-2]Dealer> again
<Appocomaster> not Dealer again
<[5-2|bow]ClimaX> \o/
<Appocomaster> :(
<[5-2][Innu]lego> o/
<[5-2]Dealer> getting kinda old this now aint it
<Appocomaster> so, congrats guys
<Appocomaster> I feel we're on first name terms, Dealer :P
<[5-2][HEROES]Pt> Thanks
<[5-2|bow]ClimaX> \o\\o//o/
<Appocomaster> but I don't see some of the usual crowd here so at least that is different
<[5-2]Dealer> oh for sure, how's the mother?
<[5-2][FL]Phant> We borrowed Dealer for goodluck charm
<Appocomaster> no idea, not home :p
<crusie> victory!
<[5-2][HEROES]Pt> I think we actually had the worst galaxy one could have, but I might be wrong!
<Appocomaster> don't half tag
<[5-2][FL]Phant> Golan too
<[5-2][FL]Willy> hehe
<[5-2]Dealer> I wasn't gonna play this round, but got persuaded to late sign
<[5-2|bow]ClimaX> f you
<[5-2|bow]ClimaX> worst gal ffs
<[5-2|bow]ClimaX> most fun we had
<[5-2|bow]ClimaX> with all the crashing
<Appocomaster> so, congrats. did Dealer inspire you to an epic win?
<[5-2][FL]Willy> like 7 people in the gal originally were supposed to support Truhatred to go ftw
<[5-2][FL]Willy> then he emod after day 2
<[5-2][FL]Phant> so we went for galwin instead
<crusie> which was easy
<Truhatred_> Congrats to top 3 you all played well. Grate to 1:2 an 1:3. I was quite impressed with how strong 1:3 did after hat happened towards the end
<[5-2|bow]ClimaX> to easy
<crusie> so much crashing and still winning
<[5-2]Dealer> the win looking a bit rocky earlier this week when the Uni went on a gang banging mission, but then carDi and Dav happened. So it was all good :D
<[5-2][HEROES]Pt> Dont think Dealer did all that much inspiring. It was more 1 2 and 1 3 messing up.
<[5-2][HEROES]Pt> Especially 1 3 \o/
<Appocomaster> so did alliance politics take any part in this battle?
<[5-2][FL]Willy> not really...
<[5-2][FL]Willy> every ally hit us
<[5-2]Dealer> not on my part
<[5-2][HEROES]Pt> We had none I think?
<[5-2][FL]Willy> even rainbows with 3 members
<[5-2|bow]ClimaX> yeah they all loved us
<crusie> i have to thank bigbob for attacking with me whole round deffing me
<[5-2|bow]ClimaX> yeah :-(
<Truhatred_> I think it was pretty clear which tags supported which gals
<[5-2][FL]Willy> only ally to not hit us was Faceless i think
<Truhatred_> Can you paste incomings for the top 3 gals?
<[5-2]lego> and innu
<[5-2][FL]Willy> ^
<[5-2][FL]Phant> it was all gal politics
<Appocomaster> Truhatred_: later
<[5-2][FL]Phant> since we had 3 rain and 3 furgion. and those allies hit us the most
<Appocomaster> I don't have the scri[ts with me
<Golan> It was fun to see a round ending with all top galaxies getting bashed instead of the top alliance
<[5-2][FL]Phant> out of all the tags
<Appocomaster> I might tomorrow night
<Appocomaster> why do you think the universe ended wiuth all the galaxy bashing?
<Golan> Politics, it's always politics.
<[5-2][FL]Willy> cause the top 3 gals contains all the most hated people
<[5-2][FL]Willy> :-P
<[5-2]Dealer> Always seems to be the same crowd in top gals
<[5-2]Dealer> so will always attract the incs i guess
<Truhatred_> Reality is the top 3 gals at the end always give the most xp
<Truhatred_> So logically if you want to win you bash them
<Appocomaster> who was the keystone in the galaxy? did anyone stand out?
<[5-2]lego> me
<[5-2|bow]ClimaX> lol
<[5-2][FL]Phant> Golan and Truhatred
<[5-2][HEROES]Pt> Think it had the most to do with 1 3 and 1 2 really wanting to win also, so it was a mess in the end.
<Truhatred_> Waffle
<[5-2][FL]Willy> considering last week all 3 gals had 23k+ roids and we all ended with 10k/9k/12k goes to show that one gal wasnt favored over another
<[5-2][HEROES]Pt> Lucian! And the Crashers
<[5-2][FL]Willy> all 3 got bashed
<Truhatred_> We all supported waffles crashes. They held us together
<[5-2][FL]Phant> 2 per week
<[5-2]lego> lol
<[5-2|bow]ClimaX> Always nice to have a scapegoat ingal
<Golan> Arma donated nearly 5 million value to others, a true hero
<[5-2]lego> normally me
<[5-2][FL]Willy> didn't help that Lucian was afk like 95% of the round
<[5-2]lego> indeed
<[5-2|bow]ClimaX> and we were 1 player short
<Truhatred_> 1:2 played really well especially on 12 players
<Appocomaster> wow
<Appocomaster> that's a lot
<Appocomaster> well, congrats for winning
<[5-2][HEROES]Pt> All the crashes didnt help either
<Truhatred_> 1:3 played thier best after cardi was gone. I think it had more to do with just the determination to win after a big loss
<Appocomaster> why do you think the crashes occured?
<[5-2][FL]Willy> especially Phant crashing himself out of possibly #1
<[5-2][FL]Phant> cause we had so many noobs
<[5-2][HEROES]Pt> Lack of IQ
<[5-2][FL]Willy> what a noob
<Truhatred_> Ty faceless for all the def and support
<[5-2]lego> haha nerbletness
<Golan> Looking at the galaxy after exiles, I think we felt like we had a good chance to do well. We were lucky enough to be in a 3man BP, so we had the chance to get 2 late exiles. However, our luck with getting exilers was very bad. So we ended up with 1 planet less than the ideal
<Golan> late sign ups rather
<Truhatred_> It's pa people are going to crash. Real life happens
<Golan> (tru also crashed)
<Truhatred_> Phant and I both crashed 1mil value
<[5-2][FL]Willy> everyone crashed...except me i think?
<[5-2]lego> lol
<[5-2][HEROES]Pt> I didnt crash Willy ;)
<[5-2|bow]ClimaX> yeah last 2 days I had 2 crashes
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> wow
<Golan> I don't think crusie and Pt did, but I could be wrong
<Appocomaster> you appear to be the most embarrassed winners ever :p
<[5-2][FL]Willy> but yeah...too many crashes in the last week
<[5-2][FL]Willy> lot of gal rank switching between the top 3 in the last week
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> okay, we need to move on in a moment, but any final thanks?
<[5-2]Dealer> pretty sure i didnt crash at all btw
<[5-2][FL]Phant> I would like to thank Faceless for their support. Coolkat, Raven, Truhatred for DCing me and Willy while we went on 2week vac. and Thanks Keara & Norton for all the love and support for me going for #1 and screwing it up
<[5-2]Dealer> 'cept for 10k INfs when trying to cover a pod fake
<[5-2]Dealer> thanks again to bigbob, he seems to make crusie happy. And when crusie is happy she makes me happy, which makes for a happy galaxy. We're all connected in some way ;)
<[5-2][FL]Willy> thanks to all the ally def from Faceless and the other allys who cared to help their members in 5:2 :-)
<Golan> Sure. Thanks to the our crew, link27, bigbob, our airlines pilot Motti and ofc whatsapp for making things much easier
<Golan> And Amnion for team ups!
<Appocomaster> I will give Tru 5 credits to divvy up between you :)
<[5-2][FL]Phant> and thanks to Nelito for keeping Faceless together. He is not as useless as you think
<[5-2][HEROES]Pt> Oh well: Thanks to the HEROES, with dealing with a lot of bitching from my side. Also for keeping the retalling to a minimum. Thanks to the alliances in our galaxy when they did decide to defend instead of hitting us. They surely opened up in gal defending options for us and since we had a couple of planets (including myself) who had to rely mostly on galaxy def, this was pretty important.
<[5-2][HEROES]Pt> And thanks to Cardi and Dav. This wouldnt have been possible with you f'ing up! And ofcourse the galaxy. To bad I dont have the logs of Cardi saying 5 2 wouldnt stand a chance.
<[5-2]Dealer> thx Ult for all the def as usual...oh wait, nvm
<[5-2|bow]ClimaX> I would like to thank Rainbows for their efforts and they did good for a new alliance. Although they made some mistakes but thats the game I guess. We all made mistakes
<Golan> I do Pt ;)
<[5-2][HEROES]Pt> Awesome
<[5-2][FL]Willy> Thanks for Mikee exiling out of 5:2
<Appocomaster> okay, thanks guys
<[5-2][HEROES]Pt> \o
<Golan> o/
<[5-2][FL]Willy> o/
<[5-2]Dealer> g'nite Appoco
<[5-2]lego> nerbs
<[5-2]Dealer> see ya again next eorc
<[5-2|bow]ClimaX> lol
<[5-2]lego> im cornrtone
<Appocomaster> thanks
<Appocomaster> so, finally, the winning alliance
<Appocomaster> by less than 1 million score
<Appocomaster> one of the closest finishes we've had in a while
<[p3n]Seraphim> lol
<[p3n]Seraphim> Really? :P
<Appocomaster> yeah I think so
<[p3n]Seraphim> Getting on the booze a little early apoc?
<Appocomaster> can't remember it being that close
<[p3n]Seraphim> Not that it matters but its 21m :P
<Appocomaster> oh
<Appocomaster> 342 421
<Appocomaster> er
<Appocomaster> *342 321
<[p3n]Seraphim> Good morning to you too
<Appocomaster> somehow I misread the 2 and the 4
<Appocomaster> well, congratulations on your huge win then :p
<[p3n]Seraphim> Thanks! :) Nice to be back up here again. It's a good little habit and I'm keen to keep it on!
<Appocomaster> yes yes @ the pms, I CAN READ
<Appocomaster> there were last minute discussions that p3n wasn't going to make it to the end - care to elaborate?
<[p3n]Seraphim> Ah well, apparently some people were afraid that our victory would be robbed by an elaborate scheme in which some members would leave certain alliances at the last minute, and others would join an unnamed trailing alliance - and thus rob us of our win. I called bullshit and hey, look there, nobody was that horrible a person :)
<Appocomaster> yeah
<Appocomaster> it turned out okay :)
<[p3n]Seraphim> I wasn't worried, once you go to the South Pole you never go back
<Appocomaster> so how do you think you made it to the top so well?
<[p3n]Seraphim> Well first of all, I gotta say, Munkee was a star this round
<[p3n]Seraphim> Particularly in the last few weeks when some of us were busy getting drunk he really kept the boat afloat. And his telegram bot is the bloody coolest thing I've ever had the pleasure of using in PA.
<Appocomaster> telegram bot?
<Appocomaster> like, from the queen?
<[p3n]Seraphim> Also Assassin, that unselfish bastard promised every winning p3ngu a credit - you're nuts but also the man <3
<[p3n]Seraphim> Yeah lets call it that.
<Appocomaster> how did the telegram bot help?
<[p3n]Seraphim> Meant we could use commands like .eff 50k harpy from outside of irc
<[p3n]Seraphim> More power to the mobility baby!
<[p3n]Seraphim> Special thanks to our scanners, DCs, and techie! You were invaluable as usual! For those of you in priv, feel free to cookie your scanner every once in a while!
<[p3n]Seraphim> To be honest I hate to single anyone out, cause overall our members were great. We had to work to get the defence boat sailing but everyone was very dedicated and invested in this round. So thank you all, this is your victory.
<Appocomaster> is there any pivital moment this round that you think made the difference?
<[p3n]Seraphim> I think politically we made a big difference by isolating BF from the allies that hit p3ng last round, got to thank Ult and FL for their support. We weren't entirely free of hostilities but a little fighting makes the sex all the better sometimes.
<Appocomaster> it's only in the last couple of weeks you seem to have peaked as an alliance vs the others
<[p3n]Seraphim> That goes to the unwavering dedication of our members, instead of getting worse as the round went on it just kept getting better.
<[p3n]Seraphim> Kinda feels like the same as I said here last round about CT, but its true :P
<Appocomaster> lol :p
<Appocomaster> anything else you'd like to say?
<[p3n]Seraphim> Well first of all, I want to give a word of respect to [DDK]gm, may his pint be ever filled with tasty beer!
<[p3n]Seraphim> Quick shout out to Soon-To-Be-Daddy Ziw, who will take any excuse to be even more lazy in PA.
<[p3n]Seraphim> Also Omega's girlfriend Debs, you rule girl!
<[p3n]Seraphim> On a personal note, once again I need to mention my NSWP buddy pack, Omega, Blink, PhoeniX-FlamE (or PF, he's lazy nowadays), and our CT bro wezy. You guys almost make getting up in the morning to def your sorry asses fun. Almost...
<[p3n]Seraphim> And yeah kinda done saying thanks
<Appocomaster> :)
<[p3n]Seraphim> I saw a very dedicated and invested memberbase this round
<Appocomaster> thank you very much
<Appocomaster> good
<[p3n]Seraphim> so good job people
<Appocomaster> well, thank you, Seraphim :)
<Appocomaster> one final word and reminder, people
<Appocomaster> round59@planetarion.com
<Appocomaster> send names! send ideas
<Appocomaster> if you've sent them before, doesn't matter
<Appocomaster> send old, send new
<Appocomaster> get a credit if it's good!
<Appocomaster> round59@planetarion.com
<Appocomaster> that e-mail again
<Appocomaster> I'm closing the list tomorrow evening or so
<Appocomaster> so get mailing :)
<Appocomaster> okay, now we shall be doing the counting of the tags
<Appocomaster> so HURRY
<Appocomaster> get sorted
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 234 nicks and found 26 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
[Pea] Checked 234 nicks, found 26 tags and wrote the output to /var/websites/default/planetarion/pea/tags.html. Top 3 summary: 1. ND (38) 2. p3n (28) 3. CT (15)
<Pea> #10. Tag: 1up, count: 2
<Appocomaster> also, if anyone is interested in making any new skins (if they know how to do graphics and CSS), please let me know :)
<Pea> #9. Tag: TSC, count: 2
<Pea> #8. Tag: FL, count: 3
<Pea> #7. Tag: BR, count: 4
<Pea> #6. Tag: 5-2, count: 6
<Pea> #5. Tag: HR, count: 7
<Pea> #4. Tag: BOW, count: 15
<Pea> #3. Tag: CT, count: 15
<Pea> #2. Tag: p3n, count: 28
<Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 38
<Appocomaster> congrats to ND
<Appocomaster> they will get the tag-winning credits
<Appocomaster> havoc stuff to be sorted out shortly
<Appocomaster> the log will be up by tomorrow, and the stats will be out a bit after that
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> thanks to everyone