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EoRC Round 57: 18/07/2014

<Appocomaster> Good evening, Ladies, Gentlemen, Undecided or Would Prefer Not to Say, and welcome to the Round 57 End of Round Ceremony
<Appocomaster> this is the most exciting End of Round Ceremony ever
<Appocomaster> because I am in the middle of a thunderstorm and my internet keeps breaking
<Appocomaster> so I am going for full redundancy - 2 machines, laptop on phone internet and desktop on normal home internet
<Appocomaster> this EoRC will be completed!
<Appocomaster> Firstly, if you want to submit names, submit them NOW to round58@planetarion.com
<Appocomaster> secondly, any havoc-related stuff will occur after this end of round ceremony, including removing alliance waiting times
<Appocomaster> so
<Appocomaster> Firstly, we will have our mighty winners
<Appocomaster> the top 3 planets, Jintao (4:5:6) of P3nguins, TheoDD (8:7:9) of p3nguins, and HEROKICKER (8:3:5) of HEROES
<Jintao[p3ng]> Why do i have this feeling you had to go look that up? :p
<Appocomaster> look what up?
<Jintao[p3ng]> The winners
<Appocomaster> it took time to type it all out
<Appocomaster> I've been spending most of the last 30 minutes trying to get back online :(
<Appocomaster> so I don't have my obvious perfectly crafted speeches
<Jintao[p3ng]> it's ok :)
<Appocomaster> so, is this your first win, Jintao[p3ng] ? you were here before as #2 in Round 54, but I think that's your highest finish
<Jintao[p3ng]> no
<Jintao[p3ng]> last time i won you gave me a hard time of only having 30 odd incs all round
<Appocomaster> ah
<Appocomaster> 30 isn't that many :P
<Jintao[p3ng]> yea did a lil better this round
<Jintao[p3ng]> about 10 times as many
<Appocomaster> oh Round 49
<Appocomaster> 300 is a respectable score :)
<Appocomaster> er
<Appocomaster> *count
<Jintao[p3ng]> yea
<Jintao[p3ng]> but i just checked when ally asked me
<Jintao[p3ng]> my 10th incs was tick 751
<Jintao[p3ng]> was mostly focussed in last few weeks :/
<Appocomaster> did you find it more of a challenge? you had a reasonable lead at the end
<Jintao[p3ng]> lol yea almost lost it to hellkicker! sneaky guy!
<Appocomaster> he's definitely sneaked up the ranks
<Appocomaster> honourable mention goes to Sleepless, who was #3 until last tick
<Jintao[p3ng]> he would have been r1 if he got his way
<Jintao[p3ng]> he almost xp landed for 2mil score last tick
<Appocomaster> how did you thwart him? :P
<Jintao[p3ng]> 165 mc's and escort onto t5 planet
<Jintao[p3ng]> sent a few piggies along so he couldn't solo cap
<HEROKICKER> Asteroids Captured Metal : 2 Crystal : 0 Eonium : 0
<Appocomaster> do you think mcs make for an interesting difference in gameplay?
<Appocomaster> obviously HEROKICKER does
<Jintao[p3ng]> lol well i checked
<[p3ng]TheoDD> he prooved me wrong when i said its unviable
<Jintao[p3ng]> in 3 lands HK got half his round score
<Jintao[p3ng]> so that's a :/
<[p3ng]TheoDD> but he did need escorts all the time for it
<Appocomaster> are they too powerful?
<Appocomaster> or too unbalanced?
<Jintao[p3ng]> yup when played with escorts
<Jintao[p3ng]> i was thinking
<Jintao[p3ng]> make a planet make 250 mc
<Jintao[p3ng]> get 5 escorts last week and have 25mil score
<Jintao[p3ng]> no effort
<Appocomaster> something to think about :)
<Jintao[p3ng]> yes
<Appocomaster> Jintao[p3ng]: so how did you stay almost at the top for over half of the round>??
<Jintao[p3ng]> i dunno
<Jintao[p3ng]> i barely attacked
<Appocomaster> from like, tick 450
<Jintao[p3ng]> just never lost my roids
<Jintao[p3ng]> Stolen/Lost Roids
<Jintao[p3ng]> Metal Crystal Eonium
<Jintao[p3ng]> Stolen 1018 1031 1002
<Jintao[p3ng]> Lost 0 0 0
<Appocomaster> were the stats to blame for that?
<Jintao[p3ng]> only capped 3k
<Appocomaster> or good alliance/gal def?
<Jintao[p3ng]> hmm like i said no incs till tick 750
<Appocomaster> is it just you're now that good? ;)
<Jintao[p3ng]> nah
<Jintao[p3ng]> after my incs started
<Jintao[p3ng]> it took alot of def effort to keep me where i am
<Jintao[p3ng]> both gal and ally grounded alot
<Jintao[p3ng]> spore gave me a run for my money
<Appocomaster> your alliance got top 2 - well done, TheoDD - how did that affect tactics to keep you both up there?
<Appocomaster> even if TheoDD was only really at the top for the last 100 ticks or so
<Jintao[p3ng]> our alliance ended 5th no?
<[p3ng]TheoDD> yeh
<Appocomaster> I mean - your alliance managed to get #1 and #2 planets
<[p3ng]TheoDD> SPORE felt like boosting me 4 - 5mill score the last few days
<[p3ng]TheoDD> so thank you spore :)
<Appocomaster> did they have to decide between you?
<[p3ng]TheoDD> well it seems i was the primary target tonight
<[p3ng]TheoDD> both from spore and BF
<[p3ng]TheoDD> but none really got through without heavy loss
<Appocomaster> :)
<Jintao[p3ng]> yea p3n defence was hot
<Jintao[p3ng]> ever seen us def so well all round as last 2 weeks
<Appocomaster> HEROKICKER, just briefly coming on to you, how do you feel having snuck up with a few huge leaps in score over the round?
<HEROKICKER> Appoco pal it feels great
<HEROKICKER> i have slept so well
<HEROKICKER> i have been drunk so many nights
<Appocomaster> would you recommend going for the MC route again?
<HEROKICKER> yes definitely
<Appocomaster> is it overpowered? these guys are saying you just need some escorts and hey, top ranks
<HEROKICKER> though i am sure the rules will be altered like the rules for SKs were altered
<Appocomaster> you're not selling it describing how you spent most of the round drunk, but ...
<HEROKICKER> well Appoco in HEROES it is all about team play
<HEROKICKER> this is not my victory, it is our victory
<HEROKICKER> showing that we don't have to be a full tag to reach the top
<HEROKICKER> MC's made XP interesting again
<HEROKICKER> we showed that
<HEROKICKER> (and Golan, hone, etc)
<Appocomaster> you were over 10% of your final alliance score btw, congrats :)
<HEROKICKER> it was a team effort
<Appocomaster> well, I hope everyone is happy with the rseult :)
<Appocomaster> so, quick round of thank yous - Jinato and TheoDD - assuming you're both going to focus more on alliances?
<HEROKICKER> guys don't forget obama is black
<Jintao[p3ng]> lol nah got long list
<Jintao[p3ng]> first off firebird for being my good luck charm, 2nd time in gal with him and 2 planet wins
<Appocomaster> oh dear HK
<Appocomaster> I thought better of you than that
<Jintao[p3ng]> ult & face for the support and not targetting me in wars
<Jintao[p3ng]> gal for being a great bunch of guys that support me all the way once we lost galwin
<Jintao[p3ng]> ally for keeping me at 0 roid loss all round (hard to do)
<Jintao[p3ng]> recluse for providing intel on spore
<Jintao[p3ng]> and deffing sad all the time
<Jintao[p3ng]> hc's for flagshipping me last week
<Jintao[p3ng]> assassin for always getting up at night to scan incs (sarcasm)
<[p3ng]TheoDD> lol
<[p3ng]TheoDD> i'd like to thank booji, Jintao, my galaxy, all other p3nguins who have been too hell and back this round.some of us been fighting 24/7 for 7 weeks more or less
<[p3ng]TheoDD> and ofcourse everyone who has let me roid them :)
<[p3ng]TheoDD> top 1 on total round roids
<Jintao[p3ng]> and everyone i might have forgotten ofc :)
<[p3ng]TheoDD> and gratz to CT and HEROKICKER
<[p3ng]TheoDD> and 1:4 ofcourse for not messing up
<Appocomaster> but in the world cup, 1:10 beat 1:4 :p
<[p3ng]TheoDD> aye my galaxy won the world cup :-p
<Jintao[p3ng]> ooo 1 more
<Appocomaster> not a bad few weeks for you, Theodd
<[p3ng]TheoDD> nope :)
<Jintao[p3ng]> krypton for upgrading me (really hated him for that, i used that excuse to not have to inc scan ally incs, so he just upgraded me and said now you have issue, just do it)
<[p3ng]TheoDD> ah yeh m0rph3us for upgrading me :) helped me a lot also ^^
<[p3ng]TheoDD> early 60 finance centres
<[p3ng]TheoDD> made me pull up lost value ranks
<[p3ng]TheoDD> for exiling early :-p
<Appocomaster> thanks guys :) and congrats to HK too
<Appocomaster> next up, we have the winning galaxym 1:4
<Appocomaster> and I have to say I do love them just for their "all for one and 1 4 all" gal name
<[1-4]Dealer> 'lo Appoco, it's us again :)
<Appocomaster> yeah urgh
<Appocomaster> revolving doors
<[1-4]Dealer> raven came up with the gal name btw
<[1-4]Dealer> just came to him in a dream one night
<Appocomaster> is [1-4][CT]Freedo one of yours?
<[1-4]Dealer> and then he woke up without a Fr fleet
<Appocomaster> who else am I missing?
<[1-4]Dealer> yes he is
<[1-4TGVBF]ArmA> Yes he is
<crusie_> victory!!!
<[1-4TGVBF]ArmA> Golan Motti and bigbob youre missing
<[1-4]Dealer> raven needs +v please
<[1-4TGVBF]ArmA> They are the ones who didnt exile in, but are still part of the team
<Appocomaster> Tru?
<raven> thanks :)
<[1-4]Dealer> Tru is afk
<Appocomaster> if they're not in the galaxy, kind of not willing to voice them :p
<[1-4]Dealer> Golan did most of our dc'ing tbh
<[1-4]Dealer> unlike the other winners, we actually had incs this round :p
<crusie_> thx to 1 4 crew, the best once again
<raven> cruise is our token girl :)
<[1-4TGVBF]ArmA> Haha yeah Golan DCed us from out of the gal, every time
<Appocomaster> you've been here a few times now
<Appocomaster> very politically correct
<crusie_> thx link for teaming up each time and dcing for me
<[1-4]Dealer> every few rounds we put the band back together and aim for gal win
<Appocomaster> should I check the galaxy stats? I will definitely release them later
<[1-4TGVBF]ArmA> Sure
<[1-4]Mark> last time i played, we won dealer
<Appocomaster> 8:7 were pretty close
<crusie_> raven!
<[1-4]Spore]Link> Yep thx to the gal staying up all hours defending
<[1-4]Dealer> we've been hammered all round tbh Appoco, always a war going on somewhere involving 1:4
<crusie_> gave us heartattack
<[1-4TGVBF]ArmA> Thats because raven teased them with a crash at pt 11173
<[1-4TGVBF]ArmA> 1173*
<raven> Dealer was a brilliant dc. golan dcd like a boss. i leeched blackflag for me and mark.
<raven> lol! the crash!
<[1-4]Mark> yeah i did nothing, ever
<[1-4]Mark> all raven
<[1-4]Spore]Link> And thanks to to spore for sending all those def fleets fleets to crusie and I we needed them
<[1-4TGVBF]ArmA> I did less than Mark
<[1-4]Mark> Total Incomings Received: 337
<[1-4]Mark> all dced by raven
<[1-4]Mark> from a phone
<Appocomaster> so was Golan the key player in the galaxy?
<[1-4]Dealer> speacial mention to Nelito and Faceless btw, they were about our only supporters for gal win
<raven> haha. they wanted your roids badly mark. pretty sure every hc in the game hates us :)
<[1-4]Dealer> Golan was the main man yes
<[1-4]Dealer> dc'ing us, etc
<[1-4][FACE]Raq> yeah, I also want to thank nelito and faceless for having me mid-round :)
<raven> blackflag hitting 8.7 helped. and 3.10 had clouds in it, so they were never going to win
<[1-4]Dealer> comiserations to carDi and the 4:7 App crew, they badly wanted to win
<[1-4TGVBF]ArmA> Ok right, thanks Golan Mark and Raven for taking care of my planet, im going to continue boozing
<crusie_> fix the exiling system btw. second time in a row i dont want toplay and iexile in first to gal
<raven> i decided to crash 3m with 4 ticks to go to make things interesting.
<[1-4]Dealer> yeah thx for that raven, perfect planning that one ;p
<raven> cruise always exiles in first :)
<[1-4]Mark> uncanny her ability
<raven> well i am a ct spy
<Appocomaster> so high point of the round?
<crusie_> anyway thanks 1 4 we are truly the best team
<[1-4]Dealer> but seriously Appoco, we're just a good reliable group who we can each depend on to look after our own shizzle
<[1-4]Dealer> no weak links
<[1-4]Mark> winning
<raven> :) seriously though, it takes a lot of work to get gal win. we work well as a team :)
<[1-4]Mark> is a high point always
<[1-4]Spore]Link> Never a dull moment
<[1-4]Dealer> high points include firebird quitting Ult tag when his gal was hit by me and knight
<raven> spammer crashing his roach
<[1-4]Mark> raven crashing
<Appocomaster> | rank | coords | planet_count | incoming_hostiles | ingal_def | oog_def | total_inc_def | attacks_launched | oog_def_launched |
<Appocomaster> +------+--------+--------------+-------------------+-----------+---------+---------------+------------------+------------------+
<Appocomaster> | 1 | 1:4 | 10 | 912 | 389 | 980 | 1369 | 644 | 348 |
<Appocomaster> | 2 | 8:7 | 10 | 795 | 308 | 569 | 877 | 778 | 427 |
<Appocomaster> | 3 | 3:10 | 10 | 466 | 145 | 336 | 481 | 601 | 334 |
<Appocomaster> | 4 | 4:7 | 10 | 958 | 278 | 819 | 1097 | 598 | 369 |
<Appocomaster> | 5 | 2:9 | 10 | 450 | 174 | 322 | 496 | 674 | 385 |
<Appocomaster> for reference
<Appocomaster> 1:4 did haev a lot of incomings
<raven> fail paste :(
<Appocomaster> 4:7 were second
<[1-4]Mark> yepppppppp
<Appocomaster> raven: worked for me :P
<Appocomaster> make your screen bigger
<raven> lol i have a phone. no conp
<Appocomaster> but you got way more defence than anyone else
<[1-4]Dealer> 3:10 & 4:7 getting butchered ultimately helped us
<raven> i dc from my phone ;)
<Appocomaster> so do any of you have alliance loyalty?
<[1-4]Mark> exceptional coordination by smart people
<Appocomaster> or is it all about each other?
<[1-4]Dealer> sorry but i cant make head or tails of that paste
<[1-4]Mark> dealer: we had incs
<[1-4]Mark> lots :D
<Appocomaster> Dealer: it'll show up better when it goes onto the history site later
<raven> yeah i leeched blackflag as we had over 10% of the ally roids with us 3 blackflag
<crusie_> gal before everything!
<[1-4]Dealer> alliance loyalty absolutely, we had to recall def from each other when ordered by HC and duly did so
<[1-4]Kbight> oh sgit
<[1-4]Kbight> i almost missed it
<crusie_> drunky knight
<Appocomaster> haha
<[1-4]Spore]Link> Yep gets tricky with wars and trying to def in gal
<[1-4]Kbight> lottle bit
<Appocomaster> conflicting responses there
<Appocomaster> congrats, Kbight
<[1-4]Dealer> me and night were isolated for most of the round due to block vs Ultores
<Appocomaster> the world of planetarion is watching
<[1-4]Mark> alliance is there to defend good players
<[1-4]Kbight> me n dealer same person k
<raven> especially when we get blocked
<[1-4]Dealer> Knight*
<Appocomaster> what do you want to say?
<[1-4]Kbight> oh block circle jerk funny stuff
<[1-4]Dealer> at least spell your name right, ffs, child
<raven> lol knight
<[1-4]Mark> poor fella
<[1-4]Kbight> no dealer
<[1-4]Mark> drunk for the first time
<Appocomaster> did any of you go against your alliances? breaking NAPs, disobeying orders to reacll, etc?
<[1-4]Kbight> no
<[1-4]Dealer> no
<[1-4][FACE]Raq> no
<[1-4]Mark> maybe
<crusie_> nope
<raven> no. emo was too sttong
<[1-4]Kbight> we love ult
<[1-4]Mark> no*
<raven> *strong
<[1-4]Kbight> alll of us
<[1-4]Kbight> bf terrible haha
<raven> tbh ct hit us the most
<[1-4]Dealer> just had to carefully manage our fleets efficiently
<raven> there rarely landed
<[1-4]Kbight> no incs for majority of the round then they lose, amazing
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[1-4]Dealer> CT farmed me and knight a bit when Ult refused to def us against them :p
<[1-4]Kbight> cardi thanks for being terrible
<[1-4]Dealer> erm i already mentioned Nelito and Faceless
<raven> thanks to clouds (even though he is a cnut)
<[1-4]Kbight> obama thanks for being black
<[1-4]Dealer> thx to 4:7 for the comedy
<[1-4]Mark> thanks to raven
<[1-4]Mark> for letting me be lazy
<[1-4]Mark> oh
<[1-4]Mark> and
<[1-4][FACE]Raq> I'd like to thank iborg for being awesome
<[1-4]Kbight> 4:7 only competition
<[1-4]Mark> golan
<[1-4]Mark> for giving me targets
<[1-4]Kbight> everyone else was nothing
<[1-4]Dealer> we'll be back btw, in a round or three
<[1-4]Mark> raq
<[1-4]Mark> OHHHHHH
<[1-4]Mark> everyone
<raven> connovar for being a filthy scot
<[1-4]Kbight> or 3 dealer
<[1-4]Mark> pay attention
<[1-4]Mark> shhhhh
<[1-4]Mark> euros
<[1-4]Mark> and aussie folk
<[1-4]Mark> Kimberly, i love you :)
<[1-4]Dealer> raq was best random for sure
<[1-4]Mark> k
<[1-4]Mark> continue
<[1-4]Kbight> we need togive harley some sttention
<raven> gg pa
<Appocomaster> okay
<[1-4]Dealer> thx folks
<[1-4]Dealer> and g'nite
<Appocomaster> well, calling time to get the alliance up
<Appocomaster> thanks all
<raven> my cue to exit
<raven> gooo bf!
<Appocomaster> and now finally, congrats to CT
<Appocomaster> who won by some reasonable margin
<[CT]Doza> o/ Appoco
<[CT]gm> Doza is meant to talk for us but he may have to run and give folk their suppositories.. we will see :P
<[CT]Chaos> well it was a close run
<[CT]Doza> lol gm
<Appocomaster> so, another win guys
<Appocomaster> been a few rounds
<[CT]gm> 4th out of 37 i think it is
<Appocomaster> though you've always been here or hereish
<[CT]Doza> toooo long
<Appocomaster> glad to be back?
<[CT]Seraphim`> Geez guys lets bring some life in here, woo! Go PA! Go CT! :D
<[CT]gm> im glad not to be talking for arc for once
<[CT]Doza> u let sera in
<[CT]Chaos> ofc we're glad Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> what is wrong with Sera?
<[CT]Doza> not on his meds
<[CT]Seraphim`> I dance!
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> I am sure you all have things to add
<[CT]Doza> Right then
<Appocomaster> so, who led CT to this victory?
<[CT]Doza> That would be our members that gave it there all coming in to the last 2 weeks
<[CT]gm> blink would say it was him ;p
<[CT]Doza> But first of all, well done to Black Flag on their first round!
<[CT]Seraphim`> Not entirely unjustified :P
<[CT]Chaos> its a team effort but hats off to Doza and gm to push us these last few weeks, but there are soo many others who contributed alot
<Appocomaster> how did them being here and coming second make a difference to the alliance landscape/
<[CT]Doza> They worked hard to try and win, like we all have.
<[CT]Doza> They have been good allies when we worked together and helped us to defend Ajames against Heroes/Ultores.
<Appocomaster> how much of the win was politics and how much was organisation in attack and defence?
<[CT]gm> a lot of it was politics
<[CT]gm> you cant win if ultores are left alone
<[CT]Doza> and blink was amazing and cost gm alot with the ring ring ring
<[CT]gm> they are by far the best allaince in terms of skill and it requires a lot of politics to stop them winning
<[CT]Seraphim`> We got better at both organisation and poltiics as the round progressed, our members really stepped up but if you piss off the whole ally doesn't matter how good your members are I suppose as we saw this round. Politics won it in the end I'd say, avoided a lot of incs probably.
<[CT]Seraphim`> the whole uni* not ally :p
<Appocomaster> favourite moment of the round?
<Appocomaster> apart from being here, obviously :p
<[CT]Doza> I beat chaos that counts right
<[CT]Doza> ;)
<[CT]Chaos> no
<[CT]Seraphim`> Personally, drunkenly recalling my spiders 11 in the morning to FC myself early in the round :P
<Appocomaster> 11 spiders?
<[CT]Seraphim`> 11am
<Appocomaster> may they RIP
<Appocomaster> oh
<[CT]Seraphim`> 11am in the morning is a bit of a double tho :p
<Appocomaster> yeah you should at least know what you're doing by then
<Appocomaster> so, [CT]Seraphim` is obviously the life of the party
<Appocomaster> what about the roles of the rest of you?
<[CT]Seraphim`> Well, the other HC say I type too much (probably right ;D)
<[CT]Chaos> cause the rest of us cant get a word in ;)
<[CT]Doza> yep
<[CT]Monroe|work> I really only have one comment. CT won not because we have the most active members, nor just because we have a good politics team, we won because the universe decided that they didn't want ult or BF to win. In the end the alliance that wins has to be active, but the rest of the PA universe gets a large vote in where to send their fleets.
<[CT]gm> In truth we deserved to be thrashed by Ultores. We kept at them far longer than was fair and they didn't get the chance to fight back. Can only give out compliments for hanging in there and keeping at it.
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[CT]gm> a dew
<[CT]gm> few
<[CT]Doza> A big shout of thanks goes to all our members that made this happen, without them we would not be here, also thank you remy for everything you have done for CT.
<[CT]Monroe|work> yes, ult played a very good round, they were just ground into the dust, it will be interested when you release the alliance stats appoco how many more inc they had than the rest of us
<[CT]Chaos> <3 remy
<[CT]Monroe|work> indeed, huge props to Remy, without our techie we wouldn't be here
<[CT]Doza> Big thanks to Blink, Robbie, Phoenixflame, Bobzy, Seraphim,GM and all the DCs and scanners.
<[CT]gm> <[CT]Remy[2-9]> On behalf of me: please thank you to all the members, dc, officers, HC, and friends for makign this possible. Speical personal thanks to the NSWP BG and to my gal.
<[CT]gm> malo dragged him awar
<[CT]gm> away
<[CT]Seraphim`> I gotta say thank you to gm who let me back in after 6 years last round, and made me HC this. Cost me a lot of sleep you crazy bastards :P But was a fun ride!
<[CT]Doza> and BF
<[CT]Doza> It was a hard decision to hit them, but we figured we had no option: this is a war game after all, we had to go for the win and there was no other way for us to make up the difference that they gained off of p3ngs
<[CT]Seraphim`> Especially my BG, remy, blink the DC, phoenix flame, ziw, omega the target picker, wezy, and all the fun people who talked on telegram to amuse us when we got bored waiting for incs :)
<[CT]Seraphim`> and krypton :P
<[CT]gm> and thanks Appocomaster for giving us a laugh last night with the announcement ;p
<[CT]Seraphim`> 20% of my active galaxy :P
<Appocomaster> would you believe I took maths?
<Appocomaster> every single planetarion-related number I typed in the last 24 hours I got wrong :(
<[CT]Seraphim`> How long ago? :p
<[CT]Doza> lol
<Appocomaster> too long ago
<[CT]Seraphim`> And Dogg for leaving CT or we never would've won :D <3
<[CT]gm> Faceless and Black Flag both kept to their word so thanks to them
<[CT]Doza> ouch !!!
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> any final words?
<Appocomaster> otherwise we'll finish up
<[CT]Doza> All good CT WON
<[CT]Doza> spending to much time with sera
<[CT]Seraphim`> yes I need a beer now
<[CT]Doza> CT will be back next round!
<[CT]gm> also
<[CT]gm> glad to see davidsr getting better
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> yes
<[CT]Doza> and PSORE
<[CT]Doza> spore
<[CT]Doza> :/
<[CT]gm> this time last round wasnt so good for him
<[CT]Seraphim`> Guys :P lets name all allies shall we? p3ngs heroes HR ND etc?
<Appocomaster> also congrats to Elijah who singlehandedly got the most alliance points in the universe, even if I have to think about removing them or tweaking them to make them meaningful :P
<[CT]gm> munkee is having too much fun, better call it quits ;p
<[CT]Remy[2-9]> hehe
<[CT]Seraphim`> I think he's trying to tag
<Appocomaster> okay
<[CT]Remy[2-9]> hi from me ;-)
<Appocomaster> thanks everynoe
<[CT]Seraphim`> oh I forgot Ajames, he's unofficially part of the bg NSWP :)
<Appocomaster> thanks to you guys
<Appocomaster> and congrats again to CT
<Appocomaster> finally, the tag count
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 238 nicks and found 15 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: ODDR, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: HK, count: 4
<Pea> #8. Tag: Merc, count: 4
<Pea> #7. Tag: 1-4, count: 5
<Pea> #6. Tag: FACE, count: 5
<Pea> #5. Tag: Spore, count: 10
<Pea> #4. Tag: BF, count: 23
<Pea> #3. Tag: ND, count: 25
<Pea> #2. Tag: p3ng, count: 30
<Pea> #1. Tag: CT, count: 33
<Appocomaster> so congrats again to CT :P
<Appocomaster> I will get a log up soonish
<Appocomaster> onto the portal
<Appocomaster> after I have havoced up
<Appocomaster> thanks to everyone who attended