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EoRC Round 56: 09/05/2014

<Appocomaster> Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. And others.
<Appocomaster> And welcome to this, the latest End of Round Ceremony, for Round 56 - Twist of Fate
<Appocomaster> in what could only be called a Twist of Fate, this round has seen the top 4 planets all come from the same galaxy
<Appocomaster> (that or really some of you aren't trying so hard)
<Appocomaster> before I welcome three of them onto this fancy, all-expenses stage
<Appocomaster> I'd just like to remind you that this havoc, which will be set up after the EoRC, will be a crazy cluster-alliance one, lasting for almost 2 weeks
<Appocomaster> with resources, roids, and special roids
<Appocomaster> so start to plan those cluster channels
<Appocomaster> and maybe try not to let C9 win, okay? :p
<Appocomaster> also, as a reminder, we are still accepting round name suggestions for next round
<Appocomaster> please, please, if you become inspired with some witty, comic or otehrwise suitable names, e-mail them to round57@planetarion.com
<Appocomaster> we will shortly be shortlisting them
<Appocomaster> you have to be in it to win it!
<Appocomaster> okay, now on to the main event
<Appocomaster> We first welcome onto the stage the top 3 planets
*** Mode #planetarion +v [Ult]HaSu by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> okay
<[Ult]HaSu> think im the only one whos actually around
<Appocomaster> apparently Hasu is also doing sleepless's part
<Appocomaster> and yeah, where's mikee?
<[Ult]HaSu> euler will do mikee's part
<[Ult]HaSu> cant do them all!
<[Ult]HaSu> i think mikee is out celebrating his first t3 spot
*** Mode #planetarion +v euler by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> there we go
<[Ult]HaSu> sleepless left some log
<[Ult]HaSu> i will just paste it first if u dont mind
*** Mode #planetarion +l 273 by Pea
<Appocomaster> sure
<Appocomaster> that's probably best
<[Ult]HaSu> -17:11:33- (@Sleepless) Sweet if i end t3. Pls thank my sexcorts (dza,arc and squidy) & ct etc
<[Ult]HaSu> -17:12:41- (@Sleepless) And lol at tortu and his ghey hating pals (aif) for trying so hard and failed to beat us!
<[Ult]HaSu> -17:14:23- (@Sleepless) Congrats to hasu for being the only rank 1 planet without any incs ;)
<[Ult]HaSu> -17:15:29- (@Sleepless) And the asians hate mikee! Haha
<[Ult]HaSu> thats what he left :p
<Appocomaster> well, maybe he didn't quite mean for you to copy and paste that
<[Ult]HaSu> he surely did!
<Appocomaster> but thank you for his words
<Appocomaster> so, just to talk to you
<Appocomaster> you haven't been #1 since ... Round 39 apparently
<Appocomaster> your other top 3 finish
<[Ult]HaSu> yeah indeed
<Appocomaster> though yuo were top 10 a few times
<euler> what about mikees words?!
<Appocomaster> well, if Hasu wants mikee to go next, so we're going in completely reverse order ....
<Appocomaster> why not start with alliances? bring chaos to the ceremony completely?
<Appocomaster> :rollseyes:
<[Ult]HaSu> haha i dont mind :D
<euler> lel
<euler> cause you siad sleepless first
<Appocomaster> go ahead with mikee's words, euler
<euler> I got confused
<euler> Mikee wrote me soem words but on the phone so instead of coperino pasterino I will paraphrase what he said
<Appocomaster> in future, I will provide a more complete instruction manual
<euler> He wanted to thank our gal 9.8 specially for all the hate the last days, everyone wanted mikee roided to death and drop t3, even t100
<euler> He said "sucker Asia team"
<euler> and also he said Hasu is first winner with 0 incs in a round
<euler> He wanted to thank his escorts that helped him get roids during this round, specially Dav
<Appocomaster> there seems to be a theme
<euler> and Heroes alliance for helping him reach t3
<euler> Finally he said somethink lile **** *** tortu
<euler> and that was all in a nutshell
<Appocomaster> well, that was very nice
<Appocomaster> okay, Hasu, as winner, I feel we should spend some time speaking to you too
<[Ult]HaSu> hehe
<Appocomaster> you did have quite a few incomings, but not many seemed to get that final step and land
<Appocomaster> why was that? fencing has obviously been mentioned in some areas
<[Ult]HaSu> hmm good question, i did have a few in the end, not really alot tho
<[Ult]HaSu> most of my incs were in the early-mid stage when we did war spore with ult
<[Ult]HaSu> in the end there were more allys hitting spore, so they didnt really have to many fleets to hit me
<[Ult]HaSu> and they were flying more to vikings than to any ult
<[Ult]HaSu> because of breaking the nap they've had earlier
<Appocomaster> I did count 14 fleets landing, but most of that was about 3 fleets hitting at once, so maybe 5 lands on you all round? maybe one or two of those were crashes
<[Ult]HaSu> hm i think it was only one crashroid on me
<Appocomaster> certainly lower than average
<Appocomaster> congrats
<[Ult]HaSu> yeah thanks
<[Ult]HaSu> to bad tho shaz didnt make it into t3 aswell, she deserved it this round too
<Appocomaster> who would have kicked out?
<[Ult]HaSu> probably mikee :P
<Appocomaster> the round is over now, so you can decide on one of them ..
<Appocomaster> no hesitation!
<Appocomaster> wow
<Appocomaster> he got 5th in Round 52
<Appocomaster> and round 4
<Appocomaster> *Round 44
<[Ult]HaSu> i wasnt really thinking i would do #1 tho
<[Ult]HaSu> there was quite some help
<Appocomaster> Sleepless has had a couple of top 10 finishes too
<Appocomaster> Shaz has frequent flier miles for being up here so much
<[Ult]HaSu> hehe yeah true
<Appocomaster> anyway, it is surely all about the galaxy?
<[Ult]HaSu> well gal was of course a main factor i could hold the roids
<[Ult]HaSu> as we didnt have to many incs during the round
<[Ult]HaSu> but ult did a great job too defending me when i've had incs
<[Ult]HaSu> and to get on top there were other factors too
<[Ult]HaSu> i think heroes and app basically sked everyone in t10 which were infront of me on some time
<[Ult]HaSu> and some join att on shaz made her lose roids too
<[Ult]HaSu> same for sleepless
<[Ult]HaSu> i was actually aiming just to beat mikee so i dont end up as 4th ;p
<[Ult]HaSu> my worked out more well than expected and reached the top also due to the support of some ppl
<Appocomaster> first loser of the top 3 then
<[Ult]HaSu> yeah but better than 4th still ;p
<[Ult]HaSu> at this point special thanks to Ony and Sardaukar to escort me early on
<Appocomaster> why did they agree to support your attacks?
<[Ult]HaSu> because at this point i wasnt to far off
<[Ult]HaSu> like 1,5m with 1,5 weeks left
<[Ult]HaSu> got that faster than expected :p
<Appocomaster> that's not early on :p
<Appocomaster> that's late on
<[Ult]HaSu> and later on also dead_ops, lrgcorw, rlgambit and the bg of zwanstic
<[Ult]HaSu> they've supported me during the last days aswell
<[Ult]HaSu> so i did have some great lands and scoregain
<[Ult]HaSu> lrgcow*
<[Ult]HaSu> and deejay i forgot!
<[Ult]HaSu> basically everyone in ult kinda support me in the last days, ult even grounded the last 2 days in case i get any random incs :p
<Appocomaster> when did you first think "hey, I'm close to the top, let's try and go for top 10 or so" and then "hey, I might actually do more than just beat mikee" ?
<[Ult]HaSu> well i've been t10 2 weeks ago i think
<[Ult]HaSu> but i was really far off at this point
<[Ult]HaSu> few days later i've had some big lands with fakes where i actually thought i may end up high if i continue like that
*** Mode #planetarion +l 279 by Pea
<Appocomaster> with a helpnig hand or two?
<[Ult]HaSu> yeah like the escorts of ult
<Appocomaster> with Spore winning fairly heavily, are you not surprised that they didn't have anyone in the top 3?
<[Ult]HaSu> and also norton airlines and our allies did some good job, taking out most of the t10 planets ;p
<Appocomaster> you must have had a Spore NAP
<[Ult]HaSu> i didnt, as forest mention i was the only t3 planet without a pnap and hitting them constantly
<Appocomaster> your personal roid bank? :P
<[Ult]HaSu> also being xan in a basically 80% xanally helped me alot :p
<[Ult]HaSu> yeah
<Appocomaster> do you think Xan's race ability is too strong?
<[Ult]HaSu> r39 i've had around 5,8k before i've got crashroided last day :p
<[Ult]HaSu> no
<Appocomaster> why not?
<[Ult]HaSu> xan was just a really good lategame race with high value since i could basically roid any etd/xan planet
<[Ult]HaSu> but i wouldnt been able to roid a cath ;p
<[Ult]HaSu> the emp eff vs fi was really strong this round
<[Ult]HaSu> bit more than usally
<Appocomaster> erm
<[Ult]HaSu> the power were the fakes nothing else
<Appocomaster> sorry to disappoint
<Appocomaster> but most of your alliance were caths
<[Ult]HaSu> i know ;p
<Appocomaster> oh wait
<[Ult]HaSu> not mine but spore
<Appocomaster> yeah cath, etd then xan
<Appocomaster> ah okay
<Appocomaster> well, any final words?
<[Ult]HaSu> you should buff xan research !
<Appocomaster> and then we'll grab any of your gal mates
<Appocomaster> pfft
<[Ult]HaSu> cant even mine all roids :/
<[Ult]HaSu> anyways thanks to ult and my gal o/
<Appocomaster> who's here?
<[Ult]HaSu> also thanks for dav trying to exile all round and still failing :D
<[Ult]HaSu> Dav|phone wanted to do galeorc
<[Ult]HaSu> as he tryed to exile all round but failed
*** Mode #planetarion +v Dav|phone by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> there you go, Dav
*** Mode #planetarion +v Tulling by Appocomaster
*** Mode #planetarion +v shaz by Appocomaster
*** Mode #planetarion +v [Ult]F1NCH by Appocomaster
<[Ult]HaSu> shaz might be sleeping, dunno
<[Ult]HaSu> we got quite some asians ingal
<[Ult]HaSu> arc, shaz, sleepless all sleeping
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> okay :)
<Appocomaster> well, I voiced everyone I could see
<Appocomaster> can't see Benneh
<[Ult]HaSu> hes not online either
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> well, Dav|phone ? Tulling? [Ult]F1NCH ?
<Appocomaster> congrats guys
<Appocomaster> top galaxy etc
<Appocomaster> of course, Dav's been here as much as Shaz
<[Ult]HaSu> calling dav!
<Dav|phone> Hi pal
<euler> Dav was the trully inspiration for this gal
<[Ult]HaSu> dont forget about smasher
<euler> and arc's walley
<Appocomaster> oh yeah
<Appocomaster> thanks euler
<Dav|phone> Just a few things to mention...
*** Mode #planetarion -v euler by Appocomaster
<Dav|phone> 9.8 would like to thank the new awesome exile system
<Dav|phone> It worked perfectly
<[Ult]HaSu> not for everyone :D
<Dav|phone> All allies involved... You were fantastic... Even Vikings...
<Dav|phone> A lot of love to Shaz... She deserved to be up here and was awesome as always and a massive player for spore
<Dav|phone> Congrats on the win spore :)
<[Ult]HaSu> yeah agreed, shaz had a big impact on our win too!
<Dav|phone> And congrats to Mikee to selling the Asians down the river to secure t3 &#128540;
<[Ult]HaSu> hahah
<Appocomaster> Shaz, as the GC, gets your 5 credits
<Appocomaster> and as there's 9 of you
<[Ult]HaSu> actually benneh is gc
<Appocomaster> and 3 of you got credits
<Appocomaster> oh dear
<Appocomaster> :(
<[Ult]HaSu> but you can give them shaz
<[Ult]HaSu> i trust her more!
<Dav|phone> There only 8 of us appoco
<Appocomaster> well, I guess I will give them to Benneh
<Dav|phone> 8 man gal
<Appocomaster> I am very tired :p
<Appocomaster> there#s a #9
<Appocomaster> so ... yeah
<[Ult]HaSu> but 5 is blank
<Dav|phone> Makes the 25mil gap more impressive right
<Dav|phone> #5 is my spot
<Appocomaster> so you all basically get a credit
<Dav|phone> \o/
<Appocomaster> your spot for if you ever got in there
<Appocomaster> :p
<Dav|phone> Thanks to heroes and my pal motti
<[Ult]HaSu> he wont
<Appocomaster> you don't get a credit Dav, you're not actually in the galaxy
<Appocomaster> you're like the mascot
<[Ult]HaSu> hes our pet
<Dav|phone> Top roiding planet today !
<Appocomaster> loved and taken out after the game, but not actually part of the effort to the victory :P
<Dav|phone> Lies appoco
<Dav|phone> You haven't seen the pain I've had to endure on whatsapp and the gal chan
*** Mode #planetarion +l 272 by Pea
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> I would happily start a thread on the forums purely so you can post screenshots from that whatsapp hread
<Appocomaster> oh
<Appocomaster> one final question
<Dav|phone> Sure
<Appocomaster> do you think whatsapp / etc have made it easier to play as a team?
<Dav|phone> Deffo
<Appocomaster> rather than calls and texts and stuff
<Dav|phone> Waking up to 300 whatsapps is what I love for....
<Dav|phone> *Live
<[Ult]HaSu> tbh i think we type way more on whatsapp than on galchan
<Dav|phone> Without doubt
<[Ult]HaSu> not even dcing is on irc anymore most of the time
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> okay, any final words?
<Dav|phone> Wrong appoco
<Dav|phone> It's usually "LOL MIKEE HAS INCS"
<Dav|phone> "LMD DAY"
<[Ult]HaSu> just thanks to all ppl ingal and everyone who tryed to exile aswell
<[Ult]HaSu> like my pals eksero, dav, euler, rasputin
<Dav|phone> And thanks to all the alliances that supported us
<Appocomaster> lettuce & meat doorstop?
<Dav|phone> And thanks to mz for moaning at me most days
<Appocomaster> mz usually moans for a reason
<Dav|phone> Tru dat
<Appocomaster> koay
<Appocomaster> *okay
<Appocomaster> well, thanks guys
<Dav|phone> Ty Appocomaster :)
<Dav|phone> Have a swell weekend
<Appocomaster> I hope to
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> you guys too
<Dav|phone> And shout out to the PA Community
<[Ult]HaSu> thx and cya ;
<Dav|phone> Game wouldn't be what it is, without u
*** Mode #planetarion -vvv Dav|phone [Ult]HaSu shaz by Appocomaster
*** Mode #planetarion -v [Ult]F1NCH by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> okay, thanks to 9:8, top galaxy
<Appocomaster> finally, our top alliance, Spore
*** Mode #planetarion +v [Spore]Zhil by Appocomaster
*** Mode #planetarion +v Bashar by Appocomaster
<[Spore]Zhil> Hi :)
<[Spore]Zhil> There you go Bashar
<Bashar> Evening
<Appocomaster> represented by Zhil and Bashar
<[Spore]Zhil> Well, as my favourite game was announced with. "Hell, it's about time!"
<Appocomaster> congrats, guys
<Bashar> I had to come up after 1up when mazz always had to start with an apology for me being at the pub :-(
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> I am sure you were in good planetarion company there
<[Spore]Zhil> I need to start drinking tbh
<Appocomaster> Planetarion has strong alcohol-based traditions, apparently
<Bashar> Hehe, you know all too well!
<Bashar> you also know how bad that usually works out :-/
<Appocomaster> I have heard the rumours
<Appocomaster> Newbury was never the asme
<Appocomaster> *same
<Appocomaster> anyway
<Bashar> We only got barred twice
<Appocomaster> congrats, guyss
<[Spore]Zhil> Thanks :) I've received quite a few congratulations from across many alliances
<[Spore]Zhil> Sorry if I haven't had chance to thank them all for the congrats
<Appocomaster> 9th, 8th, 2nd, 2nd, 1st
<Appocomaster> a definite rise to the top
<[Spore]Zhil> <---
<Bashar> It took some doing
<Appocomaster> dare I ask who masterminded such a daring and rapid rise?
<Appocomaster> surely not since the days of 1up has anyone .... etc etc
<Bashar> There isn't really any one person
<[Spore]Zhil> Our goal the last two rounds has been to get #1
<Bashar> We work as a tea and make decisions between us
<Bashar> But the secret this round was me being inactive and Zhil taking up the slack
<[Spore]Zhil> :)
<-> Bashar is now known as [Spore]Bashar
<[Spore]Bashar> Plus, by crashing repeatedly I also gave other people the opportunity to contribute score
<Appocomaster> tactical crashing? taking the fight to the enemy and luring them into a false sense of security?
<[Spore]Zhil> We left Bashar to his own devices
<[Spore]Bashar> Yeah, very tactical
<[Spore]Zhil> and as an example of NOT what to do in Spore
<[Spore]Bashar> The tactic was going to the pub
*** Mode #planetarion +l 262 by Pea
<Appocomaster> Zhil: did he get his fleet stolen by another member of his own alliance?
<[Spore]Bashar> No, he didn't!
<[Spore]Bashar> He didn't spend his entire stockpile on SKs either this round
<[Spore]Bashar> Though he did do something equally stupid :-)
<Appocomaster> is there anyone in particular you wish to single out within the alliance for praise?
<Appocomaster> or group of people?
<[Spore]Zhil> Loads
<Appocomaster> obviously excepting Bashar's excellent beverage-based leadership
<[Spore]Zhil> First off in my own command team:
<[Spore]Bashar> The whole alliance was incredible this round
<[Spore]Zhil> aif - thank you for your spies this round and before. You provided us with vital intelligence that helped us make Spore what it is today
<[Spore]Zhil> SnowSeal - thank you for your strategy and for your all nighters to help provide our presence during most nights. Your military contribution was fantastic as always
<[Spore]Bashar> SnowSeal is unreal - every round he gets the best race strat
<[Spore]Bashar> We have no idea how, but he spots the things nobody else does
<[Spore]Zhil> Forest - I suppose I better thank you for setting up most of the alliance attacks and being the perfect scapegoat for everything.
<Appocomaster> what did Snowseal spot this round, then?
<[Spore]Zhil> KillGhost - thanks for occassionally putting in intel ;)
<[Spore]Bashar> That fr & co was the way to go
<[Spore]Bashar> KillGhost also needs thanks for creating the best ever phone auto-correct
<[Spore]Zhil> But most importantly of all. None of it would have been possible without kudzu
<[Spore]Bashar> If he swears, his phone automatically says the next word should be CT
<[Spore]Zhil> kudzu was like a machine in running our defence
<[Spore]Bashar> (sorry CT - no offence, he just didn't like you much this round!)
<Appocomaster> anyone else?
<[Spore]Zhil> Our officers naturally deserve thanks, but I think they would agree in how kudzu and shaz deserve huge thanks for their defence organisation
<[Spore]Zhil> And I want to make something clear about shaz
<[Spore]Zhil> If I may?
<[Spore]Bashar> You may.
<Appocomaster> I know shaz was singled out by Dav, too
<Appocomaster> and HaSu
<[Spore]Zhil> I have had so many people tell me how shaz is a selfish player
<[Spore]Zhil> that she cares for galaxy more than alliance
<[Spore]Zhil> I want everyone to know that in my time across so many top alliances, shaz was one of the best top players I've ever had the pleasure of being in my alliances
<[Spore]Zhil> shaz sacrificed her time over and over again in order to help the alliance and stay up 10 hour shifts to organise defence, even when she didnt have incoming
<[Spore]Zhil> She was willing to sacrifice her planet for the alliance
<[Spore]Bashar> SHe has been brilliant, she persuaded me that she shouldn't land an attack that would probably have given her #1 because it would be bad for the alliance as well.
<[Spore]Zhil> So to everyone who has criticised shaz, poor you for being so jaded
<[Spore]Bashar> We would have had to cover a massive fleetcatch and it would have stopped us from covering other waves, so she refused to land it.
<[Spore]Zhil> Thanks to Recluse for his mad scanning skills, having to scan 200-300 incomings nearly every night
<[Spore]Zhil> Shaed mate, thanks for the calcs you helped set up even when tired
<[Spore]Bashar> Zhil - remember to thank yourself for covering all 3 of those calls, they were crucial too.
<[Spore]Zhil> cr0 - sorry about the top 10, but thanks for your assistance throughout for military running
<[Spore]Zhil> Oh yes
<[Spore]Zhil> I actually DCed
<[Spore]Zhil> I also ran two attacks
<[Spore]Bashar> ish :-)
<[Spore]Zhil> But most importantly
<[Spore]Zhil> Thanks to the ENTIRE membership of Spore... AcidRain, AdvantiX, aftereight, aif, Alphaninfidel, amicus, Amnion, Bashar, BenSwansea, bigbob, bolla, carjay, ClimaX, crotalus, crusie, deras, Doler, Drew, eldain, Forest, Foundation, Gabor69, Gamma, GhostMaker, Golden, Grecos, green_cat, jnz, KillGhost, kudzu,legofski, Link27, Lizak, Lockhead, looneychrissy, Macaroth, Merlin, Mintsource,
<[Spore]Zhil> Mnementh, neod, Orkai, Recluse, Renex, Shaed, shaz, Shhhhhhh, Shogon, Sk8az, SnowSeal, SoulS, steel, Sweeney Todd, Terrafox, thegreatjupp, TorTu, Varok, Virall, WarRock, Zaplodr, zazael, Zebu, zonny, Zorro, Zultanath!
<[Spore]Zhil> You guys did me and the rest of command proud
<[Spore]Bashar> We also need to say thanks to other alliances as well
<[Spore]Zhil> Insomnia was a true ally this round throughout
<[Spore]Zhil> Thank to Jonas and Bee for believing in us and supporting Spore when times were tough
<[Spore]Zhil> Thanks to Heroes for our verbal agreement not to hit eachother :D You guys honoured your word throughout
<[Spore]Zhil> oh, also Centi and Notrik in Insomnia too
<[Spore]Zhil> Thanks to Faceless, FAnG and Immortals for their support for us when the huge block hit us
<[Spore]Bashar> Thanks to all those on the other side as well, you all put in a lot of effort and gave Spore a lot of sleepless nights. We really had to work hard for this. I've never seen so many incs in such a small universe, your coordination and targetting was supreme, had we made one slip, you'd have taken us down.
<[Spore]Zhil> Faceless deserve some special mention
<[Spore]Zhil> especially Noxious and spaceman
<[Spore]Zhil> you two were EPIC in organising fleet catches on Vikings
<Appocomaster> finally, (if you have finished), is there any one or two key changes you'd like to see in the game?
<[Spore]Bashar> You know mine already Appocomaster :-)
<[Spore]Zhil> I'd like to see more of an incentive for alliance warfare tbh
<[Spore]Zhil> Currently, it is far more beneficial to avoid incomings and to do gal raiding
<[Spore]Zhil> War is bad
<[Spore]Zhil> Though Spore had it's fair share of targetting individual alliances
<Appocomaster> it's something we can look at
<[Spore]Zhil> Faceless first, then Ultores
<[Spore]Zhil> Perhaps using the war function ingame in some fashion
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> it's something we can look at :)
<Appocomaster> well, thanks guys
<[Spore]Bashar> Oh
<[Spore]Bashar> One more thing
<[Spore]Bashar> Vikings - sorry it went the way it did
<[Spore]Bashar> There's been a lot said between us
<[Spore]Bashar> I believe you are decent people and I wished things had worked out differently
<[Spore]Bashar> And thanks to Appocomaster for letting me and Zhil talk endlessly without interruptions
<[Spore]Bashar> Everyone is now thoroughly bored of us
<[Spore]Zhil> I really need to say how proud I am of Spore during the last two weeks. I honestly think Spore really deserved this win this round. We used a lot of factors to achieve success and when it boiled down to it, during the heavy incomings, the members showed true discipline
<[Spore]Zhil> and true fighting spirit
<[Spore]Zhil> Also, I am pleased to announce that Forest is 100% retiring
<Appocomaster> lies
<Appocomaster> HI MINTY
<[Spore]Bashar> Oh
<[Spore]Bashar> Yeah
<[Spore]Zhil> and as the top level you can be in Spore, I am enforcing it!
<[Spore]Bashar> Thanks to minty for coming back
<[Spore]Bashar> And sharing abuse round everyonr
<[Spore]Bashar> *everyone
<[Spore]Zhil> If Forest plays next round, please tell us so we can all block against him
<Appocomaster> Forest will be back
<[Spore]Bashar> No he won't
<[Spore]Zhil> Nope
<[Spore]Bashar> I know where he lives
<[Spore]Zhil> He's banned
<[Spore]Zhil> Exiled forever
<Appocomaster> good luck keeping him away
<Appocomaster> I give it till Christmas mx
<Appocomaster> *max
<Appocomaster> anyway, thanks guys
<[Spore]Zhil> np Appoc
<[Spore]Zhil> Thanks for having us
<[Spore]Zhil> Oh
<[Spore]Zhil> Also
<[Spore]Zhil> thanks Spore for buying me the parrot
<[Spore]Zhil> and Easter Egg
<[Spore]Bashar> lol
<[Spore]Zhil> to stop me from going on strike from Easter Sunday
<[Spore]Zhil> That contributed too
<[Spore]Zhil> the Parrot is FANTASTIC
<Appocomaster> oh wow
<[Spore]Zhil> Parrot and Max Ryder are our mascots
<[Spore]Zhil> Max Ryder is NSFW
<[Spore]Bashar> Zhil - I still have no idea who Max Ryder is ffs
<[Spore]Zhil> Look him up Bashar
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> that's it
<Appocomaster> I'm cutting you off!
<[Spore]Zhil> :)
<[Spore]Bashar> \o/
*** Mode #planetarion -vv [Spore]Zhil [Spore]Bashar by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> thanks guys
<Appocomaster> and congrats to Spore, again, who won by a rather nice margin and will be given 5 credits
<Appocomaster> now, finally, we will be doing the allcomp thing. where people tag as their alliance
<Appocomaster> Markb, if you'd like to do the honours?
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 254 nicks and found 21 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
[Pea] Checked 254 nicks, found 21 tags and wrote the output to /var/websites/default/planetarion/pea/tags.html. Top 3 summary: 1. Spore (42) 2. ND (25) 3. CT (19)
<Pea> #10. Tag: p3ng, count: 4
<Pea> #9. Tag: HEROES, count: 6
<Pea> #8. Tag: Ins, count: 6
<Pea> #7. Tag: FL, count: 8
<Pea> #6. Tag: Ult, count: 10
<Pea> #5. Tag: Viks, count: 10
<Pea> #4. Tag: HR, count: 12
<Pea> #3. Tag: CT, count: 19
<Pea> #2. Tag: ND, count: 25
<Pea> #1. Tag: Spore, count: 42
<Appocomaster> it's a clean sweep on the alliance point
<Appocomaster> a few bonus credits to Spore!
<Appocomaster> congrats and thanks everyone
<Appocomaster> the log and all the stats and stuff will be up over the next day or so
<Appocomaster> but the priority is the havoc setup
<Appocomaster> so that's what's going on tonight
<Appocomaster> enjoy your night off!
<Appocomaster> cheers, everyone