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EoRC Round 55: 28/02/2014

<Appocomaster> Good evening ladies and gentlemen!
<Appocomaster> and welcome to the latest End of Round Ceremony, this time focusing on the Round that was Round 55
<Appocomaster> just as a note, I've just been introduced to this oldish viral thank you speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98nNpzE6gIs
<Appocomaster> the standard is set high
<Appocomaster> so
<Appocomaster> firstly tonight, the top 3 planets!
<Appocomaster> #1 5:3:6 kudzu of Spore
<Appocomaster> #2 8:10:3 arc of Conspiracy
<Appocomaster> #3 6:5:5 eldain of Spore
<Appocomaster> arc is unfortunately unavailable, so gm is going to be speaking for him
<Appocomaster> congratulations to you all
<Appocomaster> kudzu, firstly, are you here?
<Appocomaster> congratulations :)
<[Spore]Kudzu> yes
<[Spore]Kudzu> thanks
<Appocomaster> how did you do it?
<[Spore]Kudzu> i guess cath co was harder to stop
<[Spore]Kudzu> compared to others
<[Spore]Kudzu> so i managed to land quite a few attacks
<Appocomaster> a lot was made of ship statistics this round - do you think this was the deciding factor? you had a 2 mil lead on most people :)
<[Spore]Kudzu> that's just part of it
<[Spore]Kudzu> cath co is really hard to stop
<[Spore]Kudzu> since there arent many big xan fi out there
<[Spore]Kudzu> so most def will have to be beetles or fr/de pl or in gal def
<[Spore]Kudzu> which makes it harder
<[Spore]Kudzu> of course the ally defence helped, else i wouldnt have the lead over others
<Appocomaster> so is that why you went for cath?
<Appocomaster> was it more alliance or galaxy defence?
<[Spore]Kudzu> i cant remember why i went cath
<[Spore]Kudzu> lol
<[Spore]Kudzu> i was supposed to be a scanner
<[Spore]Kudzu> until snowseal dropped me into a spore fort bp
<Appocomaster> lol :p
<Appocomaster> nice!
<[Spore]Kudzu> i didnt know i was supposed to be in a bp
<Appocomaster> well, you made the best of it
<[Spore]Kudzu> ya
<Appocomaster> what was your key point in the round?
<[Spore]Kudzu> quite lucky
<[Spore]Kudzu> that foret and snowseal exiled in
<[Spore]Kudzu> so we had a really strong and active spore fort
<Appocomaster> sorry, that was the high point? lol :p
<[Spore]Kudzu> well
<[Spore]Kudzu> unfortunately i had to be away for 2 weeks
<[Spore]Kudzu> for work
<Appocomaster> how did that work?
<[Spore]Kudzu> so i had very limited access for irc and pa
<[Spore]Kudzu> that was when vikings ult and others came for spore
<[Spore]Kudzu> but thanks to spore dcs
<[Spore]Kudzu> they managed to cover most of the incomings
<Appocomaster> well, they did something well :)
<[Spore]Kudzu> i think that made the difference
<[Spore]Kudzu> if they didnt stop those wves from vikings and ult
<[Spore]Kudzu> i couldnt have ended top
<Appocomaster> so was it more your galaxy or your alliance which made the difference?
<[Spore]Kudzu> although i'm sorry i coldnt be around then to help the ally out, when dcs were needed most
<[Spore]Kudzu> yes
<[Spore]Kudzu> well
<[Spore]Kudzu> cath co, active galaxy, good dc and ally defense
<[Spore]Kudzu> :)
<Appocomaster> what did you enjoy most? apart from the winning?
<[Spore]Kudzu> hmm
<[Spore]Kudzu> it's nice that i manage to get top planet
<[Spore]Kudzu> but i must say it wasnt the goal
<[Spore]Kudzu> didnt expect to get it
<[Spore]Kudzu> i do enjoy helping out ally members though
<Appocomaster> :) good
<[Spore]Kudzu> lots of spore people thanked me when i maanged to cover their incomings
<[Spore]eldain> saved my planet twice today:p
<Appocomaster> lol
<[Spore]Kudzu> i think that's the satisfaction i get
<Appocomaster> :)
<[Spore]Kudzu> ya
<[Spore]Kudzu> but there are a lot of hate in the community
<Appocomaster> any key thanks?
<[Spore]Kudzu> from the enmy of course
<[Spore]Kudzu> clouds resoruce hacked me several times
<[Spore]Kudzu> and other people in his ally
<[Spore]Kudzu> covert operation was irritating
<[Spore]Kudzu> until my win was secured, that happened often
<[Spore]Kudzu> first i would like to thank all of spore
<Appocomaster> :)
<[Spore]Kudzu> for their support
<[Spore]Kudzu> all the members
<[Spore]Kudzu> lots of people in spore were concerned about my planet
<[Spore]Kudzu> while i was away, they tried to defend me
<[Spore]Kudzu> to be honest i didnt know who dc for me while i was away
<[Spore]Kudzu> but i guess it's syron, toneh being the main dcs to thank to
<[Spore]Kudzu> and to the active people in gal, forest snowseal who have saved me several times
<[Spore]Kudzu> souls rein and shaz in gal as well
<[Spore]Kudzu> shaz did give me a few pointers on what to build/attack
<[Spore]Kudzu> and how to dc as well
<[Spore]Kudzu> was fortunate we managed to convince shaz to stay in our galaxy
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[Spore]Kudzu> i think that's it
<[Spore]Kudzu> i love you guys in spore!
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> great, wel thanks
<Appocomaster> *well
<Appocomaster> now, arc - gm, you said you spoke to him before he left?
<[CT]gm> yes
<[Spore]Kudzu> omg
<[CT]gm> Last time arc won was playing “golf” this time he is sleeping…. Lazy G**
<[Spore]Kudzu> sorry
<[Spore]Kudzu> i missed out
<[Spore]Kudzu> some important people
<[Spore]Kudzu> i want to thank ZHIL!
<[Spore]Kudzu> sorry gm
<[Spore]Kudzu> :)
<[CT]gm> i asked arc about the round and he feels it was not any achievement
<[CT]gm> he spent the first half of the round covert opping and scanning
<[CT]gm> and feels he was useless to the ally all round
<[CT]gm> but thanks tia for the stats
<[CT]gm> he xp whored and got some lucky landings
<Appocomaster> lol :p
<[CT]gm> so has to thank redrush, squidy, nitros, papa who were his attacking buddys
<Appocomaster> :)
<[CT]gm> also Thanks to sleepless who looked after his planet when he couldn’t be on
<[CT]gm> he didnt think for one minute there was a chance of catching kudzu
<[CT]gm> <arc> i just want to acknowledge n be thankful to the ppl who helped me last 2 weeks
<[CT]gm> they know who they are im sure
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> I hope so
<Appocomaster> if not, ask arc to speak to you after
<[CT]gm> i also asked if his gal helped him a lot or did he dc for the gal a lot
<[CT]gm> he said no, dont know to which point though :P
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> that's nice :p
<Appocomaster> from a hc point of view, I guess you're happy to get a planet to #2?
<[CT]gm> but arc when he thinks he is being useless is still a hell of an asset and dc so he is probibly being modest
<Appocomaster> hehe :)
<[CT]gm> yes CT hc are happy with that, im more a peon now though. though ally win is allways first, once that is gone they will help for rank
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> any final words?
<[CT]gm> so its doza's fault next time ct is nasty to you all ;p
<[CT]gm> thats all i could get out of arc
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> okay :)
<Appocomaster> well, thanks
<[Spore]eldain> really? ive been bugging the right person then:)
<Appocomaster> and now, eldain :P
<[Spore]eldain> hey appoco:P
<[CT]gm> oh eldain
<Appocomaster> how you doing?
<[CT]gm> told you not to reset ;p
<[Spore]eldain> hey inactive gal buddy gm:/
<[Spore]eldain> hahah
<[Spore]eldain> doing good thanks!
<[Spore]eldain> thanks for the congrats and the early help in #support:P
<[Spore]eldain> (gm/chaos and i were in the same gal btw)
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> and how are things?
<[Spore]eldain> a bit sad for some of us
<[Spore]eldain> you'll have a chance to talk about it later:)
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> from a planet point of view - key high points and thanks?
<[Spore]eldain> hmm
<[Spore]eldain> early/late rounds for me, at least
<[Spore]eldain> with your help, as stated, i think ive had like 9k xp at tick 35 and kept the lead etc
<[Spore]eldain> sorry still a newb at this game:/
<[Spore]eldain> rest was spore's doing!
<Appocomaster> yeah
<[Spore]eldain> for which id have to thank
<Appocomaster> someone was saying you made quite a big leap up the rankings recently
<[Spore]eldain> specially to Forest for taking me in
<[Spore]eldain> yeah what can i say
<[Spore]eldain> lately i landed 90% of my attacks as fakes
<[Spore]eldain> dont ask me how:p
<Appocomaster> hahaha
<[Spore]eldain> hmm compared to kudzu
<[Spore]eldain> terran has less raw power but this option where you can easily 2-3 fleet your way to top 10:)
<Appocomaster> yes
<[Spore]eldain> really different races
<[Spore]eldain> thats kind all for me
<[Spore]eldain> great job to spore
<[Spore]eldain> great hc team
<[Spore]eldain> great members
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> thanks
<[Spore]eldain> (expect 1 or 2 people;)
<[Spore]eldain> except*
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> fianl words?
<[Spore]eldain> i hope not by the time im 120 years old
<[Spore]eldain> but if you insist
<Appocomaster> lol
<[Spore]eldain> keep improving the game please
<[Spore]eldain> ;)
<Appocomaster> :)
<[Spore]eldain> thanks
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> thank you
<[CT]gm> not bad for a newb with no alliance ;p
<[Spore]eldain> hehe
<Appocomaster> thank you to you all
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> now, the winning galaxy
<Appocomaster> 5:2
<Appocomaster> now I'll try and voice them all :p
<[5-2]DeeJay> HELLO!
<Appocomaster> no Zorro?
<[5-2]DeeJay> his wife doesnt agree with him playing pa
<Appocomaster> okay :)
<Appocomaster> so, congrats to you all
<[5-2]DeeJay> so he cant be online whenever he wants
<[5-2]DeeJay> :D
<[5-2]DeeJay> thank you
<Appocomaster> so how did you get to the top?
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> well tbh Appocomaster
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> Im not sure...
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> I guess it was steady growth and activity
<Appocomaster> you got a bit of a lead at the end
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> from all our members
<Appocomaster> 4/9 Faceless
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> everyone was willing to put in their part in making this galaxy work
<[5-2]DeeJay> i'll tell you the secret
<Appocomaster> 2 spore, 2 ult, 1 vikings
<[5-2]DeeJay> but then it wont be a secret anymore
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> :)
<[5-2]DeeJay> (we had 2 females ingal)
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> that helped alot for activity in our channel
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> oh I bet
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> I can honestly say though that our galaxy had its ups and downs
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> but we always found a way to make things work out
-!- mostlypatonada was kicked from #planetarion by Pea [[1] :: Make up your mind! (Excessive nick changes) :: (Auto) Duration: 4m]
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> A big thanks I think we can all agree on should go to patrikc
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> he did a great job dcing for our galaxy
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> and keeping the peace
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> that was good
<Appocomaster> did you ever feel you were under pressure from the other galaxies?
<Appocomaster> or take action against them?
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> well personally... I felt pressure until the last tick
<[5-2]DeeJay> we felt pressure but not because of other galaxies
<[5-2]DeeJay> but because of people in gal
<Appocomaster> you were going to lose someone?
<[5-2]DeeJay> its was close
<[5-2]DeeJay> 2 times
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> almost lost a friend yes
<Appocomaster> okay ;)
<Appocomaster> is anyone else around?
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> tbh Appocomaster ive no clue, maybe just camera shy
<[5-2][Ult]KiTTy> o/
<Appocomaster> aww
<Appocomaster> HI KITTY
<[5-2]DeeJay> everyone should be here
<[5-2][Ult]KiTTy> hi :>
<Appocomaster> you say something?
<[5-2][Ult]KiTTy> just like to thank everyone in the gal for defing when they could, and to deejay for dcing me when i was at work and couldnt get online ^^
<[5-2][Ult]KiTTy> and to [Ult]agar3s for guiding me when i needed it :p
<[5-2]DeeJay> ohh
<[5-2][Ult]KiTTy> and to ult ofc :D
<[5-2]DeeJay> i'd like to thank BEHHEN and Golan for inspiring my r/p this round
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[5-2]DeeJay> *BENNEH
<[5-2]DeeJay> and josh for watching out my planet and kitty's while we were asleep
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> I'd like to just thank each member of the galaxy for working together, and making the round an enjoyable one
<[5-2]DeeJay> and i'd like to thank HEROES(especially migz) and apprime for taking down our rival gal
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> well, if that's all
<[5-2]DeeJay> and big thanks to Gzambo for SKing Cloud!
<Appocomaster> thank you :)
<[5-2]DeeJay> *Clouds even
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> yw
<Appocomaster> your GC, Patrikc, will get 5 credits to distribute amongst you
<Appocomaster> and finally, the winning HCs, for Faceless
<Appocomaster> apparently we get Coolkat back
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> HELLO AGAIN SIR
<Appocomaster> how are things?
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> not to bad
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> im gonna ask you voice phant aswell please
<Appocomaster> whattttttt?
<Appocomaster> hello Phant
<[FACE]Phant> lo
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> ty appoco
<Appocomaster> so, obviously this is controversal
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> Oh boy does it ever seem that way
<Appocomaster> would you like to take us through what your plan was and what happened?
<[FACE]Phant> Not sure whats controversal in using game mechanics
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> Well Appocomaster we started the round with 1 goal
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> We wanted to grow our core
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> we were accepting alot of friends from other tags
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> and our main goal of the round was to strive for avg planet score and Size
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> the command team did joke about trying to win the round at the beginning
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> but we only really began to take steps towards that goal id say around t600
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> when we noticed it possible
<Appocomaster> and how did you make that note?
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> well as most people noticed, or didnt notice, Faceless since Tick 150-200 always wanted to be involved in some sort of war
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> no matter the size
<Appocomaster> *step
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> We believed that doing this would make our members rely on eachother
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> hence building a stronger bond quicker
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> I was always a firm believer of teamwork to make an alliance function
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> and the hc team gave our members the tools to work together
<Appocomaster> how did this relate to taking people in towards the end of the round?
<Lunar_Lamp> lol :-p
<Appocomaster> (and the NAPPing at the beginning?
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> well as I mentioned it was only around tick600 that we noticed winning possible
<Appocomaster> sure
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> so at tick 600
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> we had 2 late signups join up
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> where we coached them and aided them to learning the game mechanics
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> and we knew we had to hide a certain amount of score
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> so the hc team though it best to keep our new players out of tag
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> and anyone willing to join us afterwards
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> for the score boost
<Appocomaster> and it worked
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> we took advantage of the military centers to maximize growth
<Appocomaster> did you think military centres were overpowered?
<[FACE]Phant> A majority of our members had 80+ MCs
<[FACE]Phant> yes
<[FACE]Phant> our scanners were able to gain score for us easily
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> and any member with a low value
<[FACE]Phant> and escorting out of taggers
<[FACE]Phant> we found
<[FACE]Phant> crashing and xping
<[FACE]Phant> was actually a viable option
<[FACE]Phant> one of our members crashed over half fleet. but because of MCs. gained 1.7mil
<Appocomaster> interesting
<[FACE]Phant> From my point of view. What brought us to the end were a few things. 1) Never be the biggest threat in the universe. 2) Use politics to protect a majority of members. 3) Strong defense for the rest of tag. 4) Hope you get lucky
<Appocomaster> I'll produce some stats later
<Appocomaster> on mil centres
<[FACE]Phant> Our entire round was based on being the 'support' of all the big fish
<[FACE]Phant> and we were never seen as a threat
<[FACE]Phant> Poltics was #1 factor
<Appocomaster> so it was fencing?
<[FACE]Phant> sure
<[FACE]Phant> Fencing = Politics
<[FACE]Phant> As we saw last few rounds. Being largest tag. and #1 for whole round
<[FACE]Phant> doesnt work in the end
<[FACE]Phant> Politics wins rounds for alliance, gal, planet
<[FACE]Phant> its all about who you hate less
<Appocomaster> sure
<Appocomaster> any final thanks? we're running a little over but it's partly my fault and I think people needed to hear this
<[FACE]Phant> I have a few yes
<[FACE]Phant> I would like to thank my BG: Vistion, MaD, ReligFree, WillyNilly, Enyeez, and Magnus (even though he crashed twice)
<[FACE]Phant> ReligFree and WillyNilly for helping me BC and TA.
<[FACE]Phant> Also Thanks to Patrikc/Kayil/Spaceman/Buddah and the many others who helped DC this last week.
<[FACE]Phant> Vistion & ReligFree for spot checking defense calcs in the mornings
<[FACE]Phant> Big thanks to TBBTNut for keeping our tools up and running. And being on call when they went down.
<[FACE]Phant> And thanks to HR/Rock/Ult/Fang for helping us make the final push.
<[FACE]Phant> And thanks to Spore to an interesting end of the round. We will see you next round
<[FACE]Phant> And ofc. to our whole tag. for waking everytime we called
<[FACE]Phant> Most activity ive seen in 15 rounds
<Appocomaster> :)
<[FACE]Phant> CK anything to add?
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> I'd like to thank my hc team
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> phant willy
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> vistion santa
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> for helping me out
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> and also
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> id like to thank all our members for putting up with the late night phone calls
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> and just being there for eachother
<[FACE]Phant> Yea big thanks to coolkat. for DCing 51 hours straight
<[FACE]Phant> with 3 hours sleep
<[5-2]CK[FACE]> ;)
<Appocomaster> thank you
<Appocomaster> so allcomp now!
<Appocomaster> p.s.
<Appocomaster> round56@planetarion.com
<Appocomaster> send those round names!
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 286 nicks and found 19 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: HERO, count: 3
<Pea> #9. Tag: 5-2, count: 3
<Pea> #8. Tag: FAnG, count: 3
<Pea> #7. Tag: Ult, count: 5
<Pea> #6. Tag: ROCK, count: 9
<Pea> #5. Tag: HR, count: 9
<Pea> #4. Tag: CT, count: 19
<Pea> #3. Tag: FACE, count: 31
<Pea> #2. Tag: Spore, count: 33
<Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 44
<Appocomaster> so, as oftne the case, ND will be getting 3 additional credits
<Appocomaster> thank you everyone :)