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EoRC Round 54: 20/12/2013

<Appocomaster> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen
<Appocomaster> and welcome to the Round 54 - Heroes and Traitors End of Round Ceremony
<Appocomaster> Tonight, we interview the winners of Round 54
<Appocomaster> we'll also have a mini update
<Appocomaster> Firstly, we have the winter round signups starting soon
<Appocomaster> they're pushed back to tomorrow morning due to all the shenanigans of end of round stuff tonight
<Appocomaster> but you'll still have almost a week to sort out signups
<Appocomaster> it'll start fairly early, as i'm off for moreChristmas shopping after ;)
<Appocomaster> We would normally have havoc, but we're giving you a little rest - I might turn on the old speedgame server for some retro speedgameing this week, though
<Appocomaster> all future rounds will have havoc
<Appocomaster> unless we're squeezed by timelines (as we have been this and last Christmas)
<Appocomaster> we also have a Creators Hour on Monday evening
<Appocomaster> !
<Appocomaster> if you want to ask questions for us all to answer
<Appocomaster> please /msg CH_Bot
<Appocomaster> and he will store your questions for then
<Appocomaster> so, we will now get up the top 3 planets for this round
<Appocomaster> the #1 planet will also get a t-shirt or mug from the Planetarion merchandise store for free :-)
<Appocomaster> so, without further ado
<Appocomaster> and apparently eskero is afk
<Appocomaster> we have planet #1, agar3s of Apprime (7:4:6)
<Appocomaster> planet #2, Jintao, also of Apprime, (6:3:2)
<Appocomaster> and planet #3 was "ekseri" (why do people keep changing nicknames?) of Spore, 3:2:4
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> two people are wanting to speak for our #3 wplanet
<Appocomaster> as HaSu was nominated by two people
<Appocomaster> if he is good, he can fill in
<Appocomaster> so, firstly, congrats agar3s
<[Merc]agar3s> thanks
<Appocomaster> nice to see you up here again
<Appocomaster> you had a fairly hefty lead over the competition this round
<[Merc]agar3s> feels good at the top
<Appocomaster> how did you get quite so far ahead?
<[Merc]agar3s> well i had a 6 man escort team all round
<[Merc]agar3s> so wasnt hard at all
<Appocomaster> pfft!
<Appocomaster> Mercs stick together
<Appocomaster> okay, swapping #3, sec
<Appocomaster> closer alliance :p
<Appocomaster> agar3s, only zik in the top 20, almost top 25 .... why so few ziks at the top apart from you?
<[Merc]agar3s> well..
<[Merc]agar3s> hard to say, maybe i was just better then the other ziks
<[Merc]agar3s> [3-5]Mark always ends up behind me
<[Merc]agar3s> its kind of his thing
<Appocomaster> this time, everyone ended behind you
<[Merc]agar3s> ye
<[Merc]agar3s> i guess politics help
<Appocomaster> so when did you realise there was almost no way you could be caught? was it politics?
<[Merc]agar3s> 2 weeks from the end me and jintao knew it was likely going to be between us 2 for #1 and #2
<[Merc]agar3s> and politics put us both in a position where we could gain safely for a long time
<[Merc]agar3s> so we outroided everyone pretty much
<Jintao> :)
<Appocomaster> did galaxy politics matter at all?
<Appocomaster> you finished in the second biggest galaxy
<[Merc]agar3s> well they always do, my gal always stood behind me
<[Merc]agar3s> cause the mercs stick together
<[Merc]agar3s> so i ve had good support all round from ally and gal
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> any particular high points or thanks you wish to bestow?
<[Merc]agar3s> well i d like to thank the merc gal for housing me 2 rounds in a row
<[Merc]agar3s> i d also like to thank all the support i got from apprime
<[Merc]agar3s> it was a blast tbh
<Appocomaster> are you going to defend your crown next round
<Appocomaster> ?
<[Merc]agar3s> depends on the stats
<[Merc]agar3s> you know how it is :p
<Appocomaster> :P
<Appocomaster> well, if you're done with your thanks, we will move on to Jintaro
<Appocomaster> *Jintao
<Appocomaster> sorry
<[Merc]agar3s> he goes by many names
<[Merc]agar3s> like the devil
<Jintao> haha
<[Merc]agar3s> :D
<Appocomaster> expert covert opper
<Appocomaster> expert scanner
<Appocomaster> etc
<Jintao> well i was just saying
<Jintao> hopefull r1 scanner
<Appocomaster> Jintao: is there any aspect of the game you haven't been top of?
<Jintao> r2 planet
<Jintao> r3 covopper
<Jintao> hmm not sure
<Jintao> maybe run my own alliance and win? :p
<Appocomaster> well, there's a challenge for you
<Jintao> but otherwise i think i've done most other aspects
<Appocomaster> was there any sort of competition between you and agar3s to out roid each other and win, etc?
<Jintao> haha yea for most of the round
<Jintao> i think upto just before the war started aga and me weren't more than 50k score appart
<[Merc]agar3s> even roided you Appocomaster to try and beat me !
<Appocomaster> lol
<Jintao> and at almost double the roids of the rest of t10
<[Merc]agar3s> i swear you let him land on purpose
<[Merc]agar3s> :D
<Jintao> no i roided him cause i was lazy :p
<Jintao> tried it on cin too, but butter didn't like that :(
<Appocomaster> 1:1 were honestly having a "why do the top 10 keep roiding us fs?!?" conversation
<Appocomaster> or, yes, trying to
<Jintao> funny part was
<Jintao> appoco tried to D scan me when i hit him with de
<Jintao> i was like wtf O_o
<Appocomaster> pfft
<Jintao> he thinks if a t3 planet hits soemone he doesn't have full tt midround? :p
<Appocomaster> oh well :p
<Appocomaster> I wanted to make sure
<Jintao> well i had alot of different ships and a all pod classes :p
<[Merc]agar3s> u had only tt-4 2 days before Jintao
<[Merc]agar3s> :P
<Appocomaster> Jintao: any particular person to say thanks to?
<Jintao> euhm defi forest for using all his political skills to keep the gal safe
<Jintao> pabli, qerr and the rest of the gal and all of app too!
<Jintao> oooof
<Jintao> forgot the most important person
<Jintao> appocomaster! couldn't have done it without you ignoring my warnings about ship covopping
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> why? did that make a difference?
<Appocomaster> oh
<Jintao> sec
<Appocomaster> multi class fleets etc
<Jintao> Warp Drive Manipulation 28,742 Ships
<Appocomaster> *pod class
<Jintao> almost stole 30k ships valued 700k value + all the covop xp
<Appocomaster> it will be tweaked for the winter round
<Appocomaster> to a flat 150k per agent
<Jintao> aga got sooo annoyed by it he started covopping too :p
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> and where it stops, we shall see
<Jintao> 150k per agent? :p
<Appocomaster> er
<Jintao> res or value?
<Appocomaster> -k
<Appocomaster> value
<Appocomaster> anyway
<Appocomaster> we can discsuss that later
<Appocomaster> we have been neglecting our stand-in #3, Zh|l!
<[Spore]Zhil> !
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> what happened to your | ?
<[Spore]Zhil> I dont know. It just disappeared one day
<Appocomaster> it's because you have to use a shift key, right?
<Appocomaster> too much effort :p
<[Spore]Zhil> True, my nick is far easier without it
<[Spore]Zhil> plus it was like a tree
<[Spore]Zhil> and we all know my aversion to groups of them
<[Spore]Zhil> and my ships
<Appocomaster> so, do you have any words to say on behalf of ekseri?
<Jintao> oh and i forgot to thank #scans for helping me out pretty well this round because i went low amp!
<[Spore]Zhil> I'd like to thank his galaxy 3:2
<[Spore]Zhil> Without their help in defense, he wouldn't have been the rank he was.
<[Spore]Zhil> (even to Benneh!)
<Appocomaster> and his alliance helped, too? :p
<[Spore]Zhil> Ofcourse, I'd also like to thank all of Spore in his defense and during the most difficult time of when he got fleetcaught.
<Appocomaster> coming #3 after being FCed is pretty good :P
<[Merc]agar3s> and forest messed up the calc apparently
<[Merc]agar3s> :D
<[Spore]Zhil> Some members lost lots of ships during that battle and they deserve a huge thank you
<[Spore]Zhil> Yes, it was fantastic for him to pull through that
<[Spore]Zhil> Mad props to TheFallen though
<[Spore]Zhil> I admired the spirit you guys showed in that fleetcatch and others.
<[Spore]Zhil> Anyone who knows me, knows I got to my position in the game through fighting spirit in Fury when things looked grim
<Appocomaster> and crashing onto Forest
<Appocomaster> :p
<[Spore]Zhil> My only regret with that is that I wasn;t able to steal any of Forest's ships
<Appocomaster> any final thanks from ekseri?
<Appocomaster> omg he's here
<Appocomaster> talk quickly!
<Appocomaster> final thanks
<ekseri> HELLO
<ekseri> much love to spore for covering my incs when i was too lazy to dc them myself :D
<ekseri> bit sad that agar3s now have more roundwins than me
<Appocomaster> and your gal?
<ekseri> ill have to step up my game now
<ekseri> my gal was very inactive this round
<ekseri> that we ended so close to #1 is an achievement in itself!
<Appocomaster> yes :)
<Appocomaster> final special thanks?
<ekseri> big thanks to all my galmates ofc, for watching my planet when i was out on my drunked adventures this round
<ekseri> and all the other days when i was sleeping through the night!
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> well, thanks to you all
<Appocomaster> and yuo all get a credit, and as I said, we'll be in contact with agar3s to get him a t-shirt or mug (depending on which he wants)
<[Merc]agar3s> ekseri
<Appocomaster> so, thank you all
<[Merc]agar3s> stop pretending to have a life
<[Merc]agar3s> :D
<ekseri> :>can i get a t shirt too?
<ekseri> :/
<Appocomaster> winners only
<Appocomaster> so, moving on, 3:5 have won the top galaxy award, with that Dealer guy back again
<Appocomaster> who is 3-5 link?
<[3-5]Dealer> 'lo again :)
<[3-5][Spore]cru> Victory!
<[3-5][spore]big> do we get t shirts ?
<Appocomaster> no
<[3-5]Raven> Yay
<[3-5]Dealer> He's our mascot
<[3-5][Spore]Arm> he's our stand-in for Pokes
<Appocomaster> Dealer gets credits to distribute
<[3-5]Golan> we had a few extra in gal appoc
<[3-5][spore]big> pfft
<[3-5][Spore]cru> Thank you Toneh for upgrading my planet and DCing us!
<[3-5]Dealer> Appocco just gief me a t shirt instead thx pal
<Appocomaster> nope
<Appocomaster> speak with the big L :P
<[3-5]Dealer> Don't ask don't get etc
<Appocomaster> idd
<[3-5][Spore]cru> Thank Forest and Zhil and all other Spore HC for taking me into Spore and supporting 3:5 to the end
<[3-5]Truh[CT]> Appoco, give me ur roids plz
<Appocomaster> nope!
<Appocomaster> I gave up half way through so I lost ships and roids, but I think I was okay for a while :P
<[3-5]Golan> thanks to ND for support too, especially the TA on the last day, worked very well :)
<Appocomaster> so, congrats on winning #1 gal
<[3-5]Raven> A big thanks to viks...fang imploding again anf to all my gal mates for helping out after i was robbed this round
<[3-5][spore]big> just to level things up a bit forest forest forest forest forest forest forest forest forest forest forest forest forest
<[3-5][Spore]Arm> lol
<[3-5]Truh[CT]> Raven got robbed, we laughed
<[3-5]Raven> And hi heroes! You failed :)
<[3-5][Spore]Arm> yes, i'd like to thank Clouds & Rex again for helping the gal again
<[3-5][spore]big> thanks to all in spore you are all awesome
<[3-5]Raven> And viks defense helped us a lot
<[3-5][spore]big> special mentions to kirlack and toneh
<Appocomaster> so, did politics play a part? You had quite a few vikings
<[3-5]Truh[CT]> Thx to all in ct that woke up to send def
<[3-5]Raven> I spent half the round on a fone
<[3-5]Golan> The vikings would disagree
<[3-5][Spore]Arm> Also have to mention Link, DRGINGE, Motti, moldypengiuns, SilverAce for trying to exile in. Unfortunately they didn't make it. And unfortunately we got Mark later on as well. Just bad luck for all of us really.
<[3-5]Golan> as they had the most incoming
* [3-5]Mark bows
<[3-5]Raven> Thanks to pokes too
<[3-5][spore]big> to all who Dc`d at night and ofc Zhil
<[3-5]Raven> He couldn't make it
<[3-5][Spore]Arm> we grounded for half the round, trying to save raven/dealer/arma
<Appocomaster> ah
<Appocomaster> so they dragged you down!
<[3-5][spore]big> and to crusie best pardner ever
<Appocomaster> from even higher heights
<[3-5]Raven> Cruise and bob defended the gal by themselves sometimes :D
<[3-5]Truh[CT]> The CT vs Viks war early on hurt us quite a bit. Kept half the gal grounded for several days
<[3-5]Golan> I was pretty useless except I cov opped and got some score
<[3-5][Spore]Arm> yeah, it would definitely been better to have 1-2 viks instead of 3
<[3-5]Golan> being a late sign is hard
<[3-5][Spore]Arm> maybe a few extra apps, they get a free ride until pt 950 anyway
<Appocomaster> Golan, you ended up okay :p
<[3-5]Raven> Golan is a freak
<[3-5]Golan> I was trying to crash from 2nd to 4th
<[3-5]Golan> but even that failed
<[3-5][spore]big> to all in #sfd
<[3-5]Golan> you see the gal theme
<Appocomaster> yes
<[3-5][spore]big> have i said yet mnementh you are wasome
<[3-5]Truh[CT]> Thx for ship hacks I think I was first to land an attack for 250k score at tick 50~ with my ter bs without any hulls or tt
<Appocomaster> your theme is noticable
<Appocomaster> Truh: oh nice :P
<[3-5]Golan> yes thanks for that appoc, fucked up our cov opper
-!- [3-5]Golan was kicked from #planetarion by Pea [[Warning] :: No offensive language ::]
<[3-5][Spore]Arm> lol
<[3-5]Raven> Tru stole chronox bs as it came out of prod....made chronox emo so hard
<[3-5]Truh[CT]> Thx for kicking Golan out of channel
<[3-5]Raven> Best moment in the round
<Appocomaster> haha
<[3-5][spore]big> amicus and amnion
<[3-5][spore]big> \o/
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[3-5]Raven> Jesus
<[3-5]Dealer> I should say a quick thx to darts, who was in bg with me, arma and raven. So often we had to ground and left him to fly out solo :p
<[3-5]Raven> Clouds
<[3-5][Spore]Arm> yus darts as well indeed
<[3-5][Spore]Arm> and motti
<[3-5][Spore]Arm> for leaking app intel
<[3-5]Raven> And dealer and arma for dcn my ass
<[3-5][spore]big> yea well done motti
<[3-5]Golan> Special thanks to Cat and MM from ND for keeping the alliance running through hard times, nice effort guys!
<[3-5]Truh[CT]> Thanks to 7:4 for a good race to the top. Was really interesting last few days
<[3-5]Mark> everyone: bad luck
<[3-5][spore]big> forest
<[3-5]Dealer> Viks too ofx for supporting the gal win towards the end, as well as ND and spore too
<[3-5]Mark> agares: well done
<[3-5][spore]big> forest
<[3-5][spore]big> forest
-!- [3-5][spore]big was kicked from #planetarion by Pea [[Warning] :: No need to repeat yourself ::]
<Appocomaster> oh dear
<[3-5][Spore]Arm> congrats to aga btw
<Appocomaster> well, thanks to you all
<[3-5]Raven> Its been a fun 3rd round for this newbie
<[3-5]Golan> we're an unruly bunch, ask anyone
<[3-5][Spore]Arm> ok yolo etc
<Appocomaster> you are indeed
<[3-5][Spore]Arm> please unvoice us so we can get drunk
<[3-5]Truh[CT]> Thx fi motti- our app spy
<Appocomaster> I will
<[3-5]Dealer> Heroes can go die btw
<[3-5]Raven> Idd
<[3-5]Dealer> Apps little pets
<[3-5]Mark> yep fuck heroes
-!- [3-5]Mark was kicked from #planetarion by Pea [[Warning] :: No offensive language ::]
<[3-5]Dealer> worse than fockers
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> now for Apprime
<Appocomaster> who have won yet again, top alliance
<Appocomaster> can anyone stop them? not this round, it seems
<[APP]x2> hello everyone!
<Cain> itīs painfull to be this good :(
<[APP]x2> Want to wish you Marry Xmas!
<[APP]x2> I hope you were all good this year and will get good presents!
<Appocomaster> hehe
<Appocomaster> every galaxy in the winter speed round gets a persent
<Appocomaster> *present
<[APP]x2> i hope alliance gets too
<Appocomaster> so, guys, how did it go?
<[APP]x2> well do you want full story ?
<[APP]x2> apprime started probably with the core people but it wasnt enough ofcourse to be annoying or agressive in the round
<Cain> yes/no?
<[APP]x2> as we were like around 30~people
<[APP]x2> when camels run out of water and asked for our help
<[APP]x2> so nelito and his co joined apprime too
<Appocomaster> and then nelito lead you to victory?
<[APP]x2> yes nelito was key in apprime
<[APP]x2> he was most active planet calling/dcing/bcing for apprime whole round
<Cain> i took my experience from making ND win 2 rounds ago aswell
<Cain> was important shiz
<[APP]x2> but apart that we had Heroes with us
<Appocomaster> it sounds like quite a team effort
<Cain> you forget something
<[APP]x2> we paid nelito 5$ a week to do effort for alliance
<Cain> donīt forget HR
<[APP]x2> but in the end, we didnt pay him anything and we kept promising him he will get paid after round
<Cain> if there is 1 solid ally to have itīs HR
<[APP]x2> don't tell him that, but we are not going to pay him for all the effort he have done
<Appocomaster> what was the highlight of the round?
<[APP]x2> round politics was fun this round
<[APP]x2> probably 1st round in app history we ended up having more friends than hostiles
<[APP]x2> agar3s was sorting politics to have fort avoidances
<[APP]x2> and apprime only had 1 gall with 5+ app, who went cores and had 0 roids half round
<[APP]x2> and we had like 10-15gals with 3 members in it so basically nobody could attack them
<[APP]x2> so we were visint our friends ROCK
<[APP]x2> visiting************************
<[APP]x2> and we didnt really piss anyone off to get block inc
<[APP]x2> but reality is apprime want to thank vikings/nd/spore/rock
<[APP]x2> for keeping same HC's
<[APP]x2> who can't really do any politics. cant really take any big calls
<[APP]x2> will always fail and will always make their alliance fail
-!- [ND]Basilisk was kicked from #planetarion by Pea [[1] :: Make up your mind! (Excessive nick changes) :: (Auto) Duration: 1m]
<[APP]x2> its like you create a planet every round, and you know already who will be in the block
<[APP]x2> always same alliances, always same HC's always same people who is doing mistakes
<[APP]x2> but this round was lil bit different
<[APP]x2> alliances like Conspiracy, owned vikings on their own
<[APP]x2> alliance like The Fallen, owned spore on their own
<Cain> falling asleep here..
<[APP]x2> fc'ing their planets out of top1
<[APP]x2> alliance like HR who diesnt give a sh***** will attack whats the best for their mebmres
<Appocomaster> where is the fun bit? :)
<[APP]x2> FUN bit is that we enjoy to play against same idiots
<Cain> summary is Apprime is just da best Appocomaster, we dont want to win but itīs impossible without kicking ppl
<Appocomaster> is there anyone you'd particularly like to thank?
<Cain> sad but true
<Appocomaster> agar5s, any final words?
<Appocomaster> [Merc]agar3s:
<Appocomaster> sorry ;P
<[Merc]agar3s> lol
<[Merc]agar3s> Firebird had serious things to say
<Appocomaster> well, I trust you to say them in the last minute or so
<[Merc]agar3s> so voice him please, he really waited for this
<Firebird> ust need to say thank you to HR for sticking to our agreement and not stabbing us like others (ND) also thanks to CT for hammering Viks and TheFallen for battering Spore for us, and finally thank you to the opposition for being useless.
<[Merc]agar3s> fail copy paste though
<Firebird> agreed
<Firebird> just like my FC
<Appocomaster> which of the two of you wants the 5 credits?
<[Merc]agar3s> see i told you he wanted to Appocomaster
<[Merc]agar3s> Firebird
<Firebird> me
<Appocomaster> okay, will hand them over :)
<Firebird> ta
<Appocomaster> well, thank you all
<Appocomaster> we have the allcomp coming up
<Firebird> clouds lies dont trust him
<Firebird> EVER
<Appocomaster> best of luck next round
<Appocomaster> so tag up
<Appocomaster> also, just to note, please feel free to submit moer entries to round55@planetarion.com
<Appocomaster> the more the merrier, and you have to be in it to win a fere credit
<Appocomaster> *free
<Appocomaster> my typing tonight is awful
<Appocomaster> anyone who wants to be my secretary and type for me, apply after
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 236 nicks and found 17 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: 3-5, count: 2
<Pea> #9. Tag: Merc, count: 4
<Pea> #8. Tag: HEROES, count: 6
<Pea> #7. Tag: Viks, count: 6
<Pea> #6. Tag: TF, count: 10
<Pea> #5. Tag: App, count: 10
<Pea> #4. Tag: HR, count: 10
<Pea> #3. Tag: CT, count: 13
<Pea> #2. Tag: ND, count: 32
<Pea> #1. Tag: Spore, count: 42
<Appocomaster> thank you all
<Appocomaster> log will go up later