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EoRC Round 53: 25/10/2013

<Appocomaster> good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Round 53's End of Round Ceremony
<Appocomaster> tonight we celebrate the glory that is the winners of this round over planets, galaxies and alliances
<Appocomaster> unfortunately we can't have the round winner with us tonight
<Appocomaster> as he's playing golf on holiday
<Appocomaster> but I am sure he is with us in spirit
<Appocomaster> I would like to remind everyone, before we start, that we did put out an announcement recently about this round and next round
<Appocomaster> including Christmas arrangements
<Appocomaster> http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...53-and-round-54
<Appocomaster> please note next round has smaller buddy packs and will only be 6 weeks to accomodate Christmas, which most of our players celebrate
<Lunar_Lamp> (if someone could get Arc to contact me, I can make sure he gets the very first ever Planetarion Winner t-shirt)
<Appocomaster> we will be having a nice little Christmas round - suggestions welcome on specific naming conventions
<Appocomaster> (we could put on it "I won Planetarion whilst on the 14th hole" or something)
<Appocomaster> oh
<Appocomaster> I may have misread, he may not be playing golf
<Appocomaster> WHO KNOWS
<Appocomaster> anyway
<Appocomaster> The top 3 planets for Round 53 were as follows:
<Appocomaster> #1, arc, 2:6:5, of Conspiracy
<Appocomaster> #2, TorTu, 4:1:8, of Spore
<Appocomaster> #3, 3:2:4, Ony of NewDawn
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [ND]Ony] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [Spo]TorTu[RYB]] by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> and obviously arc isn't here
<Appocomaster> but congratulations to you both
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> Thank you
<Appocomaster> seriously, you were miles behind arc, how did you let him get away so easily?
<Appocomaster> :p
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> I wasn't allowed to hit him :)
<Appocomaster> and he wasn't allowed to hit you ;p
<Appocomaster> do you feel that you got #2 because of politics, TorTu?
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> No, I think I got #2 because arc got more roids and score
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> I'm sure we've both had a fair share of incoming during the round
<Appocomaster> what was the difference?
<Appocomaster> luck? race? etc?
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> Being xan gave him some faking and eta advantages of course
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> but if I thought xan would have been the better pick, I'd have picked xan myself
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> We both had a great gal to back us up, so I don't think the difference was there either
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> He just played a bit better, or got a bit more lucky
<Appocomaster> when did you realise there was no way of catching him? did you then just have to worry about Ony?
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> I realised when Vikings allied with CT
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> that we probably would get a lot of incoming
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> which proved to be true
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> At that moment it was pretty impossible to catch Arc and I tried to stay in the top3
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> And thanks to great alliance and gal support I managed
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> I was lucky that Golan had an unlucky crash on the last day
<Appocomaster> there was only you and KillGhost in the top 50 - do you feel your alliance focused their efforts on you more than anyone else?
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> Well, at some point we had to set some new goals. You can't cover everybody with 100+ hostile fleets every night while you only have 20/25 active players
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> Because both KillGhost and I were ranked quite high in a great galaxy, the Spore HC decided to give us priority, that didn't mean we didn't cover anyone else though
<Appocomaster> well, we shall see if Ony is there
<Appocomaster> I think maybe not :p
<Appocomaster> did you want to thank anyone in particular, TorTu?
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> well, i want to give special thanks to Spore DC's
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> Genchaos, Toneh, Toneh|laptop, and Toneh|mobile
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> That guy was a machine during the night
<Appocomaster> he must have cloned himself
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> but I couldn't have done it without the HC support and my galaxy, the b-pack: KillGhost, Kinimod, Saynt, Bobzy and elu, and a few very nice and active exiles Exhale, SuperJoe, bolla, Renex, Nightwolf
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> and yea, Toneh was everywhere
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> He spent more money on sms credit than the rest of us together :)
<[ND]Ony> .
<Appocomaster> yay!
<Appocomaster> wow
<Appocomaster> Toneh seems to definitely deserve the plaudits
<Appocomaster> well, thank you TorTu
<Appocomaster> hi Ony
<[ND]Ony> hi
<Appocomaster> how are you? are you awake enough to be congratulated?
<[ND]Ony> me?
<Appocomaster> someone said you may be asleep due to sleepless nights :p
<[ND]Ony> nah
<[ND]Ony> i took 3 days off
<[ND]Ony> was nice
<[ND]Ony> i have apprime to thank for that
<[ND]Ony> beach, sand in the crack...
<[ND]Ony> i recovered
<[ND]Ony> and finished strong
<[ND]Ony> or voodoo'd golan for #3 spot :)
<Appocomaster> well done
<Appocomaster> poor Golan
<Appocomaster> he's only been here every other round
<[ND]Ony> ye i know, hes been my companion almost entire round
<[ND]Ony> fighting alongside
<[ND]Ony> :)
<[ND]Ony> he would of deserved a t3 finish
<[ND]Ony> thats for sure
<[ND]Ony> btw i sudgest me and tortu get nominated on arc's tshirt at least
<[ND]Ony> if we dont get one
<[ND]Ony> :))
<Appocomaster> haha
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> hehehe
<Appocomaster> that's up to Lunar
<[Spo]TorTu[RYB]> Agreed
<[ND]Ony> and i hope it aint some haute couture stuff
<[ND]Ony> stick to the made in PRC stuff
<[ND]Ony> did tortu finish with his thanks? cos i would have some if so
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> go go go
<Appocomaster> start thanking everyone
<Fiery> It has ruffles and glitter, Ony
<Appocomaster> spread the love
<[ND]Ony> ok first of all i have to thank ND for the awesome support and love they gave me
<[ND]Ony> i can brag bout this:
<[ND]Ony> Metal Crystal Eonium
<[ND]Ony> Stolen 1632 1645 1625
<[ND]Ony> Lost 0 0 0
<[ND]Ony> they are responsible for this :)
<Appocomaster> wow
<Appocomaster> that is impressive tbh
<[ND]Ony> also have to thank M&M for taking some sweet time off and sharing his love with some european chick :)
<Appocomaster> not many people in the top 10 get that
<[ND]Ony> we might get invited to a wedding soon...idk up to him if he wants all of us there or not
<[ND]Ony> also i have to thank my gal, we finished t3 :) stuggled but...it was worth it
<[ND]Ony> Joops for awesome ingame dc skills
<[ND]Ony> i have the skills, but didnt really had the patience this round, with a new baby and stuff
<[ND]Ony> also i have to thank my baby for being woken up during night for diaper service and feeding :) so i was pretty much awake when incs popped :))
<[ND]Ony> [00:25] <+[ND]Ony> Joops for awesome INGAL dc skills
<[ND]Ony> correction :D
<[ND]Ony> also thank arc/tortu for the competition
<Appocomaster> haa
<[ND]Ony> pretty sure if it wasnt for my 3 days of vac in the last week of the game
<[ND]Ony> things would of been different :)
<[ND]Ony> also it sucks when ur competing against someone, that cant att :)
<[ND]Ony> but ....oh well...thats politics :)
<[ND]Ony> also thank my awesome BG
<[ND]Ony> that fought alongside me from the start
<Appocomaster> :)
<[ND]Ony> aries/superjoe/wuschel the noob crasher/golan/paragon/beruseruku/blacce/knusern
<Appocomaster> do you think, without politics, you would have done better?
<[ND]Ony> im pretty sure that going t10 its up to a player
<[ND]Ony> ending up t3 its all about politics
<[ND]Ony> trades are being made, help is provided for securing top positions
<[ND]Ony> this is how the game is played
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> if there's nothing else, we'll move on :)
<[ND]Ony> ye thx once again ND
<Appocomaster> and thanks on behalf of arc to his gal mates and alliance mates and dcs and so on :p
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vv [ND]Ony [Spo]TorTu[RYB]] by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> next is the top galaxy, 2:6
<Appocomaster> who won by a hugely impressive margin
<Appocomaster> a good 30-40% above the other galaxies
<Appocomaster> oh come onnnnnnnn none of you have tagged your galaxy
<Appocomaster> the members of the galaxy are as follows:
<Appocomaster> Slikkah [App] - #2 dedin [App] - #3 rasputin [ND] - #4 Icewind [FAN] - #5 arc [Con] - #6 dza [Con] - #7 [Irvine] [FAN] - #8 eksero [App] - #9 Tulling [Vik] - #10 sleepless [Con] - #11 shaz [ND] - #12 Benneh [Vik] - #13 TheoDD [ROC] - #14 euler [How] - #15 Mikee - #16 Smasher #17 HaSu [App]
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [FAnG]icewind] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [ARC]ladyboys] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [ARC]eksero] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [Viks]Tulling] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [ND]Shaz] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [ROCK]Theo[ARC]] by Appocomaster
<[ROCK]Theo[ARC]> well in a galaxy of pure awesome + arc, we knew early that we would win :-p so thank you all for helping one way or another ^^ and more thanks to everyone ingal for saving my ass countless times
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [ARC]Mikee] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v HaSu] by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> I think I got you all
<Appocomaster> who are in here
<Appocomaster> oh dear
<[ARC]Mikee> you missed slikkah
<Appocomaster> we lost benneh
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [ARC]Slikkah] by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> sorry
<Appocomaster> so congrats all
<Appocomaster> how did you get sooo far haead?
<Appocomaster> *ahead
<[ARC]Slikkah> mikee was gonna explain :P
<[ARC]Mikee> we cheated ofc
<[ROCK]Theo[ARC]> best way to get ahead
<[ARC]ladyboys> we let loose arc and sleepless onto the community:)
<[ARC]Mikee> according to badders/bbutch3r/magni
<[ARC]ladyboys> tbh hardly anyone attacked us
<[ARC]Mikee> suprisingly we did nothing but let team asia do what they want
<Appocomaster> intimidation
<Appocomaster> politics?
<[ARC]ladyboys> big cahoonas
<[ARC]Mikee> id like to thank golan for crashing out of the top10 like a hero
<[ROCK]Theo[ARC]> top 3
<[ARC]ladyboys> id like to thank arc for his pictures on whatsapp off the strip joints
<Appocomaster> I jsut realised everyone tagged [ARC] was in the same galaxy
<[ARC]ladyboys> he is celebrating
<[ARC]Mikee> lol :D
<[ARC]ladyboys> and not playing golf
<Appocomaster> my bad
<Appocomaster> when someone said 16th shot I thought he was having a bad round ...
<[ARC]Slikkah> he could be playing golf when celebrating tough :D
<[ARC]ladyboys> >
<[ARC]Mikee> instead hes in a phuket club with male strippers
<Appocomaster> so, was it really just Sleepless and arc holding the galaxy together and the rest of you freeloading?
<[ARC]Mikee> err not even them
<[ARC]Mikee> apparantely 2.6 got roided by hr repeatedly (arc and sleepless included)
<[ROCK]Theo[ARC]> "repeatedly"
<[ARC]ladyboys> yeah co was a pain early
<[ROCK]Theo[ARC]> 4 - 5 times early
<[ARC]ladyboys> we just used theodd as bait mainly though
<[ROCK]Theo[ARC]> ^^
<[ARC]ladyboys> but everything is pretty easy when the galaxy has played the game and knows what to do
<[ARC]Mikee> can i thank fang for running to vac mode ? :S
<Appocomaster> did it save your glaaxy?
<[ARC]Mikee> lol not really :D
<[ARC]Mikee> for that id have to thank ronin and connovar!
<Appocomaster> good
<[ARC]ladyboys> id like to thank sleepless and arc for dcing for me and sorting tgts
<Appocomaster> so any final thanks ?
<[ARC]Mikee> special thanks to golan for kissing a$$ and organising weak attacks on arc and co.
<[ARC]ladyboys> also my mom
<[ARC]ladyboys> and mikees mom too
<[ARC]Mikee> and somehow avoiding incs altogether
<[ARC]ladyboys> :)
<[ARC]Mikee> you didnt thank arcs mum tho
<[ARC]ladyboys> i didnt want to make your mom jealous
<[ARC]Mikee> theodd would like to thank rock
<[ARC]Mikee> for like the 0 def fleets sent the entire round
<Appocomaster> I'm sure you will give thanks anyway
<[ARC]ladyboys> yeah cheers to ct well done all
<[ROCK]Theo[ARC]> hey i got def ^^
<[ARC]Mikee> smasher would like to thank the gypsy pa community as a whole o/
<[ARC]ladyboys> eksero would like to thank his PALS
<[ARC]ladyboys> and COUSINS
<Appocomaster> well, thank you all
<[ARC]Mikee> i wanna thank connovar for single handedly killing off fang almost (he had some help ofc)
<Appocomaster> and Benneh will get the credits to allocate
<[ARC]Mikee> dont pay benneh
<[ARC]Mikee> pay arc!
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vvvvvv [ARC]Mikee [ARC]ladyboys [ARC]Slikkah [ARC]eksero [FAnG]icewind [ND]Shaz] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vvv [ROCK]Theo[ARC] [Viks]Tulling HaSu] by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> thanks to you all
<Appocomaster> so, finally, CT
<Appocomaster> winning again
<Appocomaster> for their third round
<Appocomaster> I think?
<Appocomaster> after round 20 and 41
<Appocomaster> a fairly hefty lead over Vikings and certainly over the rest of the field
-!- mode/#planetarion [+vvvvvv [CT]Remy[LCH] [CT]Monroe [CT]Joops[arc] [CT]Chaos [CT]nin4th [CT][Dshed]Doza] by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> so congrats guys
<Appocomaster> I know smoe of you have been here before
<[CT]Remy[LCH]> :-)
<[CT][Dshed]Doza> o/ my first time
<[CT]Remy[LCH]> (im am waiting for Monroe to speak)
<Appocomaster> he seems to hav gone afk
* [CT]Joops[arc] waves
<[CT]Chaos> we blame doza btw
<[CT]Remy[LCH]> i can tell a joke while we wait?
<Appocomaster> oh
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [CT]GM] by Appocomaster
<[CT][Dshed]Doza> Lol
<Appocomaster> GM gave me a list of people to voice
<Appocomaster> didn't include himself
<[CT]GM> better
<[CT]Remy[LCH]> lol
<Appocomaster> so I didn't voice him
<[CT]GM> if arc is on his 14th hole i think he will be happy and not thinking of us. :P
<[CT]Remy[LCH]> gm
<[CT]Remy[LCH]> gogo
<[CT][Dshed]Doza> I will get the blame for monroe not turning up now too
<Appocomaster> he was here 10 minutes ago
<[CT]Chaos> yup
<[CT]Monroe> HI
<Appocomaster> congrats to you all
<[CT]Monroe> SORRY
<Appocomaster> a very impressive win
<[CT]Monroe> I'm at work
<[CT]Monroe> had someone in my office
<[CT]Monroe> anyway, thanks Appocomaster
<[CT]Remy[LCH]> ye, the cleaning lady i bet, tsk
<[CT]GM> or wife
<Appocomaster> or both?
<Appocomaster> anyway
<[CT]Monroe> who authorized the voicing of all of these guys :p
<Appocomaster> GM
<[CT]Joops[arc]> Me
<[CT]Monroe> figures
<Appocomaster> he asked who you wanted voiced
<[CT][Dshed]Doza> Lol
<Appocomaster> and you didn't reply
<Appocomaster> so, how did the round go?
<[CT]Monroe> it was a very interesting round
<[CT]Monroe> the large gals made targeting a challenge from the get go
<[CT]Monroe> it was hard to avoid pissing everyone off
<[CT]Monroe> plus CT avoided forming any alliances in the early going
<[CT]Monroe> so we had everyone and their mother hitting us
<[CT]Monroe> I think by the begining of week 4 we were approaching our normal round totals for incomming
<[CT]Monroe> as others had at least fort agreements
<[CT]Monroe> which made us much nicer targets
<[CT]Monroe> then we ended up in a disasterous war with vikings
<[CT]Monroe> which bumped us down to 4th
<[CT]Monroe> but by that point we'd made friends with Spore and ND
<[CT]Monroe> and those two allies helped carry us through the round, even as other alliances broke their agreements with us
<[CT]Monroe> being in 4th was also helpful as it removed the big target off of our back
<[CT]Monroe> and allowed us to roid
<[CT]Monroe> while other allies fought
* [CT]Joops[arc] looks at Fang backstabbers
<Appocomaster> is there anything you think you could have done better?
<Appocomaster> politics wise?
<[CT]Monroe> hmm
-!- mode/#planetarion [+vv [CT]Bav[TFD] [CT]ginge] by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> (it was requested)
<[CT]Chaos> theres better than winning ;)
<[CT]Bav[TFD]> :)
<[CT]Monroe> well our major strategy for politics was to let others make the mistakes
<[CT]GM> FAnG appologised though for thier mistake
<[CT]Monroe> and that worked otu really well
<[CT]Monroe> we did get hit real hard by surprise a couple of times
<[CT]Monroe> but our members and DCs stood up
<[CT]Monroe> and performed very well when politics failed us
<[CT]Monroe> I do regret that we hurt some folks in HR at the end of the round
<[CT]Monroe> and we gave innuedo the piss a couple of times
<[CT]Monroe> but otherwise no not really appocomaster
<Appocomaster> :)
<[CT]Monroe> but I do want to say a special thanks to ND and Spore, they were the allies that stuck with us
<[CT]Monroe> and we wouldn't have won without them
<[CT][Dshed]Doza> Been good working with them
<[CT]Monroe> I think the single biggest reason we won however was because our members stood up and played their butts off the last couple of weeks
<[CT]Monroe> it was a team effort
<Appocomaster> are you planning to be back next round? how do you see what should be smaller galaxies changing the political landscape?
<[CT]Bav[TFD]> Joopster to be a great dc!
<[CT]Monroe> yes, CT will continue
<[CT]Monroe> the HC and DC teams will all be back
<[CT]Monroe> smaller galaxies will be good for politics
<[CT]Monroe> it will allow us to consider fort NAPs
<[CT]Monroe> which we couldn't do this round
<[CT]Monroe> which is a major political tool to limit wars
<[CT]Remy[LCH]> (remy wants to say one thing)
<Appocomaster> anyone in particular to call out and congratulate, anyone?
<[CT]Remy[LCH]> can i?
<[CT]Monroe> honeslt Appocomaster, I thought about it, and I don't want to -- not because there aren't people who deserve it
<[CT]Monroe> but because we really did win as a team this round
<Appocomaster> np :)
<[CT]Monroe> every member stood up and did their part
<[CT]Monroe> and I know the entire HC team is extreamly proud of them
<[CT]GM> even elu
<[CT]Monroe> and if I name peeps, somone will get left out
<[CT]Remy[LCH]> YOu are right monroe, but i would like to congratz you on how you took over CO from gm and are doing a splendid job
<[CT]Bav[TFD]> Remy say it....
<[CT][Dshed]Doza> Agreed
<[CT]nin4th> i want to shout out to the top players and veterans that escorted the little guys to make our win possible, its the first time in many ct rounds everyone put this much effort into it
<[CT]Remy[LCH]> thast my 2 cents
<[CT]Bav[TFD]> Haha.
<[CT]Joops[arc]> Ok
<Appocomaster> any other final comments?
<[CT]Monroe> honestly Appocomaster, CT played the same game (from a politics and DC standpoint) that we play every round... we've had rounds with better attacks, and better defense
<[CT]Monroe> but we've not had rounds where the team as a whole came together
<[CT]Monroe> as they did the last two weeks of this one
<[CT]Joops[arc]> I want to thank our members, for finally staying active till round end
<[CT]Monroe> we had a t10 player leave the alliance the last week of the round
<[CT]Monroe> and the team still came together
<[CT]Monroe> and pulled it out
<[CT]Joops[arc]> most of the times that's killing us
<[CT]Monroe> that's it from me
<[CT]Joops[arc]> I also want to mention Lee, say to him not giving up his dream to become hc
<[CT]GM> its been a good first round of the new PA ownership, thanks PA Team
<[CT]Bav[TFD]> 1 allia 1 player 1 gal.
<[CT]Monroe> aye
<[CT]Monroe> thanks to LL for making this round possible!
<[CT]GM> if it wasnt for you guys we would have to have a RL
<[CT]Chaos> ty
<[CT]ginge> thanks :)
<[CT][Dshed]Doza> Ty
<[CT]Bav[TFD]> Thnx :)
<[CT]Joops[arc]> I also wanna thank dza's mum
<[CT]Joops[arc]> for all fun times
<[CT][Dshed]Doza> Dogshed Simply Howllllll !!!!!!
<[CT][Dshed]Doza> Thats for glowdog
<Appocomaster> well, thank you all
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vvvvv [CT]Remy[LCH] [CT]Monroe [CT]Joops[arc] [CT]Chaos [CT]nin4th] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vvv [CT]GM [CT]Bav[TFD] [CT]ginge] by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> just a reminder
<Appocomaster> pleaaaaaaase email suggestions to round54@planetarion.com tonight
<Appocomaster> please
<Appocomaster> with any round names you can think of
<Appocomaster> AWESOME names
<Appocomaster> a good chance you'll get into the shortlist, to appear this weekend
<Appocomaster> just a reminder about our recent announcement
<Appocomaster> http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...53-and-round-54
<Appocomaster> and whilst we set up for the all comp - TAG UP - Lunar_Lamp has things to say
<Lunar_Lamp> Firstly, a quick thanks to everyone who's played this round, and extra special thanks to everyone who upgraded their account!
<Lunar_Lamp> Whilst the majority of the money from this round is being put straight back into the game, e.g. hosting costs and advertising (yes, advertising!), it looks like this could end up being a mildly profitable venture.
<Lunar_Lamp> So, to that end, I've decided that most of the profits should be going to charity. Whilst I already have one particular charity in mind, I'd welcome suggestions from the community for a second.
<Lunar_Lamp> So, if you could email me: lunarlamp AT planetarion DOT com
<Lunar_Lamp> Ideally, it should be something with a UK presence, as then they get the benefit of tax breaks from us donating, but that's not too important.
<Fiery> You can just give me the extra money and I will take care of it :D
<Lunar_Lamp> if there are a few good suggestions, I'll arrange a vote of some sort to decide.
<Lunar_Lamp> (and Fiery's shoe closet is not a charity)
<Fiery> It is!
<Lunar_Lamp> Only other note is that we are hoping to open some merchandising (t-shirts and similar) at the start of next round too.
<Lunar_Lamp> That's all from me I think!
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 231 nicks and found 19 different tags. 1 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: Inn, count: 3
<Pea> #9. Tag: HOLO, count: 3
<Pea> #8. Tag: ARC, count: 3
<Pea> #7. Tag: FAnG, count: 8
<Pea> #6. Tag: ROCK, count: 11
<Pea> #5. Tag: HR, count: 13
<Pea> #4. Tag: Viks, count: 16
<Pea> #3. Tag: Spore, count: 18
<Pea> #2. Tag: ND, count: 27
<Pea> #1. Tag: CT, count: 38
<Appocomaster> for the first time in ... living memory? ... ND didn't win
<Appocomaster> so congratulations to CT, more credits will be on their way to you :-)
<Appocomaster> the log will be up tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest
<Appocomaster> and remember that havoc starts tomorrow morning
<Appocomaster> in just under 10 hours
<Appocomaster> havocing occuring soon!
<Appocomaster> thanks for listening everyone
-!- mode/#planetarion [-m] by Appocomaster