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  • Round 88 Ticks Start: Friday 7th August 2020
  • Round 88 Ticks End: Friday 25th September 2020
  • Round 88 Havoc Ends: Thursday 8th October 2020

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Planetarion Shall Continue!

It is time to tend to your asteroids, hurry along your research workers, and prepare your fleets for sweet, sweet, war:
Planetarion Round 53 (The Phoenician Gambit) shall begin on Friday 6th September, at 20:00 GMT!

As many will remember, there was a lot of uncertainty about the future of the game, but thanks to a lot of understanding and support from Jagex, PA Team has been able to ensure the future of the game. Whilst Jagex will still own the game, a new company formed by PA Team (Ranul Tech LTD) has been granted an exclusive licence to continue operating and managing the game.

As Jagex will have no further involvement with the game, we are legally required to notify you of changes to the way your data is held (according to the Data Protection Act). To this end, Ranul Tech LTD will now be the sole data processor and holder data controller of all Planetarion user data. Your data will only be used for the same purposes as before.

The PA Team will also now be responsible for processing payments relating to the game.

Should you wish to contact the PA Team, you can do so at pateam@planetarion.com.

There are a few questions that we know the community would want to ask:

Q. So does this mean that Ranul Tech owns PA?
A. Technically, no, Jagex retains ownership. However, from the perspective of each individual player, there will be no relationship with Jagex. Ranul Tech (i.e. PA Team) will be in charge of making all decisions, finance, legal obligations and most importantly: making the game enjoyable!

Q. So where does the money from credits go?
A. All money from credit purchases goes to Ranul Tech, and will be used for infrastructure costs as well as the development of the game.

Q. When is this change happening?
A. The changes have begun, and the full migration is expected to be complete over the course of the next 2-3 days.

Q. What about credits I've already bought?
A. These credits will still be valid. While no money from their purchase will go to Ranul Tech, PA Team want to see players playing the game and so have decided to honour these credits. The money from any new credit purchases will go directly to Ranul Tech.

Q. What changes are being made for the next round?
A. Round 53 will continue as originally announced, and the changes from Round 52 will follow in a separate announcement. PA Team are reviewing priorities for Round 54 currently, and hope to keep the community appropriately informed about future changes. We welcome suggestions from the community, and will try to include good ideas in our long term plan.

Q. What are PA Team's plans for the immediate future?
A. Our initial focus is on making sure we can migrate the game to brand new infrastructure, away from Jagex. There's also a fair amount of relatively tedious and boring 'behind the scenes' work to do, like making sure payments can be processed efficiently etc. This sort of work will likely take the next two weeks or so, but should be largely invisible, except for perhaps some brief periods of pre-announced downtime whilst the migrations occur.

Q. I have a particular skill that I think would be helpful to the game, and would like to help!
A. We welcome players (or even non-players) from the community coming forward to help. The entire PA Team are Planetarion players who have done likewise. We would welcome help and support in improving the game, so if you drop us an email at pateam@planetarion.com. Please include details of what help you can give, and where appropriate, examples of such help and we'll get back to you! As we're quite busy with getting the next round underway, don't be disheartened if it takes a few days to receive a response.

Q. I'm really excited, where can I signup or register for the next round?
A. So is everyone in PA Team! Existing users can login to the new round here: http://game.planetarion.com/login.pl, and new users can create a passport account here: http://game.planetarion.com/signup.pl.

No doubt there will be many questions that we haven't answered here. We ask that you be patient, and where possible, keep these for the planned Creators Hour at 20:00 GMT on 20th September. This will not only give PA Team the time to focus on getting the next round started, but will mean that we are better placed to answer your questions accurately, and that everyone can benefit from the responses.

So, all that leaves to say is: Happy 'roiding, fellow Planetarions!