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  • Round 80 Ticks End: Friday 1st March 2019
  • Round 80 Havoc Ends: Thursday 14th March 2019

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Planetarion Round 52 Havoc and Round 53

Round 52 Havoc

This is to confirm that Round 52 havoc will end at 20:00 GMT today (Thursday, 1st August). The server will go down before midnight in preparation for Round 53.

Round 53 - The Phoenician Gambit

Round 53 - The Phoenician Gambit signups will open tomorrow, (Friday, 2nd August) at 20:00 GMT.

Whilst it is anticipated that Round 53 will be a paid round, due to the uncertainty regarding the game both the use of current credits and the purchase of new credits will be disabled until further notice.

A summary of key changes is as follows:
-Maximum buddy packs are changed to 5 (from 4), with 1 late joiner from tick 336.
-Alliance limits will remain unchanged (60 total, 50 counting towards alliance ranking)
-Intelligence and relations data have been added to the alliance defence page
-Government changes are being made; this involves the ability to change governments and the ability to disrupt other planets' governments through covert operations.
-No resources will be gained in c200 after a total of 120 ticks have been spent there (potentially over more than one "stay")
-On the alliance defence page, for incoming attackers, attack/defence fleet counts have been added to note how many times that planet has attacked or defended someone in the alliance. These counts are also noted on the intelligence page.
-It is now possible to import basic intelligence in the form of co-ordinates.

Negotiations to ensure the continuation of Planetarion are continuing, but until formal agreements are reached we cannot guarantee the current planned tick start time of 20:00 GMT on Friday, 9th August.

However, any updates on the future of Planetarion will be communicated as soon as possible.

Best of luck in the final ticks of Havoc!

PA team