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  • Round 81 Signups: Friday 15th March 2019
  • Round 81 Ticks Start: Friday 22nd March 2019
  • Round 81 Ticks End: Friday 10th May 2019
  • Round 81 Havoc Ends: Thursday 23rd May 2019

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  • Round 81 - A Lady Among The Stars: 231

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Planetarion Update

Round 52
Firstly, congratulations again to the winners of Round 52 - Dying Stars.

The top planets were as follows:
#1 8:2:7, iToons of FAnG
#2 5:3:8, agar3s of Ultores
#3 8:2:4, cutulin of FAnG

Congratulations to them all, and they will all receive a credit.

The winning galaxy, 3:3, will also receive 5 credits in total.

Finally, NewDawn won both the top alliance award and the "AllComp" award, as part of the End of Round Ceremony, and get 8 credits in total.

You can read the End of Round Ceremony again here

The second batch of asteroids and resources was donated on Friday evening just after 19:00 GMT. Havoc was planned continue until 20:00 GMT on Thursday, 1st August, but will instead continue until further notice. We will try to give as much notice as possible on when havoc will end.

The Future

Sadly, at the End of Round Ceremony, we had to announce two key events. In June, we had a security breach into some of the admin tools, which resulted in the distribution of alliance information for many of the top alliances. This circulated through several of the alliances.

After conversations with Jagex to discuss the breach and its implications, Jagex decided they would look to stop hosting the game. Lunar_Lamp has since entered discussions with them to see if it is possible to continue the game somehow, and discussions are still ongoing.

As a result, it seems unlikely that our previously announced signup start date of 2nd August will currently be met, nor the 9th August round start date. As a team we will try to ensure both that the game continues and that any transition happens as smoothly as possible. As soon as we have confirmation of the outcome of discussions with Planetarion, we will let you all know.

PA Team