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EoRC Round 51: 12/05/2013

<Appocomaster> Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen!
<Appocomaster> and welcome to the End of Round ceremony for Round 51
<Appocomaster> as always, we start tonight by congratulating the top 3 planets
<Appocomaster> these are:
<Appocomaster> #1 Wishmaster (5:9:8) Innuendo
<Appocomaster> #2 carDi (1:4:1) Apprime
<Appocomaster> #3 RaUlZiToS (6:3:10), also Apprime
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> :p
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> =p
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> well done raul!
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> yeah congratz
<Appocomaster> Cardi unfortunately has outstanding issues with this channel and so cannot be with us tonight.
<Appocomaster> and has chosen not to pass on any msesages
<Appocomaster> but congratulations to you all
<Appocomaster> you ended up with a fair margin of win, Wishmaster, but I know that you were a bit nervous with a few days to go
<Appocomaster> did you feel like the whole universe was out to get you?
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> hehe
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> apprime and tgv were. I had alot of help from the other "half" of the uni
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> got alot of out of tag defence from megarock,spore,fang and ct
<Appocomaster> do you think it was more difficult being in an alliance that finished #10 ?
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> I spose
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> but good thing apprime went FR/DE
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> so I could cover it from out of tag aswell :)
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> like someone said - having cardi as #2 is the best you can have when you are #1
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> :D
<Appocomaster> was that the key reason why you managed to stay #1?
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> I told newt I wouldnt do an oscar speech :(
<Appocomaster> haha
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> but there are quite a few I have to thank
<Appocomaster> he got his mention, but I'm sure yuo can thank a few people :-)
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> ay
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> Nightwolf was up all night all this week dcing my incs. This is more his win than mine :)
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> Striker helped since beginning, hell, even newt dced for me a night!!!
<Appocomaster> (did he have nothing better to do at work?)
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> galaxy grounded to def - even deffed vs their alliance to help me. So big thanks to Pokes, Tigger and Chimpie <3
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> he was probably bored! :D
<Appocomaster> ps. yuo realise Pea is still armed ;)
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> oh!
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> but tbh, all of Innuendo grounded for me the last week... got up at night to send - recall and resend def
<Appocomaster> do you think that being out of the main alliance block helped - people wanted to support you just to spite them?
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> yes, no doubt about that
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> anyway - big thanks to all who grounded - and sent me def even when they had incs themselves. Great group of peopel in Innuendo :) So this is a teamwin
<Appocomaster> any final thanks or comments?
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> my BG from megarock also provided alot of nice co fleets in def, etc etc
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> ye - one comment!
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> <Badd[phone]> Gratz wishmaster on the least deserved pa planet win ever
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> Have you forgotten my r34 win?
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> :D
<Appocomaster> or your r25 #3 place?
<Appocomaster> it's better than your rank last round, which was ~652 ;)
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> ey, that one was deserved iirc. :p
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> hehe. I had no intentions of playing
<Appocomaster> anyway, thank you
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> I randomed into a good gal
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> got roided to 100 roids? planned to emoquit
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> then Truehatred donated me 3mil res, so I felt too bad to emoquit
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> then Notrik and cartman smsed me targets to send on - I sent... then got sms to land or recall
<Appocomaster> well, well done Truehatred :p
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> all of them somehow landed... and I got no incs :o and suddenly I was in top 10 and #1 size
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> I only played planetarion for 1 week this round. and that was too much according to my gf :(
<Appocomaster> rl is hard :(
<Appocomaster> JBG did a simialr thing though
<Appocomaster> in around r16
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> quality beats activity!
<Appocomaster> work, come home, go to pub, come back, launch, go to sleep, wake up, recall or land, repeat
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> idd
<Appocomaster> it shows how important teamwork is :)
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> if you dont get incs, u dont need to spend alot of time playing planetarion
<Appocomaster> NAPs ;)
<Appocomaster> anyway, congratulations and it's uite a way to end if your girlfriend is going to suggest you cut back :P
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> oh ye. I had a "nap" with apprime. which lasted till cardi realised I could win. then he kicked me and set up attacks
<Appocomaster> such is the Planetarion way!
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> but by then it was too late :p
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> fun last week
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> my planet saw alot of fleets flying
<Appocomaster> I'll look at stats later maybe :)
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> nto had this much fun with pa for ages :)
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> oh, and gz to Zhil for making top100!
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> that will make his day :)
<Appocomaster> anyway, thank you
<Appocomaster> and now onto Raul
<Appocomaster> congratulations, Raul :)
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> tks =D
<Appocomaster> this is your fourth round playing?
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> i guess tird
<Appocomaster> round 48 was a learning round? :)
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> oo yes i played r48 some tick
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> in xvx i guess
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> dont remember
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> =p
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> how have you found the game? there are now quite a few Brazilians here, and here you are, #3 :)
<Appocomaster> I think you are the first one in the top 3?
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> i used to play a Pa clone in brazil
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> a brazilian who play pa years ago copy your site
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> hahahaha
<Appocomaster> well, many have done it :)
<Appocomaster> it's good to see you've decided to come and play here too
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> then i have some experience in tickbaseds
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> have a lot of diferents
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> this game is 10000 times better then the brazilian
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> much more tecnology
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> but in final is the same
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> attck, take roids
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> and defence
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> =p
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> it is quite simple once you get the hang of it
<Appocomaster> :)
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> i yes, i guess i am the firs brazilian on t3... but more will come
<Appocomaster> I have no doubts!
<Appocomaster> how did apprime and your galaxy help you to win?
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> man
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> i have much lucky this round
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> i was in a gal
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> reciving incs all day
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> with my friends inned and mxy
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> then we exile
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> and in first exile in join 6 3
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> without 6 3 i cant be top 3
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> who was most helpful in 6:3?
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> and apprime... well i need to thanks a lot apprime
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> everyone
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> nice gal
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> everyone helps
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> and i need to thank a lot for apprime
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> because i dont start the round in apprime
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> all brazilians was in fang
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> then they have the exelent ideia to kick us
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> thanks fang for that, other way i am not here
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> =p
<Appocomaster> oh? that was mean :P
<Appocomaster> but lucky for you, yes ;)
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> then apprime give me a place to play
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> with my players
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> 15 noob brazilains
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> tks cardi for that
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> =]
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> yes
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> thank all you ace players who called us noobs! then thank fang for having kicked us with no reason, a true backstab, and sent us to the universe alianceless if u guys havent kicked us i would never be #3 thanks to cardi and app HCs (and a few players, rest dont like us =p), gave us a house to play and a real and special thank for all brazilians,
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> new players, new in community, not that much liked (just bcoz we have more womens and we are more happy, ppl get jealous) -- BG #fenomenal BRAZIL FTW -- we are the best ever
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> the best team in world football ever
<Appocomaster> hehe
<Appocomaster> thank you :)
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> wait
<Appocomaster> oh?
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> i need to say some words
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> in portuguese
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> for my friends
<Appocomaster> hmm
<Appocomaster> google translate is standing by :P
<Appocomaster> okay
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> Valeuuu galera e nois porra
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> esses gringo manja nada
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> vlw a ajuda o/
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> top ้ nosso
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> nใo soh meu
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> proximo round tem mais
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> ihulll
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> done =D
<Appocomaster> hmm
<[Inn]Wish[NOR]> One more thing: next round newt will be in eorc! So you can look forward to that Appocomaster :)
<Appocomaster> "thanks" :P
<Appocomaster> lol
<[AppBRAZIL]RaUl> thanks for my fiance too
<Appocomaster> it'd be fun to see him here
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> well done to all three of you
<Appocomaster> next up, we have 3:3
<Appocomaster> who topped the top galaxy by some distance
<Appocomaster> I'll try and find them all
<[MKSMA]Shev> Basically anyone with a wallet tag
<Appocomaster> and you, cos you're special?
<[MKSMA]Shev> You know it
<[WALLET]IsilX> voice irv :p
<[WALLET]euler> or bette rnot!
<[WALLET]euler> noooo
<Appocomaster> I thought I got him
<[WALLET]Irvine> ๐Ÿ˜
<[WALLET]Irvine> Tgv are nubs
<Appocomaster> pfft
<[WALLET]Irvine> ๐Ÿ˜
<Appocomaster> irvine, be nice
<Appocomaster> or i'll devoice you
<Appocomaster> anyone else?
<[WALLET]euler> that's all
<Appocomaster> shaz, Tulling, rasputin, Sleepless and Mikee
<[WALLET]Irvine> I am being nice!
<Appocomaster> are the others that made up the top galaxy
<Appocomaster> who was GC? :P
<[WALLET]euler> Hasnub
<[MKSMA]Shev> Er
<[MKSMA]Shev> Yeah
<[WALLET]euler> but he had no voice nor power
<Appocomaster> haha
<[WALLET]euler> He was our little biatch
<Appocomaster> oh well
<Appocomaster> he gets the galaxy credits
<Appocomaster> so be nice to him
<[WALLET]euler> I mean
<[WALLET]euler> hasu the boss
<[WALLET]euler> my best pa bff
<[WALLET]Irvine> Ergh
<Appocomaster> ^5 [WALLET]HaSu
<[WALLET]Irvine> Hr credits. Goes to my accont!
<Appocomaster> you have way enough :p
<Appocomaster> anyway, congrats guys
<[WALLET]Irvine> I hold the other 8 gal credits !
<Appocomaster> how did you pull off the win?
<Appocomaster> and why is Forest apparently so involved in it?
<[MKSMA]Shev> Organised exiles, all concentrating on FR
<[WALLET]euler> and mass donations
<[MKSMA]Shev> Though the donation really just move value around
<Appocomaster> the galaxy or the alliances?
<[MKSMA]Shev> Galaxy
<[WALLET]euler> just ingal
<Appocomaster> we have noticed donations doubling this round compared to previous rounds
<[WALLET]Irvine> Lol I got a donation last 19 ticks while being top 28 planet
<[MKSMA]Shev> I don't think anyone had an alliance donation
<[WALLET]euler> shaz and me started covopping and I stopped after tick 400 or so, shaz continued all round
<[WALLET]euler> we got 50+ 25M donations ingal
<Appocomaster> didn't want to put you to shame ;P
<[MKSMA]Shev> No point trying to compete with shaz on activity
<[WALLET]euler> yeah lol
<[WALLET]euler> shaz next round I will covop more than you!
<Appocomaster> shaz has 7 top 10 finishes :/ one of the best records post r30 I think
<[MKSMA]Shev> Yeah, take advantage of her being pregnant, it's about the only chance
<[WALLET]Irvine> She is pregnant?
<[WALLET]Irvine> Omfg
<[WALLET]euler> I think the mass FR strat was very helpful both for attackign and deffing
<[MKSMA]Shev> But yeah, the donations were pretty crazy and meant we accumulated value on less planets faster
<[WALLET]Dav> <+[WALLET]euler> we got 50+ 25M donations ingal <---- the nublet mean 25x 50mil Donation hand outs ingal
<[WALLET]Irvine> She didnt tell me๐Ÿ˜’
<[WALLET]euler> errr yeah dav that
<[WALLET]euler> :D
<[WALLET]IsilX> is arc the dad or not
<Appocomaster> why did you go for fr? just trying to fort it?
<[MKSMA]Shev> Which meant our FR fleets made us very hard to hit, along with our gigantic fence
<[WALLET]IsilX> someoen confirm
<[WALLET]euler> only when he finds his wallet!
<[MKSMA]Shev> One class defence makes it easy
<[MKSMA]Shev> And being able to stack all our value in one class across the gal meant we covered some incs with a stupidly low number of fleets
<[WALLET]IsilX> yeah, if someone has seen arcs wallet please let him know
<Appocomaster> oh eksero has 9 top 10 finishes since round 30 (and is missing but was part of this galaxy :) )
<[MKSMA]Shev> Eks got 7 incs all round
<[MKSMA]Shev> Deserves no credit
<Appocomaster> how did you handle the different alliance politics?
<[WALLET]Irvine> Eks is nub too
<[WALLET]Irvine> ๐Ÿ˜œ
<[WALLET]euler> eks is like alucky charm, nothing more
<[MKSMA]Shev> By complaining at each other most of the time
<[WALLET]euler> and trolling through whatsapp
<[WALLET]Irvine> LoL
<[MKSMA]Shev> Dav and Irv spent the round defending against each other
<Appocomaster> whatsapp groups?
<[MKSMA]Shev> Then whining on Whatsapp about it
<[WALLET]IsilX> god, whatsapp
<[WALLET]IsilX> msut be like 20k messages this round
<[WALLET]Irvine> Threathening own gal mates
<[WALLET]Irvine> Lol
<[WALLET]euler> we have an awesome whatsapp group with 300+ messages when you stopepd checking a coupel of hours
<Appocomaster> you addicts :|
<[WALLET]euler> but most was bullshitting and trolling, not much about real strat or organizing stuff
<[MKSMA]Shev> (Also on the subject of defence, some incredible ND dcing on Sleepless for anyone who missed it http://game.planetarion.com/show_ne...s8iucl1wu75wyh)
<Appocomaster> anyone you want to thank in particul;ar?
<[MKSMA]Shev> In all honesty we were very inactive
<[WALLET]Irvine> Lol
<[MKSMA]Shev> So few incs we didn't need to do much or get much help
<[MKSMA]Shev> Shaz is the only one of us to put real time and effort in I think
<[WALLET]euler> shaz was the real winner
<Appocomaster> as always :p
<[WALLET]Dav> also 1 more thing.... if people wondered what our gal name, fleet names, gal pic and r/p themes are about... this is why....
<[WALLET]euler> we want to thank arc because if he hadn't lost his wallet we wouldn't have had the strength enough to pull this round
<Appocomaster> what??
<Appocomaster> seriously? :p
<[WALLET]Dav> <+Munin> <@arc> he is gone <@arc> took all the cash in my wallet <@arc> and my fuckin phone <@arc> .sms arc im sorry mate, but can i have my phone back please? <@zawze> .sms arc Hi, this is the internet friends of ARC, PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR GFs NUMBER <@Hosie> you gutless bastard arc <@arc> i need my fone for pa (1 more quotes match this search)
<[WALLET]euler> *ARC AFTER LOSING PHONE + WALLET* <@arc> im alive <@arc> trying to sober up <@Kila> did he come back? <@arc> no, ill kick his ass if he does <@arc> fucker took my cash and my phone <@Kila> like you did when he took your phone amirite? <@Hosie> just like the first time when you gave him everything? <@Domantaz> .sms arc come back bitch, ill kick your ass this time! <@arc> STOP Domantaz
<[MKSMA]Shev> Congrats to Wish and to App, well deserved wins, and to Zhil for his top 100 finish
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> that explains wallet
<[WALLET]IsilX> idd congrats to app
<[WALLET]IsilX> winning with 15 brazilians in tag
<[WALLET]IsilX> and nelitos friends
<[WALLET]IsilX> not easy
<Appocomaster> so what was this about Forest, btw?
<[WALLET]Irvine> Hmm
<[WALLET]Irvine> Can I add soemthing
<[MKSMA]Shev> No idea, I think he emo quit some alliance
<Appocomaster> please be careful
<[MKSMA]Shev> Nothing we noticed
<[WALLET]Dav> yeah sorry :S forgot to make the quotes kid friendly :p
<[WALLET]HaSu> think he and mikee are best friends
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[WALLET]Irvine> Thx to my peons FAnG who continued playing after being bashed 800 ticks 400 ticks from end last round and 400 ticks into his round
<[WALLET]Dav> Thanks to our alliances for their support
<[WALLET]Irvine> And clouds you are a troll
<[WALLET]Irvine> Lol
<[WALLET]Irvine> Cost you ally win
<[WALLET]Irvine> And thx cardi
<[WALLET]Dav> oh and zzhou for failing to cov op a planet down from 100 roids to 0
<[WALLET]Dav> he got stuck with 5 roids to go :(
<[WALLET]Irvine> Thx the gal
<[WALLET]Irvine> And shaz
<[WALLET]Dav> congrats to hosie for upping the said planets stealth (2.3.3)
<[WALLET]Irvine> Thx fal
<[WALLET]Irvine> Gal
<Appocomaster> :)
<[WALLET]Irvine> We did it again
<[WALLET]Irvine> 4/5
<[WALLET]Dav> And thanks to our team :)
<[WALLET]Dav> lost count how many times
<[WALLET]Dav> you haters need to try better next time o/
<[WALLET]Dav> competition was lame :(
<[WALLET]Irvine> Thx forest
<Appocomaster> almost forgot the non wallet sneaky Shev :o
<Appocomaster> well, thanks to 3:3 for providing their rambling summary of their round
<Appocomaster> and the key parts played, seemingly by shaz and arc
<Appocomaster> so, finally, we come to Apprime
<Appocomaster> who have won planetarion probably almost every other round they play
<Appocomaster> if not better
<Appocomaster> well, roughly :P
<Appocomaster> hello, sirs
<Cain> sup pal
<Golan> Let me start out by saying, zhil, zhil and zhil
<Appocomaster> oh he's been begging everyone to mention him
<Cain> yes hello?
<Appocomaster> (zhil)
<Appocomaster> and apparently it's closer to 1/3 but anyway :)
<Cain> doesnt he like asses? :D
<Cain> zhil i mean
<Appocomaster> hmm?
<Cain> ok but eh anything happening
<Cain> i almost pass out mang
<Appocomaster> hah
<Appocomaster> wow
<Appocomaster> did you block with tgv first and then the universe turn against you, or?
<Cain> well
<Cain> it went abit differently
<Cain> it was about 3 days into the round
<Cain> and i had this dream
<Appocomaster> (apparently forest is telling me that forest and zhil have a competitino, but forest is losing and that is making forest unhappy)
<Cain> u might not believe it
<Cain> yeayea ok appoc
<Cain> back to my dream
<Cain> i was visited in my sleep by obama (not kidding)
<Cain> he told me yes i can
<Appocomaster> oh dear
<Cain> and i signed up
<Cain> thats where it started
<Cain> it was on
<Appocomaster> hi Golan
<Appocomaster> please try and bring some sanity to Cain
<Cain> i would
<Cain> but u dont let me finish :(
<Appocomaster> well hurry up
<Appocomaster> :p
<Cain> wow its not a simple story
<Cain> anyway
<Cain> i signed up because obama told me ND was being shi t again
<Cain> as they always are
<Appocomaster> please be nice
<Cain> but earlier that round maxmillian signed up also
<Cain> ah yes sorry
<Cain> anyway we both signed up, and when me and max sign up
<Cain> well app just wins
<Cain> we saw tgv had some potential so we took their hand also
<Cain> teach them
<Cain> hence their rank
<Cain> till a day ago tho
<Cain> right
<Cain> is there anything specific you want to know?
<Appocomaster> yes
<Cain> cause i could talk all day
<Appocomaster> are you on something legal?
<Cain> here it is.
<Golan> :D
<Appocomaster> Golan: how about your thoughts
<Appocomaster> ?
<Cain> Golan has none ;p
<Cain> she just does
<Golan> My thoughts are that that our masterpiece this round was cardi not talking to anyone except apprime
<Appocomaster> haha
<Golan> that was the key to fewer inc
<Appocomaster> wow
<Golan> and then we just initiated roids
<Appocomaster> but he got roided still by Forest?
<Golan> cardi was also best at that, so he ended 2nd
<Appocomaster> I never knew someone could init so many roids
<Cain> oh
<Cain> i thought this was about allywin
<Appocomaster> yeah
<Appocomaster> but :p
<Cain> why do we talk about cardi?
<Cain> nono
<Cain> no more cardi talk
<Cain> pls
<Appocomaster> sorry
<Cain> np
<Cain> oh btw
<Cain> norton airlines
<Cain> there.
<Appocomaster> how did you feel apparently ruling the uni with tgv?
<Appocomaster> for so long?
<Appocomaster> was it boring?
<Cain> well
<Golan> definitely thanks to TGV, I think we both could have played a better round but end result wasn't so bad
<Cain> in apprime we are bored of winning
<Cain> cause we always win
<Cain> but this time we tried so hard not to win appoc
<Cain> so hard
<Cain> i needed therapy
<Appocomaster> there were rumours you'd disband half the alliance?
<Cain> sure
<Appocomaster> to give tgv the win?
<Cain> we do that usually when we might win
<Cain> nearly always
<Cain> but it was to much effort i guess
<Cain> im sorry but those ND/CT alliance peeps keep nicktalking
<Cain> cant focus
<Appocomaster> Golan, any final summary on key points in the round you feel?
<Cain> Appoc, canดt you disable nick changing? ct/nd are a little bitter we keep slapping them every round they dont obey us
<Appocomaster> the bot bans those who change nicknames too much
<Appocomaster> :D
<Cain> 1 time no condom is too much
<Appocomaster> wow, Forest is getting a lot of love
<Appocomaster> haha
<Golan> I don't think there were any key points really, we just kept going at the same pace and activity from start to end
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> anything yuo'd have done differently?
<Cain> feeling ignored ;<
<Appocomaster> sorry
<Appocomaster> just summarising
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<Cain> ok the summary
<Cain> we started playing
<Appocomaster> we did the summary :)
<Cain> took the homeless brazil ppl who have to much spare time
<Cain> well im doing a little more for the lesser gifted
<Cain> need to reach everyone who plays pa
<Cain> so favela brazils
<Cain> war miningpage furiously
<Cain> like
<Cain> 6 fleeting
<Golan> Don't forget escorts
<Cain> farm the crapper alliances
<Cain> ah ye escorts
<Cain> farm ND
<Cain> farm CT
<Cain> then blockincs started and we sided with tgv
<Cain> cause we are good pals
<Golan> Thanks to Rexdrax/Clouds/Baddars for cooperation and mutual help, to Fightin-irish for booking a wave once a week and ofc to Wishmaster for giving us something to hate
<Golan> next round, big plans
<Golan> Don't hate!
<Golan> <3
<Cain> we slap the block, they slap us, we slap them, they slap tgv, we won
<Cain> summary done
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> well done, Cain
<Cain> and.
<Appocomaster> you can have a star
<Appocomaster> (*)
<Cain> norton airlines
<Cain> and cardi/forst/bbutcher/zhil
<Golan> zhil zhil 11-10
<Cain> next round migger airlines will be back
<Appocomaster> Golan: you didn't say Forest :o
<Appocomaster> thanks to you both
<Appocomaster> so, thanks to that slightly gentle stroll through their history
<Appocomaster> of this last round
<Appocomaster> now time for the tag count
<Pi> 10: FI - 6
<Pi> 9: FAnG - 6
<Pi> 8: APP - 7
<Pi> 7: Spore - 8
<Pi> 6: ODDR - 8
<Pi> 5: Inn - 13
<Pi> 4: TGV - 14
<Pi> 3: CT - 14
<Pi> 2: HR - 16
<Pi> 1: ND - 34
<Appocomaster> well done to ND for getting a huge amount of people in as alawys :)
<Appocomaster> thanks to you all for your attention
<Appocomaster> we'll try and get anouncements up about beta and stats and any key changes for next round soon
<Appocomaster> currently we have a long list of minor bug fixes to wade through :(