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  • Round 107 Ticks Start: Friday 31st May 2024

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Round 52 Update

An update on Round 52!

Submissions for Round 52 names are now open. Please e-mail suggestions to round52@planetarion.com, with the subject "Round Name Suggestion". Submissions will be open until Tuesday 14th, with the winner (selected on a public poll) getting a free credit.

Signups open: Friday, 24th May by 21:00 GMT
Ticks start: Friday, 31st May at 20:00 GMT
Ticks finish: Friday, 19th July at 20:00 GMT.

The Round 52 beta server is available here, with the #beta irc channel on netgamers available for the latest news. Ticks will start during the week - more information will be discussed on IRC.

Round 52 beta stats will be updated on the beta server. Changes will be discussed and listed on the Round 52 stats forum thread.

Round 52 will have the same galaxy setup as Round 51:
-Buddy packs can contain between 2 and 4 players total, and must be formed before tick 12 (07:00 GMT on Saturday 1st June). Galaxies created during the "shuffle" at tick 12 will be formed around these buddy packs.
-On or after tick 336, a code will be made available on the politics page for all ministers of the galaxy. This code can be used by planets signing up or in protection to join that galaxy. The amount of planets that can late join is calcualted as follows:
6 - [amount of buddy-packed planets in the galaxy at tick 12]

Being in the same galaxy as another planet allows you to see the attacks on your galaxy, send defence fleets to other members of the galaxy more quickly, share resources, and, if trusted, see the attack and defence missions of your galaxy outside the galaxy. It is an important part of the support structure of the game, and why chosing your buddy pack carefully is so important.

Alliance limits for Round 52 will also remain static, with a total limit of 60 members and with 50 members counting towards the total score.

Further changes will be announced closer to signup.