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EoRC Round 50: 01/03/2013

<Lunar_Lamp> Right, time to hand over to our (relatively) tame developer.
<Lunar_Lamp> Some say that he hand calculates every single combat battle, and that each line of code he has ever written consists of his name printed 10 times.
<Lunar_Lamp> All we know is that he's called Appocomaster.
<Appocomaster> thank you, Lunar
<Appocomaster> Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen!
<Appocomaster> And anyone else who is around and doesn't fit into any of the aforementioned categories
<Appocomaster> welcome to another edition of the End of Round Ceremony. Tonight, we'll be (un)covering the events behind Round 50
<Appocomaster> We will interview the top planets, galaxy and alliance representatives
<Appocomaster> and then have the world-famous allcomp
<Appocomaster> We shall start with the top 3 planets from this round: Pablitem (7:7:5), Dealer (7:8:7), and Golan (7:8:5)
<Appocomaster> from Apprime, Ultores and Apprime respectively
<Pablitem> man that was close
<Pablitem> xD
<[7_8]Dealer> very
<Appocomaster> thank you for waiting for me to voice you before changing your nickname, Dealer :p
<Pablitem> it's been a while
<[7_8]Dealer> ;)
<Appocomaster> congrats to you all
<Pablitem> thank you
<Appocomaster> quite tight at the top there, guys
<Pablitem> its been one of the closest i can remember :D
<[7_8]Dealer> went right down the wire, which was fun
<Pablitem> there are probably more
<Appocomaster> with Armageddon from TGV pushing Golan for 3rd too
<Pablitem> this round was very interesting all and all :) not only for planet butt allies, and gals
<Appocomaster> so Pablitem, we'll start with you
<Pablitem> ok :)
<Appocomaster> nervous day?
<Appocomaster> did you worry that Dealer would get you in the final ticks?
<Pablitem> yeah you have no idea
<Pablitem> i thought Ulotres would crash to give dealer the win
<Pablitem> but it seems some comunication issues made them recall
<[7_8]Dealer> we almost did ;)
<Pablitem> :D
<Appocomaster> was it an Apprime vs Ultores fight?
<Appocomaster> or more a planet, or galaxy, rivalry?
<Pablitem> most like block A vs BLock B as it usually is
<Pablitem> ally rivalry went down in th efinal week i think when all it was left was gal/planet
<Pablitem> for botoh Ultores and APP
<Pablitem> damn i'm bad writing in english hahaha sorry :P
<Appocomaster> do you feel Apprime were split between you and Golan?
<Appocomaster> it's okay
<Appocomaster> we'll put it down to excitement
<Pablitem> well its hard, but i think we did great to keep both on top and both our gals made sacrifices in the end
<Pablitem> plenty
<Pablitem> GOlan saved me a lot of times tbh
<Appocomaster> did having him in your rival's galaxy help?
<Pablitem> nah it was an APP gal
<[7_8]Golan> can we have fewer questions about me when it's pabli's interview please :>
<Pablitem> hahaha
<[7_8]Dealer> shh Golan!
<Pablitem> :D
<Pablitem> tbh i don't have much to say
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> apart from today, were there any key moments between you, Dealer and any others?
<Pablitem> i didn't even intended to win until i landed on notrik thanx to nastynick and templar
<Pablitem> http://game.planetarion.com/show_ne...bjdx84wlm2mkw7x
<Pablitem> there
<Pablitem> that is the moment i thought i could do it and gal and ally suppported me
<Appocomaster> quite late on in the round
<Pablitem> yeah but i managed to keep roids inspite our ally in war most of the round
<Pablitem> taht is all thanx to APPRIME and my awesome gal
<Appocomaster> is there anyone in particular you'd like to thank, from either of those?
<Pablitem> hmm lets see
<Appocomaster> (first officially linked combat report in an EoRC though)
<Pablitem> from my gal the awesome BP tobbe, Qerr, Pattyy (best brazilian player period :P also sexiest), templar of course, also dogg, chimpie, masterwizard for defending me pre block wars
<Pablitem> hehehe
<Pablitem> NOrton Airlines (norton, dza, radulfes, dace) for always arriving on destinaion
<Pablitem> dimex, cham, k2k for dending me and scorting me, all of apprime players tbh
<Pablitem> Inforza of course :) for mental support
<Pablitem> and Fast for scorts and all the help
<Pablitem> hahaha so many to thank
<Pablitem> of course to apprime scanner team
<Pablitem> night_sky rocks
<Appocomaster> (by my calculations, you've thanked about 10% of the universe :P)
<Pablitem> Nicole, and punther of course
<Pablitem> they always come when called
<Pablitem> haha yeah
<Pablitem> so many people to thank :)
<Appocomaster> well, it's good you have such a good support network?
<Pablitem> they are always cool people
<Appocomaster> any more, or we shall DASH onto Dealer
<Appocomaster> sitting, nursing a broken heart as he is
<Pablitem> its alwasy good, you can't survive in PA without it
<Pablitem> hmm yes
<Pablitem> one more thing
<Pablitem> thanks Zwastic for organizing hit on armaggedon
<Pablitem> hehehe :D
<Appocomaster> aww
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> <3 armageddon
<Appocomaster> *armaggedon
<Appocomaster> your time will come
<Appocomaster> ok, thank you Pablitem
<Appocomaster> another record, I think, for most thanked people!
<Pablitem> ok ND thanx for participating :P sorry MM
<Appocomaster> so, Dealer, not the best situation for you, obviously
<Pablitem> Zwan i hate you a bit still
<Appocomaster> but pretty close
<Appocomaster> did you think you'd get it?
<[7_8]Dealer> i left yesterday to attend a family funeral today, so was out of the loop, shame really. I thought i had until my attack teamup pulled a bit too soon before i could calc it
<Appocomaster> ouch :/
<Appocomaster> not ideal circumstances
<[7_8]Dealer> not really, but hey, cant be helped
<[7_8]Dealer> i never really set out for planet success
<[7_8]Dealer> my stockpile didnt go unnoticed for long enough
<[7_8]Dealer> raised too many eyebrows
<Appocomaster> so you still tried for the top?
<[7_8]Dealer> with 400 mil in the bank peeps were talking about me being #1
<[7_8]Dealer> so thats when i kinda started to believe
<[7_8]Dealer> but then i got the hate mail from carDi :p
<Appocomaster> you've been in the top 20 since around tick 300 though
<[7_8]Dealer> App had left me alone most of the round, then saw me as a threat
<Appocomaster> top 10 since tick 700
<Appocomaster> then your sneaky spend this week!
<[7_8]Dealer> spent due to App incs on Monday
<[7_8]Dealer> App Team Fr (Norton Airlines)
<Appocomaster> ah ha
<[7_8]Dealer> crushed them yesterday finally :)
<Appocomaster> well, some victory there
<Appocomaster> who do you wish to thank for getting you this high?
<Appocomaster> first time in top 3, iirc
<[7_8]Dealer> i was 3rd 2 rounds ago
<[7_8]Dealer> n00b
<Pablitem> xD
<Appocomaster> ahh
<Appocomaster> you had a different nickname
<Appocomaster> I scanned for Dealer :/
<Appocomaster> I thought you'd been here before
<[7_8]Golan> Knight's pimp
<[7_8]Dealer> yup ;)
<[7_8]Dealer> thx always to Knight, he's my main man
<[7_8]Dealer> attack and def together
<Appocomaster> ah ha
<[7_8]Dealer> Clouds and TGV for not bashing me til today
<Appocomaster> <3 Clouds
<[7_8]Dealer> The Apps in my gal for keeping carDi at bay til final week
<[7_8]Dealer> Ult ofc for their efforts these last few days in throwing their support behind me
<[7_8]Dealer> trouble we had in Ult was quite a few had a decent shot at T3
<[7_8]Dealer> so know one really knew who was best to support
<Appocomaster> the price of success
<[7_8]Dealer> had a superb gal tbh
<Appocomaster> final thanks?
<[7_8]Dealer> always looking out for each other
<Appocomaster> you can talk abuot them in a minute
<[7_8]Dealer> final thx to Ult, again
<[7_8]Dealer> most of them are top drawer
<[7_8]Dealer> i wont name the shitters in there
<Appocomaster> ahem :/
<Appocomaster> I'll bring pea back!
<[7_8]Dealer> ah he just showed up
<[7_8]Dealer> lol
<Appocomaster> pfft
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> well, thank you Dealer
<[7_8]Dealer> soz Apocco, moving on then
<Appocomaster> and, in 3 rounds, you can get another place up? :p
<[7_8]Dealer> ofc
<Appocomaster> quick quick type final thanks
<Appocomaster> then we will get to Golan, who has been waiting so patiently
<[7_8]Dealer> move on to Golan
<[7_8]Dealer> i've thanked the gal and ult
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> GolaN!
<[7_8]Golan> Hi Appocomaster, did you miss me?
<Appocomaster> welcome back
<Appocomaster> yeah
<Appocomaster> it's been so lnog ..
<Appocomaster> *long
<Appocomaster> if we gave frequent flier miles, you'd have more than most :/
<[7_8]Golan> :D
<Appocomaster> so, third again
<[7_8]Golan> third again, but first time gal win so it was a nervous day
<[7_8]Golan> We'll talk about that in a min though
<Appocomaster> yep
<Appocomaster> top 10 since before tick 800, never dropping out
<[7_8]Golan> To run through my round shortly, I signed up at tick 48 and ended in this gal with a few alliance mates
<[7_8]Golan> Thought it would be a good place for a quiet round
<[7_8]Golan> As it turns out, it was an even better place to grow
<[7_8]Golan> I got immense support from the galaxy and especially MortalP, Spammer and Motti, my app alliance mates
<Appocomaster> what happened a couple of days in?
<[7_8]Golan> I would not be here without them
<Appocomaster> you had a huge rank jump
<Appocomaster> you've had a few nice lands :P
<[7_8]Golan> I probably just landed for xp :)
<[7_8]Golan> Something I learned way back in NFU ;)
<[7_8]Golan> To answer your question from earlier if I may
<[7_8]Golan> There was no split in apprime between me and Pabli
<[7_8]Golan> we both got the support we needed
<[7_8]Golan> It was a little weird being in galaxy with 2 other top4 planets, but we stayed friendly and defended each other till the end
<[7_8]Golan> not thinking about our personal rank
<Appocomaster> final thanks? :)
<[7_8]Golan> definitely thanks to Cham, k2k and Nicole, covered many xan fi solo incs on me with beetles :)
<[7_8]Golan> MortalP and Motti for helping with all the bcalcs
<[7_8]Golan> and cardi for never choosing the easy way to do things ;)
<Appocomaster> well, thanks
<Appocomaster> :)
<Pablitem> the 3 8 gal shield FTW
<Appocomaster> finally, quick question: did race choice make a difference to you guys?
<[7_8]Golan> yes
<Pablitem> for me yes, zik was hard to roid really hard once i could jeep my value
<Pablitem> *keep
<Pablitem> but zik salvage sucks xD
<[7_8]Golan> It's funny with 3 different races in the top3, but for me ter was perfect, I got nearly only xan fi inc and we had a very easy time covering it
<[7_8]Golan> compared to incs on others
<Appocomaster> Dealer?
<[7_8]Dealer> Beets were very efficient
<[7_8]Dealer> i had huge amount very early on
<[7_8]Dealer> which we'll disucc in a min
<[7_8]Dealer> discuss*
<Appocomaster> okay :)
<Appocomaster> well, thanks to you all
<Appocomaster> we'll move onto galaxies now
<Appocomaster> now onto the top galaxy, 7:8
<Appocomaster> who managed to finish ahead of their arch-rivals, 6:3
<Appocomaster> :)
<[7_8]Dealer> get Arma up here plz
<Appocomaster> yes
<[7_8]Dealer> he deserves a moment
<[7_8]Golan> [7_8]ArmAgedroi
<Appocomaster> just a special
<Appocomaster> well done
<Appocomaster> so close :(
<Appocomaster> #1 for most of the last 2-3 days
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> Hi
<[7_8]Dealer> his escorts came a day early :p
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> What a finale
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> True story
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> It was a nice battle
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> But like Golan said, all three of us put gal win first
<[7_8]Dealer> As a gal, we need to mention THE FOCKERS btw. They warred us for the first 2 weeks before offering us terms of a surrender, we took pity and accepted ofc. Guess they didnt like our SK's
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> Haha fockers
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> I love you guys
<[7_8]Golan> they are called the smurfs now.
<Appocomaster> the rest of you :)
<Appocomaster> so congrats guys
<[7_8]Dealer> we pumped Beets and Infys big time for them guys
<[7_8]MortalP> ty
<Appocomaster> sorry, I had to pick you all out, a few fake nickers
<[7_8][App]Motti> :-D
<[7_8]DRGINGE> o/
<Appocomaster> congrats all
<Appocomaster> so, how close was it in reality?
<[7_8]Dealer> the main aim though was to beat the HC gal (7:5)
<[7_8][App]Motti> I did my part also, think my BS landed maybe 500 roids or more from smurfs
<[7_8]Dealer> some very dubious tactics from them
<[7_8][App]Motti> 700 even
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> For sure
<[7_8][App]Motti> It led to us getting heavy incs parts of round
<[7_8]Golan> MortalP did a lot of defending, Arma did a lot of drunk cab riding, Tanukki did a lot of attacking, DRGINGE did a lot of whining at fang, Golan did a lot of faking, DZ did a lot of hiding in bed, Dealer did a lot of stacking, Motti did a lot of calc'ing, Spammer did a lot of being on his phone, expl8t did a lot of moving big files, Amnion did a lot of full stops. cB40 did a lot of dirty
<[7_8]Golan> women, kudzu did a lot of gangnam style, deras did a lot of saving Tanzania, Truhatred did a lot of true hating(!), Link27 did a lot of surprising
<[7_8]Golan> !
<[7_8]Dealer> and splitting the gal politically
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> Lol Golan
<[7_8][App]Motti> But, with app + some other allies we applied same method to 7:5, and that was the turning point
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> You were the most active and best DC all round long
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> Without you we wouldn't have made it
<Appocomaster> #1 MortalP [App] - #2 ArmAgeddon [TGV] - #3 Tanukki [Noo] - #4 DRGINGE [FAG] - #5 golan [App] - #6 Digitalzero [Noo] - #7 Dealer [RAT] - #8 mottiplotti [App] - #9 spammer [App] - #10 Expl8t [RAT] - #11 Amnion [Con] - #12 cb40 [nin] - #13 kudzu [How] - #14 deras [TGV] - #15 truhatred [FAG] - #16 link27
<[7_8]Dealer> aye true
<Appocomaster> (for reference, thanks Golan)
<Appocomaster> also,
<Appocomaster> +------+------+--------------+
<Appocomaster> | x | y | hostile_incs |
<Appocomaster> +------+------+--------------+
<Appocomaster> | 4 | 1 | 1151 |
<Appocomaster> | 7 | 5 | 1118 |
<Appocomaster> | 7 | 8 | 1068 |
<Appocomaster> | 6 | 3 | 1050 |
<Appocomaster> | 6 | 4 | 990 |
<Appocomaster> +------+------+--------------+
<Appocomaster> top 5 planets ^^
<Appocomaster> er *galaxies
<Appocomaster> with hostile incs
<[7_8][App]Motti> It is important to note
<[7_8][App]Motti> Most of 4:1 incs are probably zwan farming norton out of raid :-D
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> Hahaha
<[7_8][CT]Amnion> Hehe.
<Appocomaster> so, just to say, key moments in the round?
<[7_8]Dealer> lol
<[7_8]DRGINGE> 7 5 asked if we can up bp's to 10man next round as they need a couple more HC's to prevent any incs...
<[7_8][App]Motti> Yes Appocomaster
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> 7 5 had a lot of fockers incs for a week straight
<[7_8][App]Motti> One key night
<[7_8][App]Motti> Was when we got parts of 7;5 hit
<[7_8][App]Motti> Couple of days after we passed em and moved on to #1
<[7_8]Dealer> 7:8 handled fockers much better than 7:5 on the whole
<[7_8]Dealer> simples
<[7_8][App]Motti> Also, fun moment
<[7_8][App]Motti> Spammer, horrible HC according to Mikee
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> Oh before I forget, mouse is looking for scanners next round. Pm him </adds>
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> Mpulse lol
<[7_8][App]Motti> Setup fake raid in app with fake claims
<[7_8][App]Motti> And made teams in pm who in the ende lande 5/5 waves on him
<[7_8]DRGINGE> looks like all top 4 gals got more incs then ND.... wow
<[7_8][App]Motti> 5th wave fi faked as BS
<[7_8][App]Motti> :-D
<Appocomaster> so
<Appocomaster> thanks to anyone in particular? beyond Golan's summary
<Appocomaster> (he's such a pro at this summary stuff)
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> Hehe
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> I guess all our leaks lolol
<[7_8]MortalP> big thank to apprime to def us alot
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> Same for tgv. I owe them all!
<[7_8]Golan> DZ says hi, he wanted to make top10 but didn't and now he can't be on for eorc
<[7_8]DRGINGE> id like to thank FAnG who deserved more from the round but it wasnt to be......
<[7_8]Dealer> Ult def for me and Expl8t deserves a mention too.
<[7_8]Dealer> Ult were supposed to playing part time
<[7_8][CT]Amnion> I'd like to thank all the guys for their efforts in cross-defending and making the round one of the most interesting of all the 521 I've played so afr.
<[7_8]DRGINGE> also the Battlestar crew as we been shafted out of this position enough so its nice to represent :-)
<[7_8][App]Motti> Also
<Appocomaster> 521? I think you've been cheating, Amnion
<[7_8]Golan> thanks also to our #17 Link27 who gathered nearly 3.5 mill score in a week, that calmed us down a lot in the gal race :)
<[7_8][App]Motti> [7_8]Mark: in our gal morally!
<[7_8][App]Motti> http://game.planetarion.com/show_ne...ny5ijdsnhh1t57s
<[7_8][CT]Amnion> all the 52 I've played so far.
<[7_8][CT]Amnion> But it seems like 500 some times. :-)
<Appocomaster> for reference, 7:5 are saying they're at the back of the bar "not caring"
<Appocomaster> anyway, we need to get to ND!
<[7_8][CT]Amnion> LOL
<[7_8]Dealer> ofc they are
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> Hahahaha
<[7_8]Dealer> they set out to win the round from the outset
<[7_8][CT]Amnion> The eternal cry of the non-winners.
<[7_8][App]Motti> ^^ br from mikee, tobbe landing
<[7_8]Dealer> using their respective alliances to achieve their gal wins
<[7_8][App]Motti> http://game.planetarion.com/show_ne...ny5ijdsnhh1t57s
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> We can't help it we're just way better
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> well, thank you all
<[7_8]Golan> o/
<Appocomaster> hurry whilst I work out the devoice command
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> Alright Imma het drunk
<[7_8]ArmAgedroi> Nn
<[7_8]Dealer> b33r time
<[7_8]Golan> nn hf
<[7_8]Dealer> i'm retired now!
<[7_8][CT]Amnion> And I'm going to get some sleep.
<[7_8]Dealer> peace out
<[7_8][ND]Tanukk> thanks for not exiling me! :D
<[7_8][CT]Amnion> I'm too old for this....... !
<[7_8][App]Motti> Thnx for fun round!
<[7_8][App]Motti> Closest ive seen in a while
<[7_8]DRGINGE> sleep time
<Appocomaster> and finally, ND
<Appocomaster> who won by quite a reasonable margin
<Appocomaster> when I can find them all
<[ND]ManiacMagic> 10 years, ive been waiting for that voice
<Appocomaster> liar
<[ND]LeeAdama> yea MM
<[ND]LeeAdama> its been a while
<Appocomaster> you had another voice
<[ND]LeeAdama> tho you got it for top planet ;)
<Appocomaster> for epic amazingness
<[ND]ManiacMagic> well this time i didnt steal bowling shoes or leave a metting witha general to send def
<Appocomaster> oh man
<Appocomaster> you are still the best #1 we've ever had
<[ND]ManiacMagic> #3 :(
<Appocomaster> well
<Appocomaster> #3
<Appocomaster> you are the #1 #3 ?
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> anyway!
<[ND]ManiacMagic> lol
<Appocomaster> ND won :)
<[ND]LeeAdama> appoc
<[ND]LeeAdama> his head is big enough
<[ND]LeeAdama> don't go doing that please
<[ND]LeeAdama> but yea
<Appocomaster> so guys, congrats
<[ND]LeeAdama> we won
<[ND]LeeAdama> its been a WHILE
<[ND]LeeAdama> thank you :_
<[ND]LeeAdama> :)
<Appocomaster> Cat said you were responsible enough to get through this okay
<[ND]ManiacMagic> doubt it
<[ND]ManiacMagic> she is senile
<[ND]ManiacMagic> I mean ... I love catteh
<[ND][HC]Puppe> I'm here to keep them inline
<[ND]LeeAdama> MM
<[ND]LeeAdama> just take it an say thanks ;)
<[ND]LeeAdama> we were apparently just responsible enough
<Appocomaster> you won yeah
<Appocomaster> it was a slow day apparently
<[ND]ManiacMagic> ok lets go I got a down radar system thats been waiting for the EORC to finish for me to fix it
<Appocomaster> so, Puppe, if you're ready to paste? :p
<[ND]ManiacMagic> lol @ puppe
<[ND][HC]Puppe> I will paste when the mm and lee gets their things out of their chests =)
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> quickly then MM
<Appocomaster> summarise like the wind!
<[ND]LeeAdama> well
<[ND]LeeAdama> i want to first off thank our allies
<[ND]LeeAdama> Ultores and FANG
<[ND]ManiacMagic> First I would like to give thanks to Jesus, The American Flag, and the Republican party.
<[ND]LeeAdama> we were close with fang last round, but ult was a first for us to work this closely
<[ND]LeeAdama> and it was amazing to know we didn't have to worry about getting backstabbed by our closest allies
<[ND]LeeAdama> and MM - lets leave the republican party out of this ;)
<[ND]LeeAdama> its was a politics-heavy round
<[ND]LeeAdama> and MM was an amazing partner in that earlier, and really took the lead during crunch time when i was busy with RL stuff
<[ND]LeeAdama> so seriously, he deserves this more than anyone
<[ND]ManiacMagic> Thanks!
<[ND]LeeAdama> ND has done best with him as HC in recent memory
<[ND]LeeAdama> but thats just of the 3 of us - i want to also thank the other HCs - puppe, MD, Cat
<[ND]LeeAdama> we did this as a team
<[ND]LeeAdama> an alliance is a team
<[ND]LeeAdama> we didn't have any of the top planets, but we all put our heads together and as a team we did it
<[ND]LeeAdama> and thats what i've got :) MM you are up
<[ND][HC]Puppe> lee - auto is hc too..
<[ND]ManiacMagic> To summarize the round we started out with hitting the biggest gals ... many claimed for my gals personal win but ND stayed nr 1 despite having low roids due to it. We kept this tactic while I was doing attacks ... I didnt actually expect to play this round so was just a sub in HC.
<[ND]LeeAdama> OH! i forgot Auto, sorry!
[Pi] You have been automatically logged in as Markb
<[ND]ManiacMagic> Our low roids eventually lost us nr 1 rank but we stayed nr1 in points at least =0) I left for a week and something seemed to happen with emo quits and incoming ... but I came back to some amazing new members who have played great for ND
<[ND][HC]Puppe> And Judge is hc too...
<[ND]LeeAdama> SPEEDY-J!
<[ND][HC]Puppe> *sigh*
<[ND]LeeAdama> and judge
<[ND]LeeAdama> jesus i suck :(
<[ND][HC]Puppe> its ok, i'm here
<[ND]ManiacMagic> We continued to pursue coordination with two great allies ULT and FANG ... we even prelaunched some def to ULT something I would have never expected any round prior to this.
<Appocomaster> to be fair, you were #1 till tick 350 or so, then dropped down quite low till tick 700, then came back for the final week or so
<[ND]ManiacMagic> yup
<Appocomaster> was the NAP the turning point?
<[ND]ManiacMagic> seemed longer pa is slow
<[ND]LeeAdama> yea appoc it was - we dropped to 6th and then set up a real alliance with FANG and ULT
<[ND]ManiacMagic> I'm not sure I didnt do politics till the end our nap with fang probably wasnt it as we already had few incs from them.
<[ND]LeeAdama> we had a NAP with FANG from the beginning
<[ND]LeeAdama> but we got hit by APPs block and dropped hard
<[ND]LeeAdama> and then formed an alliance with Ult and FANG and INN to retal
<[ND]LeeAdama> and that was the turning point to get us moving back up the scale
<[ND]ManiacMagic> eventually the block split a bit with half wanting to hit tgv half wanting to hit rock ... both easy roids but it gave rock a reason to join the other block. A lot of their focus was on FANG who chose to ground for def
<Appocomaster> any specific thanks?
<[ND]LeeAdama> every single member of ND, who all contributed to make this possible
<[ND]LeeAdama> SantaAna, Hiall, and Zwanstic
<[ND]ManiacMagic> with us attacking the other block alliances we gained a lot of roids in a short time plus XP ... fang started having some trajic crashes and the last few days it started looking like we needed to shift towards more score gaining and maybe pass. Then we did ... last few days we had more incs and decided not to keep roids but keep attacking for xp ... hence why we lost easy roids.
<[ND]LeeAdama> who were very good partners to work with
<[ND]ManiacMagic> Ninj too he was key
<Appocomaster> ok, are you done so Puppe can do his bit?
<[ND]ManiacMagic> Cardi as well ... normally we dont farm but without his gal who knows
<[ND]ManiacMagic> And tho I'm no bitter id like to share this http://prntscr.com/undgg and mention that 7 8 claimed we had no incs though 7 5 had more than 6 3 and 7 8 .... (due to a week of focker incs they say, though they had 2 weeks they also claim)
<[ND]LeeAdama> and Kally, for being the sexy queen of ND
<[ND][HC]Puppe> i will wait for my bit as these 2 have to blow off some steam first
<Appocomaster> they're getting there
<[ND]ManiacMagic> I'm good
<[ND]LeeAdama> and along with what MM was saying - definitely would like to thank Cardi - couldn't have done this without him "letting us win"
<[ND]ManiacMagic> great round, great members low crashes great allies.
<Appocomaster> :)
<[ND]ManiacMagic> interesting ally race, planet race, and gal race.
<[ND]LeeAdama> yea - that was our biggest key MM - low member crashes. I was actually the worst offender
<[ND]LeeAdama> but thats always what has killed MM in the past
<[ND]ManiacMagic> all hcs except cat crashed
<[ND][HC]Puppe> i didnt
<[ND]ManiacMagic> tried to set the example but they just wouldnt follow us
<[ND]ManiacMagic> puppe u got crashed on enough to make up for it
<[ND]ManiacMagic> howling rofls and rock right?
<[ND][HC]Puppe> ones for 100k value on my side...
<Appocomaster> hax :p
<[ND][HC]Puppe> hardly a crash, but they crashed lots of value on me
<Appocomaster> well, welcome back and maybe we'll see you here next round?
<[ND]ManiacMagic> ok auto didnt crash either but it made me feel better claiming we all did
<Appocomaster> MM: covering your ass!
<[ND]ManiacMagic> Round win from both afghanistan and iraq now w00t
<[ND][HC]Puppe> can i paste now ?
<[ND]LeeAdama> yea appoc, I hope
<[ND]LeeAdama> puppe
<[ND]LeeAdama> go for it
<Appocomaster> Puppe, go for it
<[ND]ManiacMagic> lol maybe some day appoco
<[ND][HC]Puppe> shuss then >_>
<[ND]ManiacMagic> GOGO PUPPE
-*- [ND][HC]Puppe mumbles something to mm...
<[ND][HC]Puppe> A few might know me, some might not. My name is Puppe (26/M/Finland - Yes i have my hair almost to my lower back, doesent make a woman >_>) and been in ND for some time now and took over the Def HC job about 3 rounds ago.
<[ND][HC]Puppe> I decided to take the job as i saw that something had to be done in the alliance as it was going... Well. Where it was. As I approach matters abit differently than others i thought lets give it a shot, and here we are.
<[ND][HC]Puppe> And apart from that i'm a councelor/ambassador/healer and a man between 2 rocks trying to clean up the mess other people might cause :P You know who you are :P.. BEHAVE damit..
<[ND][HC]Puppe> Well here we are - EORC 50 - Many things happened and thanks to the effort of alot of people within the alliance and outside, we managed to come ontop this round. Every round comes with its ups and downs, we sure had a few of them. Defense, Politic wise etc - normal stuff if i may say ( no crashdawn this round <3 *cough*)
<[ND][HC]Puppe> Was lucky to have a good group of people with me within the defense-department this round that made up a good DC group. Sacrifices where made - some made more than others for the greater good, thanks to all of them.
<[ND][HC]Puppe> Any special thanks you may ask - well - the people who believe/trusts in me, and the people who make my freetime i spend on this text based game abit brighter and more interesting.
<[ND][HC]Puppe> Hope to see many of you on the battlefield the upcoming round, and if you have any questions regarding anything please dont hesitate to ask. Always open for a good conversation =)
<[ND][HC]Puppe> ouh ye, sorry if I offended anyone with the topic i posted midround =) --> [ IF no good targets in raid. Go attack cardi. or cba.. or nelito ] <-- ment as a joke (maby?) ^^, hope that everyone understands

<[ND][HC]Puppe> over and out, - ND Def HC Puppe
-*- [ND]ManiacMagic pets puppes hair ....
<[ND][HC]Puppe> >_> i aint gonna say anything..
<[ND][HC]Puppe> That was me saying thank you
<Appocomaster> used to it by now?
<[ND][HC]Puppe> ye
<[ND]ManiacMagic> puppes cherry is popped
<[ND][HC]Puppe> He is a lovely teddybear, MM that is
<[ND]ManiacMagic> many more to come for him
<[ND][HC]Puppe> ouh for christ sake...
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> well, thank you all
<[ND][HC]Puppe> how many prints have you taken of my photos on facebook ?
<[ND][HC]Puppe> https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd....913615012_n.jpg
<Appocomaster> we've overrun but I had fun anyway :)
<[ND]ManiacMagic> Appocomaster
<[ND][HC]Puppe> i bet you have alot.... >_>
<Appocomaster> any final thanks, guys?
<[ND][HC]Puppe> damn perv
<[ND]ManiacMagic> ally incs?
<[ND]ManiacMagic> not sure if i want to know
<[ND][HC]Puppe> i said my special thanks in my paste
<Appocomaster> I'll put them up later
<[ND]ManiacMagic> Alright
<[ND]ManiacMagic> Thanks all good round ... thanks inforza too great friend in PA
<[ND]LeeAdama> thank you to everyone who plays A
<[ND]LeeAdama> PA
<[ND]LeeAdama> seriously
<[ND]LeeAdama> we are a small group
<[ND]LeeAdama> but without us
<[ND]LeeAdama> there would be no game to win
<[ND]LeeAdama> and the tides turn, ebb, and flow
<[ND]LeeAdama> so thank you all for a great round
<Appocomaster> (you tried to do a WoT thing there. I saw you do it)
<Appocomaster> thanks guys :)
<[ND]ManiacMagic> thanks dasoeh for not pming me much this round
<Appocomaster> !!
<Appocomaster> okay, finishing now
<Appocomaster> thanks to you all
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> thanks to everyone for staying and listening
<Appocomaster> we have one final stage
<Appocomaster> the alliance competition!
<Appocomaster> get tagging
<Appocomaster> whilst we're preparing
<Appocomaster> just to note, please please please e-mail round51@planetarion.com with your round name suggsetions
<Appocomaster> it's the easiest way to get a credit
<Appocomaster> and the better the suggestions, the more fun choices you get on the thread that i'll put up next wekk
<Appocomaster> you're suggesting a name for Round 5
<Appocomaster> *51
<Appocomaster> get sending! as many as you want! it's FREE to suggest :P
<Appocomaster> round51@planetarion.com
<Appocomaster> and now...!
-*- Appocomaster points hopefully at Pi
<Pi> 10: INN - 3
<Pi> 9: DFWTK - 4
<Pi> 8: FAnG - 7
<Pi> 7: 7_8 - 8
<Pi> 6: ROCK - 14
<Pi> 5: CT - 20
<Pi> 4: TGV - 21
<Pi> 3: HR - 23
<Pi> 2: AST - 24
<Pi> 1: ND - 53
<Markb> Well that worked :)
<Appocomaster> ND get even more credits!
<Appocomaster> congrats to everyone
<Appocomaster> and now, goodnight
<Appocomaster> :)