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EoRC Round 49: 07/12/2012

<Appocomaster> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen
<Appocomaster> and welcome to the End of Round Ceremony for Round 49
<Appocomaster> with us tonight we have some of the top players for the round
<Appocomaster> and, at the end of the night, for those who haven't been paying any attention to the round, a surprise entry
<Appocomaster> firstly, we will introduce the top 3 planets of the round
<Appocomaster> Congratulations to our #1 #2 and #3 planets, Jinato, Ony and Dav
<Jintao> thanks :)
<[TGV]Dav> Thanks, grats Jintao :)
<[ND]Ony[2_9]> dude im first, u noobs
<Appocomaster> most of you will remember Jinato as the person who wins the "most scans of the round" competition almost every round
<Appocomaster> oh really, Ony?
<[ND]Ony[2_9]> well acording to the chan order only :)
<Appocomaster> thank you
<Jintao> haha :)
<Appocomaster> congrats to you first, JInato
<Jintao> thanks
<Appocomaster> when did you decide not to scan all round but to play to win?
<Jintao> although i didn't win top scanner this time
<Jintao> had to settle for r6 :(
<Appocomaster> haha
<Jintao> i never descided not to scan
<Jintao> i've scanned all round
<Appocomaster> I don't think any top player would get higher ...
<Jintao> i could have
<Jintao> but ct scan tools were broken
<Jintao> i could paste scanlinks, they would get st completed, but members didn't get them
<Appocomaster> :(
<Jintao> so i stopped scanning that much
<Appocomaster> so, how did you end up #1 then?
<Jintao> that's a good question
<Jintao> because i have no clue >_<
<[ND]Ony[2_9]> by giving bj's right and left?
<Appocomaster> was it down to alliance politisc? did not being in the top 5 alliances help you in terms of incoming?
<[TGV]Dav> ^^
<Jintao> hmm i like to think it was because i'm a friendly scanner that helped out alot of people in the past
<Jintao> but some will say a combo of being in a top gal and not being in the primary war alliances
<[TGV]Dav> having only 30 hostile fleets all round prolly helped
<Appocomaster> that's quite an impressively low stat
<Jintao> yup and 19 of those 30 occured saturday when ult tried a lol wave at me
<Jintao> that leaves about 11 for the rest of the round of which most were early on before i had ships
<Jintao> had to get amps and scantech done first :)
<Jintao> <Appocomaster> that's quite an impressively low stat <= <Jintao> hmm i like to think it was because i'm a friendly scanner that helped out alot of people in the past
<Appocomaster> I think that's unheard of
<Jintao> yea i was amazed too
<Jintao> didn't object to it though
<[TGV]Dav> I blame ur stats Appocomaster (apparently Kai is denying they are his)
<Jintao> i love this rounds stats
<Jintao> gotta thank appoco and kai for them
<Jintao> zik wasn't this good in a very long time
<Jintao> can't remember when it had so many free steal ships
<Appocomaster> last round, the top planets all got more than 100 fleets, with #1 planet getting almost 400 incoming fleets, btw
-*- Jintao feels loves
<Jintao> *loved
<Appocomaster> lowest in the top 10 was 55
-*- [TGV]Dav carsesses the block
<[TGV]Dav> *spelling etc
<Appocomaster> Jintao: any key moments then? obviously on Saturday
<Jintao> hmm think it all was 1 long big race tbh
<Jintao> it took me a good week to do scan tech so i was miles behind
<Appocomaster> you won by 800k, which is impressive
<Jintao> so had a long slow race catching up
<Appocomaster> it's also worth noting there were only 2 ziks in the top 19 planets
<Jintao> wow
<[TGV]Dav> 3 in the top 20 !
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> so not that successful
<Appocomaster> Jintao: any key thanks?
<[TGV]Dav> could of been 4 if clouds didnt crash :D
<Jintao> yes ofc
<Jintao> let's see
<Appocomaster> I'll believe that when I see it :(
<Jintao> nelito for one, he got me to play this round and scan for ct
<Jintao> my galaxy ofc with special mention to firebird and stojke, they did alot to support me thoughout the round :)
<Jintao> especially firebird since he's retiring now after he got kicked out of apprime over helping out the galaxy :(
<Jintao> everyone who escorted me onto my lead in the past 2 weeks :)
<Jintao> and ofc ct for supporting me for top planet and all the defence they gave me :)
<Appocomaster> well, thank you
<Appocomaster> :)
<Jintao> hmm and ofc the fang block
<Jintao> almost forgot them
<Jintao> when ult was ready to lol wave me they all jumped to help defend me :)
<Jintao> tgv and fang :)
<Jintao> [ND]Puppe* Dont forget to say the people who sold their ships to lower their score in the end so Ony didnt get above you in score =P
<Jintao> maybe those too :p
<[TGV]Dav> Dont forget to thank your alliance, CT aswell Jintao !
<Jintao> did that already dav :)
<[TGV]Dav> gd gd ;)
<Appocomaster> :)
<Jintao> sadly ct wasn't at it's best this round though :(
<Appocomaster> maybe next round!
<Appocomaster> thank you, Jinato
<Jintao> neither was ND (cardi forced me to say that)
<Appocomaster> well, Dav, how about you?
<[TGV]Dav> no Ony ?
<Appocomaster> congrats on coming third
<Appocomaster> if we have time we'll get to him :)
<[TGV]Dav> Thanks :)
<Appocomaster> getting TGV up there, though losing out to ND at the last minute
<Appocomaster> on 4th slot
<[TGV]Dav> yeah TGV has been enjoyable
<Appocomaster> how did you find the round?
<[TGV]Dav> a great bunch of people there
<[TGV]Dav> Round was pretty stagnent with the block
<[TGV]Dav> but for once they stuck together
<[TGV]Dav> roiding agar3s was the highlight prolly and his whine pm
-*- [TGV]Dav waves to jorgan
<Appocomaster> any other round highlights?
<[TGV]Dav> prolly the last minute surprise to end t3 tbh
<[TGV]Dav> (never thought i'd say this) but thanks clouds and Kai
<[TGV]Dav> they organised stuff last 2 days when it became apparent there was a shot for it
<Appocomaster> :)
<[TGV]Dav> thanks to TGV
<Appocomaster> well done them
<[TGV]Dav> you guys have been awesome
<[TGV]Dav> Thanks to Vex for teaching me all i know
<Appocomaster> anyone else help out keenly?
<Appocomaster> your alliance or galaxy?
<[TGV]Dav> yeah sn0W
<[TGV]Dav> he is the best DC ive seen in a while
<[TGV]Dav> superactive and always there, massive grats
<[TGV]Dav> and also, to mpulse and the entire scan team
<Appocomaster> it's fun to have sn0w back
<[TGV]Dav> mpulse is looking for scanners for r50, so don't be scared to pm him :)
<[TGV]Dav> #scans etc
<[TGV]Dav> apart from that and boring everyone any furter
<[TGV]Dav> thanks to asc guys for lolz thru round
<[TGV]Dav> TGV for support and good time
<[TGV]Dav> and ofc my awesome galaxy <3
<[TGV]Dav> PA GOD especially for failing hard as always :D
<Jintao> <[TGV]Dav> mpulse is looking for scanners for r50, so don't be scared to pm him :) <= be a scanner and be a winner!!!
<Appocomaster> lol
<[TGV]Dav> and thanks to reincarnate for the internal meltdown of Ult <3
<Jintao> if i can do it, so can you! (sorry for interrupting)
<Appocomaster> np :p
<Appocomaster> internal help!
<[TGV]Dav> Congrats to fang and jintao and ony :)
<AndrONYd> tyyyyyyyyyyyyy to all my fans, specially to guzlic who praised my good game the entire round
<[TGV]Dav> well done :)
<AndrONYd> My turn yet?
<Appocomaster> yse
<AndrONYd> i wanna thank nd
<Appocomaster> Ony, congrats on #2
<Appocomaster> did you have anything else to say
<[TGV]Dav> yeah, ive bored everyone enough...
<AndrONYd> For being awesome
<AndrONYd> My gal for putting up with me
<AndrONYd> And thank MH for fking the round for me
<Appocomaster> (I can see they had a difficult task)
<AndrONYd> With that selling ships bs
<AndrONYd> Any questions?
<Appocomaster> happy you went ter?
<AndrONYd> Really ye
<AndrONYd> Was looking strong from the start
<AndrONYd> My bg went bs also
<AndrONYd> So was a good choice
<AndrONYd> To bad u can sell ur ships tough and fk the round for ppl
<Appocomaster> this is something we'll look at next round
<AndrONYd> Pls do
<AndrONYd> I wont play any other round that has it
-*- Appocomaster nods
<Appocomaster> well, thanks Ony
<AndrONYd> Welcome
<AndrONYd> And ty nd.once again
<AndrONYd> They rock!!!
<Appocomaster> thanks to the rest of you
<Appocomaster> now we get to the winning galaxy
<AndrONYd> Now the bosses stay with +, those who actually played r49
<Appocomaster> 2:9
<Appocomaster> lol
<AndrONYd> sry for 7 5 and 5 7
<[nd]andronyd> Butcu guys never stood a chance after DZ joined our gal
<[2_9]goKu> hey appo
<[2_9]goKu> :D
<[nd]andronyd> Ok goku ill keep quiet
<[2_9]goKu> nice to see u again ;)
<Appocomaster> who am I missing?
<[2_9]goKu> thx ony :D
<[2_9]Vistion> phant
<[2_9]Vistion> guzlic
<[nd]andronyd> Guz?
<[nd]andronyd> who is guz?
<[2_9]OlaTa> euler got banned earlier
<[nd]andronyd> not in our gal
<[2_9]Vistion> digital0
<[Cousin]guz[2_9> god that was boring
<[2_9]Vistion> grey
<[2_9]Vistion> stylez
<[2_9]Vistion> junior
<Appocomaster> was close to 7:5
<[2_9]Vistion> Appoco did you hate Eitrades?
<Appocomaster> how did you beat them?
<[2_9]Vistion> ^^^ that close
<[2_9]goKu> yeah
<Appocomaster> [2_9]Vistion: I played them
<[2_9]OlaTa> was close with 7.5 cause mikee farmed
<[2_9]goKu> well we stayed just rank 1
<[2_9]Vistion> how much did irvine pay you to crash on his counsin fearless appoco?
<[2_9]goKu> but mikee gala was close to the end
<[2_9]goKu> :D
<Appocomaster> yeah
<[2_9]goKu> had some lucky landings
<Appocomaster> sure :p
<[2_9]Vistion> i was planing to rage and bash 7 5, but there is no point. we won. i'll say good try to them. and Mercs!
<[nd]andronyd> 4mil...thats not close...
<Appocomaster> [FAnG]Phant[2_9:
<[nd]andronyd> We were first 1100 ticks
<[2_9]goKu> yeah
<[nd]andronyd> What else is there to say?
<[2_9]Vistion> t1 value for 800 ticks?
<[2_9]Vistion> not close
<Appocomaster> well, you suck
<[2_9]Vistion> it was total domination and we didnt even cheat much
<[2_9]Vistion> phant and hasu did the bulk of gal dcing
<[2_9]Vistion> ty to them for that
<[2_9]OlaTa> me and vist just freerided
<[2_9]Vistion> ya
<[2_9]Vistion> olata had no tagg for like 2 weeks and got no incs!
<[nd]andronyd> I kept him safe ;))
<[2_9]goKu> well i would like to tank FANG
<[ND]DZ[2_9]> it was my first round back after a year or so off so thanks to my gal for a great round to get back into PA with!
<[2_9]goKu> epic crew
<[2_9]OlaTa> tank or thank?
<Appocomaster> tank or thank?
<Appocomaster> JINX
<[2_9]goKu> and big thx to Irvine
<Appocomaster> what alliance politics influenced the galaxy most?
<[FAnG]Phant[2_9> I would like to thank B-Butcher for organizing my own ally (Fang), TGV, ND, Innuendo to attack our gal and give me value from crashing like noobs. Thank Appoco for attempting to crash on 7 5 and donate them win (dont lie), and thank Fiery for letting me spend my bonus on Research Labs and not refunding the same tick
<[FAnG]Phant[2_9> And Irvine for being awesome
<[FAnG]Phant[2_9> HAIL IRVINE
<[2_9]goKu> HAI IRVINE
<[2_9]goKu> ;D
<Appocomaster> I was retalling and honestly forgot to recall until afte my first fleet landed
<[2_9]Vistion> lol
<Appocomaster> wait
<[2_9]Vistion> sure
<Appocomaster> did i hit one of you?
<[nd]andronyd> Noooob
<[FAnG]Jnr[2_9]> Brasil ftw!
<[2_9]goKu> well politics were dominated by the blocks
<[nd]andronyd> Cheaterrrrrr
<[2_9]Vistion> no u crashed on fearless
<[FAnG]Jnr[2_9]> W.H.S
<[2_9]goKu> FANG vs ULT
<[2_9]Vistion> 7 5
<[2_9]goKu> ofc
<Fiery> You are very welcome!
<[Cousin]guz[2_9> i reported appoco to MH
<[nd]andronyd> Huaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<[2_9]goKu> finally FANG managed to win
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> oh
<Appocomaster> is that why it was so close?
<Appocomaster> oh well
<[2_9]goKu> yes
<[2_9]Vistion> ...
<[FAnG]Phant[2_9> yes
<Appocomaster> SORRY 7:5
<[2_9]Vistion> no on e wanted us to win appoco
<[2_9]Vistion> not even the admins
<[nd]andronyd> Sry for what
<[2_9]goKu> 5:7 came closer and closer
<[2_9]Vistion> no they didnt
<[nd]andronyd> They sucked entire round
<[2_9]goKu> what there were not many ultores inside
<Appocomaster> yeah 7:5 were so uch better
<Appocomaster> should have crashed on them ;(
<[2_9]goKu> same with 7:5
<[2_9]Vistion> goku did u even look at the rankings?
<[Cousin]guz[2_9> u did crash on them
<Appocomaster> ok, any key people you missed?
<[Cousin]guz[2_9> fs
<[2_9]goKu> i knew 7:5 had the potential to win
<[2_9]Vistion> i wanna thank deadops
<[2_9]Vistion> and xVx
<[2_9]goKu> be were lucky that we had a big gap between us
<[2_9]goKu> *we
<[2_9]Vistion> xVx especially forf being the only ally in gal who didnt attack us!
<[Cousin]guz[2_9> i just want to thank app for fun round as always, and share app anthem tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?featur...p;v=48H7zOQrX3U
<[Cousin]guz[2_9> check it out
<[2_9]Vistion> TGV, see ya next rd. expect massive incs.
<[2_9]goKu> appo i think key thx does to our allys
<[FAnG]Jnr[2_9]> I want to thank [Merc]Dreis and [ND]helm for teaching me everything I know about PA, nothing. Braziiiiiilll
<[2_9]goKu> and to the good team in 2:9
<[2_9]goKu> thx !
<[2_9]OlaTa> you want to thank dreis?
<[Cousin]guz[2_9> ye ingal nubs too
<[2_9]Vistion> VAI CORINTHIANS
<[2_9]OlaTa> it's like slapping your self in face
<[nd]andronyd> Maniacmagic the guru of PA
<[2_9]Vistion> i love 2:9
<[2_9]Vistion> thanks guys
<[2_9]OlaTa> anyway. I wanna thank the exile gods for being gentle to me, after 10 exiles a decent gal
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> we'll finish here :P
<[2_9]goKu> thx appo :)
<[2_9]OlaTa> and i want to let the world know how bad dav in reality is
<[FAnG]Jnr[2_9]> W.H.S!
<Appocomaster> [Cousin]guz[2_9: that song is better than I thought
<[nd]andronyd> Wheres my credits?
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> the gc will get 5 to allocate
<[2_9]goKu> some mates are just to happy and drunk a bit already :DDDD
<[2_9]goKu> some mates are just to happy and drunk a bit already :DDDD
<[Cousin]guz[2_9> its catchy !
<[2_9]OlaTa> -Munin- <@Dav> fuck it.... 1 on reading 7-0 @ 40/1 (...score 4-0 at time of bet) <@BENNEH> owned \o/ <@BENNEH> instant loss (score 4-1 at close to bet time) <@Dav> I wanna know EXACT time of goal ! <@Dav> <Lucy H (of Bet365)> I can confirm your bet was placed at 20.32.43 and the goal was scored 20.32.51. <@Dav> FML <@BENNEH> even i last longer than that bet (Game finished 7-5 to Arsenal
<[2_9]OlaTa> lol)
<[2_9]Vistion> guzlic is gc
<[FAnG]Jnr[2_9]> thanks my ally too
<[2_9]Vistion> not goku
<[2_9]goKu> Ony and Olata :D
<[2_9]Vistion> giveb them to #9
<[2_9]goKu> Vistion is always crasy
<Appocomaster> which is goku
<[2_9]goKu> :P
<Appocomaster> goku is gc!
<[FAnG]Phant[2_9> we dont want goku gc anymore
<[2_9]Vistion> no no
<[2_9]Vistion> guzlic is
<[2_9]goKu> ta appo :D
<[2_9]goKu> there guys u see !!!
<[2_9]goKu> im GC ;D
<Appocomaster> ok
<[Cousin]guz[2_9> pff
<[2_9]goKu> Appoco is wise enough to see
<[2_9]goKu> :D
<Appocomaster> thanks everyone
<[2_9]Vistion> lol izverg, he ruined a gal win a few rds back!
<Appocomaster> I checked
<[FAnG]Jnr[2_9]> thanks to my brazillian bg that helped me every night to attack!
<Appocomaster> thanks to 2:9 for their win and not spamming tooo much
<Appocomaster> finally, fang
<Appocomaster> having broken ult's streak
<Appocomaster> almost newbed it :p
<[FAnG]Irvine> MUaha!
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> Before irvine takes over the show as always, ill have to say congratulation to all of the round winners, Jintao, Ony, Dav, and 2:9, well played.
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> wow i got a word in ::)
<Appocomaster> right?
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> Yeah go on, irvine did all the work, he deserve the praise
<[FAnG]Irvine> I let 2:9 win ;p
<[FAnG]Irvine> yeah yeah whining to me already my bp
<[FAnG]Irvine> but we won 3 times in a row
<[FAnG]Irvine> we can lose 1 time
<[FAnG]TYJO> NOt sportive Vistion
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> start with the questions, so people dont die from boredome, im sure irvine got a lot to say
<Wheresmyvoice> thanks =)
<Appocomaster> ha
<[FAnG]Irvine> lol
<Appocomaster> you were lucky
<[FAnG]Connovar> haha
<Appocomaster> it tracked the nickname change
<[FAnG]Irvine> hmm
<Appocomaster> as I didn't voice you as that nickname
<Appocomaster> well, welcome back
<Appocomaster> what made fang come back?
<[FAnG]Irvine> well
<[FAnG]Werewolf> my constant whineing on whatsapp to irvine
<[FAnG]Irvine> I got smsed and called to play round 49 with Cartman Mobrulz as hc
<[FAnG]Connovar> that whatsap group is a pain :p
<[FAnG]TYJO> And clearly his lazyness is the summer
<[FAnG]Irvine> but 1 week before starting
<[FAnG]Irvine> they like bailed out
<[FAnG]Irvine> I normally dont do recruitment and stuff
<[FAnG]Irvine> I take the first 150 ticks free also supposedly
<[FAnG]Irvine> but hmm I ended up taking care of everything
<[FAnG]Irvine> website/tech/recruitment/politics
<Appocomaster> as usual ...
<Appocomaster> ;)
<[FAnG]Irvine> but we already had a core of around 40 people
<[FAnG]Irvine> just need to add some numbers
<[FAnG]Irvine> but we didnt expected to be a full tag
<[FAnG]Irvine> thx to the brasil team who joined us
<[FAnG]Irvine> You guys were awesome!
<[FAnG]Werewolf> Jihadding brazilians..
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> they truely were
<[FAnG]Connovar> awesome at crashing!
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> real alliance vanguard
<[FAnG]Connovar> only joking :p
<[FAnG]Connovar> <3 brazilians
<[FAnG]Irvine> Joseph/Destructor/Protoss/Junior/Raulzitos/_Tche_/Darkkon
<[FAnG]TYJO> and some went missing in the rainforest...
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> nice to see some brazilians in
<[FAnG]Irvine> and the one I missed
<[FAnG]Werewolf> We should thank our scanners MIgi and Lewis, Lewis did well tbh.
<Appocomaster> apart from Irvine, who did well?
<[FAnG]Irvine> thx to you too
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> Id personaly thank Bazza first and foremost, he did carry our allie attackwise when i let em down. And i would like to thank all the BG leaders/workers, Hut/GoKu, Connovar/winY/dringe/nymfo, BIG thanks to raulizto/Joseph, Werewolf, Cartman/Notrik, Lozz/Bazza
<[FAnG]Irvine> I think Bazza deserves a voice too ! :P
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> yeah
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> He was immense
<[FAnG]Irvine> I forgot about him :(
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> Beside irvine
<[FAnG]Werewolf> yes he does
<[FAnG]Connovar> yea bazzas tha man
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> he is the one who carried us
<[FAnG]Irvine> ow god I forgot titos too
<[FAnG]TYJO> oops
<[FAnG]Mick> lol
<[FAnG]Irvine> thx to the people who donated to the FAnG paypal account to keep our tools up and running!
<[FAnG]Connovar> too many cousins more like guz :p
<[FAnG]Werewolf> Titos is master of idling
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> and Cartman for not HCing, wich he pointed out clearly when whineing starting to fly, and i told him thats the reason why we would win
<[FAnG]Connovar> lol
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> a tactical placment
<Appocomaster> so, how did you go about neutralising ultores?
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> Well, it was boring, but we had to launch at em every night, and the BGs did a amazing job keeping em grounded
<[FAnG]TYJO> And ofc... Thanks to Agar3s for being defended by 20 Ult fleets and attacking 1 1 when all of Ult was grounded :p
<Appocomaster> lol
<[FAnG]Connovar> yup, special thanks to agares
<[FAnG]Irvine> yeah paste that news scan here
<Appocomaster> 1:1 took a lot of incomings :(
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> Ult was looking like the far strogner allie, sorry guys, but its true
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> their tactic was spot on
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> Taking roids off em being CR/BS based was close to impossibole
<Appocomaster> so how did you take them out?
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> So our only hope was to have em emo before us
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> Well
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> Irvine
<[FAnG]Irvine> hmm
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> I guess thank to GM especially
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> and CT
<[FAnG]Irvine> Let me explain what happened :p
<[FAnG]Irvine> shaddap pe0n
<[FAnG]TYJO> lol
<[FAnG]Connovar> lol
<[FAnG]Connovar> too right, devoice butcher now pls Appocomaster hes said enough
<[FAnG]Connovar> :P
<Appocomaster> lol
<[FAnG]Werewolf> lol
<[FAnG]Irvine> from tick 150 to 500 we were hit by the block app/dfwtk/ultores
<[FAnG]Werewolf> i bet hes drunk as usual also
<[FAnG]Connovar> we knew it was risky letting him have a +
<[FAnG]Irvine> coz ultores were just pussying about getting incs they cant cover
<[FAnG]Irvine> ultores def first 600 ticks suck balls
<[FAnG]Irvine> thats when you take them out
<[FAnG]Irvine> but our ambitions of not blocking and have a fair fight
<[FAnG]Irvine> was early crushed by that blockl
<[FAnG]Irvine> we had at a night at around tick 500 5
<[FAnG]Irvine> 5 allies hitting us
<[FAnG]Irvine> the day after CT offered their help
<[FAnG]Irvine> Thanks Gm + whole CT for that
<[FAnG]Irvine> then the same day ND/Innuendo offered their help to keep a large chunk of incomings of our backs
<[FAnG]Irvine> thx bible!
<[FAnG]Irvine> thx MM Lee!
<[FAnG]Irvine> so on that point onwards
-*- [FAnG]B-Butch3r salutes Bible and Innuendo
<[FAnG]Irvine> its more 2 vs 2
<[FAnG]Irvine> CT/FAnG vs Ult/app
<[FAnG]Irvine> TGV stilll deciding which side to join
<[FAnG]Connovar> thanks dfwtk for giving us the much needed easy roids when we were on holiday from roiding ult :p
<[FAnG]Irvine> They choosed our side
<[FAnG]Irvine> So thanks for Influence Rexdrax for supporting us!
<[FAnG]Irvine> you were the kingmakers!
<[FAnG]Irvine> If you joined ult side ult would have won
<[FAnG]Irvine> so thank you!
<[FAnG]Connovar> hear hear
<[FAnG]Irvine> and thx also xvx who offered us an avoidance
<[FAnG]Irvine> our sole purpose this round was to crush ultores
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> (and win)
<Appocomaster> will you play next round?
<[FAnG]Irvine> Top attackers on alliance Ultores are (total: 2957) Sexy Pirates - 1913 | Conspiracy - 503 | The Galactic Vikings - 123 | Innuendo - 82 | Unknown - 76
<[FAnG]Connovar> who is izverg? a cousin?
<[FAnG]Irvine> yeah we will be continue playing
<Appocomaster> who came up with the name?
<[FAnG]Irvine> there is only 1 person who could hjave changed the name ;p
<[FAnG]Irvine> thats me :P
<[FAnG]Connovar> ah, cardi the pussy :p
<[FAnG]Irvine> I like the thought
<[FAnG]Irvine> of
<[FAnG]Irvine> Oh no sexies are coming for me
<[FAnG]Werewolf> I wana thank Salminator in HR for also keeping HR of our forts
<[FAnG]Connovar> thats what agares told me anyway
<[FAnG]Irvine> I am getting sexy incomings
<[FAnG]Irvine> oh Connovar
<[FAnG]Irvine> you can add your line
<[FAnG]Connovar> my line
<[FAnG]Connovar> wheres bazza
<[FAnG]Irvine> after he added his line :P
<[FAnG]Irvine> you can devoice him and voice bazza pls!
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> before they add that line, id like to thank PA crew for giving us another round of PA
<[FAnG]Irvine> Bazza got an awesome line to add
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> and Ultores for being good sportsmen mostly
<[FAnG]Connovar> just add bazza now, hes more interesting than me
<[FAnG]Irvine> I want to thank goku also for being a good pe0n
<[FAnG]Irvine> and off course
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> You were putting up a hell of a fight
<[FAnG]Irvine> all the members of FAnG
<[FAnG]Irvine> thx my gal ;)
<Appocomaster> it was quite interseting
<Appocomaster> thanks for the update and summary of the round :)
<[FAnG]Werewolf> Just a question u gona stop the sell ships for next round i hope
<[FAnG]Irvine> wait there is a line to add!
<[FAnG]Irvine> lol
<[FAnG]Irvine> conno hurry up
<[FAnG]Connovar> bazza is afk, hes got my speech!
<Appocomaster> yes we'll look into that
<[FAnG]Irvine> <+[2_9]Vistion> it was total domination and we didnt even cheat much <---- I repeat again I let 2:9 win sighs
<[FAnG]Irvine> Mick your galbanner!
<[FAnG]Irvine> add the speech!
<[FAnG]Mick> 2 secs
<Appocomaster> sorry guys
<Appocomaster> we've run over
<Appocomaster> quite a lot
<[FAnG]Werewolf> its okey
<[FAnG]Irvine> thank for ginge banshee on special requst
<[FAnG]Werewolf> Shouldnt have gotten drunk yesterday
<[FAnG]B-Butch3r> or today
<Appocomaster> thanks all :)
<Appocomaster> finally, the allcomp
<Appocomaster> stand by!
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> http://speedgame.planetarion.com <== rolling speedgame, as of 4pm tomorrow it'll reset
<Appocomaster> it's ooold code so you have to sign up separately and use a username / pass
<Appocomaster> please remember you can submit round names via round50@planetarion.com
<Appocomaster> the winter round will be open in the next 30 minutes
<Appocomaster> the EoRC log will be up in the next 12 hours
<Appocomaster> and we will have a CH in the next week or so to give you guys an update
<Appocomaster> and now, the allcomp
<Markb> Rank Alliance Count
<Markb> 10 nrk 2
<Markb> 9 merc 3
<Markb> 8 hr 3
<Markb> 7 inn 5
<Markb> 6 cousin 6
<Markb> 5 dfwtk 14
<Markb> 4 ct 16
<Markb> 3 tgv 16
<Markb> 2 nd 43
<Markb> 1 fang 46
<Markb> Congrats FAnG :)