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EoRC Round 48: 28/09/2012

<@Appocomaster> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!
<@Appocomaster> Welcome to the End of Round Ceremony for Round 48: ROID RAGE
<@Appocomaster> a round not without its contraversy
<@Appocomaster> *controversy
<@Appocomaster> :p
<@Appocomaster> as two people corrected me
<@Appocomaster> So, we start with the top 3 planets
<@Appocomaster> two of whom are kind of fake nicked
<@Appocomaster> we have:
Appocomaster sets mode +v [4-4]BENNEH[FOR
<@Appocomaster> Chedderz
<+[4-4]BENNEH[FOR> Hi!
<@Appocomaster> I don't think Firebird is here :/
Appocomaster sets mode +v [6InARow]Knight
<@Appocomaster> and I assume you're the right knight :p
<+[4-4]BENNEH[FOR> Isnt this planet ranks? In that case he sucked so he wont be here <3
<@Appocomaster> lol
<+[6InARow]Knight> yah
<@Appocomaster> so who was #3
<@Appocomaster> Knight?
* [6InARow]Knight high fives [6InARow]Dealer
<@Appocomaster> ok
Appocomaster sets mode +v [6InARow]Dealer
* [6InARow]Dealer high fives Knight
* [6InARow]Dealer waves to Great and Theodd
<@Appocomaster> I cgot conflicting reports
<@Appocomaster> about who it was
<+[6InARow]Dealer> u found me :D
<@Appocomaster> and it was someone fake nicking
<@Appocomaster> which is as helpful as a chocolate teapot
<+[6InARow]Knight> haha
<@Appocomaster> so
<+[6InARow]Dealer> First things first, can all those n00blets from 4:4 stop stroking their ego for gal win plz. 2:8 were the only real challenge to our gal for like 90% of the round anyway til we put 20mil between us and the rest.
<+[6InARow]Dealer> But anyway there’s nothing like a good LOL to finish the round off :-D
<+[6InARow]Dealer> Secondly, just wanna say congratz 4:4, a well-deserved gal win. It was touch and go there for a while but you just pipped us at the post.
<@Appocomaster> Benneh, your second time before the audience
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> oh jesus man.
<@Appocomaster> waiot
<@Appocomaster> what?
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> really?
<@Appocomaster> Dealer, wtf?
<@Appocomaster> anhyway
<@Appocomaster> before I was slightly rudely interrupted *GLARES at Dealer*
<+[6InARow]Knight> stfu dealer
<@Appocomaster> Benneh, congratulations
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> thanks!
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> I'm actually taking Jesterinas place, he cant handle the pressure of being in public!
<@Appocomaster> a fairly close win
<@Appocomaster> <100k in it
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> maths?
<@Appocomaster> oh
<@Appocomaster> 1 mil :p
<@Appocomaster> my bad!
<+[6InARow]Knight> :P
<@Appocomaster> well, congrats on your huge win then :p
<@Lunar_Lamp> (Appocomaster has a maths degree, not that you'd know it)
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Does this explain the shoddy salvage formula?
<@Appocomaster> slight oops there
<@Appocomaster> no!
<@Appocomaster> a salvage formula which will be changed too
<@Appocomaster> so there
<@Appocomaster> anyway
<@Appocomaster> when did it become clear you were going to be contending for #1? how much did galaxy politics play into things?
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Er, a couple of weeks ago i guess. I managed to get quite fat by accident one day retalling some incs.
<@Appocomaster> it's ok, we're too polite to mention it ;)
<@Appocomaster> was it really attack was the best form of defence this round?
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Then i didnt get roided for ahwhile and ended up quite fat, as for galaxy politics, it didnt play into planet ranks much i guess.
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Yeah it was, Xans were great offensively but anything could roid them
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> especially when they got 2m+ score in XP
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Although dont mention to DS or CT attack is the best form of defence, they have tried that strat. It doesnt work :(
<@Appocomaster> :p
<@Appocomaster> there's a good mix of apprime / utl in the top 10; I assume alliance politics and certain naps / etc did play a part in things?
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Of course. Most apps got pretty roided to def whore me though
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> so big thanks to them heh
<@Appocomaster> anyone in particular you want to thank?
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Yeah afew! Gal for grounding constantly. Firebird for Dcing all the time. Alliance for def whoring me. Goku and Agar for having a lovers tiff.
<@Appocomaster> heh
<@Appocomaster> especially 1:1
<@Appocomaster> but we've agreed to put our deifferences aside to eye up Ultores next round, I think :p
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> oh and Lex
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> for getting me roided today.
<+[6InARow]Knight> bout ime
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Sending fake def and not mentioning it until eta 2
<+[6InARow]Knight> time*
<+[6InARow]Knight> ;)
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> One fleet roided me, whereas 25 man block waves didnt.
<@Appocomaster> oh well
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> While im on that, up yours ND and the block. YOU ARE A SHAMBLES
<@Appocomaster> any key moments / final thanks before we move onto Knight?
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Key moments were surviving the other night with a smallish roid loss and then Knight getting FOCKERED.
<@Appocomaster> haha#
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> which bought us back down to the same roid count.
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> then Knight got FOCKERED again...
<@Appocomaster> were they the king makers, do you think?
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> As much as forest would argue, they swung the planet race.
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> But this round as from mostly the planet ranks was about pure roiding, the guys who capped the most roids are near the top. Even if they didnt finish with them.
<@Appocomaster> :)
<@Appocomaster> ok, well, we'll move onto Knight now
<@Appocomaster> thank you, Benneh <3
<@Appocomaster> sad you aren't Cat :p
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Okay, cheers. thanks again everyone who helped me.
<@Appocomaster> but I will survive
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> No Caths sucked, asked Golan..
<@Appocomaster> haha
<+[6InARow]Knight> :P
<@Appocomaster> Knight, congrats on coming second
<+[6InARow]Knight> thx
<@Appocomaster> first time you've been up here in the top 3, I think?
<+[6InARow]Knight> yup
<@Appocomaster> well, a double congrats then! :)
<+[6InARow]Knight> :D
<@Appocomaster> did you feel in the running?
<@Appocomaster> do you think it was all about roids?
<+[6InARow]Knight> pre-fockers yeh
<+[6InARow]Knight> but Ult just couldn't hanbdle them
<+[6InARow]Knight> so i was destroyed many times by them :P
<@Appocomaster> the only ones to really cause Ult problems?
<+[6InARow]Knight> the only ones to hit ult
<+[6InARow]Knight> lol
<+[6InARow]Knight> other than oddr
<+[6InARow]Knight> made it interesting tho
<@Appocomaster> always interesting ;)
<+[6InARow]Knight> would have been unfair without them
<+[6InARow]Knight> benneh had mass block incs
<@Appocomaster> how did you find terran?
<@Appocomaster> for a while it was all zik/xan
<+[6InARow]Knight> yeah indeed, me n dealer only carrying the ter flag
<@Appocomaster> next one is #28
<+[6InARow]Knight> but as always with ter if you can get a value lead they get a lot better
<+[6InARow]Knight> just xans were the problem
<@Appocomaster> their fi?
<+[6InARow]Knight> well de wasnt a problem
<+[6InARow]Knight> :P
<+[6InARow]Knight> good ol wyverns
<@Appocomaster> any key people that helped you?
<+[6InARow]Dealer> Etd/Zik Fr were a major ballache!!
<+[6InARow]Knight> definitely not dealer
<+[6InARow]Knight> useless twat
<@Appocomaster> haha
<+[6InARow]Knight> i'd say earlier in round the gal were great
<+[6InARow]Knight> especially shaz lukey and hut
<+[6InARow]Knight> helped me so many times after dealer stole all alyl def
<+[6InARow]Knight> to still finish below me....
<+[6InARow]Knight> but ally helped loads too
<+[6InARow]Knight> not going to name them as a fair few, but they know who they are :)
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> (you forgot cardi man :( )
<+[6InARow]Knight> yeah he hlped me earlier in round
<+[6InARow]Knight> but when u were #1 and i was a slight contender
<+[6InARow]Knight> no app wanted to defend me :P
<@Appocomaster> :)
<@Appocomaster> who is 2:2:8?
<+[6InARow]Knight> understandable tho hah
<+[6InARow]Dealer> dats the missus :D
<@Appocomaster> :p
<+[6InARow]Knight> ah yeah thought that was familiar :P
<@Appocomaster> lolol
<+[6InARow]Knight> big thx to Harley
<+[6InARow]Dealer> she does as she's told, a good girl that one
<@Appocomaster> !!
<+[6InARow]Knight> thats what u think...
<@Appocomaster> so, Dealer, on to you...
* [6InARow]Knight winks at Harley
<@Appocomaster> congrats on your #3
<@Appocomaster> first time for you too?
<@Appocomaster> oh dear
<+[6InARow]Dealer> yes first time in T3
<@Appocomaster> :)
<+[6InARow]Dealer> hence why I leeched def like a BOSS this week to get there lol
<+[6InARow]Dealer> but knight slept at night
<@Appocomaster> at the expense of Knight
<+[6InARow]Dealer> i didnt
<+[6InARow]Knight> still finished 2nd..
<+[6InARow]Knight> ;)
<@Appocomaster> glad the round ended?
<@Appocomaster> what was the deciding factor?
<+[6InARow]Dealer> its not quite the way he makes it out ofc
<+[6InARow]Dealer> yes happy its over with now
<+[6InARow]Dealer> been hard work with politics etc
<@Appocomaster> :)
<@Appocomaster> key moments for you?
<+[6InARow]Dealer> ingal politics
<@Appocomaster> was it all about galaxy and alliance politics between the two of you?
<@Appocomaster> who to defend first?
<+[6InARow]Dealer> Hut getting kicked/roided kinda worked for me
<+[6InARow]Dealer> he was my closest challeneger to 3rd place for most of the week
<+[6InARow]Dealer> massive shame for him tbh
<+[6InARow]Dealer> but its not like he had masses of incs all round
<+[6InARow]Knight> Hasu deserved to beat u too..
<+[6InARow]Dealer> shaz too ofc was up there
<+[6InARow]Dealer> in fact most of 6:6 were, think we had 7 in the T10 at one point
<+[6InARow]Dealer> Big thanks the Ult peeps though for the support they gave me and Knight this week
<@Appocomaster> key thanks? any other?
<+[6InARow]Dealer> stats were terrible btw
<+[6InARow]Dealer> but also made it more interesting in a way
<+[6InARow]Knight> true dat!
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> any stats you can solo with are fun though!
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> big teams are dull as anything.
<+[6InARow]Knight> hmm guess so
<+[6InARow]Dealer> aye
<@Appocomaster> any final thanks / words?
<+[6InARow]Knight> but anything where fockers are dangerous i dont like! :P
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> I also forgot to thank all the scanners in #scans who are rather useful when ally scanners are idle! (sorry to cut in)
<@Appocomaster> np
<+[6InARow]Dealer> cheers
<+[6InARow]Knight> just wanna say
<+[6InARow]Knight> gratz Benneh
<+[6InARow]Knight> deserved win
* [6InARow]Dealer applauds Benneh
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Thanks terrans :D you and your damn BS.
<+[6InARow]Dealer> Thanks to Harleyquinn btw
<+[6InARow]Dealer> she put up with some moans
<+[6InARow]Knight> yah i guess thx dealer tbh, and gratz bro :)
<@Appocomaster> ok Benneh, I need you to call out nicks for me
<+[6InARow]Dealer> 1 hour i slept last night ffs
<@Appocomaster> thanks Dealer, Knight
<+[6InARow]Knight> figured i can say 1 nice thing to u this rnd
<+[6InARow]Knight> ty mate
<+[6InARow]Dealer> stfu
<@Appocomaster> and go and get some sleep and appease harleyquinn, Dealer
<+[6InARow]Knight> haha
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> the guys tagged [4-4] basically
<+[6InARow]Knight> thats my job appocco
Appocomaster sets mode -vv [6InARow]Knight [6InARow]Dealer
<@Appocomaster> :p
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> SantaCruz l0Lz too
Appocomaster sets mode +vvvv SantaCruz l0Lz [4-4]Chimp[xVx] [4-4]Pattyy
<+l0Lz> Yo
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> And Firebird can't make it as he is somewhere in Germany.
<+l0Lz> Could you op my [4-4 nick?
<@Appocomaster> well, congrats guys
<+l0Lz> Plz
Appocomaster sets mode +v [4-4|6aRow]l0Lz
Appocomaster sets mode +v [4-4|DFWTK]Maxi
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> thanks
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> ty
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> easier talking
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> oh i also forgot to mention : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWNaR-rxAic Is the round win inspiration.
<@Appocomaster> I think I got you all
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> everyone enjoy that
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> while appoco sorts himself out.
<@Appocomaster> ha
<@Appocomaster> I don't mind that song tbh
<@Appocomaster> ok
<@Appocomaster> so guys, congrats
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> thanks!
<+[4-4]Pattyy> ty :)
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Totally deserved.
<@Appocomaster> ha
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> indeed!
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> We worked so hard for this.
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> ditto that
<+[4-4|DFWTK]Maxi> :P
<@Appocomaster> I don't think we can get around the fact that you were second by some way last tick
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> it was close, but in the end it was clear we did better then 6.6
<@Appocomaster> but due to some altercations in the other galaxy, you ended up first
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> they obviously didnt have a gal full of people caring enough
<+[4-4|DFWTK]Maxi> lol 4-4 1team!!
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> If you cant keep your members happy enough, there is always going to be a break up.
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> i pre-prepared this. "I'd like to thank cardi, whom without this gal win would not be possible. No man has ever been hated more. And for that we salute you "
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> tbh
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> this has been my most inactive round since a year
<@Appocomaster> were you close as a galaxy?
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> so i dont deserve anything except for some defwhoring and value keeping
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> apart from l0lz i guess we kinda were
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> :p
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> true
<+[4-4|DFWTK]Maxi> lol
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> although i did have a sexual relationship with zwanstic
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> the gal stuck in groups really. The Ults together. the Apps together. Then Poor Maxi/Chimpie and Santa being whored between us.
<+[4-4|DFWTK]Maxi> there was a core 5/ planets
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> it worked tho, no emoing and people grounded when asked and all that(mostly)
<+[4-4|DFWTK]Maxi> yeh a lot of our value went to in gal def ships 2
<+[4-4|DFWTK]Maxi> tycoons FTW!
<@Appocomaster> who was the key buddy pack?
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Pretty much 4.4 were there to make me Bargs and Coons.
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> true
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> i got way to much of those :/
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> bp was intially zwanstic, maxi, karn, lolz and firebird, but we got some decent randoms and some good exiles
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> er
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> correction
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> i exiled in
<@Appocomaster> exiles who were trying to get in?
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> not l0Lz, he wasdnt in bp, was me :|
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> idd
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> i blame the beer
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> One thing to remember about this gal win. NEVER Trust ND. And PNAPS dont work...
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> not actively appoco
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> hmm btw, the stats sucked
<@Appocomaster> any particular thanks / etc?
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> they just entered by accident and decided to stay
<+[4-4|DFWTK]Maxi> Firebird for some mad dcing
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> op zwan Appocomaster
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> i think thats ariel
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> [6InARow]Zwan
<+[4-4|DFWTK]Maxi> shame shes not here to take a bow
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> or voice
<+Ariel> :D
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> there she is
<+Ariel> daddys backb
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> we won zwan
<+Ariel> why who died???
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Oh, and those guys exiling from 6.6. Dont take the win away from APP. Still 4 in 4.4 heh.
<+[4-4|DFWTK]Maxi> we were just saying we knew it all along :/
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> Ariel
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> say something wise
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> since the rest is talking bs
<+[4-4|6aRow]l0Lz> myself included ;)
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Yeah time to move on.
<@Appocomaster> yep
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> Firebird says APP HC gal still wins.
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> So yeah..
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> i'd like to thank my teamup for understanding when i grounded like mad for gal last bit of the round, and xVx for keeping my roids safeish
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> btw appoco, hc fence ftw
<+[4-4]Chimp[xVx]> "fence"
<@Appocomaster> final words?
<+[JESTER]BENNEH> sums it up.
<@Appocomaster> ok
<+[4-4|DFWTK]Maxi> yeh same thanx to my guys for not kicking me out of my attack team for my constant grounding. and DFWTK for understanding y i wasnt sending ally def
Appocomaster sets mode -vvvvv [4-4]Chimp[xVx] [4-4|6aRow]l0Lz [4-4|DFWTK]Maxi [4-4]Pattyy [JESTER]BENNEH
Appocomaster sets mode -v SantaCruz
<@Appocomaster> thanks all
<@Appocomaster> now
<@Appocomaster> someone told me about who was speaking for Ult but I have like, 200 pms open
<@Appocomaster> please pm me again!
<@Appocomaster> (congrats again to 4:4, who ended up finishing first in the top galaxy competition)
Appocomaster sets mode +vv [6InARow]garg josh
<@Appocomaster> sorry about hat
<@Appocomaster> *that
<@Appocomaster> some confusion as I forgot who pmed me originally :p
<@Appocomaster> well, congrats both
<@Appocomaster> I hope you are both there, you just both renamed :p
<+[6InARow]josh> oh
<@Appocomaster> yes
<+[6InARow]josh> yes, i think we're both here
<@Appocomaster> bad luck josh
<+[6InARow]josh> well, it happens
<@Appocomaster> so, take me through the round
<+[6InARow]josh> sure, we got hit for a bit, then they stopped and we pretty much slept through the last half of the round
<@Appocomaster> was it you and apprime against the universe?
<+[6InARow]garg> seemed like it for early round
<+[6InARow]garg> then apprime started being the only target and we slept through the rest
<+[6InARow]garg> but early round was multiple weeks of incoming
<@Appocomaster> did you worry you wouldn't win?
<@Appocomaster> it seems to be a case of "who can stop you"
<+[6InARow]josh> yeah, and some alliances proved to be suprisingly efficent, HR for one would land just about anything
<+[6InARow]josh> killing a ton of my tycoons
<+[6InARow]garg> i thought we would be blocked by everyone to kill us all
<+[6InARow]garg> some point of the round, but it never happened
<+[6InARow]josh> this round would have been the easiest to stop us, cordinated attacks with these stats could have kept us down
<+[6InARow]josh> but, it never really happened
<@Appocomaster> worried about next round?
<+[6InARow]josh> not really
Appocomaster sets mode +v [6InARow]Drac
* Appocomaster hands Drac a tissue
<+[6InARow]josh> seems a block will always form, and fall apart from ineptitude
<@Appocomaster> hahah
<@Appocomaster> do you worry that you'll never meet your match?
<+[6InARow]garg> well until another ally gets a call bot
<+[6InARow]garg> and people willing to wake up in the middle of the night
<+[6InARow]garg> i'm not to worried
<+[6InARow]josh> not really, people seem to think there's some uber level of activity going on
<+[6InARow]josh> but it's really just people being smart and annoying the hell out of you with a call bot
<@Appocomaster> an abusive relationship :p
<+[6InARow]josh> yeah, and trying not to crash
<+[6InARow]garg> although we didn't have a good ship strategy this round
<+[6InARow]garg> the ingal coordinate in ult gals
<+[6InARow]garg> was our best defense
<+[6InARow]garg> with the stats the way they were
<@Appocomaster> did you have a race strategy?
<@Appocomaster> all xan?
<@Appocomaster> like *SOME* alliances
<+[6InARow]garg> not really
<+[6InARow]josh> i think our race strat was go whatever
<+[6InARow]josh> but built this ship if you go this race for def
<@Appocomaster> did you have any problems with any particular incomings?
<+[6InARow]josh> FOCKERS made it interesting
<+[6InARow]garg> FOCKERs and de incomings were tough
<+[6InARow]josh> other than that, in gal def was the best for a lot of incs
<+[6InARow]josh> oh
<+[6InARow]josh> and
<+[6InARow]josh> 17:59:23 <@[6InARow]Drac> i have just 1 line i want to say
<+[6InARow]josh> 17:59:23 <@[6InARow]Drac> :D
<+[6InARow]josh> 17:59:28 <@[6InARow]Drac> die Dealer
<@Appocomaster> ha
<@Appocomaster> that's not nice
<@Appocomaster> on behalf of Drac I formally apologise for his awful behaviour!
<@Appocomaster> and fully retract any rude statement he made to Dealer or anyone else
<@Appocomaster> and remind him he did get voiced, even if he quit SECONDS later :P
<@Appocomaster> any final comments?
<+[6InARow]garg> well, i would like to chip in
<+[6InARow]garg> i hope theres some better ally battles in the future
<+[6InARow]garg> instead of block 1 versus block 2
<+[6InARow]josh> yeah, thanks to everyone in ult, app for being chill, fockers for being unique, and the block for being inept
<+[6InARow]josh> and i think garg nailed it with the better ally battles
<+[6InARow]garg> and thank apprime for the sacrifice
<+[6InARow]josh> yes, standing by us
<+[6InARow]garg> they took the blunt of the incomings, it coudl've easily been us
<@Appocomaster> do you fear they'll turn on you?
<+[6InARow]josh> they took it hard on the chin
<+[6InARow]garg> there was some thought, but by then
<+[6InARow]garg> the block had pissed app of to much to make any meaningful change
<@Appocomaster> well, thanks :)
Appocomaster sets mode -vv [6InARow]garg [6InARow]josh
<@Appocomaster> finishing almost on time
<@Appocomaster> Fiery?
<@Fiery> I am looking for a couple new people for support team. If you are interested, drop me a pm
<@Fiery> daso and yoshi, don't even ask. The answer is no.
<@Appocomaster> allcomp starting soon!
<+Pea> Tags counted, scanned 259 nicks and found 19 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<+Pea> #10. Tag: Merc, count: 3
<+Pea> #9. Tag: PwN, count: 4
<+Pea> #8. Tag: FOREST, count: 5
<+Pea> #7. Tag: dS, count: 5
<+Pea> #6. Tag: xVx, count: 6
<+Pea> #5. Tag: CT, count: 8
<+Pea> #4. Tag: HR, count: 9
<+Pea> #3. Tag: DFWTK, count: 20
<+Pea> #2. Tag: 6InARow, count: 31
<+Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 41
<@Appocomaster> congfrats to ND
<@Appocomaster> credits, havoc, etc to follow
<@Appocomaster> Markb will be posting the log soon
<@Appocomaster> thanks all for attending and goodnight
<@Appocomaster> fianl shout out for round 49 round names
<@Appocomaster> round49@planetarion.com
<@Appocomaster> potentially win a free ticket!
<@Appocomaster> er
<@Appocomaster> *credit
<@Appocomaster> go go go go !
Appocomaster sets mode -m