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EoRC Round 47: 20/07/2012

<Appocomaster> hi all
<Appocomaster> and welcome to the the End of Round ceremony for Round 47
<Appocomaster> followed by the allcomp
<Appocomaster> Tonight we have this round's winners [those that aren't partaking in alcoholic beverages)
<Appocomaster> *]
<Appocomaster> also, just to remind you all, you should e-mail round48@planetarion.com
<Appocomaster> just generally - it's fantastic! - but most specifically because you can submit a round name suggestion
<Appocomaster> and be in with a chance of winning a free, sparkly credit to be used in a future round of Planetarion
<Appocomaster> Just e-mail round48@planetarion.com with as many suggestions as you wish
<Appocomaster> and we'll put up a voting list during havoc to allow the players - YOU - to decide who wins the contest
<Appocomaster> This is obviously fiercely monitored for voting corruption ;)
<Appocomaster> Anyway, on with the EoRC
<Appocomaster> Firstly, we have tonight's winners
<Appocomaster> Unfortunately, our winner Ronin is not able to be with us tonight
<Appocomaster> I don't think that we'll have the "I ran backd drunk from the bowling alley with bowling shoes on to make it" story like we've had in the past
<Appocomaster> however, Nitros and (hopefully) shaz are both here to represent our top 3 players from this round
<Appocomaster> so without further ado
<Appocomaster> congratulations, Nitros, Shaz :)
<[CT]Nitros> thank you
<[CT]Nitros> on behalf of ronin aswell
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> Nitros has been given words from Ronin, his alliancemate
<Appocomaster> CT had a good showing of top planets, having #1 and #2
<Appocomaster> I can see Lex is enjoying such glory for his alliance
<Appocomaster> so, Nitros, if you'll start us off :)
<[CT]Nitros> yeah lex is super excited
<Appocomaster> I won't touch him then
<[CT]Nitros> Ronin is on holidays, climbing mountains and all as he makes us believe :)
<Appocomaster> Are there places providing beverages on these moutains?
<Appocomaster> *mountains
<Appocomaster> for light refreshment?
<[CT]Nitros> im not too sure, you'd best ask his galmates later. they have been in closer contact with him the last 2 weeks he's been on holidays :)
<[CT]Nitros> but he asked me to thank everyone, for supporting him
<[CT]Nitros> his alliance CT
<Appocomaster> Jaran has said he's been on holiday for 10 days but his phone connection has been problematic today
<[CT]Nitros> and galmates
<Appocomaster> all that beer interferering maybe :(
<[CT]Nitros> Probably :D
<Appocomaster> ah yes
<Appocomaster> he has won twice in a row
<Appocomaster> which is probably worth noting
<[CT]Nitros> Yeah he's quite happy with it
<Appocomaster> maybe the first time this has happened
<Appocomaster> :)
<[CT]Nitros> is it? quite an achievement then indeed
<Appocomaster> elviz is maybe but if so it'd be r13/14, and I don't have r13 rankings
<Appocomaster> anyway, congratulations to him
<Appocomaster> moving on to yourself :)
<Appocomaster> Congratulations on making it to second place
<Appocomaster> and nipping past Shaz on the penultimate tick
<[CT]Nitros> thanks, and congrats to ronin and shaz
<[CT]Nitros> im proud to have made it to the top3:)
<Appocomaster> First time?
<Appocomaster> Shaz has been here a few times
<[CT]Nitros> yeah first time for me
<Appocomaster> :) well, congrats then
<[CT]Nitros> halfway the round i started aiming for the top10, so i wouldnt have hoped to end this high
<Appocomaster> you've done fantastically well :-)
<[CT]Nitros> started aiming for #1 the last 2 weeks
<Appocomaster> Only non-zik in the top 4
<[CT]Nitros> yeah
<Appocomaster> only terran in top 15
<Appocomaster> how do you think stats/ races affected the battle for the top?
<[CT]Nitros> unfortunatly i didn't have the luxury of being a zik and gaining a free 1.1 mil / 2.1 mil score shipdonation throughout the round :)
<[CT]Nitros> well, that is also the answer to your question :D
<Appocomaster> yes
<[CT]Nitros> it was redicilious easy for ziks to gain free value
<Appocomaster> is there any other comment? :p
<[CT]Nitros> no, but i'd love to thank some people :)
<Appocomaster> I will look at capping defensive value gains from salvage as well as attacking gains from salvage
<Appocomaster> well, go ahead
<Appocomaster> if there's anything you'd like to add :)
<[CT]Nitros> well im happy i made it this far.
<[CT]Nitros> many thanks to ct and all its members and officers who have supported me
<[CT]Nitros> a special thanks to monroe, bavaria, jezz, joops, conjurock, carlosus and nelito as attack partners and helping me out when i had incoming
<[CT]Nitros> thanks to my gal for their great support in the final week of the round, regardless of politics, thanks guys
<[CT]Nitros> but most of all, a huge thanks to lex and mix. lex for being a great guy who has always been here to support me and believing in me. MiX for being super awesome in general and having saved me several times this round! he deserved to be in the t3 aswell, but didnt get enough donations.
<[CT]Nitros> that is all :)
<[CT]Nitros> thank you
<Appocomaster> I see you've got a bit of old school LCH going on there :)
<[CT]Nitros> a few :)
<[CT]Nitros> oh
<Appocomaster> is there any other thanks you'd like to add?
<[CT]Nitros> i forgot jezz
<Appocomaster> haha
<[CT]Nitros> !
<Ace> and hes happy his old LCH m8 brought him back to PA Appocomaster :)
<Appocomaster> that's just character building ;)
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> Shaz?
<Appocomaster> are you there to take over?
<[CT]Nitros> and fizz
<Appocomaster> what?
<[CT]Nitros> thansk to him too! ;)
<[CT]Nitros> im done, thanks!
<Appocomaster> you can't thank Fizz! that's going too far!
<[CT]Nitros> oh oh, baddars too
<[CT]Nitros> done
<[CT]Nitros> :)
<Appocomaster> lol
<[CT]Nitros> all yours shaz
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> <3 Baddars
<[CT]Nitros> take it away
<Appocomaster> 4 hours idle
<Appocomaster> we may not have a Shaz
<[CT]Nitros> does that mean i have more time to thank people?
<Appocomaster> if you wish
<[CT]Nitros> that was abit of a joke :/
<[CT]Nitros> but i can start naming
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> if you want
<Appocomaster> otherwise we'll go onto the galaxy
<[CT]Nitros> go ahead :) im sure they have wonderful stories to tell
<Appocomaster> maybe
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> well, thank you Nitros
<Appocomaster> and thank you to everyone who supported Shaz, too
<Appocomaster> I am sure she is grateful for the support of her alliance, galaxy and attack gruop
<Appocomaster> *group
<Appocomaster> etc :)
<Appocomaster> thanks again to our top players
<Appocomaster> so, on to the top galaxy
<Appocomaster> now, Ronin and Shaz aren't here
<Appocomaster> two of the top galaxy
<Appocomaster> (5:3 being our top galaxy)
<Appocomaster> this means voicing such retrobates as Zaejii, Drac, rasputin, Dav, Killeah, Reese, etc
<Appocomaster> if I can find them
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> also in the top galaxy are Sleepless, bonjwa, arc, Mikee and Smasher
<Appocomaster> good start ;)
<Appocomaster> Dav isn't around
<Appocomaster> Mikee and Zaejii aren't around
<Appocomaster> well
<Appocomaster> thanks :p
<Appocomaster> this could be a short eorc
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> eksero? Reese? Drac?
<Appocomaster> any words?
<Appocomaster> someone kindly donated the galaxy breakdown:
<Appocomaster> #1 shaz [nd] - #2 Ronin [ct] - #3 dav [Tid] - #4 eksero [ult] - #5 arc [ct] - #6 Rasputin [hvn] - #7 Sleepless [ct] - #8 killeah [ult] - #9 Drac [ult] - #10 Zaejii [Tid] - #11 reese [ult] - #12 smasher [ult] - #13 mikee [ult]
<Appocomaster> <3 HaSu
<Appocomaster> :o
<Appocomaster> well, in that case
<Appocomaster> #2 galaxy
<Appocomaster> Baddars: many of your galaxy in here?
<Appocomaster> want to talk us through the round briefly?
<Appocomaster> well, fine
<Appocomaster> onto alliances tbh
<Appocomaster> agar3s? who is representing your alliance?
<[5InARow]agar3s> ariel the mermaid
<Appocomaster> she lives in a pineapple under the sea?
<[5InARow]agar3s> & hasu
<Appocomaster> aww really?
<[5InARow]Ariel> no down where it is wetter
<[5InARow]agar3s> no in my fishtank
<Appocomaster> well, congratulations
<Appocomaster> a fifth round in a row
<Appocomaster> please have something to say about it!
<[5InARow]HaSu> ariel actually thinks thats april from the turtles!
<Appocomaster> no one has mangaged 5 in a row, afaik
<[5InARow]agar3s> voice "CHEAT" too btw
<[5InARow]agar3s> well appo
<[5InARow]agar3s> first i want to share :
<[5InARow]agar3s> 16:59:52 < [CT]galla> one final plea, can ult not bore the tits off us for an age telling us that they are better than everyone else, we heard it before so just take it as read and save us the bother of hearing it again
<[5InARow]agar3s> dear mr galla, its not our fault you guys fail
<[5InARow]Ariel> it did feel like we where jews and the other allys wanted us dead
<Appocomaster> lol
<[5InARow]Ariel> for 750+ ticks
<Appocomaster> that's a bit dangerous to say :/
<[5InARow]agar3s> ur camels escaped nelito :(
<[5InARow]agar3s> anyway
<[5InARow]agar3s> we had incs for about 750 ticks, every day
<[5InARow]agar3s> it was hard on our members but most pulled through when politics changed in the end
<[5InARow]Ariel> with 3 allys making pre round packs made it hard to keep members active
<[5InARow]agar3s> we had the advantage that our enemies did not know how to hold on to roids
<[5InARow]agar3s> so we were able to cap alot of xp
<Appocomaster> Ascendancy have won 6 times total, btw, and exil / apprime 5 (this is r14 onwards)
<[5InARow]Ariel> [20:23:16] <@Ultores> <Clouds_mobile> If by a miracle we win, I'll buy everyone in ult a credit next round (quote me if you like :D) (1 more quotes match this search)
<Appocomaster> ouch
<Appocomaster> how did the attacking stats help you?
<[5InARow]Ariel> well l0lz helped pick a strat
<[5InARow]Ariel> and fi/co always seems best to attack
<[5InARow]Ariel> we have a fantastic bc team
<Appocomaster> did you all go fi/co?
<[5InARow]Ariel> ye
<[5InARow]agar3s> it was more that our enemies seemed incapable of dcing properly though
<[5InARow]agar3s> calls that got covered, got mm REALLY COVERED
<[5InARow]agar3s> if your enemies use up to 5-6 fleets too much to cover a call, its no wonder they run out of def after 2 waves
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> depedns what you mean by covered though tbh :p
<Appocomaster> so who apart from Ariel is in the BC team?
<[5InARow]HaSu> none :D
<[5InARow]agar3s> he has to thank himself, its for selfconfidence issues
<[5InARow]agar3s> :D
<Appocomaster> lol
<[5InARow]Ariel> :D
<[5InARow]agar3s> and with covered i mean
<[5InARow]agar3s> if they lose 100k after salvage and the attackers 2m
<[5InARow]agar3s> they add 5 more fleets
<[5InARow]Ariel> we have to thank colt also for getting so many steal and not getting closed
<[5InARow]agar3s> yes that was impressive
<[5InARow]Ariel> that takes real skill
<Appocomaster> COLT you are betraying your terran roots :(
<[5InARow]Ariel> he got found out and closed last round
<[5InARow]Ariel> he played like a pro
<Appocomaster> found out?
<[5InARow]Ariel> i mean
<[5InARow]Ariel> :D
<[5InARow]agar3s> he farms his other personalities
<[5InARow]agar3s> :(
<Appocomaster> did you always think you were going to win the round?
<[5InARow]Ariel> no
<[5InARow]agar3s> no, we expected both ct and hvn to be better at keeping roids tbh
<[5InARow]HaSu> actually no
<[5InARow]Ariel> haven and ct lost roids far to easy
<[5InARow]HaSu> until ct & hvn crashed like a boss
<[5InARow]HaSu> and we roided them to ground
<[5InARow]Ariel> 60m lead to lose in 7 days is alot
<[5InARow]agar3s> lets call it 60m loss :p
<Appocomaster> did politics play any part in this gain?
<[5InARow]Ariel> ppl peaked at the right time in ultores, agar3s dced the last few days to make sure we didnt lose roids pl de etc
<[5InARow]Ariel> politics just seemed to fall into place at the right times
<[5InARow]Ariel> the pre-round block got very old at tick 700-800
<[5InARow]Ariel> ct/haven members where getting pissed with hitting low roid targets
<[5InARow]agar3s> Appocomaster if someone had multiple personalities, could you get an exception for each one ?
<Appocomaster> hmm
<Appocomaster> not really
<Appocomaster> did you come under any p-targetting?
<[5InARow]agar3s> yes
<[5InARow]agar3s> for about 600 ticks
<Appocomaster> how did galaxy politics play a part in that?
<[5InARow]agar3s> as usual our fort gals got alot of incs
<[5InARow]Ariel> ask conjurock
<[5InARow]agar3s> but they are the most experienced players so that plays in our advantage
<[5InARow]Ariel> he was on 3.4k roids and going for #1, as chc ordered him not to defend we couldnt defend him
<[5InARow]Ariel> very hard when only half of most gals can defend
<Appocomaster> chc?
<Appocomaster> chica high command?
<[5InARow]Ariel> ct hc*
<Appocomaster> ah
<[5InARow]Ariel> told he would get kicked if he defended me
<Appocomaster> so it was a very consolidated effort
<[5InARow]Ariel> then when he got incs we had the same rules
<Appocomaster> do you think you will manage to cope another round?
<[5InARow]Ariel> depends, we won this round but it was by no means fun
<[5InARow]agar3s> tags will be difference
<[5InARow]agar3s> we will go with the flow
<Appocomaster> will the alliance limit changes have any effect on this?
<[5InARow]agar3s> i am sure ct is talking to allies to block for the upcoming round
<[5InARow]agar3s> there will be more full tags i assume
<[5InARow]agar3s> so more chance in allies to do something
<[5InARow]Ariel> i think going to 60 tag will bring 5-6 race for #1
<Appocomaster> I hope it does make it more competitive
<Appocomaster> we will have to see :)
<[5InARow]agar3s> aye
<Appocomaster> you're definitely playing next round though?
<[5InARow]agar3s> yes we will be playing
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> well, best of luck
<Appocomaster> I've given credits to all the top players/ galaxy / alliance already
<Appocomaster> (for once, being super efficient)
<Appocomaster> so congrats to you all
<Appocomaster> any final thank yous?
<[5InARow]agar3s> thanks to our members and to the people in fort gals
<[5InARow]agar3s> they been excellent to help ult win
<[5InARow]agar3s> it takes alot out of an ally to be hit for so long
<[5InARow]agar3s> and they pulled it off
<[5InARow]agar3s> pure awesomeness
<Appocomaster> well done :)
<[5InARow]agar3s> is all i can say to that
<Appocomaster> ok, well, without further ado, we'll move onto the EoRC allcomp!
<Appocomaster> thanks again, HaSu, agar3s
<Appocomaster> Markb? :)
<Markb> woo :)
<Markb> Last chance for people to tag up
<Markb> Here we go, different bot this time :)
<Pi> 10: offline - 2
<Pi> 9: pwned - 4
<Pi> 8: tof - 6
<Pi> 7: hvn - 7
<Pi> 6: hr - 8
<Pi> 5: xvx - 11
<Pi> 4: dfwtk - 14
<Pi> 3: ct - 26
<Pi> 2: nd - 39
<Pi> 1: 5inarow - 40
<Markb> BUT
<Markb> someone in 5InARow has two nicks in here
<Markb> naughty :P
<Appocomaster> that means that it's a draw
<Appocomaster> so we'll split the winnings
<Appocomaster> thank you all for listening to this slightly abbreviated award ceremony
<Appocomaster> log to be put up soonish
<Appocomaster> maybe tomorrow
<Appocomaster> :-)
<Appocomaster> havocing taking place as we speak!