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  • Round 80 Ticks End: Friday 1st March 2019
  • Round 80 Havoc Ends: Thursday 14th March 2019

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Round 42 Havoc & Round 43

Round 42 Havoc

Last night, 1,500,000,000 resources and 4,000 asteroids were donated to every player in the Round 42 havoc. 264 new "Special 'Roids" were also created, 3 per galaxy, with each one giving a 10% bonus to metal, crystal or eonium respectively. These do not count towards the flag score, but are hefty bonuses in their own right.

Round 42 Havoc will remain in the "CTF" style, and will continue until Thursday evening at approximately 20:00 GMT.

Round 43

This is an update on the Round 43. I can confirm the following setup / changes for Round 43:


Round Length: 7 weeks (as before)
Buddy Pack Size: 5 (as before)
Alliance Limit: 80 (as before)
Alliance Members (Counting): 50 (as before)

Main Changes:
-Salvage has been changed to take stolen ships into consideration when capping received salvage, and to allow for salvage to replace lost ships to be gained even at the top ranks.

-The Galaxy Status page now includes a status field, bcalc field, notes field, class tickboxes and a link to any recent scans done on the attacker by yourself / your alliance. This information is shown and is modifiable by all trusted members of your galaxy. This does mean a change to the galaxy status page layout.

-Ships can now be salvaged with immediate effect for 50% of their construction costs. This includes both constructed ships and stolen ships. This action is irreversable.

-Wave Amplifiers now give a 0.3% discount on scan cost for every amplifier constructed after your first amplifier (was 0.1%).

Beta stats are now available on our beta server stats page. They are unfinished, with the names in particular likely to change dramatically. A discussion on the stats is underway on this forum thread if you wish to contribute.

The beta server is open and ticks are underway. However, please be warned that the ticks may stop and restart, and the server may be reset, with little or no warning. Code changes may also occur whilst it is running.

Round Name
The round name voting for Round 43 has now commenced on this forum thread.