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EoRC Round 42: 29/07/11

<Appocomaster> welcome to the latest instalment of the End of Round Ceremonies
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> As always, we'll be congratulating this round's winners
<Appocomaster> we'll be interviewing the top 3 planets for "Round 42 - The Meaning of Everything", the top galaxy, and representatives from the top alliance.
<Appocomaster> so, without further ado
<Appocomaster> we shall start with the top planets of the round
<Appocomaster> as always, everyone has tagged to make it nigh-on impossible for me to find you :p
<Appocomaster> JDD is unfortunately not able to grace us with his presence, so Xomaz is filling in ;)
<Appocomaster> anyway, congratulations to you all.
<Appocomaster> #1 planet - m0rph3us (7:5:8) of p3nguins
<Appocomaster> #2 planet - Plaguuu (5:3:12), also of p3nguins
<Appocomaster> #3 planet - JDD (10:8:2), of DLR
<Appocomaster> to p3nguins in the top three, doesn't look bad! :)
<Appocomaster> *two
<Appocomaster> we'll start with m0rph3us, who is either afk or being polite or awestruck at being voiced
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> i am here
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> had to get beer
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> :)
<Appocomaster> a proper way to celebrate, I guess
<Appocomaster> so, you snuck in in the final ticks!
<Appocomaster> both of you
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> yeah was pretty exiting 24h
<[p3n]Plaguuu> pretty exciting last tick
<Appocomaster> someone was berating me about how caths won half the recent rounds, but you've made them liars. thank you ;)
<Appocomaster> for you, it was :p
<Appocomaster> JDD is probably sitting at a bar somewhere drowning his sorrows
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> yeah he was on #1 for so long
<Appocomaster> I think he deserves something for being #1 for so long
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> deffo
<Appocomaster> so, congrats
<Appocomaster> did you always think there was a chance you'd catch him?
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> well until 3-4 nights ago yes
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> but then he started landing for huge roids, so i wasnt anymore
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> and ofc the last tick i wasnt sure at all
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> with plagguuu and jdd landing each other
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> and me beeing landed on
<Appocomaster> quite the guessing game, then!
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> however 2 weeks ago, i?d have laughed at you if u told me i?d win :p
<Appocomaster> he lost 92k spiders last tick, probably made the difference :(
<Appocomaster> so
<Appocomaster> congrats
<Appocomaster> how did the round play out for you?
<Appocomaster> race choice + alliance, did they have a major role?
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> was a fun round
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> yes deffo
<Appocomaster> and the salvage changes, of course :P
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> idd
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> good salvage change
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> though it might be looked at, as it doesnt allow top20 planets to defend
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> or well, it doesnt pay of to
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> anyhow, beeing all xan (well 85%) helped us p3n a lot
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> in def and attacks
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> also fortress gals payed of
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> and ofc the fight of 4-5 alliances for #1
<Appocomaster> (i'm going to look at tweaking it slightly next round, fyi)
<Appocomaster> yes, 4-5 alliances is unusual
<Appocomaster> and 3 close to the top at the end
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> that's also good to see
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> yeah
<Appocomaster> so
<Appocomaster> lots of fake defence?
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> tbh no
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> i?d think 90% of our def was real
<Appocomaster> that's disappointing :p
[SBD]Clouds [Clouds@Clouds.users.netgamers.org] requested CTCP TIME from Appocomaster:
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> since we wouldnt waste fleetslots for fakes
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> as we had def ships home
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> basically revenants were always home
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> also spectre
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> and many frigs
<Appocomaster> why did you all go xan?
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> well theodd, munkee and me decided it was the best race
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> + it would help with having not the most active members
<Appocomaster> :)
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> ppl can attack though no time to check landings
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> ppl can always looks scareh in def
<Appocomaster> (alliance ranking dropped to #6 in the last tick)
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> yeh we had some ppl sacrificing to make jdd not cap solo on plaguuu
<[p3n]Plaguuu> and someone who didnt set alarmclock
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> and my galmate jinstarro crash because hes allready on vacation now :p
<Appocomaster> which let DLR overtake
<Appocomaster> pfft.
<Appocomaster> he's always such a part timer :p
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> idd
<Appocomaster> (<3 jin)
<Appocomaster> so
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> good guy though :p
<Appocomaster> highlights of the round?
<Appocomaster> beyond the final tick mashup?
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> well my solo lands on 5.5.5
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> and some others
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> dont know coords anymore
<Appocomaster> nicks?
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> other then that, seeing how p3n worked and fighted together
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> i dont remember tbh :/
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> i suck with nicks :(
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> yes
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> first to all of p3nguins, specially kayil, theodd, munkee, jinstarro and ctx (both my galmates)
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> and ofc assassin for bringing us all together again
<Appocomaster> :)
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> also the gosu guys, for beeing GERMAN!!!
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> wlel, thanks
<Appocomaster> :)
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> and everyone else who helped me, and cheers for me
<Appocomaster> moving on to Plaguuu
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> ty :)
<[p3n]Plaguuu> ... the real winner ;)
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> why the real winner?
<Appocomaster> so what's your game highlights and key thanks?
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> :P
<[p3n]Plaguuu> well
<[p3n]Plaguuu> hitting sukur rank 2 or smth at the time
<[p3n]Plaguuu> then exiling a few ticks after into his gal
<Appocomaster> ol
<Appocomaster> *lol
<Appocomaster> that's pretty cool :/
<[p3n]Plaguuu> yeah :P
<Appocomaster> but why the real winner?
<[p3n]Plaguuu> well: http://kia.cthq.net/index.php?p=ran...amp;order2=DESC
<[p3n]Plaguuu> but Im just joking around
<[p3n]Plaguuu> m0 well deserved it
<Appocomaster> :p
<[p3n]Plaguuu> thx to rock for not hating on me after I left em
<Appocomaster> good
<Appocomaster> :)
<[p3n]Plaguuu> and ofc thx to all p3ngs
<Appocomaster> Rock are cuddly
<[p3n]Plaguuu> and my gal 5:3
<[p3n]Plaguuu> and my former gal 1:2 which dont exist anymore.. (shocked)
<Appocomaster> yeah
<Appocomaster> I disbanded it when there were 1-2 people left
<Appocomaster> :/
<Appocomaster> <3 1:2
<[p3n]Plaguuu> yeah
<[p3n]Plaguuu> I started in the first gal after 1:1
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> the second best gal, then
<[p3n]Plaguuu> which happened to be a DS fortress
<[p3n]Plaguuu> so I was screwed from start
<Appocomaster> DS = ?
<[p3n]Plaguuu> dead soldiers
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> so, any other thanks? :)
<[p3n]Plaguuu> and yeah thx to tolky
<[p3n]Plaguuu> for scanning my endless requests
<Appocomaster> remember people
<Appocomaster> a scanner is for all round
<Appocomaster> not just for last minute scan requests
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> <Commercial Break> ohh i forgot to thank mpulse and the #scans team, awesome job guys, ta!!! </Commercial Break>
<Appocomaster> :)
<[p3n]Plaguuu> and angelus for taking the responsability for the future of rock
<Appocomaster> ok .... well, if that's all, we'll go on Xomaz
<[p3n]Plaguuu> yeah and Jintao in #scans
<Appocomaster> and we're also going to have a change of interviewer
<Appocomaster> as I have a minor emergency to sort out
<Appocomaster> so the rest of the pa team will take over
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> ticks down ? :p
<Appocomaster> but congratulations again :)
<Appocomaster> bbl
<Fiery> Xomaz, did you have anything to say on behalf of JDD?
<[DLR]Xomaz> Yeah, he asked me to say a few things
<[DLR]Xomaz> He's busy at work himself
<[DLR]Xomaz> Mainly he'd just like to congratulate m0
<[DLR]Xomaz> and DLR for doing another awesome job
<[DLR]Xomaz> re-claiming #1 ally average the very last tick :)
<[DLR]Xomaz> oh oh
<[DLR]Xomaz> And he said he's a big fan of the new salvage rule -.-
<Fiery> I'm glad everyone was so happy over the new salvage rule (:
<[DLR]Xomaz> Yeah :)
<[DLR]Xomaz> It made it quite hard defending JDD today
<[DLR]Xomaz> We did our best and all felt sorry for him considering his 800+ ticks as #1
<Fiery> Yes, that was sad.
<Fiery> Anything else, Xomaz?
<[DLR]Xomaz> Nah
<[DLR]Xomaz> DLR ftw
<Fiery> Well done, guys!
<[DLR]Xomaz> Did another great round
<[DLR]Xomaz> Congrats to m0
<[DLR]Xomaz> over and out
<Fiery> We'll switch to the top galaxy now.
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> [23:31] <[TGV]p3n|Scans> #Scans will be looking for scanners for R43, please pm mPulse if you are interested in scanning!
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> ^^
<[p3n]m0[gosu]> <3
<[p3n]Plaguuu> nooooo
<Fiery> I think I got all of you
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> yeah looks right
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> First of all m0 and p3ng are a bunch of fence sitting back stabbing fairies ... that being said hellooooooo =0P
<[SBD][CT]Lord_I> giggity
<[SBD][ND]Pais> hehe
<[SBD[ROCK]mycar> and so it begins!
<[SBD]LEska> prrrrbbbb....sorry :)
<[SBD][G]Efrael> Thanks to guys in SBD and GROSS - you couldn't have done it without me! \o/
<[SBD]Shibby[CT]> Special thankx go to gm and kenny and rest of CT when I needed them, gal was great thankx MM, Pais, tobbe, Tia and the rest had a great round, got to go for work again o/
<Fiery> When did you know that you would win top galaxy?
<[SBD][ND]Pais> 1:10 went into vac mode
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> When 1-10 decided to awal
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> Fiery when 1 10 went into vac mode
<[SBD]tobbe> when i exiled in !
<[SBD]Shibby[CT]> When MM said so
<[SBD]tobbe> :(
<[SBD]Shibby[CT]> he is always right :p
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> :P
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> also when i exiled in
<[SBD]tobbe> ^^
<[SBD]Clouds> lol Tia
<[SBD]LEska> mm is god
<[SBD][CT]Lord_I> MM deserves a lot of thanks, shib, tia, great gal to b in
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> aand decided to stay :)
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> to think i almost exiled out of 5-5
<[SBD]Shibby[CT]> And the smell offcourse to keep ppl away :p
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> we almost had you roided so we could exile u cheepeer :P
<Fiery> And how would they have won without you, Tia!
<[SBD][ND]Pais> we had to *ahem* presuade tia to stay in the gal
<[SBD][CT]Lord_I> the smell certainly helped
<[SBD][G]Efrael> Mid-round I realized that we have a good chance at winning and stopped building amps.
<[SBD]Shibby[CT]> o/ off again thankx
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> Yeah everyone pulled there weight for most of the round.
<[SBD][CT]Lord_I> o/ shibb
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> and Shibby
<Fiery> Were alliance politics difficult within the galaxy?
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> well
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> at 1st no
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> YES
<[SBD][CT]Lord_I> lol
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> this was my first round hcing ND
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> after around tick 400
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> yes
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> every little thing seemed to have a possible effect
<[SBD][G]Efrael> I could defend everyone but I didn't have fleet before after mid-round =)
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> then all of our players alliances were at war with each other
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> yup
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> it was "complicated"
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> we watched out for each other though
<Fiery> It seemed to have worked out in the end.
<[SBD][CT]Lord_I> but well handled i would say
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> int he end we never ran out of gas though
<[SBD[ROCK]mycar> "drumroll"
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> :P
<[SBD]tobbe> was a great gal to play in
<[SBD]tobbe> always ppl online :)
<[SBD]Clouds> I enjoyed the TOF crash on me \o MM's fleet owned!
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> <3 to tobbe and leska always being there for me
<[SBD]Clouds> The activity in the galaxy was amazing
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> Our theme inspired us i think
<[SBD[ROCK]mycar> well, id like to say 2 things, nice one m0 for advertising #Scans, and make galaxy status =alliance def page... nuff said
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> I felt bad for shibby as he had to be inactive for like the last 2 weeks
<[SBD][CT]Lord_I> awesome gal all around, thx all u gal m8's especially MM and Shibby for helping me get the hand of things again after being gone for a long long time!
<[SBD]tobbe> (exept when i was ravin around in the mountains fishing)
<[SBD][CT]Lord_I> shibs situation sucked
<[SBD][G]Efrael> Our theme stunk =)
<[SBD]LEska> prrrrbbbb....sorry :)
<Fiery> What was your theme for those that don't know
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> Silent but Deadly
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> Silent Buy Deadly
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> fart themed bp
<[SBD][ND]Pais> flatuence
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> But*
<[SBD][CT]Lord_I> gas, wind, methane
<Fiery> Very lovely...
<[SBD]Clouds> I would like to thank mPulse and the #scans team as they were a god send when alliance scanenrs were unavailable. It prevented me from crashing on many occasions, and ofc my mates in 5:5!
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> Great bunch of people
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> This will be my last round for a while so thanks for making it great guys
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> actually
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> thats a theme
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> going on in 5-5
<[SBD][CT]Lord_I> thank you MM
<[SBD][ND]Pais> if Kit lets me I might join the #scan team next round
<[SBD]LEska> mm is god
<[SBD]tobbe> ^^
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> This is also prolly my last round for quite a long time
<[SBD[ROCK]mycar> not likely
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> lol
<Fiery> What was your favorite part of the round?
<[SBD]Clouds> And ofc Flyer for introducing me in to PA in the first place \o
* [SBD]tobbe looks for the tick he exiled in
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> Well for me it was when 1-10 emo'd
<[SBD[ROCK]mycar> agreed tia
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> Fiery my fav part was telling a USAF colonel and an Iraqi Air Force general I had to leave a meeting to go 'do something' then coming online to send clouds defence
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> Hehe
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> i remember that
<[SBD][G]Efrael> My favorite part was when these guys decided, after some discussion though, not to kick me out even when I told them I'm a high-amp scanner
<[SBD][ND]Pais> lol aye
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> also probably a low point in my life now that i think about it
<[SBD]tobbe> personly, my favourite part of the round was when i was out fishing without service on cell!
<[SBD][CT]Lord_I> lol
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> lol
<[SBD]Clouds> lol
<[SBD][G]Efrael> =D
<Fiery> Did you have a strategy at the start of the round or did you just make it up as you went along?
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> I'd also like to congradulate Plaguuu and m0 and JDD for a fantastic round finish
<[SBD]Clouds> Tia nearly made t3, too bad though :-(
<[SBD][ND]Pais> our BP was last minute
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> Fiery we had a set strategy that changed a lot ... our bp was last min
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> my plan was to join one of the xVx forts and when i exiled in at like tick 70
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> i saw a very active gal
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> we got some good players in and a brand new pa player Darth ... we go them set up to be our late start heros
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> and was "convinced" to stay
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> And Darth
<[SBD]tobbe> same as Tia for me, but exiled in abit later than him
<[SBD][ND]Pais> hopefully darthk continues playing
<Fiery> Who were the members of the bp?
<[SBD][G]Efrael> Guys supported my growth really well once I stopped building amps.
<[SBD][ND]Pais> MM clouds leska me and shibby
<[SBD]tobbe> Congratulations to ND, m0, plaguu and JDD for great finish :)
<[SBD]tobbe> and ofc our gal :)
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> :P
<[SBD]Clouds> Yeah, congratulations, ND
<Fiery> Is there anyone else you guys would like to thank?
<[SBD]LEska> :)
<[SBD]Clouds> Maniac has worked hard this round
<[SBD][ND]Pais> aye Kit for not deleting my planet out of spite
<[SBD[ROCK]mycar> Yeah, keep on ROCKing
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> I'd like to thank CoolKat for taking such a big hit for me the last 3 days.
<[SBD]LEska> maybe cardi :P
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> Iraq sucks im coming to take over europe and drink [ND]Mysteries under the table :P
<[SBD][G]Efrael> Thanks MM, good leadership
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> thanks kit for not deleting pais account
<[SBD][ND]Pais> aye
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> Also App for always keeping things intersting
<[SBD]tobbe> wanna thank xVx for beeing so freaggin nice to be in!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 all of u!!
<[SBD][CT]Lord_I> :D
<[SBD][G]Efrael> And good plan for making the small ones grow under your wings
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> Flamze Titos
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> Magnus
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> for helping me get my lands early
<Fiery> It sounds like you were a fun galaxy to be involved in and congratulations on your win.
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> Olata would like me to say, the best tick of his round was killing cardinals fleet
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> :)
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> lol
<[SBD][G]Efrael> And thank to both gal and ally for the protection. I'm not sure if anyone landed on me the whole round.
<[SBD]Clouds> :-)
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> Total Lost Roids:I102
<[SBD]Clouds> We cross defended really well
<Fiery> Well done, Olata!
<[SBD]Tia[xVx]> :)
<[SBD]Clouds> Maniac was an awesome GC!
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> disneyland paris auth 17th w00t
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> !!!
<[SBD][G]Efrael> Lost roids 0
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> thanks all :)
<[SBD][ND]Maniac> in gal cross def ftw
<Fiery> Thank you, 5:5. We are going to switch to the top alliance now.
<[ND]Catwoman> weeeeeee
<[ND]DigitalZero> OH BOY!!!!!
<[ND]DigitalZero> 10 years, ive been waiting for that voice
<[ND]DigitalZero> :)
<Fiery> Congratulations to NewDawn for winning the top alliance.
<[ND]Catwoman> I appologise for any mistakes, as its 5 am here. Got to love pa :D
<[ND]Catwoman> On behalf of deadman he wants to know Who are YOU
<[ND]DigitalZero> everyone read that last sentance fiery said... blows your mind
<[ND]DigitalZero> :)
<[ND]DigitalZero> thank you
<[ND]DigitalZero> catwoman, go ahead with your little thing
<[ND]Catwoman> I want to thank first the members of Newdawn for staying active and believing in us for so many years, The awesome HC team this round with Maniacmagic in charge of Mil, Deadman Defense, DigitalZero Politics, and Auto and SpeeedJ as everyones helpers.
<[ND]Catwoman> The military team did a fantastic job every day, with Maniac and Mysteries choosing the most hostile galaxies from the day before. Intel was spot on as always with Auto and Wwtoo who is maybe retiring from pa this round due to health problems
<[ND]Catwoman> Defense was relentless and not many calls went uncovered, best team of people we have had working for a long, long time, Paisley,Shazna who is top ND planet, Judge, , Bigfoot, c0w, craze, Darren, Judge, kalleb, masta_mark, ony puke, razock, rob6985, slevin, SuperJoe, vex, whoops and Williams
<[ND]Catwoman> We have like every round an awesome bunch of Scanners who tirelessly and selflessly give up their own planets every round to make sure everyone has scans when they need them. Led by Obiwan we have Adama, Ariff, Auto, myself, deadcenter, excal, Judge, kallysandra, Kublai, and MD
<[ND]DigitalZero> she types fast...
<[ND]Catwoman> shhh
<[ND]Catwoman> im speedy
<[ND]Catwoman> Then theres my team, my IA people who give up a lot of between round time to help set up for new round and mentor new players. Adama, Ariff, Auto, Carrington, Judge, kallysandra, Kublai and Williams my No Man. Thankyou everyone.
<[ND]Catwoman> I especially want to thank P A team for all your hard work and hours you spend making this game available to us and I hope you all continue to do so, Appocomaster, Cin, and your team of people are awesome, hugs
<[ND]Catwoman> Oh and by the way appoco, this is newdawn, instead of free credits, can we get free researches please?
<[ND]DigitalZero> \o/
<Markb> I suspect the answer to that is no, unfortunately :P
<Markb> Congrats :)
<[ND]Catwoman> hehe
<[ND]DigitalZero> we will be relentless and try to get them!
<[ND]Catwoman> still had to add it!
<Fiery> All free research goes to me.
<[ND]DigitalZero> lol
<[ND]DigitalZero> ok i got a few to thank too
<[ND]DigitalZero> the HC team ofc
* [ND]Catwoman gives Fiery an unforgettable Catteh HUG
<[ND]DigitalZero> all the officers, the triple A club, gotta give them props
<[ND]DigitalZero> abort, amon ariff
<[ND]DigitalZero> :)
<[ND]DigitalZero> just becacuse i said i would
* Fiery huggles Catwoman.
<[ND]DigitalZero> Some Awesome BCs I want to mention: Mysteries, MM ofc and paisley
<[ND]DigitalZero> Some Awesome DCs I want to mention: Shazna, Deadman, Judge, Darren, paisley
<[ND]DigitalZero> Thanks to CT and TGV for helping with the cause.
<[ND]DigitalZero> Thanks and Apologies to DLR for ensuring us a huge gain last night to allow us to win and the LOLwaves... ehhh :/
<[ND]DigitalZero> :/
<[ND]DigitalZero> but i also have to mention Md because he has been ND as long as I have, and he rocks at scanning
<[ND]DigitalZero> and thanks to all for putting up with me in my rl moment :)
<[ND]DigitalZero> and mysteries!!!! never doubt meh!
<[ND]DigitalZero> that guy went crazy on me
<Fiery> And what was the ND strategy for winning?
<[ND]DigitalZero> but we did what we had to to ensure this win
<[ND]DigitalZero> well
<[ND]DigitalZero> ok let me touch base on this
<[ND]DigitalZero> in the beginning of the round
<[ND]DigitalZero> we decided to form an anti apprime coalition
<[ND]DigitalZero> tgv, ct were all apart of it
<[ND]DigitalZero> and those silly ds guys
<[ND]DigitalZero> fizzie!
<[ND]DigitalZero> but we made sure they didnt gain the upperhand
<[ND]DigitalZero> anyways, rl kicked in and i had MM step up for politics for a brief moment
<[ND]DigitalZero> and when i logged in, i saw DLR giving us problems
<[ND]DigitalZero> many people whined, others wanted blood!
<[ND]DigitalZero> but I figured that if we were to get involved with DLR, we would never win... or have the chance
<[ND]DigitalZero> so we stopped that
<[ND]DigitalZero> pfft
<[ND]DigitalZero> anyways, p3n was up next for some reason...
<[ND]DigitalZero> once again, some sort of MM thing is what i got
<[ND]DigitalZero> but i saw the hole...
<[ND]DigitalZero> i knew CT hated apprime
<[ND]DigitalZero> app wanted CT blood.
<[ND]DigitalZero> xvx had massive dislike for tgv
<[ND]DigitalZero> and vice versa
<[ND]DigitalZero> so
<[ND]DigitalZero> i hit apprime when I could, to make them not hate us too much
<[ND]DigitalZero> and pulled out when CT still hit them
<[ND]DigitalZero> ensuring that ND was safe on both fronts
<[ND]DigitalZero> then it was just about timing with xvx
<[ND]DigitalZero> they wanted me to turn on my allies
<[ND]DigitalZero> and i waited until the very last minute to pull the trigger on them with tgv
<[ND]DigitalZero> after CT was finished with apprime, and we knew they had fell
<[ND]DigitalZero> they joined in on the show!
<[ND]DigitalZero> monday or something
<[ND]DigitalZero> and then we hit them until last night
<[ND]DigitalZero> when MM had a brilliant idea
<[ND]DigitalZero> lets not hit xvx too hard, instead hit dlr... because we knew they had their hands full with jdd
<[ND]DigitalZero> massive gains, etc...
<[ND]DigitalZero> so props to him for ensuring our win!
<[ND]DigitalZero> and apologies to a great old friend of mine [CT]Forest
<[ND]DigitalZero> :P
<[ND]DigitalZero> welcome back sir, great to have ya
<[ND]DigitalZero> !
<[ND]DigitalZero> but wee landed
<[ND]DigitalZero> gained like 14M last night
<[ND]DigitalZero> blew by CT, xvx in the dust
<[ND]DigitalZero> ND are winners, suck it!
<[ND]DigitalZero> :P
<[ND]DigitalZero> thats how it happened
<[ND]DigitalZero> MM is one crazy person too... he is in the iraqi war
<[ND]DigitalZero> and made time to ensure ND's fleets were flying at the right place
<[ND]DigitalZero> this feels good, unlike that dunkelgraf win the other round!
<[ND]DigitalZero> plus all our scanners and #scans
<[ND]Catwoman> yeah
<Fiery> Now, now, we all like Dunky.
<[ND]DigitalZero> intel team
<[ND]DigitalZero> oh i like him. just decisions are a bit, meh...
<[ND]Catwoman> not when we lost round because he was added at last moment
<[ND]DigitalZero> everyone in ND pulled their weight
<[ND]DigitalZero> no one crashed!
<[ND]DigitalZero> and for those that left ND for greener pastures...
<[ND]Catwoman> that was scary
<[ND]DigitalZero> shame shame
* [ND]DigitalZero points a shakey finger at you
<[ND]DigitalZero> you know who you are
<[ND]DigitalZero> and... to all the sexy goats out there in the PA universe!
<[ND]DigitalZero> im coming!
* [ND]DigitalZero done
<Fiery> When did you know for sure that you were going to win top alliance?
<[ND]DigitalZero> well
<[ND]DigitalZero> i had a pretty good idea about 1.5 weeks ago
<[ND]DigitalZero> it was either us or CT
<[ND]DigitalZero> but i knew the hatred for CT would allow us to win
<[ND]DigitalZero> to be honest though
<[ND]DigitalZero> i was nervous until the final tick
<[ND]DigitalZero> due to that bs with evo
<[ND]DigitalZero> :)
<[ND]DigitalZero> but MM's strategy last night, secured a solid win
<Fiery> Congratulations to NewDawn for top alliance.
<[ND]DigitalZero> thank you all for having us for 42 rounds
<[ND]DigitalZero> we will continue on being ND for rounds to come
<Fiery> Everyone needs to tag up for the allcomp, which will be counted in two minutes.
<Markb> ^^^
<Fiery> Do you have plans for next round, DZ?
<[ND]DigitalZero> yea, i was going to take some time off due to this RL thing im going through, but... i think I enjoy PA better
<[ND]DigitalZero> so
<[ND]DigitalZero> running politics for ND
<[ND]DigitalZero> and we will always be aiming for a win
<[ND]Catwoman> <3
<[ND]Catwoman> and having fun
<[ND]DigitalZero> thats what ND has always been about
<Markb> (1 minute warning for allcomp)
<[ND]Catwoman> few new mentors again this round, and they rocked
<[ND]DigitalZero> eventhough we get a pretty bad rep!
<[ND]DigitalZero> never doubt!
<[ND]DigitalZero> like cat said... free researches plz :P and DISNEYLAND PARIS, august 17th!
<[ND]DigitalZero> doooooo it
<Markb> hehe
<Fiery> I think we're going to say no for that.
<[ND]DigitalZero> well, we have a few weeks to get this figured out
<[ND]Catwoman> ffft
<[ND]Catwoman> we pay well:D
<Fiery> But we will give you a few credits, because we're nice like that.
<[ND]DigitalZero> somewhere right around tick 200...
<[ND]Catwoman> :)
<[ND]DigitalZero> ?
<[ND]DigitalZero> maybe just dump us like some free roids too
<[ND]DigitalZero> ships?
<Fiery> http://www.facebook.com/pages/Plane...191899157537172 If people on facebook could click the link and like Planetarion, that would be awesome.
<Ace> nah
<[ND]DigitalZero> xp?
<[ND]Catwoman> i did already fiery
<Ace> DZ play and get em the normal way :)
* [ND]Catwoman top fan
<Fiery> Thank you, KittyCat!
<[ND]DigitalZero> i did play, i crashed during my dark rl instance
<[ND]DigitalZero> :D
<Markb> Congrats again :)
<[ND]DigitalZero> free is better though
<[ND]DigitalZero> thanks!
<Markb> Right, time for the ALLCOMP :)
<Markb> If I can remember the command :P
<Fiery> You know I don't know it.
<Markb> ah ah
<Pea> #4. Tag: p3n, count: 14
<Pea> #3. Tag: TGV, count: 14
<Pea> #2. Tag: CT, count: 29
<Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 58
<Markb> Well done ND :)
<Fiery> Congrats to ND for winning the allcomp