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EoRC Round 41: 20/05/11

* Appocomaster sets mode: +m
<Appocomaster> Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to the End of Round Ceremony for Round 41 - Rise from the Shadows
<Appocomaster> Thank you for joining us for the latest installment in these events. :)
<Appocomaster> Firstly, I'd like to remind you that you are all welcome to send as many suggestions as you wish to round42@planetarion.com, with the subject "Roundname suggestion(s)", to submit potential names for next round
<Appocomaster> We will look to create a shortlist this weekend and hold voting during the havoc period, so make no delay! start e-mailing whilst you remember. There may be a free credit in it for you! :)
<Appocomaster> Also, I'd like to draw your attention to http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...ound-41-and-42, which has a summary of the havoc events which commence shortly, and some information about next round
<Appocomaster> and, for those of you that are interested, http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...und-41-rankings here is the definitive listing of all rankings from this round
<Appocomaster> Now, without further ado, we shall welcome those victorious planets, guiding their planets successfully to the top of the universe this round :-)
<Appocomaster> [ND]Whoops, I do not believe, is actually here, but I will voice him anyway. :)
<Appocomaster> so, we have agar3s, #1, 5:4:1 of no fixed alliance (formerly, I believe, Apprime)
<Appocomaster> Whoops (which, I think, is a fitting nickname for several Planetarion players out there - good job in reserving it!), #2, 3:3:3 of New Dawn
<Appocomaster> and eksero, #3, 11:5:1, of no fixed alliance (formerly, I believe, apprime)
<Appocomaster> *Apprime
<[agar3s]eksero> are you gonna explain to use why you didnt do anything about the donations whoops had to today?
<Appocomaster> don't want to show favouritism ;)
<[agar3s]eksero> and nearly let him cheat his way to a planetwin?
<[eksero]agar3s> i agree
<[eksero]agar3s> thats the topic that should be on first
<Appocomaster> are you going to explain why you messed around with your nicknames so I spent about 5 minutes trying to work out why you were tagged as each other?
<Appocomaster> or why your alliance so successfully disbanded? :-)
<[agar3s]eksero> i dont know
<Appocomaster> anyway
<[eksero]agar3s> cardi raged
<[eksero]agar3s> :|
<Appocomaster> firstly, I would like to congratulate agar3s on winning
<Appocomaster> maybe the first allianceless planet to win, technically. :)
<[eksero]agar3s> thnx
<Appocomaster> Firstly, how does it feel to be here?
<Appocomaster> I don't believe you've come top three before? I think you may havebeen in an EoRC before though in some fortm :)
<[eksero]agar3s> i was #2 before
<[eksero]agar3s> anyway appo
<Appocomaster> ahh
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> ;)
<[eksero]agar3s> do something about whoops cheating
<[eksero]agar3s> seriously
<Appocomaster> well, one step up
<[eksero]agar3s> its saddening nothing has been done
<[eksero]agar3s> what will people think if they see you can cheat like that
<Appocomaster> I cannot comment on individual cases, and I would not wish to comment on something that is the responsibility of another member of the Planetarion team
<[eksero]agar3s> arent you guys working together somehow ?
<[agar3s]eksero> it seems like he is allowed to do whatever he likes, seeing as he is not apprime
<Appocomaster> I'm sure that "people" already talk about the amount of amazingly coincidental logins in certain planets in high end alliances
<[eksero]agar3s> well an example
<[eksero]agar3s> when i had weird incs
<[eksero]agar3s> i went to mh
<Appocomaster> I'm glad to see you wish to spend your time here thanking those that have helped you to gain this rank
<[eksero]agar3s> & they recalled it
<[eksero]agar3s> but when it happened to whoops
<[eksero]agar3s> he gets to keep it all
<[eksero]agar3s> & he gets a gratz for cheating ?
<[eksero]agar3s> come on Appocomaster its just taking the fun of it away
<Appocomaster> As I said, I cannot comment on individual cases
<Appocomaster> Do you have anything positive to say about members of your ex alliance?
<[eksero]agar3s> my gal & apprime fucking own
<Appocomaster> oh dear
<[agar3s]eksero> they were awesome as usual ofc
<Appocomaster> well, congratulations, eksero
<Appocomaster> do you have anything to say?
<Appocomaster> I know you've been here before :)
<Appocomaster> so well done on returning with another podium
<Appocomaster> what's your secret? ;)
<[agar3s]eksero> get in a good gal and dont crash ur fleet
<[agar3s]eksero> then ur there
<[agar3s]eksero> and ofc, if you do like whoops does, you might end up winning a round sometime
<Appocomaster> ah you are there
<Appocomaster> was there anyone in particular that you'd like to thank for working on your behalf
<Appocomaster> ?
<[agar3s]eksero> can u give agar3s his voice back?
<Appocomaster> I wouldn't want to interrupt you. :)
<Appocomaster> I'ma let you finish
<[agar3s]eksero> as i said earlier, apprime was good as usual
<[agar3s]eksero> so was the bp
<[agar3s]eksero> thats about it
<Appocomaster> anyone key? or were they all equally outstanding?
<[agar3s]eksero> they were all great except for cardi
<[agar3s]eksero> who was a bit too inactive!
<Appocomaster> And who kicked the whole alliance at the end of the round?
<[agar3s]eksero> multiple people
<[agar3s]eksero> as you can only kick so many within a 5 tick period
<Appocomaster> :D
<Appocomaster> yes, I remember us having to code that to stop emokicking
<Appocomaster> guess it wasn't as effective as it could have been
<[agar3s]eksero> can we get Ace in here to explain to us the reason for not taking away the donations whoops had?
<[agar3s]eksero> as he nearly let him farm his way to #1
<Appocomaster> I do not believe he's active at the moment
<Appocomaster> agar3s?
<[eksero]agar3s> i have to go with eksero
<Appocomaster> ok.
<Appocomaster> dinner? movie?
<[eksero]agar3s> i think cheaters are killing this game
<Appocomaster> I would like to point out that some people would find that comment slightly ironic :p
<[eksero]agar3s> i got told by ace everyone would get the same treatment
<[eksero]agar3s> but yet
<[eksero]agar3s> whoops did get special treatment
<[eksero]agar3s> why ?
<Appocomaster> well, those vindicators that landed on you last tick
<Appocomaster> or so
<Appocomaster> getting you 20 mil resources or so
<[eksero]agar3s> i reported them
<[eksero]agar3s> & asked for them to be recalled
<[eksero]agar3s> like with all my dodgy incs
<Appocomaster> well, maybe whoops did the same? I don't know the cases
<[eksero]agar3s> i havent seen him in mh chan so i doubt it
<Appocomaster> and I would not like to comment on something, which is against policy
<[eksero]agar3s> + i got most fleets recalled from me
<Appocomaster> I would like to move on from this
<[eksero]agar3s> even the dodgy once i needed def for
<Appocomaster> do you have anything not relating to alleged donations on other planets?
<[eksero]agar3s> why wasnt the same applied to whoops ?
<Appocomaster> eksero?
<[agar3s]eksero> i think we've said what we needed to
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> thank you
<Appocomaster> lastly, Whoops had a short message that he asked me to copy/paste
<Appocomaster> 19:40 <[ND]Whoops> I would like to thank my gal for being a cheerful bunch all throughout the round and for scraping together every def fleet in the times of need. And I also want to thank everyone in ND who didn't crash this round (which leaves about a handful). Special mention goes to ManiacMagic who not only did a lot of dc/bc-work, but also built a FR fleet just so I would have someone to attack with
<Appocomaster> 19:40 <[ND]Whoops> and always seemed to be around when I needed him for something. That is all, have a nice break and gl in the future.
<Appocomaster> and talking of his galaxy, 3:3
<Appocomaster> they are our top galaxy
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> I've got to find you all
<Appocomaster> why do you all tag? it's impossible on a CLI :(
<Appocomaster> I think I missed a few
<[ND]Rydel> now for some cheese with that whine
<[DLR]raku[RO]> [DLR][NUB]zFERG
<[DLR]raku[RO]> okai first of all
<Appocomaster> congratulations on winning top galaxy
<[DLR]raku[RO]> there were crashers that were recalled from whoops there were recalled fleets
<[DLR]raku[RO]> it is stupid to kill a game by cheating and than complaining like eksero and cardi do
<Appocomaster> please be brief on this subject, this isn't meant to be the "argue over who won and why"
<[DLR]raku[RO]> enough about that... whoops is not a cheater he refused donations
<Appocomaster> indeed, you did
<[DLR]raku[RO]> thanks to valle too a man of word
<[DLR]Byrney> thanks Valle
<Appocomaster> why?
<[DLR]raku[RO]> we crashed we idled but in the end we played fair
<Appocomaster> what did Valle do?
<[DLR]raku[RO]> didnt cheated and had no complains about our fairness all the round
<[DLR]Byrney> agar3s is pretty mad :(
<[DLR]raku[RO]> valle hates cardi
<Appocomaster> Valle has an amusing reputation
<[DLR]raku[RO]> and apprime strategy to win using feeding and other crap
<[DLR]raku[RO]> so he decided to crash last tick
<Appocomaster> ah
<Appocomaster> yes I remember
<Appocomaster> he was trying to take out his planet :)
<Appocomaster> so
<Appocomaster> did that give you the win?
<[DLR]raku[RO]> because what was almost to happen to us this round.. getin beaten by salvage happened to him last round
<[DLR]Baba> no
<[DLR]Baba> we were ahead before he crashed anyways
<[DLR]Byrney> nah, but it would've done even if we didn't get these crashers
<[DLR]raku[RO]> universe attitude towards apprime is determined only by the fact that is ruled by a wrong person
<[DLR]Byrney> so rollback last 24 ticks so Valle can have his glory please
<Appocomaster> someone with a lifetime ban from this channel :p
<[DLR]raku[RO]> and uses wrong tactics
<Appocomaster> so
<Appocomaster> what tactics did you use to become strong as a galaxy?
<[DLR]raku[RO]> ALSO
<[DLR]Baba> build pegs
<[DLR]raku[RO]> GUZLIC
<Appocomaster> fergy, dane, byrney and baba were the buddy pack?
<[DLR]raku[RO]> agar3s won fair 1st in my oppinion if we dont take into account feeding..
<[DLR]raku[RO]> I was the late starter
<Appocomaster> ah ok
<[ND]Rydel> <- lucky exile
<[DLR]raku[RO]> yeah
<[DLR]Baba> yea that was the bp.
<Appocomaster> it does not appear to be a buddy pack set up to win, to be honest
<[DLR]raku[RO]> we were extremely lucky to have DJ Rydel with us
<[DLR]Byrney> <3 you zebra
<Appocomaster> so congrats. :)
<[DLR]Baba> raku was a late signup
<[DLR]Byrney> embarassing isn't it
<Appocomaster> it's been a while since someone half stumbled onto win
<Appocomaster> I think
<[DLR]raku[RO]> baba is most useless GC in history
<[DLR]Baba> any buddypack with byrney and I is destined for failure
<Appocomaster> haha
<[DLR]raku[RO]> 10 days was out to a music fest
<Appocomaster> actually laughing irl :(
<[DLR]raku[RO]> :)
<Appocomaster> Baba, so were you the gc all round?
<[DLR]Baba> id like to see our launches as a gal
<Appocomaster> did you really run the galaxy, or?
<[DLR]Baba> well
<[DLR]Baba> there's wasnt much to do
<[DLR]Baba> we never had incs
<[ND]Rydel> he fuqqin idled half of it :p
<[DLR]raku[RO]> we are a good bunch u know... 3 americans and europeans.. we were night covered
<[DLR]raku[RO]> whooops was extremely active
<[DLR]Baba> and if we did...we would have been roided to be honest.
<[DLR]raku[RO]> btw
<Appocomaster> launches as follows:
<Appocomaster> | Baba | 104 |
<Appocomaster> | Lion | 238 |
<Appocomaster> | Whoops | 268 |
<Appocomaster> | Byrney | 85 |
<Appocomaster> | fergy57 | 235 |
<Appocomaster> | Dane | 216 |
<Appocomaster> | Rydel | 144 |
<[DLR]raku[RO]> :)
<Appocomaster> | Abort | 130 |
<Appocomaster> | Rixx | 66 |
<Appocomaster> | raku | 148 |
<[DLR]raku[RO]> 85 for byrney loooooooool
<[DLR]Baba> are those launches?
<[ND]Rydel> haha
<[DLR]raku[RO]> rixx never entered gal channel
<Appocomaster> that's the launches this round
<[DLR]Baba> just shows you how inactive we were
<[DLR]raku[RO]> ooooooo I want to thank to someone special
<[DLR]raku[RO]> GROG!!!!
<Appocomaster> please go ahead and thank people!
<[DLR]Byrney> yes, I'm pretty good at this game
<Appocomaster> did you have a plan?
<[ND]Rydel> I want to thank Kenny for being a dick:|
<[DLR]Byrney> 85 launches is all I need
<[DLR]raku[RO]> alliance plan was flawless
<[DLR]Baba> we had incs this round
<[DLR]Baba> the first few nights
<Appocomaster> I don't understand my number. it doesn't match the launch table number. :)
<[DLR]Baba> i actually used my bonus the first night and built the wrong ships and got max capped
<[DLR]Byrney> we were terrible
<Appocomaster> haha
<[DLR]Baba> that was my first action as gal GC
<[DLR]raku[RO]> :))
<[DLR]Byrney> no idea how we won
<[DLR]raku[RO]> as usually baba
<[DLR]Byrney> that's all really
<[DLR]raku[RO]> I have no idea how we were top so long
<Appocomaster> the numbers are lower btw
<[DLR]Byrney> we'd have won anyway guys, chill chill :(
<Appocomaster> | Byrney | 56 |
<[DLR]Byrney> pro
<Appocomaster> | Rixx | 45 |
<Appocomaster> anyway
<Appocomaster> :)
<[ND]Rydel> lol
<[DLR]Baba> that was our plan
<[DLR]raku[RO]> byrney havent capped for the last 800 ticks :))
<[DLR]Baba> dont attack anyone
<[DLR]Baba> and noone will want to attack you
<[DLR]Baba> its pretty simple
<Appocomaster> it seems to have worked
<[DLR]raku[RO]> nobody attacked us because our fleets were extremely strong
<[ND]Rydel> idle to the win
<[ND]Rydel> <3
<[DLR]raku[RO]> only lolwaves like app did could have gotten through
<Appocomaster> I think a lot of planetarion will be saying "omg, how did these guys win" though
<[DLR]Baba> like i said, building Pegs was about all we did
<Appocomaster> did you have *any* strategy beyond pegs?
<[DLR]raku[RO]> they roided dane, hardly
<[DLR]Baba> the DLRs rushed BS
<[DLR]Baba> and got us to a quick lead
<[DLR]Baba> without the quick start we were doomed
<[DLR]raku[RO]> Grog is an awesome BC... if u follow the plan YOU ROCK!
<[DLR]Baba> as our BS fleets became less and less effective as the round progressed
<Appocomaster> so DLR were a subset of the galaxy?
<[DLR]raku[RO]> he did some really smart attacks on apprime and we got roid fat..
<Appocomaster> 7/10 of your galaxy are actually terran. ;)
<[DLR]Baba> yea^
<Appocomaster> that's pretty cool
<[DLR]raku[RO]> yeah
<[DLR]raku[RO]> pegs were overpowered
<Appocomaster> oh well
<Appocomaster> this round single targetting
<Appocomaster> 5 man buddy packs
<[DLR]Byrney> stats were horrible
<[DLR]Byrney> that's all
<Appocomaster> will you be playing again?
<[DLR]raku[RO]> just 5
<[DLR]raku[RO]> :(
<Appocomaster> yes
<[DLR]raku[RO]> dunno maybe
<[ND]Rydel> maybe
<[DLR]raku[RO]> I tried to convince No-Bless to play with me
<[DLR]Baba> ill play
<Appocomaster> that's a name from the past
<Appocomaster> what about "Lion" ?
<[DLR]Baba> maybe the first 300 ticks
<[DLR]raku[RO]> in BP.. he said no and that made me sad :(
<Appocomaster> I believe that was a r6 gal mate of mine
<[DLR]raku[RO]> Lion is awesome
<[DLR]Baba> how about shorter rounds?!
<[DLR]raku[RO]> too bad that around tick 600 he lost his internet connection that came back in tick 1100
<Appocomaster> that sucks
<Appocomaster> :(
<[DLR]raku[RO]> yeah
<[DLR]raku[RO]> changed home or something
<[DLR]Baba> 1170 ticks cmon...most of us are bored after 600 ticks.
<[DLR]raku[RO]> baba is
<Appocomaster> it's the stamina too :)
<[DLR]raku[RO]> it was a nice round exceptin the end
<Appocomaster> can't make rounds too much shorter :p
<Appocomaster> anyway
<Appocomaster> any thanks?
<[DLR]raku[RO]> very interesting.. with some day fun provided by the rival alliance
<Appocomaster> any highlights?
<[DLR]raku[RO]> GROG!!
<[ND]Rydel> Valle <3
<[DLR]raku[RO]> Kargool
<[DLR]raku[RO]> VALLE!
<[DLR]Baba> I want to thank Byrney
<Appocomaster> :)
<[DLR]Byrney> Abort says he's going out with a bang and quitting
<Appocomaster> I'm sure he'll sacrifice a goat or whatever he does ;)
<Appocomaster> oh what?
<Appocomaster> Abort: Fail? Retry!
<[DLR]raku[RO]> I am proud to be a part of DLR
<Appocomaster> who were DLR this round?
<[DLR]raku[RO]> I am sorry I crashed some of Abort fleet 2 days after I joined the gal :)
<[DLR]raku[RO]> in 3 3?
<[ND]Rydel> "some"
<[ND]Rydel> :p
<Appocomaster> best player(s) in gal?
<[DLR]Baba> yea id like to point out that DLR average score is 1.1m higher than any other alliance...and thats WITHOUT kicking our weakest planets to achieve higher average
<[DLR]raku[RO]> DANE
<Appocomaster> haha
<[DLR]raku[RO]> dane is best player ingal by far
<[DLR]raku[RO]> :)
<Appocomaster> some name calling there
<[DLR]Byrney> what is this
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> got to do alliance stuff in a sec
<Appocomaster> so any final words?
<[DLR]raku[RO]> aaaa
<[ND]Rydel> ^^
<[DLR]raku[RO]> and shy :) as he said nothing here
<[DLR]raku[RO]> dunno appoco
<[DLR]raku[RO]> try and stop these useless attacks from last day
<Appocomaster> ok
<[DLR]raku[RO]> we didnt needed crashers
* Appocomaster waves his hands magically
<[DLR]raku[RO]> dont announce round end or something
<[DLR]raku[RO]> just give approx end
<[DLR]Byrney> lol
<[DLR]Byrney> GENIUS
<[ND]Rydel> hehe
<[DLR]raku[RO]> do something because it ruins the fun of a round
<[DLR]Baba> brilliant
<[ND]Rydel> could work
<Appocomaster> :p
<[ND]Rydel> =)
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> well, thanks :)
<[ND]Rydel> I like to thank ND for harbouring me after omega emo'd btw.
<[DLR]raku[RO]> agar3s deserved in my oppinion to win.. whoops is good too and deserved the rank he got
<[DLR]raku[RO]> thanks nitz also... he gave me the idea for ruler/planetname
<[DLR]raku[RO]> to annoy [dlr]jdd
<[ND]Rydel> there's dane
<[DLR]Byrney> and finally
<[ND]Rydel> daneiphone <3
<[DLR]raku[RO]> give voice to tthe man of the round
<[DLR]Byrney> sorry to all you guys that we let raku talk
<[DLR]raku[RO]> yeah
<[DLR]Byrney> .ro for life though
<Appocomaster> hi daneiphone
<Appocomaster> be quick
<daneiphone> Hey
<daneiphone> Good round thanks
<daneiphone> Thought i missed this
<[DLR]raku[RO]> u did
<[DLR]raku[RO]> :))
<[DLR]Baba> u got like 2 minutes
<[DLR]Baba> :D
<[DLR]Baba> go ahead
<Appocomaster> well, we're really in alliance time :(
<daneiphone> Lol
<[DLR]Baba> thank me
<[ND]Rydel> speak now or forever hold your peace ;p
<[DLR]Baba> and sign off
<daneiphone> Ummm
<daneiphone> Thanks dlr
<daneiphone> 33
<Appocomaster> :)
<daneiphone> RAKU
<daneiphone> And your sms
<daneiphone> Grog was awesome with
<daneiphone> Keeping us out
<daneiphone> Of
<[DLR]raku[RO]> btw all round I lost 3 roids ... I was covoped.. THANKS TO OUR BELOVED DICTATOR GROG!
<daneiphone> Wars
<daneiphone> And im done
<[DLR]raku[RO]> it wasnt grog who kept out of the wars nab
<[DLR]raku[RO]> nobody could attack us... :)
<daneiphone> Lol
* Appocomaster sets mode: -vvvvvv [ND]Rydel [ND]Whoops [DLR]raku[RO] [DLR]Baba [DLR]Byrney [ND]Abort
* Appocomaster sets mode: -vv [DLR][NUB]zFERG daneiphone
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> well, thanks to you all
<Appocomaster> sorry we're really overrunning a bit
<Appocomaster> finally
<Appocomaster> (congrats btw)
<Appocomaster> CT
<Appocomaster> winners again
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> before I voice gm
<Appocomaster> angryduck had a few words to say
<Appocomaster> (he's ct too so :p)
<Appocomaster> I just wanted to say a few words about the CT command and membership, and congratulate my team. It has been exactly 20 rounds since we stood up here. We won our first round, and every since these guys have come out round after round and fought like crazy. we have always gotten max effort out of the command cadre and members.
* [CT]spycors (spycors@spycors.users.netgamers.org) has joined #planetarion
<Appocomaster> It hasn.t always worked out in their favor, things happen, and a particular set of circumstances have to fall into place to win a round. They retool, and come out fighting round after round. This round things came together.
<Appocomaster> I.ve watched GM bust his rear for a very long time for CT. This is especially nice for him, as he has worked as hard as any HC member in this game over the years. To see him have the opportunity to lead CT into the winner.s circle is special for CT and I can think of no one who is more deserving of this honor.
<Appocomaster> He.s been a great friend, and CT wouldn.t be here today without his efforts, you can be absolutely sure about that. So please allow me to be the first to congratulate my friend GM, and thank him for all the years of hard work. This alliance showed up, stayed focused, and hit it hard night after night.... and no one saw them coming. GM is a true leader, as are all the members of this HC and I am proud to call them all friends and
<Appocomaster> I couldn.t be more proud of this HC ... GM, Elu, AK, Chaos, Monroe, Darkheart, Taraka, Cervantes, and Gliga.... the Officers and membership... and I couldn.t possibly be more pleased for CT.. WTG gang \o/
<Appocomaster> ---end transmission---
<Appocomaster> so, without further ado, gm :)
* Appocomaster sets mode: +v [CT]gm
<Appocomaster> who I hope is there
<[CT]gm> ty
<Appocomaster> anyone else? :)
<[CT]gm> yup
<Appocomaster> nicks please :)
<[CT]gm> [CT]DarkHeart [CT]Joopster [CT]Taraka[WP] [CT]Gliga[CT]Chaos [CT]Monroe
<[CT]gm> [CT]elu[GM] [CT]Cervantes [LCH]AkMaster [CT]remy|afk
* [ND]Car is now known as GM|grats
<Appocomaster> I can't voice all of them :(
<[CT]gm> only a couple ;p
<Appocomaster> usually we do 2-3 :p
<[CT]gm> pfft lazy
* Appocomaster sets mode: +vvvv [CT]DarkHeart [CT]Joopster [CT]Taraka[WP] [CT]Monroe
* Appocomaster sets mode: +vv [CT]Gliga [CT]Chaos
* Appocomaster sets mode: +vvvv [CT]elu[GM] [CT]Cervantes [LCH]AkMaster [CT]remy|afk
* Appocomaster mutters
<[CT]remy|afk> \o/
<[CT]Taraka[WP]> \o/
<[CT]Joopster> :)
<[CT]elu[GM]> lo pocco :p
<[CT]gm> you had the whole of apprime sppek in here via bot once :P
<[CT]Cervantes> Btw Angry forgot to mention Joops
<[CT]Cervantes> but Joops too
<[CT]Chaos> o/
<[CT]remy|afk> and me !
<[CT]Cervantes> and the master techie
<[CT]remy|afk> gm, go ahead
<[CT]DarkHeart> And delgado our token gayboy
<Appocomaster> ah :p
<[CT]Taraka[WP]> lol
<[CT]gm> :)
<Appocomaster> well, congrats
<[CT]Taraka[WP]> Thanks
<[CT]Chaos> cheers
* [CT]Taraka[WP] pushes gm to the front.
<Appocomaster> so
<Appocomaster> highlights
<[CT]remy|afk> i think gm is looking for his speech he prepared
<[CT]gm> well this is the command team that kept me and ct going this round
<Appocomaster> congratulations etc
<Appocomaster> :p
<[CT]Taraka[WP]> gm its in your front inside pocket..
<[CT]Joopster> Gm
<Appocomaster> gm :(
<Appocomaster> I hope it's copy and paste
<[CT]remy|afk> pfft
<[CT]gm> ok
<Appocomaster> everyone else
<[CT]elu[GM]> he shouldnt have stayed sober, he';s out of his element
<Appocomaster> key people this round!
<[CT]Joopster> Its on our forum
<Appocomaster> politics
<Appocomaster> etc
<[CT]gm> well highlights of the round i guess would of been killing omega
<[CT]gm> we were convinced it would be a short war and that Omega would kill us off as soon as they would start hitting back.
<[CT]gm> because we started this round with at least 25 new players
<[CT]remy|afk> asin NEW new
<[CT]gm> or players we dug up from retirement
<[CT]gm> yeah from DoM
<[CT]elu[GM]> and 1 old lch :p
<Appocomaster> pfft lch players :P
<Appocomaster> :D
<[CT]gm> but omega only hit us back for one night. It did hurt, but we still beat Omega. It gave our great many newbie players a good opportunity to learn the game.
<Appocomaster> and the feelgood factor of winning
<[CT]gm> yes
<[CT]remy|afk> yup
<[CT]elu[GM]> :)
<[CT]Taraka[WP]> Great boost of morale
<Appocomaster> I miss it. I kicked ass one beta at uni, and went to fail an exam with the biggest smile on my face
<[CT]gm> but we then had a problem in that xvx was getting very strong
<[CT]Cervantes> Always a good feeling to win :P
<[CT]gm> and were taking in the omega shipjumpers
<[CT]Joopster> And xvx landed shit on CT
<Appocomaster> er
<Appocomaster> "nothing"? :p
<[CT]Joopster> Not much ;)
<[CT]gm> before hitting xVx we Napped TGV out of game to break apart the ND TGV xVx block.
<[CT]elu[GM]> <3 tgv
<[CT]Taraka[WP]> <3
<[CT]Chaos> least i wont have joops sms'ing me for a while ;)
<[CT]gm> but nd got involved
<[CT]gm> so we took temporary avoidance with xvx so we could hit ND
<[CT]elu[GM]> stupid of you williams!
<[CT]gm> There was no shortage of smaller alliances wanting to have revenge on ND
<[CT]gm> We continued to rape ND and every day trying to get them to accept avoidance, finally before it was too late, DZ took over and saved them by accepting a nap
<Appocomaster> *roid
<[CT]gm> then we were screwed as we had to gal raid for 3 days before ending the round at war with xvx again
<[CT]remy|afk> (psst, gm, i think poco minds your choice of words - end of hint)
<[CT]gm> roid is a soft word for it
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> but it's a more polite one. :)
<[CT]gm> lots of crashing ;p
<[CT]elu[GM]> gm's scottish, it will sound offensive no matter what he says ;)
<Appocomaster> haha
<[CT]remy|afk> or he will bleat
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> so
<Appocomaster> any final congraulations / wishes / etc ?
<[CT]gm> yup
<Appocomaster> very concise and complete summary. :up:
<[CT]gm> CT didn’t win this alone, all the alliances who chose to hit apprime or left us alone helped make it happen and apprime themselves
<[CT]gm> they were good allies and we have to thank them for the cooperation and fun, non stressfull round.
<[CT]gm> Also thanks to ToF for being there for us, good friends no matter how small their tag is.
<[CT]gm> HR/Rock/ODDR for helping out and DLR for leaving us alone but most of all thanks to CT members for the years of hard work, this is long overdue.
<[CT]gm> Oh and Williams for being a complete retard, helped greatly with our roid and xp count.
<[CT]Cervantes> good group of people in ct atm all worth thier gold :)
<[CT]remy|afk> :-)
<[CT]elu[GM]> i think i can say this from the members : thanks gm for your endurance of running the command and keeping this alliance a good place to be a part of
<[CT]Cervantes> and ofc remys UBER tools which have served us well
<[CT]elu[GM]> GM ROCKS
<[CT]remy|afk> thank you
<[CT]gm> Also Team Awesome in their gold lycra and Team DogShed for the rivalry and fun
<[CT]remy|afk> always improving
<[CT]Taraka[WP]> Like to acknowledge Demort for helping with a bunch of those new members. Gratz to spycors and Grim for leading CT in the universe rankings and AkMaster in XP. Thanks ToF and others for your help. :)
<[CT]remy|afk> i wont say anyhting more, expcet one thing
<[CT]Cervantes> and joops for saving the alliance so many times from mass incs
<[CT]remy|afk> can we PLEASE have an end to boring fico rounds for a while?
* Appocomaster sets mode: +v DarkHeart
<Appocomaster> well, we will see :)
<Appocomaster> I thought this was a bs round :p
<[CT]gm> need to thank remy for great tools and kia so we can watch the crashes
<[CT]Taraka[WP]> ^^
<[CT]remy|afk> hehe
<[CT]MastaDC> And thank all members of CT for staying active to the end!
<[CT]Taraka[WP]> <3 remy!
<[CT]Cervantes> :)
<DarkHeart> Team Awesome are ze dogz bollox and i would like to congratulate Sprally and Dza in finally finding their true love in each other
<[CT]remy|afk> you can devoice me now poco, before i go babbling
<[CT]Cervantes> and to the rest of you see you on the battlefield next rnd :)
<[CT]gm> [DLR]raku> thank pathogen from me too.. because he exists :) I forget about him
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> that's it :)
<[CT]remy|afk> btw
<[CT]Cervantes> yep
<DarkHeart> tbh id also like to thanks Cardi for being mad as a box of frogs and keeping chat intresting in our joint chan
<Appocomaster> allcomp in 1 minute
<[CT]Taraka[WP]> ty Appoco
<[CT]remy|afk> stats were worthless
<[CT]gm> totally
<[CT]Cervantes> cr/bs rnd plz
<[CT]remy|afk> besides the fact that it was yet another fico round
<[CT]Cervantes> <3
<[CT]remy|afk> they really were crap
<[CT]gm> ct was all fi
<[CT]elu[GM]> also, thanks to the entire ct bc team : hedgie gliga dh magni and thanks to all those that sacreficed nighttime sleep for dcing :)
<[CT]Chaos> indeed :/
* [CT]Taraka[WP] pulls remy away
* Appocomaster sets mode: -vvvvv [CT]DarkHeart DarkHeart [CT]Taraka[WP] [CT]Gliga [CT]Chaos
* Appocomaster sets mode: -vvvvvv [CT]Monroe [CT]elu[GM] [CT]Cervantes [LCH]AkMaster [CT]remy|afk [CT]gm
* Appocomaster sets mode: -v [CT]MastaDC
<Appocomaster> hm
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> we have a minor technical issue
<Appocomaster> so
<Appocomaster> I've taken a dump of everyone's name
<Appocomaster> and I'll get back to you with the winner :p
<Appocomaster> which I admit is pretty fail :p
<Appocomaster> sec
* Appocomaster sets mode: -m