Round 71 signups are now open!
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  • Round 71 Signups Start: Friday 10th March 2017
  • Round 71 Ticks Start: Friday 17th March 2017
  • Round 71 Ticks End: Friday 5th May 2017
  • Round 71 Havoc Ends: Thursday 18th May 2017

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  • Round 71 - No Cloaks, Just Daggers: 194

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  • 29 Jul: Round 68 - The Harvest signups are now open! Signup at https://t.co/CpLfRbZE3g Ticks start 5th August.

Round 40 Update

Round 40 signups open on Friday, 7th January at approximately 20:00 GMT.

Voting for Round 40's name is currently in progress on this forum thread. Voting is tight with only 1 day left!

Currently confirmed round setup:
-Round will consist of normal (free) and premium (paid/upgraded) accounts
-Ticks (turns) will occur every hour.
-Ticks will start at 20:00 GMT on Friday, 14th January.
-A "shuffle" will occur at tick 12, at 07:00 GMT on Saturday, 15th January. Previous to this, planets will be in one of 20 random "starter" galaxies. At the beginning of tick 12, when the shuffle occurs, members of "buddy packs" will be placed together to form new galaxies, with those planets not in a buddy pack added randomly to each galaxy afterwards.
-After the shuffle at tick 12, there is no guaranteed way to join a specific galaxy until tick 336.
-Galaxies post tick 12 will consist of up to 4 buddy-packed members (1 pack of 4 members, 1 pack of 3 members, or 2 packs of 2 members) and a mixture of random premium and random normal accounts.
-Protection will end at tick 24. After this, players can attack each other through fleets of ships or through covert operation attacks.
-At tick 336, "late signups" open. This allows galaxies effectively bring their "buddy packed" members up to 5. If a single buddy pack of 4 (or 2 x 2) was present at shuffle time, then 1 additional member can be added. If it was a buddy pack of 3, then 2 additional members can join. This is based on the number of buddy packed members at shuffle time, not at tick 336 or later.
-A planet can reset and "late signup" whilst in protection, or new planet can sign up and join directly from the sign up page. Setting your account to delete and signing up a new account is classed as cheating and not accepted.
-If a late joiner self exiles, is exiled, closed or deleted, then he or she cannot be replaced.
-Alliance limits will remain at 80 members.
-Ship statistics will be based on Round 27, a "multi targeting" round, but will be modified and finalised by Sunday evening at the latest. For convenience, these stats are available for viewing in our beta manual
-Attacking ship salvage for defending ships has been reduced from 20% to 10%
-Core mining income for later researches has been boosted.
-Planetarion now 'remembers' the page that you were on when logging in

Beta signups will open during this weekend for testing.

Winter Round
Also to note that the Winter round finishes on Friday at 20:00 GMT.
4:3 are the biggest galaxy, but 8:2 have the most presents and present power. Can anyone overtake them in these final days?