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EoRC Round 37: 16/07/10

<@Appocomaster> welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the ROUND 37 END OF ROUND CEREMONY!
<@Appocomaster> firstly, nice to see you here
<@Appocomaster> we'll start with the winning planets of this round
-!- mode/#planetarion [+vv BlueArmy [OSI]CoolKat] by Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> First place this round was BlueArmy (5:8:5) of Ascendancy
<@Appocomaster> Second place this round was CoolKat (1:6:4) of Osiris
<@Appocomaster> Third place this round was Shev (1:2:7) of Ascendancy
<@Appocomaster> firstly, we'll start with Coolkat (who's on a lunch break)
<@Appocomaster> congratulations!
<@Appocomaster> (to all of you)
<+[OSI]CoolKat> Ty appoc
<@Appocomaster> so
<@Appocomaster> want to summarise what you said earlier? :
<@Appocomaster> :p
<+[OSI]CoolKat> lol looks guyz i already did my interview
<+[OSI]CoolKat> I just want to shout out a special thanks to a couple of ppl
<+[OSI]CoolKat> Patrikc and the rest of my galaxy for the support during the round
<+[OSI]CoolKat> and answering all my prank calls in the morning
<+[OSI]CoolKat> I want to give out a special shout to Santa/CBA/Chimp And flamez
<+[OSI]CoolKat> you guyz are my crew
<+[OSI]CoolKat> thanks alot for the joyeous round
<@Appocomaster> someone pm me the pastebin link? :p
<+BlueArmy> (santa should change skin for bcalcing, sidenote)
<+[OSI]CoolKat> had alot of fun
<+[OSI]CoolKat> http://pastebin.com/hSrMvhab
<+[OSI]CoolKat> there it is
<@Appocomaster> ah there we go
<+[OSI]CoolKat> and ASC/APP good job guyz
<@Appocomaster> ^^ that's a summary of CoolKat's round
<+[OSI]CoolKat> had alot of fun playing against you guyz once again
<+[OSI]CoolKat> last week was alittle hectic but tons of fun
<+[OSI]CoolKat> and full of sleepless nights
<+[OSI]CoolKat> oh and one more thing
<+[OSI]CoolKat> TY to all of osi
<+[OSI]CoolKat> you guyz backed me up when my back was against the ropes
<+[OSI]CoolKat> and that epic crash on 1 6 4 will live on lol
<+[OSI]CoolKat> ;)
<+[OSI]CoolKat> someone save that breport lol
<+BlueArmy> Death to osiris brep?
<+[OSI]CoolKat> for the whole interview check the pastebin
<+[OSI]CoolKat> ya but that death assured me 2nd
<+[OSI]CoolKat> lol
<+[OSI]CoolKat> <-- salvage whored it
<@Appocomaster> :/
<+BlueArmy> in theory you could have benefitted more from keeping the roids
<+[OSI]CoolKat> aye
<+[OSI]CoolKat> idd
<@Appocomaster> well, thanks CoolKat :)
<+[OSI]CoolKat> but what happend happend
<+[OSI]CoolKat> guyz you rock
<+[OSI]CoolKat> and RS stop stealing my roids
<+[OSI]CoolKat> ;)
<+[OSI]CoolKat> ciao guyz
<+[OSI]CoolKat> have fun
<@Appocomaster> cya
<@Appocomaster> enjoy your evening :)
<+[OSI]CoolKat> ty Appocomaster
<+[OSI]CoolKat> gratz to BlueArmy and shev
<@Appocomaster> well, thanks to CoolKat, who was second
<+BlueArmy> well played ck
<+[OSI]CoolKat> ;)
<@Appocomaster> now, congratulations BlueArmy :) First place! Winner!
<+BlueArmy> wee
<+BlueArmy> i'm an internet winner!
<+BlueArmy> MUMMY!
<@Appocomaster> hehe
<@Appocomaster> so, congratulations
<@Appocomaster> did you play to win?
<+BlueArmy> no, not at all
<@Appocomaster> really? you usually do?
<+BlueArmy> after last rounds failure to win as a donation whore
<@Appocomaster> well, that was a sucky idea
<+BlueArmy> this round i joined up with the elitist crew
<@Appocomaster> you asked Golan to organise it
<+BlueArmy> for a round of relaxing ruining
<+BlueArmy> but i was way too lucky
<+BlueArmy> capping way too many roids and xp
<@Appocomaster> how so?
<+BlueArmy> so we had to play serious
<+BlueArmy> it wasnt planned or wanted
<+BlueArmy> so i have to apologise to all my gal mates for that
<@Appocomaster> was it just you that forced this on them>
<+BlueArmy> ye
<+BlueArmy> they didnt want to play serious and neither did i
<+BlueArmy> but we had to since i was leading by miles early on
<+BlueArmy> i've been leading for 950 ticks or so now?
<@Appocomaster> that's pretty consistent
<@Appocomaster> how did you stay online
<+BlueArmy> i think its the longest lead a winning planet has had in pa history
<@Appocomaster> er
<@Appocomaster> how did you stay #1st
<+BlueArmy> i stayed on top because Asc and my gal sacrificed themselves in the end to save me
<+BlueArmy> and golan in particular
<@Appocomaster> is that why Asc finished 5th?
<+BlueArmy> i think i owe this win to him more than anyone
<@Appocomaster> welcome back, Shev!
<@Appocomaster> mot that you're here
<+BlueArmy> and ye, i think i ruined asc's round
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v Shev] by Appocomaster
<+BlueArmy> asc would have been better off covering other people instead of me
<+BlueArmy> but since everyone there loves me to biyts
<+BlueArmy> bits
<+BlueArmy> we did that instead
<@Appocomaster> lol
<+BlueArmy> so huge thanks to asc for that.
<@Appocomaster> anyone else you'd like to thank?
<+BlueArmy> Ministry.
<@Appocomaster> that secret society :o
<+BlueArmy> indeed
<+BlueArmy> same group that was my gal last round
<+BlueArmy> golan, shazna, theam, damakles, signs, anders
<@Appocomaster> it's like finding out that the illuminati are going public :p
<+BlueArmy> and with new (old) additions such as hugin, linkie etc
<@Appocomaster> any key points in the round?
<+BlueArmy> Ministry have infested most alliances in PA
<+BlueArmy> ye, yesterday
<+BlueArmy> when Osiris failed
<+BlueArmy> i do believe ck would have won
<+BlueArmy> if the escort mission hadnt failed
<@Appocomaster> so what happened?
<+BlueArmy> oh and the salvage they donated me over the last few days didnt help him either
<@Appocomaster> did it involve both of you?
<+BlueArmy> nope
<+BlueArmy> he was through with escorts on HaSu (biggest nd at the time)
<+BlueArmy> all escorts were fake attack or recalled
<+BlueArmy> except one guy
<+BlueArmy> who stole half the roids / xp
<+BlueArmy> which put ck too far behind to catch up today
<@Appocomaster> that was silly
<+BlueArmy> you dont say
<+BlueArmy> but in the end
<+BlueArmy> for the last 700 ticks no one has been within 400k of me
<+BlueArmy> and i think i've lost the round 20 times
<@Appocomaster> very impressive
<+BlueArmy> apparently i'm a whiney old bitch according to golan
<+BlueArmy> but ye, thats it for me
<+BlueArmy> thanks to asc, ministry and elitist
<@Appocomaster> any final words?
<@Appocomaster> lol
<+BlueArmy> shame Asc couldnt hold the whole top 10 in the end
<@Appocomaster> you did very well
<+BlueArmy> but i guess that was too much too ask
<@Appocomaster> for #5 alliance :p
<+BlueArmy> indeed
<@Appocomaster> 5/10
<+BlueArmy> we've turned into something i dont approve of
<+BlueArmy> like the old ct
<+BlueArmy> flagshipping top planets
<+BlueArmy> i hope we quit doing that (now that i've won, hypocrite)
<@Appocomaster> haha
<@Appocomaster> well, thanks :)
-!- mode/#planetarion [-v BlueArmy] by Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> next up, the winning galaxy
<@Appocomaster> 8:8
<@Appocomaster> :)
-!- mode/#planetarion [+vvv [8-8]spaceman [8-8]Edwardo [8-8]Kael^poker] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [CT][8-8]Remy] by Appocomaster
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> \o/
<@Appocomaster> ok
<@Appocomaster> there's so many people
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> yes
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> lex
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> [HeX][8-8]Kai
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [EVO][8-8]VIST] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [HeX][8-8]Kai] by Appocomaster
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> \o/
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> lol
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> dont voice nolez
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> not nolez
<@Appocomaster> nolez: nope :p
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> lex
<@Appocomaster> lolol
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> you forgot him
<@Appocomaster> oh
<@Appocomaster> I thought I got hiim
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [CT][8-8]Lex] by Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> sorry
<@Appocomaster> added the >
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> :)
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> you forgot more
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> brik
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> and efre
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> and Sprally
<@Appocomaster> I need their nicks
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> [GROSS][8-8]Bri
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> [GROSS][8-8]Efr
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> and [GROSS][8-8]Bri
<+[8-8]Edwardo> sprally, kafka and d3st aswell
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [GROSS][8-8]Bri] by Appocomaster
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> [CT]Sprally
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [GROSS][8-8]Efr] by Appocomaster
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> [CT]kafka
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> and [CT]D3st
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [CT]Sprally] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [CT]kafka] by Appocomaster
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> [CT]D3st
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> this is why we dont add 24 planets in one gal :)
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [CT]D3st] by Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> sigh
<@Appocomaster> well
<@Appocomaster> start talking
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> thats it i think
<@Appocomaster> :p
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> ok
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> yea thats it
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> shall i ?
<+[CT]Sprally> 2 gal wins in a row, and a semi decent rank this round. All thanks to Harm for being awesome.
<+[CT]Sprally> peace out
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> sure remy
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> first oif all i would like some special attention to munkee
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> who isnt here i think
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> he organised it
<@Appocomaster> oh well :p
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> he is not and his phone is broke so cannot be here
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> and he made it ahppen
<@Appocomaster> so yes, key figures in the round!
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> *again
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> yeh he had the rage if we lost score
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> so if there is anyone that SHOULD have spoekn for 8-8, its munkee
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> but alas
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> i thik i can say 8-8 had an easy round
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> many alliances in the gaalxy
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> many naps
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> few incoming
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> it was much much easier then last round
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> only big ally we didnt have was ND but majority of us were napped to them most of the round
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> we got good exiles aswell
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> wioth 8-9
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> there he is!
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> hey M<UNKEE
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> voice him
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> he can do the rest of the talking
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> btw
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v Munkee] by Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> hi
<@Appocomaster> Munkee: here again
<+Munkee> I'm so drunk :)
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> lol
<+[8-8]Edwardo> lol
<+Munkee> Yes!
<+[8-8]Edwardo> dear
<@Appocomaster> well, be nice
<+[CT]Sprally> good playing with you peeps
<+[CT]Sprally> cyas
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> form me: thanks to all my galmates, we saved each other regularly, and we had some fun. Let's hope we neevr get this galaxy setup again
<+Munkee> I'm team win
<+Munkee> I have one thing to say!
<+Munkee> My cock is huge
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> fs
<@Appocomaster> Munkee: :(
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> yeyeye
-!- mode/#planetarion [-v Munkee] by Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> ok
<@Appocomaster> so
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> ....
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> welll
<@Appocomaster> anyone else
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> lol
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> ill do a bit
<+[8-8]Edwardo> il summarize in a few sentences
<+[8-8]Edwardo> basicly
<+[8-8]Edwardo> what we did after i joined after i exiled
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> we had very good x-def and people will tocall people in the gal when we had incs to make sure not much landed
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> willing*
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> we won becasue we exiled 24 people
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> who were pony
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> became value whores
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> and too big to be hit
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> yeh it seemed very much gal over ally in 8.8 that helped us deal with what incs we had
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> CT played poltics spot on
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> ^^
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> and an informal agreement with exi to keep 8:8 off radar
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> no incs really
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> apart from app - 5k loss
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> 2k lex
<+[GROSS][8-8]Efr> Thanks Munkee for a good run and enjoy your silence =)
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> 2k
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> so in general we fabricated a good gal
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> i also think that when we gout our big lead and contiued to land...the main ally wars kept us from getting hit
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> was the worst app raid i have ever seen
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> and ran way with it
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> credit to 6-8 though
<+[8-8]Edwardo> I just want to thank everyone for an active gal and alot of fun, think we should let appoco carry on soon!
<@Appocomaster> also, could you nominate another gc apart from munkee for me to give the credits to?
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> if it was not for those wars we might have been slaughtered
<+[8-8]Edwardo> basicly if you get 24 active players in one gal your doomed to win
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> yes
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> Vist \o/
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> remy can do it appocco
<@Appocomaster> Edwardo? really?
<@Appocomaster> ok
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> no
<@Appocomaster> remy? Vist?
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> i will
<@Appocomaster> ok
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> you need 4 names?
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> remy
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> bah there goes my chance of a credit then :(
<@Appocomaster> 5 names total for free credits :)
<@Appocomaster> munkee got them last round anyway
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> 30k roids - 100mill score
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> well i would say munkee remy kila and I did the bulk of our dcing
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> cheers all
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> ok
<@Appocomaster> Lex: you had 29908 roids actually
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> remy/munkee/vistion/kila
<@Appocomaster> not wanting to argue :p
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> and...
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> 5th you can wildcard appoco
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> grr
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> lex?
<+[GROSS][8-8]Efr> Vist did a lot for us
<+[CT][8-8]Lex> please remy
<+[8-8]Edwardo> hes already mentioned =)
<@Appocomaster> ok
<@Appocomaster> thanks
<@Appocomaster> ok
<@Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> yes
<@Appocomaster> any rivals you'd like to thank>
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> to CT, for a very good round, and a much improved one i might say, and good def on the 5 CT in 8-8
<+[GROSS][8-8]Efr> I'd like to thank Brik for her phenomenal participation in defense
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> and Golan for the nice talks ;)
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> i wanna thank reese for getting me a scan on darts when he sent a fak on me last night!!!
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> er
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> Id like to thank Vist for being my new hero \o/
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> grape*
<+[CT]Lex[VGN]> thank you Exdeath - Top Guy
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> and Rein for being a by <3
<@Appocomaster> VIST: you get those two confused all the time, right?
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> yes appoco
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> :/
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> you to?
<@Appocomaster> nope :D
<+[8-8]Edwardo> big thanks to Morgan and Grog in the gal aswell
<+[8-8]Edwardo> they sent awful many defence fleets ingal aswell
<+[8-8]Edwardo> they arent here now, but should be mentioned as very good galmates
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> i would like to thank everyone in the gal because if they were not an aseet they would have been gone
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> even Lex
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> :)
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> lol
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> the bank of Lex rocked :)
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> he has meon ignore btw
<+[CT]Lex[VGN]> :D
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> ok
<@Appocomaster> lol
<@Appocomaster> ok
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> i think 8-8 is all done
<@Appocomaster> well, thanks guys
<@Appocomaster> :)
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> too many ppl
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> we could talk for ages
-!- Irssi: #planetarion: Total of 326 nicks [4 ops, 0 halfops, 14 voices, 308 normal]
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> goto evo i'd say :-)
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> also all noobs join horde next round!
<+[8-8]Edwardo> idd
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> :)
<+[8-8]Edwardo> Cheers all! cya all nxt round
<+[EVO][8-8]VIST> ty for funrd guys
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> ty 8.8 guys for an awesome round
-!- mode/#planetarion [+l 336] by Appocomaster
<+[HeX][8-8]Kai> much <3 to everyone apart from Kila who i detest
<+[CT][8-8]Remy> devoice us allright
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vvvvv Shev [HeX][8-8]Kai [GROSS][8-8]Efr [EVO][8-8]VIST [CT]Lex[VGN]] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vvv [CT][8-8]Remy [CT]D3st [CT]kafka] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vvv [8-8]Edwardo [8-8]spaceman [8-8]Kael^poker] by Appocomaster
-!- Irssi: #planetarion: Total of 327 nicks [4 ops, 0 halfops, 3 voices, 320 normal]
-!- mode/#planetarion [-v [GROSS][8-8]Bri] by Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> almost missed you :p
<@Appocomaster> ok, finally
<@Appocomaster> the winning alliance
<@Appocomaster> Evolution
-!- mode/#planetarion [+vvvv huntmobile [EVO]jermain [EVO]Rein[EMO] [EVO]RaZ] by Appocomaster
<+[EVO]jermain> _
<+huntmobile> Woohoo
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> sup
<+[EVO]jermain> Munkee <3
<+[EVO]jermain> give that man a raise!
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> yeah nice
<@Appocomaster> congrats all
<@Appocomaster> first alliance win under this tag
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> first time in this tag
<+[EVO]jermain> venox orginally created it
<+huntmobile> First time most or us won since denial r27!
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> do we freestyle or what?
<+[EVO]jermain> but then he always emo quits so we take over
<@Appocomaster> sure
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> ok fair enough
<@Appocomaster> well, firstly, how does it feel? did you always think you'd be right at the top this round?
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> nope
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> we thought we would suck
<@Appocomaster> how did you guide the alliance to the top then?
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> well
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> i will c/p from hunter for this
<@Appocomaster> obviously you have 4 NAPs which may have helped :p
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> > We started the round pretty well outroided everyone and found ourselves in the lead
<+huntmobile> We almost disbanded mod round :p
<+[EVO]RaZ> xvx nap doesnt really count apocco :P
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> In mid round we got hit quite hard and we dealt with inc much better than we expected
<@Appocomaster> 3 of the other top 6
<@Appocomaster> yes
<@Appocomaster> top 7 even
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> well
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> we got a lot of roids early, then got alot of incoming ealier
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> so we need to balance things out
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> we survive really well through the incoming
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> due to some decent member response to sms/calls
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> and some awesome dcing from demonatrx/razer/mykool/myself
<+huntmobile> Judas bee also!
<+[EVO]jermain> tbh, we were mediocre throughout the rnd
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> after surviving much better than expected we had some "management" issues
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> sorry, judas bee as well
<+[EVO]jermain> we won it in the past 3/4 days
<+[EVO]jermain> thanks to some help ;)
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> without Xyphistor holding us together it would of all gone to pieces
<@Appocomaster> who were your main rivals?
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> so biggest respect to Xyphistor for being the king
<+[EVO]jermain> asc/nd tbh
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> yeah ofc
<+huntmobile> App also
<+[EVO]jermain> asc started to pull away so we focused on them
<+[EVO]jermain> when they were heavily roided
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> app were a big threat as well
<+[EVO]jermain> targeted ND till tick end
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> but we hit them hard
<@Appocomaster> obviously you have 4 NAPs - did you block? who was the other block(s)?
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> no
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> we were with osi most of round
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> there was alot of joint attacking with various alliances
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> by all, not just us
<+[EVO]jermain> gotta say a big thanks to app/osi towards the end
<+[EVO]jermain> Firebird
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> yep
<+[EVO]jermain> cardi
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> firebird <3
<+[EVO]jermain> few others
<+huntmobile> Firebird we love you!
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> the last week was alot of work
<+[EVO]RaZ> Lots of blocks forming and disbanding throughout the round, the only constants were os+evo, and asc+nd
<+[EVO]jermain> oddr helped a bit aswell :D
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> we need fleet catches to win
<+[EVO]RaZ> everything else switched around :)
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> so we had to work hard at that
<+[EVO]jermain> Evo won in the last week
<+[EVO]jermain> ND were miles ahead on roids
<@Appocomaster> do you think the fluid alliance situation was good for the game?
<+[EVO]jermain> asc got roided down
<+[EVO]jermain> then we got asc/app etc. help to roid ND
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> this round it was Appocomaster
<+[EVO]jermain> hence we won
<+[EVO]jermain> just :D
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> have to give props out to blue_esper and dunk
<+huntmobile> We were pretty lucky to win caught up a 10 mil gap in the last 2 days thanks to apprime whool really put a lot of effort into that
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> alot of props out to ND as well, who never gave up and stuck it out to the last tick
<@Appocomaster> any final words / thanks / comments?
<+[EVO]jermain> ye couple of things
<+[EVO]jermain> 1st
<+huntmobile> Also thanks to osiris who stood at our side for through the whole round
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> oh and i have to say, sorry for killing ur FI dealer
<+[EVO]jermain> <@[EVO]RaZ> Huge thanks to Xyph, hunter and jermain for taking over when everything started falling apart in the middle, and to all the members who responded to our urgings and made this possible :)
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> i would like to say
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> huge thanks to all the members
<+[EVO]jermain> 3rd: is this a gd time for an EMO quit??????
* [EVO]jermain thinks so!!!
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> everyone stuck at it no matter what ( apart from all the emos)
<+[EVO]RaZ> Congrats also to ND for playing a hell of a game, despite the single targetting this has been one of my most enjoyable rounds in a while
<+[EVO]RaZ> so well done everyone
<+huntmobile> Thank god venox.quit!
<@Appocomaster> that's not nice
<+huntmobile> :p joking
<+[EVO]RaZ> special mention to cardi and firebird for all the help in the last week as well
<+[EVO]RaZ> o/
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> kai i lubs u too
-!- Irssi: #planetarion: Total of 320 nicks [4 ops, 0 halfops, 5 voices, 311 normal]
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> thanks no nolez, unreal5, mek, mem et al for doing everything they could do wind me up
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> vdm u to
<+huntmobile> Razer judas morpheus jermain bee demonatrx mykool darts good job dcing bcing
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> and thanks to morrow and xyphistor for techie stuff
<+huntmobile> Spudu great starrwh rio thanks for scans
<+huntmobile> Spudy!
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> god and vistion, onim
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> spudy
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> harleyquinn
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> carlo
<+huntmobile> And fr also!
<+huntmobile> <3
<+huntmobile> Back to party now
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> foreignrifles, great, varok, willjo, judas
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> troub tales
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> everyone!
<@Appocomaster> I think that's most of the alliance
<@Appocomaster> ok
<@Appocomaster> thanks guys
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> :D
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> and Appocomaster
<+[EVO]Rein[EMO]> !
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vv [EVO]Rein[EMO] [EVO]RaZ] by Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> (suckup)
<@Appocomaster> well, thanks guys :)
<@Appocomaster> Shev's (brief) message
<@Appocomaster> via Colt :p
<@Appocomaster> <Colteh><@Shev_afk> if I do come third I wont be around for the eorc
<@Appocomaster> <Colteh><@Shev_afk> feel free to go for me
<@Appocomaster> <Colteh><@Shev_afk> it's down to you, booji and golan as much as me anyway heh
<@Appocomaster> (Golan came fourth, part of the impressive rankings that Asc gained)
<@Appocomaster> ok
<@Appocomaster> well, that's about it
<@Appocomaster> I'd just like to say a few things about next round
<@Appocomaster> as you know, next round will be a multi targetting round, with buddy packs of 3 again - 1 buddy pack per galaxy
<@Appocomaster> constructions will also be modified slightly, and distorters especially will be rebalanced, so sorry scanners, you'll have a bit more work ;)
<@Appocomaster> As you all know, alliances will be limited to 80
<@Appocomaster> these are the main confirmed changed
<@Appocomaster> *changes
<@Appocomaster> more news will be coming out over the following week coming up to signups as it's available and confirmed
<@Appocomaster> including stats, which will be based on a previous round's stats
<@Appocomaster> if you have any suggestions of favourite rounds of stats, please suggest :-)
<@Appocomaster> finally, the all comp
<@Appocomaster> so TAG UP
<@Appocomaster> all comp in 1 minute
<@Appocomaster> no cheating!
<+Pea> Tags counted, scanned 313 nicks and found 28 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<+Pea> #10. Tag: HeX, count: 3
<+Pea> #9. Tag: Lazy, count: 4
<+Pea> #8. Tag: ODDR, count: 4
<+Pea> #7. Tag: p3n, count: 6
<+Pea> #6. Tag: GROSS, count: 8
<+Pea> #5. Tag: App, count: 11
<+Pea> #4. Tag: Osi, count: 13
<+Pea> #3. Tag: CT, count: 25
<+Pea> #2. Tag: EVO, count: 47
<+Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 50
<@Appocomaster> congrats :)
<@Appocomaster> and 3 sparkly credits will be on their way to ND
<@Appocomaster> the EoRC will go up
<@Appocomaster> either today or tomorrow
<@Appocomaster> but first I'm havocing everything :-)
<@Appocomaster> thanks for listening