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EoRC Round 36: 08/05/10

<Appocomaster> HI
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> welcome to the [delayed] Round 36 END OF ROUND CEREMONY
<Appocomaster> good to see so many of you here
<Appocomaster> before I start
<Appocomaster> Pea will be upset at me later
<Appocomaster> but oh well
<Appocomaster> will try not to get everyone banned this time
<Appocomaster> :D
<Appocomaster> first, we'll start off with the winning planets
<Appocomaster> Dedin (gosu), Dmnts and Golan came first, second and third
<Appocomaster> Dmnts is being replaced by Pommeh
<Appocomaster> oh!
<Appocomaster> apparently
<Appocomaster> \o/
<Appocomaster> we can ditch pommeh
<Appocomaster> SORRY
<Appocomaster> are Golan or dedin here?
<dedin> prost !
<Appocomaster> this could be a really short ceremony
<dedin> :-)
<dedin> im here
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> we'll start with you then
<Appocomaster> congrats!
<dedin> cheers !
<Appocomaster> you won by quite a margin
<dedin> yeah was pretty close ;-)
<Appocomaster> was race an important choice this round?
<dedin> i think the stats put cat in a favor yeah
<dedin> offc you need a good alliance + gal to survive
<Appocomaster> you always do, with cath
<dedin> wasnt really surprised to see that many caths in the top20
<Appocomaster> did you play to win? or just play and find yourself so far ahead?
<dedin> didnt really plan it from the start, but after some weeks i saw the opportunity ofc
<dedin> it was supposed to be more of a chill round in asc though
<dedin> but in the end it helped that my alliance wasnt playing for the win i guess
<Appocomaster> addiction is hard to cure :(
<Appocomaster> why?
<Appocomaster> they supported you?
<dedin> i guess you noticed the mass tag quitting the last day :p
<dedin> also they dedicated their ships to defend me the last weeks
<dedin> big thx for that btw !
<dedin> :')
<dedin> :-)
<Appocomaster> (they had nothing better to do with it)
<dedin> and thx to korsan for whining on the forum about it
<Appocomaster> so, a couple of highlights from this round?
<dedin> thats what we play for in asc ;-)
<dedin> well the big highlight was the last day ofc
<dedin> dimentus was managing to close the gap
<dedin> so we had to go for plan b
<dedin> one million ruiners
<dedin> the tag leaving and attacking dimentus 8 ticks before round end
<Appocomaster> why did that happen?
<Appocomaster> just to let you win?
<dedin> yeah that was the plan :p
<dedin> also thx to my gosu friends in other alliances ofc
<dedin> they were building a nice pressure on dimentus before we did the final move with asc
<Appocomaster> what role did NAP play in your win?
<dedin> what nap ? :D
<Appocomaster> :p
<dedin> well the nap with vsn wasnt probably the worst thing for me if u mean that
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> moving on, [VsN]Dimentus :)
<[VsN]Dimentus> hello
<Appocomaster> (why do you usually abbreviate your name?!??)
<[VsN]Dimentus> hmm
<[VsN]Dimentus> it looks cooler?
<Appocomaster> most important question first
<Appocomaster> if you say so
<[VsN]Dimentus> if not - let me know pls ;)
<Appocomaster> it confuses me, I almost didn't voice you :p
<Appocomaster> so, congrats on second
<[VsN]Dimentus> thanks
<Appocomaster> what's your view on ^^ ?
<Appocomaster> did you think you'd sneak the win? :)
<[VsN]Dimentus> well furst
<[VsN]Dimentus> congrats on win dedin
<dedin> thx dimentus
<dedin> was a nice race
<[VsN]Dimentus> and appoco if you don't mind i'd like to give my thanks, then mention a couple of more things and be done with it?
<Appocomaster> sure :p
<dedin> i need to that too btw
<[VsN]Dimentus> ty
<Appocomaster> you can both go ahead ;)
<dedin> after dimentus
<dedin> k
<Appocomaster> then I'll say hi to Golan :p
<dedin> first i wanna thank my gal ofc
<dedin> gosu ftw
<dedin> baracke, icewind, necAnt, rul3r, hellshine, dworschi, sjor !
<dedin> was really nice playing with u
<dedin> then thx to asc
<dedin> golan and jbg by helping with our plan
<dedin> and especially ducky u helped me alot this round
<Appocomaster> (ducky <3)
<Golan> *cough* escort planet
<Appocomaster> :o
<dedin> :D
<dedin> and cheers to nacho,templar and cardinoob
<dedin> for doing everything to help me
<dedin> now u go dimentus
<[VsN]Dimentus> right
<[VsN]Dimentus> big thanks go to Santa for being the best HC ever, and supporting me every step of the way
<[VsN]Dimentus> thanks goes to my gal also, being hardcore etc
<[VsN]Dimentus> i wanna thanks everybody in vision
<[VsN]Dimentus> cause a planet win is not a personal win, its a win that the whole ally provides
<[VsN]Dimentus> or as in this case - it was provided by more than one allies
<[VsN]Dimentus> winna thanks foreignrifles and starscream
<[VsN]Dimentus> for making the whole pa universe a better place
<[VsN]Dimentus> hmm
<[VsN]Dimentus> right
<[VsN]Dimentus> if i'm missing some1 - sorry
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> Golan: !!
<[VsN]Dimentus> erm
<Appocomaster> oh :p
<[VsN]Dimentus> may i note a couple of more things before you're done with me :p
<Appocomaster> sure
<[VsN]Dimentus> ok
<[VsN]Dimentus> 12:3 is the biggest priv gal obviously
<[VsN]Dimentus> i wanna say that i'm pretty unhappy with the gal setup this round
<[VsN]Dimentus> cause it is no way fair a gal with 26 ppl, where only 1 is within my bash limit
<Appocomaster> can I just respond to that quickly [though this isn't the place]
<[VsN]Dimentus> to win over 8 ppl who dedicated and sacraficed 7 weeks of their lives over the game
<[VsN]Dimentus> go ahead
<Appocomaster> firstly, galaxy defence for random galaxies wasn't as strong, and reported that it was way easier to get roids off these bigger galaxies
<Appocomaster> also, there were very few random galaxies this round
<Appocomaster> and I expect more for next round
<Appocomaster> which will mean this issue is less
<[VsN]Dimentus> i really hope thats the case
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> otherwise we'll see what has to be done
<Appocomaster> but I expect random galaxies to be a fair % smaller next round
<Appocomaster> probably around the 20
<[VsN]Dimentus> second thing i wonna note and i know is speak for most of the ppl in that chan - single targetting sucks :p
<Appocomaster> "most" ?
<[VsN]Dimentus> and last but not least!
<[VsN]Dimentus> :p
<Appocomaster> some cheered when I annouinced it
<Appocomaster> it's more dynamic
<[VsN]Dimentus> Pommeh beat Wish and he's awesome!
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> ok
<[VsN]Dimentus> over and out
<Appocomaster> sorry, but Golan now
<Appocomaster> hi Goaln!
<Appocomaster> *Golan
<Appocomaster> sorry for the delay
<Golan> hello
<Appocomaster> well done for waiting
<Appocomaster> congrats on third place
<Golan> thanks :)
<Appocomaster> would you care to comment on the impact your galaxy practice had (with BA, etc, and donations) on your round and your galaxy's round?
<Golan> sure, I think we got off to the worst possible start as a galaxy because of it
<Appocomaster> oh?
<Golan> we all started on 200 roids and had no ships for the first 100 ticks more or less
<Appocomaster> yet here you are ..
<Appocomaster> rumour has it that the process was repeated a few times?
<Golan> exactly, I am as surprised as anyone else!
<Golan> we used the gal fund a lot, every planet in gal had a donation at one point in the round
<Golan> even Bluearmy fell back into donation range :D
<Appocomaster> well, why did you choose him in the first place? :P
<Golan> He was the one promising to be the most active
<Appocomaster> how was your galaxy affected when BA was donated to in terms of incoming and attention?
<Golan> truth be told, none of us were really active
<Golan> much less than you'd think Appocomaster
<Golan> I know we talked about how BlueArmy would do this round just after it happened
<Golan> and I believe he did better than you predicted
<Golan> he did end 5th after all :)
<Appocomaster> yeah, after a second donation? :P
<Golan> hehe
<Golan> donations have much less effect the longer the round has been running
<Appocomaster> sure
<Golan> 500k is not much towards the end
<Appocomaster> due to the 50 mil limit
<Golan> I would like to give a special thanks to shazna, our donation machine though
<Golan> not sure how she did it, but she is the reason we all did so well
<Appocomaster> :)
<Golan> through a combination of cov-opping and roiding 1:1
<Appocomaster> any other thanks for your third place?
<Appocomaster> we need to move on to the galaxy, we're running late due to the others ;)
<Golan> I was never going to win the round and I realized that
<Appocomaster> and my random questioning
<Golan> so I just chilled the last week :)
<Appocomaster> ok
<Golan> sure, I can thank my full gal
<Appocomaster> third is good :)
<Golan> we had fun as a galaxy I think, even being somewhat inactive
<Golan> people not reachable on weekends and stuff :D
<Golan> we certainly didn't give up our life for 7 weeks unlike 12:3 said they did
<Golan> :)
<Golan> also thanks to fuzzy for playing and zawze for all the long pm's!
<Appocomaster> :) good
<Appocomaster> well, thanks to you all
<Golan> and while talking about inactives, thanks to hude too :D
<Appocomaster> I will sort you out a credit forthwith!
<Golan> super
<Golan> can you forward it to linkie, I owe him
<Golan> :D
<Appocomaster> sure :P
<Appocomaster> so, our winners are 8-9
<Appocomaster> congrats to you all
<[8-9][CT]Lex> \o/
<[8-9]Sjar[Subh]> :o
<[8-9][CT]gm> got more to voice
<Appocomaster> let me jump right in, there appear to be a lot of CTs in your galaxy. want to discuss that? :)
<Appocomaster> did I miss some?
<[8-9][CT]Lex> Good recruitment ^^
<[8-9]Sjar[Subh]> sale mufflo max and peders
<[8-9][CT]gm> sale muffle max pedrs
<[8-9][CT]gm> dogz
<[8-9][CT]Zik> suppp gangstazzz
<Appocomaster> really dogz?
<Appocomaster> oh there he is
<Appocomaster> so
<Appocomaster> congrats to you all
<[8-9][CT]Zik> so
<[8-9][CT]Zik> idd
<Appocomaster> you won by a fair margin
<Appocomaster> who ran the galaxy, before and after the ct invasion?
<[8-9][CT]Zik> 3 ct there to start..
<[8-9][CT]Zik> gal was crap
<[8-9][CT]Zik> exiled ppl
<[8-9][CT]Zik> exiled some more
<[8-9][CT]Zik> kept us out of t50 gals everytime we got back
<[8-9][CT]Zik> and we end up here
<[8-9][CT]gm> quin too
<[8-9][CT]Zik> ill make one point tho, people who keep moaning about priv gals never had enough ppl to beat public..
<Appocomaster> 20 exiles in the round?
<[8-9][CT]Zik> wasnt that obvious :/
<[8-9][CT]Zik> probably, i didnt count
<[8-9][CT]Zik> there were only about 6 of us active at start
<[8-9][CT]Zik> hellkicker went emo saying we were crap in his vision interview
<[8-9][CT]Zik> so told him id prove him wrong.. and we kicked everyone over the next few days who showed no sign of improvement
<Appocomaster> did you keep new players who were around?
<[8-9][CT]Zik> yea
<[8-9][CT]Zik> best part of public gal meeting the new guys
<[8-9][CT]Zik> we had 3 or 4 that hadnt played before/for a long time
<Appocomaster> I think this is less likely to happen in old style buddy packs?
<[8-9][CT]Zik> it was refreshing..
<[8-9][CT]Zik> hence why we ended up with so many ct.. they were playing well.. so why not give them an alliance etc
<Appocomaster> did (m)any of you come from private galaxies?
<[8-9][CT]Lex> aye
<[8-9]Sjar[Subh]> a fair few
<Appocomaster> who were the key members of the galaxy? I assume you, Zik, had quite a say?
<[8-9][CT]gm> 7 were ct before our gal
<[8-9][CT]Lex> everyone was key appoco
<[8-9][CT]Zik> idd
<[8-9][CT]Zik> the gal had a real turning point
<[8-9][CT]Lex> we had around 20 active people
<[8-9][CT]Zik> it felt like we went from v. disorganised to pretty decent within a couple of days imo
<[8-9][CT]Zik> lex was good dc'n ingal which helped
<[8-9][CT]Zik> and everyone pulled their weight etc etc the usual gal talk stuff
<[8-9][CT]Lex> with help from the lads
<[8-9]Quin[ASS]> lex is an amazing dc
<[8-9][CT]Lex> :)
<[8-9][CT]Zik> it was sad to see izverg leave
<[8-9][CT]Zik> who would have thought cardi would get so annoyed with 8:3 going down
<Appocomaster> oops!
<[8-9]Sjar[Subh]> We all want to thank Cardi, and the rest of app, for destroying our structs, thus keeping our value out of bash ;) TA
<[8-9][CT]Zik> heh
<[8-9][CT]Zik> rollback night was the best
<[8-9][CT]Zik> kept morale up to see only 2 waves land vs apprime at the time
<[8-9][CT]Lex> id like to thank the 250 hostiles we received in one week that provided me/us with the xp
<[8-9][CT]Zik> aye
<[8-9][CT]Lex> and ofc with not having huge value, xp won us the round
<[8-9][CT]Zik> i think the huge difference i noticed between public/private
<[8-9][CT]Zik> public didnt emo ever
<[8-9][CT]Zik> i never once saw ppl go emo shit
<[8-9]Sjar[Subh]> pfft, ixverg, pfft
<[8-9][CT]Zik> hence the refreshing comment i said earlier
<[8-9][CT]Lex> gratz to 11-3 aswell, good competition
<Appocomaster> well, that's nice
<[8-9]zavva> id like too thank the one who covoped 10mil res from me, my pleasure to fund your fleet
<Appocomaster> I think they're signs of different approaches
<Appocomaster> I hope they're a bit more balanced next round
<Appocomaster> but keep the same philosophies
<[8-9][CT]gm> appoco you know my views on the setup and your deluded if you think next round will be better.
<[8-9]Sjar[Subh]> I would like to take the opportunity to mention that Subh goes strong next round, and Vulgar eats alot of TWATWAFFLE
<Appocomaster> gm: indeed
<[8-9][CT]Zik> i love twat
<Appocomaster> I do know your views :)
<Appocomaster> anyone else to thank?
<[8-9][CT]Zik> id like to thank ct
<Appocomaster> because we have to move onto vision :)
<[8-9][CT]Zik> for exiling so much for me
<[8-9][CT]Zik> and lex and vgn
<[8-9][CT]Lex> ^^
<[8-9][CT]gm> and the support that ct members gave us
<[8-9][CT]Zik> and the lack of emo in gal was fun
<[8-9][CT]Zik> also
<[8-9][CT]Zik> hellkicker
<[8-9][CT]Zik> for not exiling out after his emo
<[8-9][CT]Lex> aye cheers CT, unfortunately i had to leave VGN to get gal win
<[8-9]Sjar[Subh]> A long hand goes out to Henrik, fo cheer awesomeness, and Tia for fluffles
<[8-9][CT]Lex> but we acheived well, cheers lads and good round
<[8-9][CT]Zik> oooo
<[8-9][CT]Zik> also elin
<[8-9][CT]Zik> elin was fit
<Appocomaster> well, thanks for all your thanks
<Appocomaster> thanks
<[8-9]Sjar[Subh]> <3
<[8-9][CT]gm> lets just hope everyone is wrong about next round and your right
<[8-9][CT]Zik> http://www.claytravis.net/mailbag/u...yr05-772996.jpg
<[8-9][CT]Zik> the epic!
<[8-9][CT]sale> WE LOVE YOU!
<[8-9]Sjar[Subh]> Pub got alot of free TWATWAFFLE
<Appocomaster> and last but not least, VsN, the alliance winners, represented by AndroX?
<[VsN]AndroX> hi
<[VsN]AndroX> Sorry, was watching the leaked Kendra Wilkinson sex tape. :(
<Appocomaster> :rolleyes:
<Appocomaster> I thought I got rid of that lot :p
<[VsN]AndroX> Dogz isn't vsn btw
<Appocomaster> ok :)
<[VsN]AndroX> and would you mind voicing [VsN]SantaCruz too, as he worked his ass off the last few rounds? :)
<Appocomaster> anyone else?
<[VsN]AndroX> nah - we're cool I think :)
<[VsN]SantaCruz> hey
<Appocomaster> so, how do you think the round went?
<Appocomaster> obviously well, as you're sitting here
<[VsN]SantaCruz> ahh it was a busy round for us actually
<[VsN]SantaCruz> many alliances found it boring
<[VsN]SantaCruz> as they didn't do much waring until late round
<[VsN]SantaCruz> but, we had a fun round
<[VsN]AndroX> I think it went ok in some ways, and REALLY bad in other ways. But what round is perfect? :)
<Appocomaster> how did it go so badly?
<[VsN]SantaCruz> crashers
<[VsN]SantaCruz> but, that always happens
<[VsN]AndroX> I thought you just said that the galaxy setup shit is not to be discussed in here. So I'll leave it at that :)
<[VsN]SantaCruz> lol
<[VsN]SantaCruz> i'm going to make a very clear point about 8 man priv and random gals
<[VsN]SantaCruz> [01:47pm] [[8-9][CT]Lex] we had around 20 active people
<[VsN]SantaCruz> What are you going to do appoco when an alliance like asc/app decides to go fully random and has gals of "20 actives"
<Appocomaster> I will see :)
<[VsN]SantaCruz> gm will be all over you! lol
<Appocomaster> yep
<Appocomaster> so, alliance politics?
<Appocomaster> NAP etc?
<[VsN]SantaCruz> politics are hell with this setup
<[VsN]SantaCruz> you can't hit a priv gal without upsetting another alliance
<[VsN]SantaCruz> so it caused a few fights
<[VsN]SantaCruz> between us and another alliances
<[VsN]SantaCruz> nd was the biggest
<[VsN]SantaCruz> lasted a very long time b4 it finally went to "war"
<[VsN]SantaCruz> and then shortly after we decided to nap
<[VsN]AndroX> which kinda payed off for the both of us
<[VsN]SantaCruz> then ofc we napped asc and cute lil exc
<Appocomaster> when did you think you were going to win?
<[VsN]AndroX> tick 0
<Appocomaster> why was that?
<[VsN]SantaCruz> lol
<[VsN]AndroX> because people kept saying it
<Appocomaster> after so many app/asc wins? :p
<[VsN]AndroX> on forums and what not
<Appocomaster> kinda ironic if forum "rumours" backfired
<[VsN]AndroX> and if its on the forums, it is true!
<Appocomaster> and no one took them seriously
<[VsN]SantaCruz> i didn't think we really had it in the bag until nd couldn't catch us anymore with xp
<[VsN]SantaCruz> from hitting app
<[VsN]AndroX> yeah, for me it was the breakdown of app that made me realise a win was possible
<Appocomaster> AndroX, you singled out SantaCruz for praise. did anyone else stand above the rest for commitment to your win?
<[VsN]SantaCruz> [Dreamz]
<[VsN]SantaCruz> he dc'd mostly everynight
<[VsN]AndroX> I don't think there's one person that played in vision this round that deserves more praise then another. We all needed eachother. Im sorry if that sounds cheesy, but its the truth
<Appocomaster> no, that's fair enough :)
<Appocomaster> I'm sure that, as the winning alliance, you had a good core collection of players and strong players supporting them
<[VsN]SantaCruz> we have great officers
<[VsN]AndroX> we've always had a great core
<[VsN]AndroX> we never went for a win
<Appocomaster> where do you go from here?
<Appocomaster> same approach next round?
<[VsN]AndroX> VisioN is pulling the plug after this EoRC
<Appocomaster> oh?
<[VsN]AndroX> this win given me the opertunity to retire
<Appocomaster> it will be a huge loss
<[VsN]SantaCruz> :-/
<[VsN]SantaCruz> i'll sure miss it
<Appocomaster> SantaCruz: did you know this?
<[VsN]AndroX> Sadly, yes I agree
<[VsN]SantaCruz> as i know many of our members will
<[VsN]SantaCruz> yes i knew ofc
<[VsN]SantaCruz> androx gave me the ok to keep vision going without him
<[VsN]SantaCruz> but, it's not vsn without him
<[VsN]SantaCruz> so it was a easy thing to think about
<Appocomaster> well, I'm really sorry to see such a well-established alliance finish; even if it is on such a high
<Appocomaster> any further comments?
<[VsN]AndroX> Yeah, this anniversary round was the right round to show what we could do, and a good end.
<[VsN]SantaCruz> yeah
<[VsN]SantaCruz> i got a few
<[VsN]SantaCruz> i want to thank a few people
<[VsN]SantaCruz> our scanners celtic, dead_ops, dreis, g3n7, greenwold, kenny, nightlord, oblivion, phant, scream (hope your feeling much better), spycor
<[VsN]SantaCruz> then keith for being a great tech for all these rounds
<[VsN]SantaCruz> giving us everything we needed to be an alliance
<[VsN]SantaCruz> androx for helping him ofc
<[VsN]SantaCruz> our officers
<[VsN]SantaCruz> chimpie,dmnts,adastra,henrik
<[VsN]SantaCruz> bazza for being online almost everyday to bc
<[VsN]SantaCruz> and dreamz for dc;ing almost everynight (sometimes all night)
<[VsN]SantaCruz> oh and tobber is also to be thanked
<[VsN]SantaCruz> then it's just all our members for steping up and being there for each other
<[VsN]SantaCruz> i've never played in an alliance b4 where there wasn't fights
<[VsN]SantaCruz> and over the last 4 rounds vsn as always seemed to raise above and work great with each other
<[VsN]SantaCruz> we've been up and down and we've stuck together so thank you all
<[VsN]SantaCruz> that that's it from me i guess
<Appocomaster> AndroX? :)
<[VsN]AndroX> hmm
<[VsN]AndroX> oh I have one person I do want to praise - Bazza. For being sort of my inet dad for the past 10 years in pa.
<[VsN]AndroX> great player
<[VsN]AndroX> great person
<[VsN]AndroX> love you dude
<[VsN]SantaCruz> ^^
<Appocomaster> sorry
<Appocomaster> ^^
<[VsN]SantaCruz> are you older then him?
<[VsN]AndroX> and ofc PA - for destroying the last 10 years of my life and for giving me alot of new friends
<[VsN]AndroX> and tobe bride
* [VsN]AndroX slaps [VsN]SantaCruz around a bit with an idle trout
<[VsN]SantaCruz> ^^
<Appocomaster> :) congrats
<Appocomaster> ;)
<Appocomaster> well, a great way to end the alliance
<[VsN]SantaCruz> that's it
<[VsN]AndroX> I have nothing left to say, and I want to get back to my movie now if you don't mind?
<[VsN]SantaCruz> pull the plug ^^
<Appocomaster> sure
<Appocomaster> well, -v :p
<Appocomaster> thanks to you both
<Appocomaster> VsN will be missed :(
<Appocomaster> now for the allcomp!
<Appocomaster> tag up, we're doing it in a couple of mins
<Appocomaster> well, 30 seconds
<Appocomaster> you're so luckythere's no Pea around with all this changing !
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> tag count starting nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
<Appocomaster> hm
<Appocomaster> that might be better :p
<Appocomaster> oh
<Pea> #6. Tag: ODDR, count: 13
<Pea> #5. Tag: HR, count: 16
<Pea> #4. Tag: CT, count: 21
<Pea> #3. Tag: p3n, count: 24
<Pea> #2. Tag: VsN, count: 40
<Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 49