Round 61 - Highly Illogical signups are now open!.
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  • Round 60 Havoc Ends: Thursday 12th March 2015
  • Round 61 Signups Start: Friday 13th March 2015
  • Round 61 Ticks Start: Friday 20th March 2015

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Round 36 signups open

Round 36 signups are now open!

This round sees several changes:


Private galaxies are made of up to 8 people that only contain buddy packed planets. Players create buddy packs as usual, and can have up to 8 players. Any buddy packs of 2-6 will be joined together, to make 8 planets.
Any galaxies that have less than 8 planets after shuffle can get the remaining planets at a late signup. Planets that leave the galaxy after shuffle will not be replaceable by late signups. Normal planets and upgraded planets can both be members of a private galaxy.

Random galaxies are galaxies of 12 or more people. None of the people are in buddy packs. Upgraded planets are spread equally over all galaxies, as are normal planets. Random galaxies get 1 late join planet tick 336.

New signups are placed in random galaxies. Self exiles or galaxy exiles from private galaxies and random galaxies both land in random galaxies.


Alliance limits have changed. The top 65 members by score count towards the alliance score. Alliances can contain up to 100 members.

Alliance relations have now been added. Alliance relationships are shown on the "Universe" page. When both alliances accept "Allied" status, the alliances cannot attack each other but can defend each other without an ETA advantage.

Game statistics
Governments and race abilities are final. Ship stats are not yet final, but can be found in the manual, but should be confirmed final by Wednesday evening.

User Interface
The user interface has a slightly new layout. The Overview is now more streamlined, and much of the planet summary is available on the right hand side. Over the course of the 11 day signup period, we anticipate a greater selection of skins to become available.

The construction setup has changed. The costs and construction units are now varied based on different types, with factories being the quickest to make, and amplifiers and distorters being the slowest to make.

An ongoing beta, for testing and final tweaking, is underway on our beta server. With the variety of changes this round, you may wish to try the beta. This will be restarted as and when necessary for testing.

We have an ongoing speedgame on a 2 day cycle, with 30 second ticks, for anyone interested in playing free Planetarion. A round occurs every 24 hours, with an extra-long havoc period! It starts every other evening. Accounts are rarely reset, so previous players may still have existing accounts. Investigate further on our speedgame server.

Creators Hour

A Creators Hour will occur at Wednesday at 20:00 GMT in #planetarion, accessible by Com Unit.