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  • Round 69 Signups Open: Friday 7th October 2016
  • Round 69 Ticks Start: Friday 14th October 2016
  • Round 69 Ticks End: Friday 2nd December 2016

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  • Round 69 - Shattered Time: 426

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  • 7 Oct: Round 69 - Shattered Time signups are now open! Signup at https://t.co/an1F8W834b Ticks start 14th October.

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  • 20 May: Round 67 - Shames of the Past signups are now open! Signup at https://t.co/SUTUEHNRT2. Ticks start 27th May.

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  • 8 Jan: Round 65 ticks are due to start in less than 50 minutes! Not got your planet yet? Login if returning player at https://t.co/Zp28b19pu0

General Update

Round 36

Firstly, Round 36 signup dates have changed slightly. Apologies for this change; this is to ensure all code is fully tested before ticks start. They will now be as follows:

Round 36 signups start Monday, 8th March at 20:00 GMT
Round 36 ticks start Friday, 19th March at 20:00 GMT, and will continue for 7 weeks

To compensate for it, havoc will be extended until Sunday 7th March, 20:00 GMT, and additional havoc resources will be distributed at 20:00 GMT on Friday, 5th March.

The Round 36 round name competition has entered the voting phase. Please vote for your favourite name(s) on this thread.

The galaxy banner competition has been discontinued due to a lack of entries. Thanks to those three who did enter images!

Round 36 changes

Apologies for the delay in this information in particular. The following major changes will occur:

Alliance limits will be increased to 100, with the top 65 counting to the tag score.

There will now be private galaxies or random galaxies. Private galaxies will be approximately 8 planets in size; random galaxies will start about 50% bigger and increase as the round goes on.

Constructions will have a more varied look, with costs and construction units now specific to a construction. The number of constructions will increase.

Round 36 ship stats will be similar to those shown in the beta manual, and governments will change slightly.


Round 36 beta testing will open on Sunday on our beta server.


The speedgame will be constantly running with Round 33 code and Round 34 stats on our speedgame server. It runs on 2 day cycles, with details shown on the login page.

Creators Hour

We will hold a Creators Hour during signups. The precise time will be announced, along with a more complete list of changes, at signup.