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  • Round 63 Ticks Start: Friday 7th August 2015
  • Round 63 Ticks End: Friday 25th September 2015

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  • Round 63 - Risk and Reward: 114

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Round 35 and Round 36

Round 35

Round 35 ends at 20:00 GMT, with the End of Round Ceremony being held at 21:00 GMT in #planetarion on the NetGamers IRC network, accessible here. It will feature representatives from the top 3 planets, top galaxy and top alliance. Subsequently there will be an "allcomp", where every alliance tries to tag as many players in #planetarion as possible, with the winning alliance getting 3 credits.

Havoc will start at 9:00 GMT on Saturday, 27th February, and continue until at least Thursday, 4th March at 20:00 GMT.

After the EoRC has been completed, havoc will be setup as follows:
-All researches completed
-500 million resources total (split over metal/crystal/eonium according to race)
-3000 asteroids total (split over metal/crystal/eonium according to race)
-30 of each factory, 30 wave amplifiers, 50 security centres and 30 of each refinery ADDED to each planet
-Fleets recalled
-XP will be kept
-Asteroid mining limits increased to 8 million
-Maximum construction limit set at 500 constructions
-Ticks set at every 15 minutes

Round 36

Round 36 names can still be submitted via r36name@planetarion.com, until tomorrow evening, with the subject of "Round 36 Roundname". The winner will have their round name used all round and will get 2 credits. You can submit as many entries as you wish. A suggested theme is the 10 year anniversary.

We are still looking for original 500x375 graphics. The top 3 entries will receive 3, 2 and 1 credits respectively, after voting, if we have enough entries! So far we don't have enough entries to vote. Please submit entries to appocomaster@planetarion.com

More information about Round 36 and speedgames after havoc will be announced this weekend.