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Round 34

Team Changes
After years of service as a MH, Ace has been promoted to the PAteam and will be serving as the Head of Multihunters.

While we’re glad to have a new PAteam member we’re saddened by someones departure. It seems that real life is putting an increasing claim on Remy and he's understandably decided to step down from his position as Head of MH, which he was sharing with Ace.

We wish them both the best of luck.

Round 34
As Round 33 has now ended, it is time to look forward to Round 34. The traditional round name poll will soon be appearing for Round 34, to allow our community to select a round name.

Signups will start on Friday 23rd October, with the round starting on the 30th October and ending on Friday 18th December. We apologise for another short time between the rounds, but this is to allow our round to finish before the Winter break. We will keep havoc and speedgames running through this period for those who are interested.

Round 34 will have no changes to the alliance and buddy pack sizes. These will remain as this round.

Round 34 Changes/Additions
Abuse "banning"
This is an admin addition making it possible for admins to block users from doing things like sending ingame messages (recall messages are still possible), changing fleet names and changing galaxy name and banner. This is mainly a preventive addition which will hopefully result in less need for closing players for repeated abusive offenses. A "ban" can be temporary or last for the remainder of the round.

Bcalc: Planet info
The bcalc has gotten a minor addition so that when a scan is added (non planet scan) the target planets roids, value and score will get loaded into the calc as well.

Email Notifications
The email notifications give players the option to get mails about specific events that's happened during ticking. What gets mailed is up to the user and is selected in the "set notifications" tab on the preferences page. "Construction…" will notify when a construction is completed and there's no new construction in queue. "Research…" is the same as for construction. "Incoming…" reports any hostile incoming that's showed up in that tick. "Recall…" reports any fleets that's recalled from the planet, both hostile and friendly. "…eta 1" reports any hostile fleets heading to the planet or any outgoing attack fleets that's eta 1.

The manual has been changed back into PERL, this is mainly to take better advantage of functions already used by the game and to limit the need to use static values for things and hopefully increase the accuracy of the information provided.

"Mobile view"
Some skins have gotten an additional display for the mobile view the out of game pages already have. So far this mainly only really applies to images being removed or replaced by CSS coloring/styling, but will hopefully be more in the future. Some pages have also had a minor display change for this type of view. This is just things like images being removed or replaced with text and "optional" text output that's been removed. We’re hoping to increase the amounts and size of the changes for future rounds.

Population Page Addition
To make it easier to tell the impact of the changes made to the populations settings, a live calcing of the output (and time) of mining, construction and research. Max alert also gets calced.

Protection Time Change
Protection time has been shortened to 1/3, so it's now only 24 ticks. To compensate for the "lost" time each planet is given resources, research points and construction points to allocate as they choose. This is the base values use, then for each race the racial bonuses are applied to try and reflect each races advantages/disadvantages:

Construction Units: 7,000
Research Points: 8,000
Metal: 2,000,000
Crystal: 2,000,000
Eonium: 2,000,000

So for each race this gives in research points and construction units:

Construction units:
Terran: 7,000 * (130 / 100) = 9,100
Cathaar: 7,000 * (90 / 100) = 6,300
Xandathrii : 7,000 * (110 / 100) = 7,700
Zikonian: 7,000 * (100 / 100) = 7,000
Eitraides: 7,000 * (115 / 100) = 8,050

Research Points:
Terran: 8,000 * (100 / 100) = 8,000
Cathaar: 8,000 * (120 / 100) = 9,600
Xandathrii: 8,000 * (90 / 100) = 7,200
Zikonian: 8,000 * (100 / 100) = 8,000
Eitraides: 8,000 * (100 / 100) = 8,000

The points are used in the same way the upgrade bonuses have been. These bonuses will not increase as the round progress, they will remain the same throughout the whole round.
With this change shuffle happens at tick 12, instead of the usual 36, which means that anyone wanting to be in a Buddy Pack now has to join/create one BEFORE tick 12.

Research Queuing
This is very much like the queuing for constructions so should be easy to understand. Research from the same branch or a different branch can be queued and will be continuing once the current research is completed.

Run/Hide Change
The option itself has been moved to the top of the missions page to make it easier to see. Also the text around the option as well as for the base fleet on the overview has been given color depending on the setting. For when the fleet is running the color is the same as that of a defense mission (default is green), and for when it stays home to fight it's the same as for an attack mission (default is red).

Scans: Alliance Defense Page
Along with the tracking (read below) the scan links on the alliance defense page has been given coloring to better tell their "age";
scans that are 0 ticks are green
scans that are from 1 to 5 ticks old are yellow
scans that are from 6 to 12 ticks old are orange
scans that are older than 12 ticks are red

Scans: Target Tracking
Previously scans have been "linked" to the target by coords, this has been changed so that they are tracked by users id instead. This should prevent the "wrong" scans from getting listed on things like the alliances access page.

Scans: XP
There was a bug in the scans XP system allowing free planets to gain max amount of XP every 2 ticks due to the scans expiring. This should now be fixed and the scans XP should be handled correctly for both free and paid accounts and regardless of scans expiring or not.