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EoRC Round 31: 12/06/09

<@Appocomaster> Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen
<@Appocomaster> Welcome to the Round 31 End of Round Ceremony
<@Appocomaster> Thanks for turning up :)
<@Appocomaster> We've had another round, eventful as ever
<@Appocomaster> riding the servers
<@Appocomaster> which we really hope will be better soon :p
<@Appocomaster> We're on course to still finish 5 rounds this year
<@Appocomaster> but with next round starting in 2 weeks, I think it's time for everyone to go enjoy the sun after this (for 2 weeks :P)
<@Appocomaster> Firstly, I'd like to welcome the top 3 planets
<@Appocomaster> well, or their representatives
<@Appocomaster> (on behalf of Achi)
<@Appocomaster> isnogood doesn't appear to be here
<@Appocomaster> and no one wants to represent him :/
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> he's here somewhere
<@Fiery> bottom
<@Appocomaster> he isn't
<@Appocomaster> he's been idle for hours
<@Appocomaster> hey
<@Appocomaster> when I checked
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> =D
<@Appocomaster> you were so idle :(
<@Appocomaster> well
<@Appocomaster> anyway, congrats guys
<@Appocomaster> so
<@Appocomaster> firstly, Santa, congrats :D how did it go?
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> up and down alot
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> alot of incoming the last few days
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> golan is gay
<@Appocomaster> aww
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> like my mom
<@Appocomaster> did you always play to win?
<@Appocomaster> well, obviously :/
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> no i wasn't actually
<@Appocomaster> but when did you realise you'd be up at the top?
<@Appocomaster> oh?
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> i had giving up
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> i crashed 1mil value
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> about tick 600
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> i didn't start again until rinoa got roided
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> and top spot was in reach
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> lalalala
<@Appocomaster> so who gave you your biggest challenge?
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> probably the incoming over the last 5 days
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> i had to dc until 3am in the morning
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> lost alot of sleep those nights
<@Appocomaster> quite a fair margin you won by
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> i was 1.5mil behind a week ago
<@Appocomaster> how much did politics play a part in your win, do you think?
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> then asc kicked elviz for attacking with me
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> escorting*
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> it was an attack until you told him to recall
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> he landed every attack but, that one with me
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> and lying
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> and genrally being an ass
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> isilx act like a winner :P
<@Appocomaster> i'm sure everyone was very sad
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> i'm pretty happy
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> asc are being alittle childish
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> but, w/e they are used to #1 planet i guess
<@Appocomaster> who helped the most?
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> elviz and cardi
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> alot of other people helped me out tho
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> ALOT
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> from all round came to help me when i was in trouble without asking so ty
<@Appocomaster> :)
<@Appocomaster> anyone in particular?
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> dlr in cluster saved my ass from a fc
<@Appocomaster> in galaxy or alliance?
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> alot other people helped up besides dlr
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> dont forget all of elviz`s friends thatgave you free roids man
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> gotta thank them
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> no one gave me free roids you fag shut up
<@Appocomaster> now now guys :|
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> i'm not going to sit here and listen to asc fags talk shit b/c they lost
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> yes i roided tobbe
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> he didn't tell me to
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> and he is pissed
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> that's between him and i
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> so give it up
<@Appocomaster> is there anyone else?
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> my alliance
<@Appocomaster> before we move on to achi (isil) and isnogood?
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> xvx is golden
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> they stuck together this round
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> weather they believed 100% that we did the right things in politics
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> not very much in the end :P
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> you guys are great
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> [[EC]killerbee] 'GL to csillag who is leaving pa for real life, maybe for one round, possibly more'
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> i'm done
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> thanks to everyone i owe you
<@Appocomaster> aww no not csil!
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> oh yeah
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> Achi roided toot support tag
<@Appocomaster> anyway, thanks :)
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> ^^ later
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> good round everyone
<@Appocomaster> ok, Isil
<@Fiery> Congratulations on winning, SantaCruz.
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> ty
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> \o/
<@Appocomaster> who would Achi like to thank?
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> well im sure there are alot of people hed like to thank
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> ending #2 for the second time, nothing beats that i think
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> immeasurable joy surely
<@Appocomaster> he'll get there one day
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> like the gal members who faked attacks and recalled to get him roids? =)
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> to canadians each time ^^
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> i promised jbg id show the pic of his victory pose when achi got roided
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/8900/photo11v.jpg
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> (its safe to click)
<@Appocomaster> lol?
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> we take great joy in others failing naturally
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> thats what the internet is all about
<@Appocomaster> so what was the highlight of the round?
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> achi getting laid
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> with a swee
<@Appocomaster> Valle?
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> no, a female sadly
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> afaik atleast
<@Appocomaster> anyway, alliance etc?
<@Appocomaster> who helped out most?
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> err i dont know really, this round wasnt very enjoyable afaik due to stats
<@Appocomaster> maybe he'd like to thank Isilx for helping you out?
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> hard to say who helped out the most
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> na i helped out dick im afraid
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> im sure hed like to thank his gal
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> and his alliance
<@Appocomaster> well, we'll get to the alliance later
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> stats were pretty good for his first set
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> no they werent
<@Appocomaster> :p
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> they were the worst for 15 rounds
<@Appocomaster> anything else you'd like to say on behalf of achi?
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> absolutely horrible
<@Appocomaster> (since my set?...)
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> the xan one
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> back in r15?
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> with the laughable frig fleet
<@Appocomaster> Isil?
<@Appocomaster> anyone else?
<@Appocomaster> we kinda need to move on
<+[AWESOME]ISILX> i dotn think so really
<@Appocomaster> ok
<@Appocomaster> well, thanks
<@Appocomaster> IsNoGood!
<@Appocomaster> congrats on your #3
<@Appocomaster> I bet Newteh will be jealous :p
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> thank BENNEH for dc'ing for him when he was out drinking
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> lol
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> maybe
<+[xVx]SantaCruz> [BENNEH] / getting laid
<@Appocomaster> so, how do you feel coming third?
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> id like to blame captain morgan spiced gold (rum) for getting me drunk and roided this round
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> well i won the bronze
<@Appocomaster> why the rum?
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> thats better then loose the gold
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> cause im useless when im drunk =D
<@Appocomaster> :/
<@Appocomaster> so who helped you out the most?
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> xvx
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> and my mighty cr fleet ofc
<@Appocomaster> to be fair, the top planets came from several top gals, which was nice to see :)
<@Appocomaster> did none of your galaxies help?
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> nah
<@Appocomaster> cr fleet sounds unsual. I thought 90% of the fleets were fi/co
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> lies :P they helped as good as they could =)
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> Appocomaster i think thats why it worked :P
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> Wraith 682,356 Spectre 81,606
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> Shadow 58,653
<@Appocomaster> :)
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> had hard time capping with co in the start
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> so changed to cr
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> and it sky rocketed after that
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> and of i have to thank [p0ny]Membrivio, he thinks he is my master
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> ofc*
<@Appocomaster> ok:)
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> and as many others i didnt loose sleep
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> cause i worked nights for the 2 last weeks =D
<@Appocomaster> wow! that's cool
<@Appocomaster> anyone else you'd like to thank?
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> so getting payed overtime to organise def
<@Appocomaster> lol!
<@Appocomaster> :p
<@Appocomaster> before we move to galaxies
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> id like to thank everyone in xvx, atlest the acive ones, and id like to thank my dear xvx member light, wo defended against me! she does indeed suck!
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> ooh and one more thing, pa sucks! i want to play classic pa
<+[xVx]IsNoGoOd> the end.
<@Appocomaster> lol :/
<@Appocomaster> thanks
<@Appocomaster> :)
<@Appocomaster> well thanks guys
<@Appocomaster> well done
<@Appocomaster> I'll give you (well, achi not isil) credits later :)
<@Appocomaster> right
<@Appocomaster> ok
<@Appocomaster> we had a couple of big galaxies
<@Appocomaster> 10:4 won!
<@Appocomaster> is that all of you?
<+[10-4]carDi4> Meatwax
<@Appocomaster> you multis
<+[10-4]carDi7> id like to point out, im not lith
<+[10-4]carDi5> \o
<+[10-4]carDi4> he doesnt want to use cardi as nick
<+[10-4]carDi4> :d
<+[10-4]carDi7> i dont know how to cheat!
<@Appocomaster> good on you Meatwax
<+[10-4]carDi2> aight galwin
<@Appocomaster> I might just let you talk :/
<+[10-4]carDi4> heh
<+[10-4]carDi4> :D
<+[10-4]carDi7> not my fault cardi has mutant mind controll!
<@Appocomaster> so
<@Appocomaster> how'd it go?
<+[10-4]carDi2> <@Appocomaster> we had a couple of big galaxies < no didnt, only we were big.
<@Appocomaster> did you really feel in competition with 9:1
<+[10-4]carDi7> true
<+[10-4]carDi5> cardi was in sweden while 17 and stole some cars
<+[10-4]carDi7> 9 1 is slowenians
<+[10-4]carDi5> after that he joined the lith mafia
<+[10-4]carDi4> competition?
<+[10-4]carDi7> they never had a chance
<+[10-4]carDi2> 9 1 was nothing
<+[10-4]carDi4> what competition
<+[10-4]carDi7> second hand mutants
<+[10-4]carDi7> like speed
<+[10-4]carDi5> whos 9 1?
<+[10-4]carDi4> we won round 5weeks ago
<+[10-4]carDi4> :D
<@Appocomaster> wow :/
<+[10-4]carDi7> like he could ever win
<+[10-4]carDi5> i mean
<+[10-4]carDi2> we knew preround we would win so we did \o/
<@Appocomaster> "he" ?
<+[10-4]carDi5> we havnt been able to disclose his job yet
<@Appocomaster> why so confident?
<@Appocomaster> who was the buddy pack?
<+[10-4]carDi4> we even had only gal with 6man bp!!!
<+[10-4]carDi10> cains gf power!
<+[10-4]carDi4> :D
<+[10-4]carDi5> bp was
<+[10-4]carDi7> i was the bp
<+[10-4]carDi2> buddypack..
<+[10-4]carDi5> cain, inforza, matas, balamutas, tekno, cardi
<+[10-4]carDi5> 6 man bp
<@Appocomaster> it'd help if you identified who you actually were
<+[10-4]carDi2> yea
<+[10-4]carDi7> after fighting of the mutants that is
<+[10-4]carDi4> hhmm
<+[10-4]carDi7> im me
<+[10-4]carDi2> hmm
<+[10-4]carDi2> im cardi2
<+[10-4]carDi4> im cardi4 :D
<+[10-4]carDi5> im cardi 5
<+[10-4]carDi7> im under mind controll from cardi now
<@Appocomaster> :/
<+[10-4]carDi7> so im not sure who i am
<+[10-4]carDi5> that is, planet 5
<+[10-4]carDi4> ye, he using vnc atm
<+[10-4]carDi2> ehm
<+[10-4]carDi5> in the VNC list
<+[10-4]carDi7> im little lost lith boy named tomas
<+[10-4]carDi5> (check galaxy pic)
<+[10-4]carDi7> !
<+[10-4]carDi2> i would ehm like to add something
<+[10-4]carDi10> cardi control all of us now
<+[10-4]carDi5> #7 is the goldfish
<@Appocomaster> right :/
<+[10-4]carDi7> goldfish?
<+[10-4]carDi5> not much brain to mc
<+[10-4]carDi2> there were rumours this round about ahmm
<+[10-4]carDi2> fat gf's
<+[10-4]carDi7> what brain?
<+[10-4]carDi5> yes
<@Appocomaster> so who in the round really organised the galaxy?
<+[10-4]carDi5> CAINS GF!
<+[10-4]carDi10> 2 is cain gf
<+[10-4]carDi2> but its a lie
<+[10-4]carDi5> we didnt organize tbh
<+[10-4]carDi7> lies?
<+[10-4]carDi7> no
<+[10-4]carDi7> you admitted it
<+[10-4]carDi2> organise?
<+[10-4]carDi5> i did not
<+[10-4]carDi7> fat girls and disabled people
<+[10-4]carDi2> we did drugs all round
<+[10-4]carDi2> and didnt care
<+[10-4]carDi5> you did
<+[10-4]carDi7> we did?
<+[10-4]carDi5> i dont do drugs
<+[10-4]carDi7> i only did once
<+[10-4]carDi2> we did.
<@Appocomaster> calm down guys :(
<+[10-4]carDi7> and not on purpose
<+[10-4]carDi5> not while being sane :(
<+[10-4]carDi10> in the end cains gf covered all glx
<@Appocomaster> so how did you even win?
<+[10-4]carDi5> by attacking
<+[10-4]carDi5> not defending
<+[10-4]carDi5> salvage is shit
<+[10-4]carDi4> roiding more then others :)
<@Appocomaster> did you play as a galaxy or to each alliance?
<+[10-4]carDi4> and we had cardi :D
<+[10-4]carDi7> i got good salvage
<+[10-4]carDi7> i liked it
<+[10-4]carDi2> anyway
<+[10-4]carDi4> we played as team in seperated allies
<+[10-4]carDi7> cardi is my master!
<+[10-4]carDi2> fat gf's do have an advantage
<@Appocomaster> almost all of you were in one of two alliances
<+[10-4]carDi5> nah
<+[10-4]carDi7> nah, we had an orbit to
<+[10-4]carDi5> we're all LDK
<+[10-4]carDi2> it bounces nicely during doggystyle
<@Appocomaster> one
<+[10-4]carDi7> he did all the work
<@Appocomaster> poor guy :(
<@Appocomaster> where is Sin/
<+[10-4]carDi7> so it was really orbit gal
<+[10-4]carDi5> maggs organized the gal
<+[10-4]carDi7> hes tired
<+[10-4]carDi5> and baguar helped
<@Appocomaster> Sin: there?
<+[10-4]carDi2> disgusting?!
<+[10-4]carDi4> maggs was soo awesome, he didnt needed to login last 4 weeks to lead us
<+[10-4]carDi7> cardi is controlling us with his mind, not computer!
<@Appocomaster> maybe you can bring some sense to their rubbish :(
<+[10-4]carDi2> dont diss fat girls
<+[10-4]carDi5> he's in orbit around cains GF
<+[10-4]carDi2> they are still humans!
<@Appocomaster> is there anyone you'd like to specifically thank
<@Appocomaster> before we move on to alliances?
<+[10-4]carDi2> just not homosexual
<+[10-4]carDi5> takes 3 years to complete one circle
<+[10-4]carDi2> but fat
<+[10-4]carDi7> fat girls are alot of love cardi2!
<+[10-4]carDi7> alot!
<@Appocomaster> right
<+[10-4]carDi5> is cains gf a lesbian?
<+[10-4]carDi2> no
<+[10-4]carDi2> i mean i dont know
<+[10-4]carDi4> ;D
<@Appocomaster> Meatwax: there?
<+Meatwax> yeh
<@Appocomaster> :)
<@Appocomaster> so
<+[10-4]carDi10> obama is black
<@Appocomaster> how was it?
<+Meatwax> all these idiots had cardi control them
<+Meatwax> and failed
<@Appocomaster> well, cardi is obviously a pretty bad player
<@Appocomaster> how did you find it?
<+Meatwax> the round was boring
<@Appocomaster> did you enjoy it as a galaxy?
<@Appocomaster> good :)
<@Appocomaster> well, thanks Meatwax
<@Appocomaster> for being slightly sensible
<+Meatwax> but yeh
<+Meatwax> gal worked well together
<+Meatwax> though hardly any incs since I joined
<+Meatwax> ur not wanted here. we do not like you. we have no room for the likes of you in this gal. please selfexile again.we will make ur life hell. our goal is to make u delete ur planet.
<@Appocomaster> nice :(
<+Meatwax> the message I got when I joined wasn't that polite
<@Appocomaster> you did well to stick with them then :)
<+Meatwax> I'd like to thank Golan and Inforza for team ups this round though
<+Meatwax> helped me end 9th as late sign up
<@Appocomaster> nicely done
<@Appocomaster> did that help ?
<@Appocomaster> well, late signups obviously helped
<@Appocomaster> why did you sign up late?
<+Meatwax> was away at the beginning of the round
<@Appocomaster> would you have played if not for the feature?
<@Appocomaster> I want to see if someone's actually using it as it was meant to be used :D
<+Meatwax> <@zawze> meatwax is turning this into boring again
<+Meatwax> he's right really
<+Meatwax> we should end this
<@Appocomaster> ok :)
<@Appocomaster> thanks anyway
<+Meatwax> anyways
<+Meatwax> www.hugosolisband.com
<+Meatwax> go!
<@Appocomaster> heh
<@Appocomaster> fail :/
<@Appocomaster> finally, Lok
<@Appocomaster> of the winning alliance
<+Lok> and [TOOT]
<+Lok> hi everyone
<+[TOOT]> yo i am the toot
<+Lok> it's good to be back :)
<@Appocomaster> you are the toot?
<+[TOOT]> sure am
<+Lok> he is toot
<@Appocomaster> the one and only
<+Lok> toot is representing TOOT THE ALLIANCE
<+Lok> i'm from TOOT THE SUPPORT TAG
<@Appocomaster> :/
<@Appocomaster> ok
<+[TOOT]> trying to make that clear here this round, if you didn't notice!
<+Lok> anyway, well done to all the winners
<+[TOOT]> tired of getting the same "PLZ DROP THE FAKE NICK" welcome !
<@Appocomaster> well, you certainly took some hits at the beginning of the round
<+Lok> yeah, we could have prevented it but we took quite a beating
<+[TOOT]> did we? you guys haven't coded any intel stuff for the defence-page
<+[TOOT]> or stats for that matter
<@Appocomaster> intel for stats?
<+Lok> when you are outnumbered four to one (particularly with these stats)
<+Lok> it's very very difficult
<@Appocomaster> stats? or salvage?
<+[TOOT]> statistics for which alliances have been hitting us and how much is we've had
<@Appocomaster> ah
<@Appocomaster> ok
<@Appocomaster> those sorts of stats :D
<+[TOOT]> intelligence is quite far from the ship stats it would seem
<@Appocomaster> yes
<+[TOOT]> personally i lost all interest in this round when i first toa proper look at them
<+[TOOT]> (as did quite a few others)
<@Appocomaster> well, we're looking at improving the tools over the next round or two
<@Appocomaster> so which alliances were your biggest threats?
<+Lok> well
<+[TOOT]> what do you mean?
<@Appocomaster> would you care to elaborate on you and xVx?
<+Lok> [TOOT]: I'll explain
<+[TOOT]> i could too!
<+Lok> broadly there were two 'groups' of enemy
<+Lok> the BG's
<+Lok> (battlegroups)
<+Lok> basically this was a huge block made up of several small alliances
<+Lok> they pretty much hit us from the get go
<+Lok> then xVx (the second group) our main rival joined in
<+Lok> and utterly tipped the balance against us
<+Lok> we'd done quite well to soak up the punishment up to then
<+Lok> but with roiding restricted mainly to CO it was very difficult to hold out against all of it
<@Appocomaster> there seemed to be the idea that you were allied or NAPed - did this come later?
<+Lok> plus we weren't that great either to be honest
<+Lok> we were pretty passive to each other initially, I don't think either alliance saw it as beneficial to hit each other in the early stages
<+Lok> once we'd taken a beating, yes we had a formal NAP
<+Lok> we did offer xVx a chance to win regardless, but they turned it down bizarrely
<+[TOOT]> the round's really quite simple to go through :\
<@Appocomaster> so how did you catch them up so well?
<@Appocomaster> most people wrote you off
<+Lok> maybe they felt it would be embarassing if someone passed them and they had to get us to kick out planets
<+[TOOT]> first we had plenty of incs from the little alliances, then we offered the victory to xvx (but only ended up having a nap with them)
<+Lok> i think part of it
<@Appocomaster> alliance limits - do you think lowering them and allowing more alliances (bgs) to play would help and make it harder for you?
<+Lok> (and this is probably the only creditable part of our performance)
<+[TOOT]> then, for a lack of better comparison, we holocausted the little allys such as waffles, emolotion, dlr or whatever the hell they were like jews
<+Lok> is that we keep going
<+[TOOT]> then we went jogging alongside xvx for the remainder of the round but figured what the hell and didn't let them win
<@Appocomaster> TOOT: please be careful :|
<+Lok> <Appocomaster> alliance limits - do you think lowering them and allowing more alliances (bgs) to play would help and make it harder for you?
<+[TOOT]> it was just a comparison
<+Lok> i think they need to be lowered, but likewise I think some of our opponents need to fill up to whatever the lower limit is
<+Lok> without a defence pool you can't be competitive
<@Appocomaster> what's next?
<+Lok> i'd just like to make it clear: we'd prefer to be beaten while playing well, rather than to win without competition
<@Appocomaster> you've won quite a lot of rounds now
<+[TOOT]> team Lok also beat PATSA, by the way
<@Appocomaster> I wasn't playing
<@Appocomaster> or we'd have beaten them :p
<+Lok> :E
<+[TOOT]> yeah that's one issue i have with you guys
<+[TOOT]> why the hell aren't you playing more than defenig ingal
<+[TOOT]> to get a little grip of what's going on in the game
<@Appocomaster> the idea was that we weren't allowed to play and interact with the game
<+Lok> I think some of our more senior players are a little annoyed at how we've played this round
<@Appocomaster> as we have pretty good tools
<@Appocomaster> :p
<+[TOOT]> well that's clearly bullshit because you don't play by those 'rules'!
<@Appocomaster> and players will often feel that we might ... er.. abuse them
<+[TOOT]> or that idea
<+Lok> I felt we were a bit aimless in our attacking this round
<+Lok> so we'll come back next round a bit smaller
<@Appocomaster> so we just defend against attackers
<+Lok> maybe we won't win but I think we'll play better
<+[TOOT]> i mean you yourself have attacked me (covered though!) but ace has roided me once or twice
<@Appocomaster> thanks to the support team for the scans !
<@Appocomaster> I haven't attacked anyone in a couple of rounds :(
<@Appocomaster> I retal 1:1 attackers sometimes
<@Fiery> We're busy deffing most of the time
<@Appocomaster> we try and pick out only abusing repeaters
<+[TOOT]> what the hell
<+[TOOT]> it's not like you've ever advertised the bot planets to nbies
<+[TOOT]> newbies
<@Appocomaster> true
<@Appocomaster> :(
<@Appocomaster> one of many things to look at
<+[TOOT]> so aren't they there only to help out "proper" players so that they wouldn't feed on the newbies?
<@Appocomaster> some smaller players find them :)
<@Appocomaster> anyway, thanks
<@Appocomaster> anyone you'd like to highlight in particular that's stood out this round?
<+[TOOT]> also for the love of god add def stuff for galaxies too, now that i have a voice
<@Appocomaster> it's on the todo list
<@Appocomaster> along with lots of other stuff :(
<+Lok> we'd like to thank ROCK for a start
<+Lok> once again they've stuck by their agreement
<+Lok> we like ROCK, they're a smashing alliance
<+Lok> I think Considence has done a lot of stuff
<+Lok> and Isildurx
<+[TOOT]> yeah big thanks to rock and a reasonably sized thanks to some of our members (most were completely shit and i hopefully won't need to play with very many of them again!)
<+Lok> and of course Cooling
<+Lok> who is great furniture
<+Lok> and finished last
<+[TOOT]> yeah he needs a mention
<+Lok> Cooling is a top man
<@Appocomaster> not last
<@Appocomaster> he didn't!
<+Lok> what
<@Appocomaster> he couldn't get last
<+[TOOT]> dear god can't do anything right, not even sucking
<+Lok> BENNEH claims he got last
<@Appocomaster> nope
<+Lok> sandmans says so
<+Lok> :(
<+[TOOT]> oh by the way
<+[TOOT]> is this official?
<@Appocomaster> "_Brutal_" came last
<@Appocomaster> I think
<+[TOOT]> i mean i heard fiery was looking into closing our plantes after the round was over (which sounds pretty hilarious)
<+[TOOT]> so can we still l?
<+[TOOT]> lose
<@Appocomaster> wait no
<@Appocomaster> hmm
<@Appocomaster> Cooling did come last
<@Appocomaster> I dont know how
<+Lok> \o/
<+Lok> awesome
<@Appocomaster> he was complaining he wasnt last
<+Lok> yeah he was trying to finish last
<+Lok> the man is a king
<+Lok> a fitting tribute to our round
<@Appocomaster> I dont know how he did that
<@Appocomaster> anyway
<@Appocomaster> that's it I guess?
<+Lok> I think we've won more because of the weaknesses of our enemies than our own strengths
<+[TOOT]> oh our topic apparently says we're disbanding
<+Lok> but we're happy to win.
<+[TOOT]> if lok did mention that yet
<+Lok> oh are we?
<+Lok> great!
<+[TOOT]> ye
<+[TOOT]> we made me win, what else is there to do
<@Appocomaster> anyway guys, I think we're ending there :)
<@Appocomaster> thanks again to you all, sorry for overrunning
<+Lok> thanks very much Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> thanks to you