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EoRC Round 30: 04/04/09

<Appocomaster> hi
<Appocomaster> sorry, just texting Pete
<Appocomaster> he's gone walk about
<Appocomaster> I should take better care of the owner, sorry guys /o\
<Appocomaster> also, we clash with match of the day. delaying the round was a horrible ide
<Appocomaster> a
<Appocomaster> anyway
<Appocomaster> Welcome to the End of Round Ceremony for Planetarion Round XXX : Addiction
<Appocomaster> (that's 30 for all you guys who can't read roman numerials)
<Appocomaster> we've had a pretty interesting round
<Appocomaster> we've changed owners, suffered some unfortunate reliability issues (that should now be behind us), and (partly due to the 'last round' factor) have seen an increase in players
<Appocomaster> firstly, we'll start with the winners of this round
<Appocomaster> unfortunately, they're all so stressed from playing that they've gone to recover in the pub
<Appocomaster> I can't even find a rep for Golan :(
<Appocomaster> anyway, congrats to elviz and eksero
<Appocomaster> being represented by isil and Reese respectively
<Appocomaster> so, guys, any nice copy/paste speeches?
<isil|movie> heh
<isil|movie> well, there are a few elviz would like to mention
<isil|movie> as should be
<isil|movie> Firstly, he would like to thank JBG and Golan,and everyone else in asc, for the massive effort they put in this round in order to get top ally and to get his incs covered.
<isil|movie> Special mention also goes out to the gal(6:9), especially IsilX(duh! :D), for being a nice place to spend the round and being very very good at helping out when it mattered the most. Also special mention in particular to tobbe and santa. Luckily tobbe is a RL mate of elviz and was able to help out when elviz was working(which is annoyingly often!).
<Appocomaster> you added that bit in, didn't you?
<IsilX> note to self: stop BPing with people who work nightshift without i-net
<IsilX> :p
<IsilX> heh he just told me who to mention :p
<Appocomaster> that reward thing doesn't mean that tobbe was logging in for him, right? :p
<IsilX> na
<IsilX> more like making calcs for gal and asc heh
<IsilX> calling people
<IsilX> and keeping him updated i presume
<IsilX> i guess elviz is not as high up the foodchain as tobbe
<IsilX> :D
<Appocomaster> so you're in the same alliance, and a buddy pack member>
<Appocomaster> ?
<IsilX> yeah thats right
<IsilX> me and elviz formed the bp
<Appocomaster> elviz has been here before - I guess you always planned to play to win
<Appocomaster> you've been here in the winning galaxies once or twice or more
<Appocomaster> :)
<IsilX> (and t3 - right is right!)
<IsilX> planet that is :p
<Appocomaster> (congrats Golan - awful)
<Appocomaster> was elviz always up there? did he play to win, or was he more of a team player?
<IsilX> yah gal set out to try and win, but the wars got a bit in the way
<IsilX> cant compete with gals who dont see a inc for 90% of rnd
<Appocomaster> it seems from your comments he wasn't around much
<IsilX> oh hes was around when he could, cant quit your job for pa
<IsilX> :D
<IsilX> but yes, gal had to chip in a fair bit in getting his fat ass covered!
<IsilX> so big props to the guys
<IsilX> elviz is a master of ingame mail and sms spamming
<Appocomaster> when was he really starting to compete at the top?
<IsilX> he should write a book on how to master it
<Appocomaster> was he always a front runner?
<IsilX> i think he just slowly accumulated roids, and when he started to have a chance the gal rallied around him
<Appocomaster> did the round length make a difference for you al?
<Appocomaster> *all
<IsilX> yeah ofcourse, the longer the round the more skill\value comes into play
<Appocomaster> so - really. elviz has a reputation for getting planet naps with most of the major enemy alliances. did it happen this time?
<IsilX> well he says he didnt, but were not convinced :)
<IsilX> didnt see much omen inc on him this rnd
<IsilX> ^^
<Appocomaster> lol :p
<Appocomaster> Omen are saying there may well have been some sort of nap in place *apparently*
<Appocomaster> maybe more people should look for planet naps!
<Appocomaster> anyway, thanks for representing elviz, Isil
<Appocomaster> moving on, Reese :-)
<IsilX> oh i think a fair few people use naps heh
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> Reese?
* Appocomaster pokes
<Reese> hi
<IsilX> cudos to elviz for not hiding all his value in war tho, unlike certain othes
<IsilX> others
<Reese> a few thanks from eksero
<Appocomaster> :)
<Reese> congrats to elviz on #1,
<Reese> thanks to vgn for a fun and interesting round made lots of great friends. Thanks to everyone who set up raids, dc'd, and HC. You created a nice environment to play in.
<Reese> thanks to all the people in #monkey
<Reese> Thanks to the people in the Buddy Pack (Reese, Venox, Light, Wishmaster) We aimed to get everyone in top 100 and we ended 3 out of 5 so not too bad.
<Reese> Thanks to everyone in 7:3 (joltus, sparrow, baguar, burwattee, willjo, theam, emp, doddy, blizz, stuhlman (in spirit), cutulin, krypt, voogzy, icewind, tanukki, merlin, warjar) for the great in gal def you guys did, and coming online when called, and for making the round fun.
<Reese> Thanks to pete for another round of PA to come
<Reese> :D
<Appocomaster> wow!
<zpeti> I hope itll be a good one :)
<Appocomaster> anyone you wanted to single out in the buddy pack? :p
<Reese> No.
<Reese> everyone played their part
<Appocomaster> was eksero always up there?
<Reese> not really
<Reese> he just kept roiding though
<Reese> and not losing many
<Reese> our gal didnt get too many incs
<Appocomaster> and value was obviously far more important this round
<Appocomaster> did you draw more when he got higher and higher up the rankings?
<Reese> well he kept more value in production
<Reese> til the last days
<Reese> which does make roiding easier
<Appocomaster> from your point of view, is it a good thing that this is allowed?
<Reese> Its good to have lots of options
<Reese> and that is certainly one way to do things
<Reese> I dont think everyone should be forced to play the same, so its a nice "feature"
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> were you bigger in score than him for most of the round, then?
<Reese> i let out a million in prod by mistake one day
<Reese> so not until that point
<Reese> :p
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> did eksero get involved in the galaxy and alliance?
<Appocomaster> or was he all about getting roids for himself?
<Reese> yeah he was active in vgn
<Reese> he did dc'ing in the beginning for them and lots of bc'ing
<Reese> for most of the round
<Reese> and was a scanner later on
<Appocomaster> (he was #3 in the scanning ranks, as a general point - http://pirate.planetarion.com/showt....php?p=3169788)
<Reese> yeah
<Reese> scanners as a problem isnt a case
<Reese> if everyone makes efforts
<Reese> top planets not excluded
<Appocomaster> it is rare to see someone that high up being a scanner
<Appocomaster> was there anything else/
<Appocomaster> :)
<Reese> thanks for the fun round o7
<Appocomaster> :D
<Appocomaster> thank you
<Appocomaster> Golan, sorry to keep you waiting
<Golan> not at all
<Appocomaster> as the only person actually here!
<Appocomaster> Congrats on your 3rd
<Appocomaster> one of many Asc in the top 10
<Appocomaster> how did the round go for you?
<Golan> we kept creeping upwatds at the end
<Golan> well I dont have a speech or anything
<Appocomaster> its ok :)
<Appocomaster> surely some people had an impact on your round?
<Golan> but the main part of me getting so high this round was salvage
<Golan> so thanks to all crashers
<Golan> mainly cba
<Appocomaster> CBA :(
<Appocomaster> do you think that this is good for the game?
<Appocomaster> it's been a hot topic this round
<Golan> I think in a long round like this one, it becomes too powerfull
<Golan> this last week was more about who was "lucky" to get crashed on than anything else
<Appocomaster> too much power for value?
<Golan> which isnt healthy for the game
* Appocomaster nods
<Appocomaster> it is hard to force it
<Appocomaster> it's something I know the MH have been discussing
<Golan> keep in mind that we knew this in asc
<Appocomaster> but it's a grey area
<Golan> that is why we had quite a few ziks :)
<Golan> and feud
<Appocomaster> yes
<Golan> which looks to be by far the most rare goverment
<Appocomaster> er
<Golan> no?
<Appocomaster> | none | 130 |
<Appocomaster> | Feudalism | 94 |
<Appocomaster> | Dictatorship | 344 |
<Appocomaster> | Democracy | 583 |
<Appocomaster> | Unification | 476 |
<Golan> as I was saying...
<Golan> :)
<Appocomaster> definitely less
<Golan> I was a bit surprised so few went feud, its really awesome
<Appocomaster> top 100...
<Golan> initially weak
<Appocomaster> +--------------+----------+
<Appocomaster> | none | 1 |
<Appocomaster> | Feudalism | 15 |
<Appocomaster> | Dictatorship | 8 |
<Appocomaster> | Democracy | 15 |
<Appocomaster> | Unification | 62 |
<Appocomaster> (sorry for the spam)
<Appocomaster> (HOW does 1 person not have a government. OWN UP! who is it?!?)
<Golan> free account? :)
<Golan> well done to him anyway!
<Appocomaster> can still set government
<Appocomaster> I guess someone forgot anyway
<Golan> I think these days the scanning is becoming more of a standard with big planets too
<Golan> I know I was up there (again) ;)
<Golan> and decent high on the cov-opping too
<Appocomaster> why is this?
<Golan> its all score
<Appocomaster> ah, xp boosts
<Golan> scanning gives at least 400xp per day
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> if you do au scans first :-)
<Appocomaster> etc
<Golan> if you are ally scanner.. well then its for free :)
<Appocomaster> it's silly to do smaller scans first
<Appocomaster> lol :p
<Appocomaster> ok
<Golan> anyway yes
<Golan> there are some people who really helped me
<Golan> I had no ambition to get this high really
<Golan> it just happend
<Golan> main priority was the ally win, which Lok|away will take proper care of explaining
<Appocomaster> did you have any special planet naps, like elviz apparently had?
<Golan> I was just happy to be above average
<Appocomaster> or did you just play for the alliance?
<Golan> I 3 fleet defended alot
<Golan> so did alot of asc
<Golan> it paid off for most of us in the end
<Appocomaster> you seem to have put a lot more value on defence than anyone else
<Golan> if you look at fleets launched, I am sure you will see up to double the amount of eksero or elviz on my planet ;)
<Golan> I also got alot of def when it was needed though
<Golan> in gal, meatwax steven vex d3coy kree and the others
<Golan> always there when I needed it
<Golan> even the gal mates who started off in omen helped out in the end ;)
<Appocomaster> :)
<Golan> that's about it tho!
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> well, thanks guys
<Appocomaster> I'll sort out your credits later
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> thanks to IsilX, Reese and Golan, who between them made up / represented the top 3 planets
<Appocomaster> (out of interest, my earlier assertion that Asc defended more seems wrong - they sent more defence fleets but also way more attack fleets than the other top alliances)
<Appocomaster> next up, we have 12-5
<[12-5]Pablitem> :o
<[12-5]Pablitem> i can speak!!!
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> \o/
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> Damo8 had a long speech made, but hes inet went down :p
<Appocomaster> we need to cut down gal sizes
<[12-5]Pablitem> inceed
<[12-5]Pablitem> *indeed
<Appocomaster> because I'm not voicing so many people ever again
<[12-5]tolky> :D
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> dont forget pingu
<[12-5]Artic[CT]> good u didnt op caj for faking being in our gal :P
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> did I miss anyone?
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> pingu
<[12-5]Monky[HA]> pingu
<Appocomaster> sorry pingu
<Appocomaster> so guys
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> but he is in the pub i think, or sleeping
<Appocomaster> how did it go?
<Appocomaster> did you always play to win?
* [12-5]Arty[uDU] just wanted to say thx for my GREAT BP -> Riem Demon Henrik Damo8
<Appocomaster> ok, so we have the BP
<[12-5]Pablitem> yeah i think Base BP started all
<Appocomaster> did anyone else repeatedly exile to get in?
<[12-5]Artic[CT]> didnt u guys make a channel called #wewillwin or something
<Appocomaster> or were the rest al random?
<[12-5]Pablitem> tehy even had a channel named wewillwin
<Appocomaster> so you weren't really playing to win? :P
<[12-5]tolky> <---- late starter
<[12-5]Artic[CT]> I exiled 3 times to get in
<[12-5]pingu> np :)
<[12-5]Pablitem> well i was on a BP 3:10 Carbone, savior, hiall and emp btw thanx guys ashame we didn't work ut it was fun indeed :D
<Appocomaster> so 5, 1 exiler, 2 late starters (?)
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> Henrik was really certain that we get a high position, so it seems he was the 1 to give us the willpowa to fight :)
<[12-5]Ilibo> <-- later starter exiled from first gal

<Appocomaster> who really ran the gal?
<[12-5]Pablitem> i eciled too at tick 341
<[12-5]Pablitem> lucky i guess
<Appocomaster> damo ?
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> plus we had everyone online when incs showed
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> Henrik and Damo both did a good job
<[12-5]tolky> Henrik run the most if it id say
<Appocomaster> who was night watchman?
<[12-5]Pablitem> yes Henrik worked a lot
<[12-5]Pablitem> i was with spacedonkey and Demon :D
<[12-5]Pablitem> i have a nice tiem zone so it helped
<[12-5]Monky[HA]> everyone did their part
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> oh, and greetings to my uDU friends o/
<Appocomaster> when did you really pull away from the other galaxies?
<[12-5]Pablitem> also would liek to mantion Tronick and MrLobster who did great
<Appocomaster> did you put your galaxy ahead of your alliance?
<[12-5]Artic[CT]> when CBA crashed
<Appocomaster> lol :P
<[12-5]Monky[HA]> yeah, special thanks to MrLobster
<[12-5]tolky> Heh
<[12-5]Pablitem> and jonas and paddy and killrog
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> yeah, that was the point we knew we will win :D
<[12-5]b0nes[Asc> i exiled in 4-5 weeks back and we was 3rd i think and a little off the pace
* [12-5]Arty[uDU] hugs CBA :)
<[12-5]Pablitem> yeah big tahnx to CBA :D
<[12-5]b0nes[Asc> so we had a good finish
<Appocomaster> he seems to be getting lots of mentions
<Appocomaster> did he pay you all?
<[12-5]Artic[CT]> I think we were winning in stock res and hidden production by 1 mil before CBA crashed, also they had more roids than us at the time
<[12-5]Pablitem> also thanx to our alies taht did great when we had incs
<[12-5]Pablitem> all of them
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> well we were competing with 7:2 until he suicided on golan losing over 4 mil in value
<[12-5]Artic[CT]> yes major thanks to allies for def :)
<Appocomaster> brutal question - did you fence?
<[12-5]Pablitem> Mystic for been ther an defing me hee and Theam for not letting me roid him and let me waste a day of incs
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> most of the top 6 allys hit us at various stages in the rd so cant say we fenced
<[12-5]Pablitem> i won't deny we got less incs than some otehr gals but we DID get hit
<[12-5]Pablitem> and when we did we worked har to not lose much
<[12-5]Monky[HA]> thankfully we managed not to lose as much value as CBA
<[12-5]Pablitem> also:
<[12-5]Pablitem> <[12-5]Henrik> anyway remember to mention: asc recalling when text'ed to
<[12-5]Pablitem> <[12-5]Henrik> and that ct is retarded fuck noobs
<[12-5]Pablitem> <[12-5]Henrik> and we knew b4 the round started we would win
<[12-5]Pablitem> <[12-5]Henrik> thats all i have to say :D
<Appocomaster> lol!
<[12-5]Artic[CT]> lol
<Appocomaster> :(
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> riem said the same thing but i dont want the kick
<Appocomaster> an interesting turn of phrase
<[12-5]Monky[HA]> yeah, special thanks to Riem and Henrik for not putting up with CT nonsense
<Appocomaster> what was the issue with CT?
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> he also wanted us to remind gm and CT that our gal won
<Appocomaster> could you explain it?
<Appocomaster> preferably in not too rude a manner :p
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> the short version is henrik and riem went emo when they found out that ct were hitting us
<Appocomaster> ok
<[12-5]Artic[CT]> About the text thing, basically Henrik was attacking an asc planet, and it was heavily deff'ed and was a 50/50 land, and one of the asc deffers fleet name was "text me to recall", so they found his number and texted him to recall, and he did :P
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> we would be here till 2moro if you want the long version
<Appocomaster> LOL
<Appocomaster> so that meant you landed?
<Appocomaster> oh man :(
<[12-5]Artic[CT]> yeah he landed :P
<Appocomaster> do you think that the Henrik/riem/CT issue is becoming more of a problem?
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> in what sense ?
<Appocomaster> would the option of having private galaxies mutually exclusive to alliances be a popular move?
<Appocomaster> could you have survived as a private galaxy?
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> given the strenght of the fortress gals then yeah it probably would be a nice option
<Appocomaster> did you all put galaxy first?
<Appocomaster> or was it a mixture of alliance and galaxy for some?
<[12-5]AcidRain> i would say gal ;O
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> i would say ally
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> mix for me
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> then gal then planet
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> could have helped hal more: escorting etc...
<[12-5]Monky[HA]> tryy to take it in turns but first come, first served
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> gal*
<[12-5]tolky> Ally comes first o_O
<[12-5]Artic[CT]> planet first for me, my housemate said he would post a video reply to Boxxy saying how great i was if i got t100 ;)
<Appocomaster> LOL
<Appocomaster> ok
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> [00:52] <@[12-5]Pablitem> anyway say: thanx for a good interesting round everyone plz
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> [00:52] <@[12-5]Pablitem> for me :D
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> sorry
<Appocomaster> if there's nothing else?
<[12-5]Monky[HA]> HA FOREVER!
<Appocomaster> really need to move on
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> yeah, was the best round for me, but a bit long
<Appocomaster> I spent too much time at the beginning /o\
<Appocomaster> you'd prefer shorter rounds?
<[12-5]tolky> idd
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> a mix would be best
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> i do
<Appocomaster> but less value based, surely?
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> 10 is way too long
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> atleast for me :)
<[12-5]b0nes[Asc> short rounds long breaks ;p
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> but was goos anyways
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> as this was a great rd with very little stagnation and great politics and wars
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> well, thanks guys :)
<[12-5]Gz|3peat> oh and ascendancy 3 peated 1st ally to WIN 3 IN A ROW
<[12-5]Arty[uDU]> o7
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> finally, slightly delayed
<Appocomaster> Ascendancy
<Appocomaster> winning yet another round
<Appocomaster> 3 in a row
<Appocomaster> :) quite impressive
<Appocomaster> (as well as Round 16)
* Lok|away applauds his alliance mates
<Appocomaster> hi guys, congrats :)
<Lok|away> well done guys you did it again \o/
<Golan> TEAM WIN \o/
<Lok|away> we worked hard for this one
<Appocomaster> well, where to start?
<Lok|away> well we have a bit of housekeeping
<Lok|away> if you don't mind
<Lok|away> first of all, we're very pleased that planetarion is continuing
<Lok|away> thanks to pete for letting it continue and letting us play a game that I think we all enjoy
<zpeti> :)
<Appocomaster> oh, he is here!
<Appocomaster> only when he's being praised :p
<zpeti> yep :)
<Appocomaster> (Hi Pete!)
<Lok|away> second of all, congratulations to 12:5 and elviz for winning galaxy and planet victories respectively
<Lok|away> you've succeeded in a tough round and you deserve your success
<Lok|away> finally, thanks to ROCK
<Lok|away> ROCK have no reason whatsoever to work with us, but they work with us anyway and they deserve every credit
<Lok|away> and we appreciate it
<Appocomaster> [apologies - apparently Asc also won Round 26 under a different name and I forgot]
<Appocomaster> also, as an amendment to my earlier comment: 22:02 <elviz> <@Appocomaster> unfortunately, they're all so stressed from playing that they've gone to recover in the pub << I was at the gym tyvm ;)
<Golan> mainly because munkee stole the asc tag name there :)
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> Lok: is that the housekeeping finished?
<Lok|away> yeah
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> well, congrats again
<Appocomaster> firstly, was this any closer than the previous rounds that you've won?
<Lok|away> well the end result doesn't really reflect how it has gone
<Appocomaster> it's certainly a big lead, but I remember it being a lot closer
<Lok|away> the margin of victory simply reflects the titanic amount of motivation it's taken to get us through this one
<Lok|away> once we were ahead we were determined to make sure we won
<Appocomaster> I don't think anyone can deny that
<Lok|away> it has required substantial amounts of effort and it has been difficult at times
<Appocomaster> I believe JBG did a lot of work to get people involved? or am I wrong?
<Lok|away> but we have the players and the people to get through periods of difficulty
<Golan> JBG is only part of it
<Lok|away> JBG does a lot for us, yes
<Golan> we always have more people helping
<Lok|away> but there were a lot of people who contributed this round
<Golan> a person iw ould highlight is actually hanzi
<Golan> he helped alot when he joined midround
<Golan> the whole mantra for the round kept us going
<Golan> inch by inch - play by play
<Golan> as seen on 6:1's gal picture :)
<Appocomaster> it appears it was only really the last 20% of the round (2 weeks or so) when you really pulled away
<Lok|away> but there are plenty of people experienced and pretty new
<Appocomaster> was this down to politics?
<Lok|away> who have got involved
<Lok|away> heh, that's a complicated question
<Golan> big cudos to mainly dlr/nd who got involved heavily in the end
<Golan> we had 24/7 incs
<Golan> that was very hard
<Golan> but they broke before we did in the end
<Golan> the last week I would agree we pulled away
<Appocomaster> Lok: how is it a hard question, might I ask?
<Lok|away> well
<Lok|away> first of all you have to bear in mind that Ascendancy set itself up expecting a difficult round
<Appocomaster> as an alliance you have a reputation for bewitching other alliances
<Lok|away> and that we'd have to batten down the hatches a lot
<Lok|away> if we were going to be outnumbered, we wanted to be a complete pain to deal with
<Lok|away> in terms of being roided and being on the end of our attacks
<Appocomaster> you seem to have succeeded
<Lok|away> if you became our enemy we wanted to get at you bigtime, grind you down
<Lok|away> that led to certain political outcomes
<Lok|away> for example
<Lok|away> omen against us was a long, protracted drawn out conflict
<Lok|away> it curtailed our growth and omen didn't give up that easily
<Lok|away> for which, by the way, Wishmaster deserves every credit
<Lok|away> other allies chose to avoid us and I mean, one night we saw CT hit DLR
<Appocomaster> would you say they were your biggest problem over the round then?
<Lok|away> that was a really big christmas present
<Lok|away> as if you are thinking in terms of winning a round, DLR aren't really going to rank above you, because there are too few of them
<Lok|away> so our enemies are getting themselves inc they don't need
<Lok|away> Omen provided the sternest test
<Lok|away> I think after they didn't get past us they faded, because we really put them through the mill
<Lok|away> would I say they are the second best alliance? It's no comfort to them but absolutely
<Golan> they were at least, in the end they faded badly
<Golan> which was to be expected
<Lok|away> but really what has driven ascendancy more than anything
<Lok|away> is the teamwork and responsibility everyone has taken for their own fleets and each other
<Lok|away> texting, mailing, dc'ing, setting up raids, politics
<Golan> and everyone knowing their role
<Lok|away> and of course, not complaining
<Golan> xans going for pulsars to make team ups better
<Lok|away> when things get tough
<Appocomaster> Asc does seem to be more a case of a more 'flat' system of responsiblity - is this the case?
<Golan> its the small things :)
<Golan> I think in any system you end up with certain people doing a good share of the load
<Appocomaster> most alliances have the more traditional HC -> BC/DC -> members and scanners
<Lok|away> the openness means that it's very easy to see what everyone else is doing
<Lok|away> and because there are people doing a lot, other people want to do a lot too
<Lok|away> i mean i see JBG doing stuff, how can I not do stuff if i've got nothing better to do on a saturday afternoon and there is 23 million value of FR sitting around doing nothing
<Appocomaster> ok
<Lok|away> it's like that
<Golan> and since you mentioned it I think those people were this round cardi (6:1) smasher (7:8) kila/considence(8:7) olata(10:4) booji/london(11:1) Meatwax(5:6) mista/bread(2:10)
<Golan> they put in the effort to make their gals better
<Golan> not a small one either
<Golan> jbg was as always instrumental co-ordinating it all :)
<Appocomaster> Going back briefly to yourselves and Omen, do you think it discourages alliances to know that a long, protracted war against a rival of similar ability can damage both alliances and lose them the round?
<Lok|away> depends who you are really
<Lok|away> don't think i can say any more than that
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> on the lighter side - apparently you pasted a whole book on the in game forums. This begs the question...WHY?
<Lok|away> we're trying to teach cardinal how to read
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> seriously? :/
<Appocomaster> (not that I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate it)
<Lok|away> i actually didn't know until you told me to be honest
<Lok|away> did we
<Lok|away> is it a good book i might read it
<Lok|away> i've played a lot of this round on mobile access
<Appocomaster> 'The Great Gatsby'
<Lok|away> so i don't really do text
<Appocomaster> apparently you did it to check the max character length
<Golan> that people crashed just about everyones browser tbh
<Golan> ehm that post
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> they're not made for that sort of thing
<Appocomaster> is there anyone you'd like to specifically thank?
<Appocomaster> (I'm making a habit of overrunning these thngs of late, it's not good)
<Golan> any etd that built pillagers
<Golan> much <3
<Golan> ship of the round imo
<Golan> also thanks to theam for completely tearing apart 7:3 :)
<Appocomaster> ok :)
<Lok|away> i think the whole playerbase deserve a pat on the back
<Golan> we had more allies in the end than lok mentioned, xvx kept their promises to us and I hope we did the same back
<Lok|away> the standard improved this round
<Golan> so thanks for that!
<Lok|away> which can only be a good thing in general
<Appocomaster> we did have a noticable increase in players in alliances this round
<Lok|away> yeah, ND/hirr kept their agreements too
<Appocomaster> hirr <3
<Lok|away> don't really blame nd for dropping the nap when they did
<Lok|away> yeah they are pretty cool kids
<Golan> (ct were pretty shitty to ally)
<Appocomaster> it's nice to see them back
<Lok|away> but rock were still our main allies, so they get a big up from me
<Appocomaster> well, congratulations again :)
<Lok|away> thanks
<Golan> cya next round ;)
<Appocomaster> if there's nothing else?
<Lok|away> yes
<Lok|away> yes there is
<Appocomaster> *sigh*
<Lok|away> if i see as many terrible posts on AD next round
<zpeti> ok guys, see you soon, hope next round will be fun :)
<Lok|away> as i have this
<Lok|away> you're all banned
<Lok|away> thanks
<Appocomaster> lol
<Fiery2> :/
<Golan> :D
<Appocomaster> it's nice to see a proactive mod :)
* Fiery2 trembles in fear
<Appocomaster> Fiery, you're safe if you don't post on AD
<Appocomaster> anyway, thanks again Lok :)
<Fiery2> right, will avoid AD like the plague
<Appocomaster> ok, finally, that time you've all been waiting for
<Appocomaster> it's the allcomp!
<Appocomaster> get tagging
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> counting now!
<Appocomaster> if I got the ocmamnd right
<Appocomaster> ok wait i have to get the thing right :p
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 380 nicks and found 36 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: eksero, count: 11
<Pea> #9. Tag: HA, count: 11
<Pea> #8. Tag: Fact, count: 13
<Pea> #7. Tag: HR, count: 14
<Pea> #6. Tag: p0ny, count: 16
<Appocomaster> man, this is going to suck :(
<Pea> #5. Tag: ND, count: 19
<Appocomaster> :p
<Pea> #4. Tag: ROCK, count: 22
<Pea> #3. Tag: xVx, count: 23
<Pea> #2. Tag: CT, count: 29
<Appocomaster> if I'd have got the command right the first time
<Pea> #1. Tag: Asc, count: 35
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> wlel, congrats guys
<Appocomaster> we'll get a log up of this later
<Appocomaster> we'll add that in
<Appocomaster> we're going to have another Creators Hour this saturday
<Appocomaster> er
<Appocomaster> *Wednesday
<Appocomaster> at 20:00 GMT
<Appocomaster> same place
<Appocomaster> if you wish to join us and ask questions about the new round, to myself, Pete and the rest of the PA Team
<Appocomaster> (Wednesday 8th)
<Appocomaster> also, you can still submit a Round 31 Round name to r31names@planetarion.com with the subject/title "Roundname suggestions".
<Appocomaster> but hurry, we're going to stop soon
<Appocomaster> so get mailing!
<Appocomaster> thanks for listening to this [extended] ceremony
<Appocomaster> :)