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  • Round 85 Havoc Ends: Thursday 12th March 2020
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  • Round 86 Ticks Start: Friday 20th March 2020

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EoRC Round 28: 03/10/08

<AppocoEoRC> Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen
<AppocoEoRC> Welcome to the Round 29 ceremony
<AppocoEoRC> the Round 29 End of Round Ceremony!
<AppocoEoRC> we've had quite an interesting round
<AppocoEoRC> new look stats
<AppocoEoRC> and one alliance dominating all others more than almost ever before
<AppocoEoRC> also, this is the first round where none of the top 3 planets have turned up to the ceremony
<AppocoEoRC> which is kinda amusing :-)
<AppocoEoRC> firstly, I'd like to make a few announcements
<AppocoEoRC> as I'm sure you know, havoc is starting tomorrow morning at 9:00 GMT
<AppocoEoRC> (because I like a lie in)
<AppocoEoRC> we're also going to have a speedgame
<AppocoEoRC> starting at the same time, with 30 second ticks
<AppocoEoRC> http://speedgame.planetarion.com
<AppocoEoRC> :)
<AppocoEoRC> I'd also like to announce that signups start in around 10 days
<AppocoEoRC> for Round 29
<AppocoEoRC> with a 10 day signup period for a new-look Round 29
<AppocoEoRC> I know some of you have concerns
<AppocoEoRC> credits are still going to be valid
<AppocoEoRC> and will give you a one off boost
<AppocoEoRC> of resources and asteroids
<AppocoEoRC> when you upgrade, you can immediately get rid of ads, and get more skins
<AppocoEoRC> and then you can choose betweeen resources and asteroids, and researches and constructions, for your one-off bonus
<AppocoEoRC> these will increase as ticks go on
<AppocoEoRC> so the later you select your bonus, the bigger the bonus
<AppocoEoRC> the precise numbers will soon be announced
<AppocoEoRC> there's a few other tweaks
<AppocoEoRC> mostly on www.planetarion.com
<AppocoEoRC> ok
<AppocoEoRC> moving on, I'm going to congratulate our 3 winners
<AppocoEoRC> I'd like to congratulate voodoo, our round 28 winner :-)
<AppocoEoRC> voodoo, congratulations
<AppocoEoRC> for winning, and also for managing to make it :D
<voodoo> yes,id like to accept on behalf of all the planets i have ruled this round
<AppocoEoRC> :rolleyes:
<AppocoEoRC> yes yes you're romanian
<voodoo> o/
<voodoo> so, to get that behind us: SMASHER IS A PA GOD :D
<AppocoEoRC> Smasher does seem to rule most of the romanians
<AppocoEoRC> why is he not here?
<voodoo> footie
<AppocoEoRC> ah
<voodoo> hes the only one with no life to acually coordinate stuff :)
<AppocoEoRC> lol
<voodoo> he literally putes everything on hold during a round. i can't. i'm not self employed and all that :(
<AppocoEoRC> so what would you say was the biggest factor behind you winning?
<AppocoEoRC> obviously, your alliance helped
<voodoo> well, i have just ruined my perfect streak of being on the losing side
<voodoo> go asc o/
<AppocoEoRC> you were in my galaxy in round 5. were were great then :(
<voodoo> i was playing from inet cafe and dial up while living with my parents :(
<AppocoEoRC> well, that's pretty dedicated
<AppocoEoRC> so give us an insight into life in Asc - how did they help you to win?
<AppocoEoRC> with such a dominance of the top 100, targets must have been hard to come by
<voodoo> only in the end
<voodoo> but everyone going idle helped
<voodoo> life in asc is....interesting :)
<AppocoEoRC> how did attacks work? apparently the BCs take a much more hands on approach?
<voodoo> they are a bunch of egomaniacal mofos, but they know how to play the game
<voodoo> ok, enough about asc, screw them, ASK ME ABOUT ME AND HOW AWESOME I AM
<voodoo> they will have their turn later on. dont want them stealing my frigging thunder
<AppocoEoRC> ok, so describe how you won the round without mentioning them ;)
<AppocoEoRC> did you set out to win?
<voodoo> not really. i always set up to play as good as i can, and most of the time it fails because of semi-decent galaxies.
<voodoo> and being on the losing side
<voodoo> has my cgi died? :(
<AppocoEoRC> no
<AppocoEoRC> so the galaxy - who won - helped al ot?
<AppocoEoRC> *lot
<voodoo> obviously. you can hadly win such short rounds without a strong glaxy behind you
<AppocoEoRC> so longer rounds would make it easier to win with bad galaxies(?)
<voodoo> yes, especially when an ally dominates a round. like this one
<voodoo> also: hi kila, your 2nd mention in eorc despide you being so shit at the game o/\o (he will read it later on in the logs)
<AppocoEoRC> lol
<AppocoEoRC> so would you like to thank anyone?
<voodoo> *despite :)
<voodoo> god
<voodoo> yes, i would like to thank god
<AppocoEoRC> anyone else?
<voodoo> no wait, is this the point where my moment of glory ends and you remove my voice
<voodoo> then....
<AppocoEoRC> galaxy next :p
<voodoo> i would like to thank my gal mates. smasher and xls have been awesome (TBB as well....somewhat :P)
<voodoo> and i would like to thank xls for managing to get closed for account sharing with the person he had an exception with
<voodoo> only he can be so awesome :)
<AppocoEoRC> lol
<voodoo> and remy for his god-like vigilence
<AppocoEoRC> ok?
<voodoo> and use of logic as well
<AppocoEoRC> ok
<voodoo> jbg saved my ass a couple of times as well
<voodoo> what i dont get, is why is everyone so surprised
<voodoo> ive been playing for like 8 years, ABOUT TIME I GET SOMEWHAT GOOD AT IT
<AppocoEoRC> lucky ;)
<voodoo> zhil hi o/
<AppocoEoRC> ok?
<voodoo> ok. thats it, bring on the second stage so i can be the only one talking still :P
<AppocoEoRC> we're going to move on and get your galaxy up here :p
<Heartless> lol
<[1-7-2]TBB[xVx]> aww
<Heartless> I would like to congratulate Game on his master plan to end 50k score in front of me. That's just because you assigned me on Marinho that night you guys hit us :p
<AppocoEoRC> wheres Germ?
<Heartless> at work, according to his nickname.
<voodoo> at work probably
<voodoo> like 4 pm in NY
<voodoo> magian, id read ur PM but if i change windows on talshiar it will freeze. love you though
<Kael^idle> \o/
<Heartless> and I would like to thank JBG and smasher for the endless work they put into asc, respectively 1:7.
<AppocoEoRC> one of the first to get kickbanned
<voodoo> true that
<AppocoEoRC> so how competitive did you find the other galaxies?
<AppocoEoRC> you have a fair lead over 9:8, 2:10 etc
<voodoo> 9 8 was a challenge, to begin with, then again after xls got deleted.
<Heartless> 9:8 was there. until elviz suicided. I guess we were the lucky ones who didnt get touched that much.
<voodoo> its never about luck heartless :)
<Heartless> I did not know we planned to fence :p
<voodoo> it was smasher jgping everyones targets at eta 1 and smsing if crashing
<Heartless> but then again, I had to use Munin until the very last tick to know which planet was who in our gal :-D
<AppocoEoRC> he held you all together?
<[HA]vuLgAr> ofc
<AppocoEoRC> so you all fake nicked?
<voodoo> munin, yes :)
<Heartless> what
<Heartless> nobody fake nicked
<voodoo> nobody fakenicked. just nastynick because we hadnt heard of him before
<voodoo> :)
<AppocoEoRC> ok
<VulgarMessiah> i did :D
<voodoo> proves it was his real nick. asme with makrohard
<AppocoEoRC> so apart from Smasher, were there any standout players?
<VulgarMessiah> SMASHER = PA GOD BTW
<Heartless> well, there was xls for managing to get closed
<Heartless> that was certainly outstanding
<VulgarMessiah> lol
<VulgarMessiah> :D
<AppocoEoRC> major rival?
<[1-7-2]TBB[xVx]> everyone pwns! no crybabies
<[Omen]voodoo> god knows id never get to wear this tag at eorc againn :D
<[Omen]voodoo> we've had some emo fits here and there, but nothing major.
<AppocoEoRC> pfft Omen :p
<Heartless> mainly smasher who was so easy to annoy by telling him that I dont give a shit <o
<AppocoEoRC> :(
<[Omen]voodoo> if xls hadnt been deleted, one of you annoying fcks would have been exiled just because of your whining/not caring :P
<[HA]vuLgAr> :O
<Heartless> I expected that to happen a lot earlier voodoo :p
<AppocoEoRC> so plans for next round?
<[Omen]voodoo> not play :)
<[Omen]voodoo> good plan id say.
<[HA]vuLgAr> drink beer live life and stuff :D
<Heartless> quitting finally. it was just a comeback for JBG \o/
<[1-7-2]TBB[xVx]> a round of idling!
<Heartless> the game simply gets too boring to quickly. You really have to rework its major design or it simply will never be anything to play for more than a round again
<AppocoEoRC> next round is free... :)
<AppocoEoRC> well, in most respects :p
<Heartless> and even free boredom is too expensive.
<[Omen]voodoo> also, since nobody actually rules in asc, can i have voice for the ally thing as well? so this round remains in history as "the round of voodoo" ? JBG? :)
<Kael^idle> TBB, same as this one then :D
<[1-7-2]TBB[xVx]> idd
<Heartless> give it to qebab
<AppocoEoRC> voodoo: I've already arranged people
<Heartless> he cares enough to make a good eorc speech for ascendancy :p
<AppocoEoRC> oh
<AppocoEoRC> I forgot something
<[Omen]voodoo> unarrage it then
<AppocoEoRC> I apologise to arc!!!!
<AppocoEoRC> he came 3rd
<Heartless> lol
<AppocoEoRC> he wants to thank Sleepless and JBG
<AppocoEoRC> and Satyr
<[Omen]voodoo> appoco, you didnt get too invoved this round did you?
<Heartless> AppocoEoRC also forgot about a 1-7 member
<AppocoEoRC> Heartless TBB told me who to voice
<Heartless> [VGN]BigBad
<Heartless> bad tbb, bad :p
<[HA]vuLgAr> can i thank my ally H-A for being so funny and keeping me interested in PA even when it got serious :O
<[VGN]BiGBaD> relax guys im here just to watch:)
<AppocoEoRC> [HA]vuLgAr: how was it in a galaxy and surrounded by big Asc people?
<[HA]vuLgAr> fun
<[HA]vuLgAr> they were so serious all the time XD
<[HA]vuLgAr> BiGBaD is RICK JAMES btw fyi
<[Omen]voodoo> YEAH
<[VGN]BiGBaD> =))
<[VGN]BiGBaD> IM RICK JAMES BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<[HA]vuLgAr> LD
<[HA]vuLgAr> :D
<AppocoEoRC> now now
<AppocoEoRC> don't get you banned
<[HA]vuLgAr> he is though :|
<[VGN]BiGBaD> ah its fine
<[VGN]BiGBaD> thats all i had to say
<[VGN]BiGBaD> late starting sucks btw
<[VGN]BiGBaD> :p
<AppocoEoRC> so you signed up late?
<[VGN]BiGBaD> yepo
<[1-7-2]TBB[xVx]> tick 336 wasnt it?
<AppocoEoRC> who got you into the galaxy?
<AppocoEoRC> yes
<[VGN]BiGBaD> ....
<[VGN]BiGBaD> i always play with nobies like vudu and smash
<[VGN]BiGBaD> pf
<AppocoEoRC> ok :)
<[Omen]voodoo> seriously, who does bigbad have to blow so i can represent as c as well and be voiced throughout eorc? that would be awesome tbw :(
<[VGN]BiGBaD> check r25 :P
<[VGN]BiGBaD> voodoo
<[VGN]BiGBaD> stfu u know ur my biatch
<AppocoEoRC> ok
<AppocoEoRC> moving on to alliances :-)
<AppocoEoRC> thanks to you all
<[VGN]BiGBaD> cheers
<[1-7-2]TBB[xVx]> Smasher rules!
<[HA]vuLgAr> wooo
<[HA]vuLgAr> Smasher = ftw
<AppocoEoRC> thanks to you all :)
<AppocoEoRC> and congrats again to 1:7
<AppocoEoRC> now, finally, Ascendancy
<AppocoEoRC> who have done impressively well this round in terms of rankings, whatever else you may say
<AppocoEoRC> Game and Golan have agreed to represent them :-)
<AppocoEoRC> hi guys! firstly, congratulations
<Game> JBG is getting drunk :(
<Game> shock horror
<Game> cheers
<Golan> he had quite a detox to dc as much as he did
<Golan> I imagine he'll be away for a few weeks now
<AppocoEoRC> considering his 'launch and go to the pub' approach in round 16
<AppocoEoRC> not surprised :p
<Game> he still went the pub fri-sat-sun but no-one attacked us those days
<Game> which was nice :)
<AppocoEoRC> lol
<AppocoEoRC> so how was it?
<AppocoEoRC> who organised it? JBG?
<AppocoEoRC> did he set the whole alliance up? a HC among HCs? ;)
<Game> JBG organised defence/members, i sorted most of the targets/politics
<Golan> JBG was strictly dc really, game did most of the attacks and general talking to alliances
<AppocoEoRC> :)
<Game> golan/smasher helped with targets too
<Game> alot of the players played this round out of respect of JBG asking
<AppocoEoRC> so this is a one off?
<Game> playing in this way yes
<Golan> phone bills will be skyhigh for certain people after this
<Golan> as people keep picking up
<AppocoEoRC> that's silly
<AppocoEoRC> you always hang up
<Game> nah
<AppocoEoRC> and text back if you can't make it!
<Game> whats more silly is mz
<Game> messed up his prod second round :(
<AppocoEoRC> mz <3
<AppocoEoRC> what would you say about the accusations that you were structure killing left, right and centre and playing hardball with the rest of the universe for a lot of the round?
<Game> isnt that the game?
<Golan> personally I never built a sk'er before I got sk'ed myself
<Golan> I think we're like that generally
<Game> we also need to mention that Elviz will be in receipt of a present soon
<Golan> :>
<AppocoEoRC> really?
<Game> -Munin- <nolez> if I don't finish top20 next round I'm cutting my balls off and feeding them to elviz - End of Round: <Munin> (Xan) 'The Olympic Glory' of 'Michael Phelps' Score: 7417636 (21) Nick: nolez lliance: Ascendancy (1 more quotes match this search)
<AppocoEoRC> something repeatable?
<AppocoEoRC> ah.
<Golan> possibly!
<Game> congrats elviz, some new balls are yours
<Game> also need to say thanks to Rock for being the only alliance to agree a NAP with us
<Game> and thanks to F-Crew for actually being the best alliance ive worked with in about 10 rounds
<Game> (serious that btw)
<AppocoEoRC> F-Crew, they weren't allied?
<AppocoEoRC> so how did you work with F-Crew?
<Game> we shared targets with them
<Game> mainly to annoy ND, after they made F-Crew the scapegoats for not getting a universe gangbang going
<Game> (guess what if you speak to people properly, and offer them a benefit STUFF HAPPENS)
<AppocoEoRC> lol
<Game> we also need to mention we failed utterly too
<Game> seens as the win was secure so early we set other goals
<Golan> Our goals before the round was: t30 ally avg, projectZhiltop100, projectNolezt20, 50 in t100, t10 all asc, twice #2 ally score
<Golan> winning goes without saying
<Game> we failed on all accounts :(
<Game> Zhil being the biggest disaster!
<AppocoEoRC> faiiiiiiil
<AppocoEoRC> where did he end?
<Game> top220
<Game> he had a dildo stuck up his arse, and couldnt run his fleet
<Game> so died a bit :/
<Golan> also his gal refused to report his inc so we had to jgp every day
<AppocoEoRC> lol
<AppocoEoRC> who put up the most resistance?
<AppocoEoRC> to you as an alliance?
<Game> hmmm
<Game> that's a tough one :S
<AppocoEoRC> did anyone?
<Game> Vision probably
<Game> as they were all Xan
<Game> and the only alliance we couldnt completely hit
<Golan> I think it was a general fail all around from the other alliances, they kept targeting the same gals and we had some people getting REALLY big and then it was too late
<Game> i think basically it was terrible to see that no-one in the other alliances could actually organise anything
<AppocoEoRC> so will Asc be playing in any form next round?
<Game> they all seemed to be thinking about 'what happens after asc', rather than 'how to hit asc'
<Game> Asc will be playing next round
<Game> in what form is up for discussion
<AppocoEoRC> will you be 'micromanaging' so much ?
<Golan> As a xan/feud mostly ally, our start was very slow and I think most people lost roids at the start. Also people suck at covering fakes helped us to so many free roids (except Elalan, he can't pick fakes for shit heh), 2 classes of pods, cover both :/
<Game> JBG wont be playing
<Game> and i doubt we have much to prove as far as that route goes
<Game> and i dont think an alliance winning like this is actually good for the game at all
<AppocoEoRC> it was quite severe
<Golan> we'll go back to being the sleeping giant again :)
<Game> if someone can invite us to the channel that is for hitting Denial next round
<Game> well give it some serious thought!
<AppocoEoRC> any final thanks?
<Game> thank
<Game> god
<Game> its
<Game> over
<Golan> o/
<Golan> yes I have a special love message to 5:8 from isilX
<Golan> you can pm me for his phone number if you want to take it futher guys
<Golan> we had a good laugh in 4:10 about it
<AppocoEoRC> well, thanks to you all
<AppocoEoRC> if that's it...
<AppocoEoRC> it's time for the allcomp count
<Golan> last mention must go to linkie then since you didnt revoice me
<AppocoEoRC> thanks again to Asc, and congrats
<AppocoEoRC> oh
<Golan> he killed a few 100 buildings this round
<AppocoEoRC> he is mean
<Golan> esp on stuhlman
<Golan> :)
<AppocoEoRC> well, thanks