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  • Round 82 Havoc Ends: Thursday 1st August 2019

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EoRC Round 25: 29/02/08

<@Appocomaster> incase you hadn't all guessed, it's the end to Round 25 of Planetarion
<@Appocomaster> Quarter of a century, so not bad
<@Appocomaster> I admit that this'll be an interesting ceremony for me, as I had no idea what happened
<@Appocomaster> so I'm genuinely asking what happened :(
<@Appocomaster> ok
<@Appocomaster> firstly, we have the top 3 planets
<@Appocomaster> unless Wishmaster replies to my PM, there's only one of them around atm
<@Appocomaster> so congrats to Byrney, who came second :)
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> lo :)
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> just me? :(
<@Lunar_Lamp> Congratulations on second place!
<@Appocomaster> well, elviz is drinking beer
<@Appocomaster> and Wishmaster isn't here
<@Lunar_Lamp> It appears that you have managed to win the EoRC though!
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> sounds like a better plan tbh
<@Appocomaster> so unless we voice newt to speak in his place (debateably a bad idea)..
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> lol
<@Appocomaster> I've been informed that he's going to Newcastle (Wishmaster)
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> he might be more interesting than me :D
<@Appocomaster> though why he'd want to do that, I don't know. maybe the beer
<@Lunar_Lamp> Hey, at the end of a round who doesn't want to party?
<@Appocomaster> Newt is probably getting excited with all these highlights, so we'll stop mentioning him
<@Appocomaster> so, Byrney, congratulations. How did you find the round? what do you think helped you to gain #2?
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> well started off out of tag as I'm sure most people know
<@Appocomaster> (I don't)
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> wasn't really planning on playing very seriously, just going for xp
<@Lunar_Lamp> So, Byrney, when did you realise you had a chance to get such a high rank?
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> but I exiled into 11.7 at around tick 300
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> and it sorta went from there
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> guess gal was the main factor for me, but a lot more def than i deserved from ND helped too
<@Appocomaster> so were they a force at that point in time?
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> and great targets from BC team ofc
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> yeah I think they were pretty much on top the whole round
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> ao tave me chance to grow value
<@Appocomaster> you had a last gasp splurt to get second
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> *so gave
<@Appocomaster> was it tough up to?
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> in the end not really hard, just didn't crash much and didn't get much incs
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> should've ended closer to elviz but for a bit of prod that got stuck ^^
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> i'd just like to thank balor and kar for being terrible players and making me look good though
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> since they both wanted namechecks
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> more seriously thanks to grog and the DC team and all the BCs in ND :)
<@Appocomaster> Kar was so excited that you won he got himself banned a minute ago :(
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> won? :p
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> sif :(
<@Appocomaster> well
<@Appocomaster> second
<@Appocomaster> I meant "did really well"
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> lol, thx :p
<@Appocomaster> certainly about 973 ranks better than me
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> lol pwned daffy
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> anyway think that's about it, thanks to all in 11.7 too
<@Appocomaster> well, I'm going to voice any of them that seem to be breating
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> and grats to elviz on proving bottom farming is still a valid tactic
<@Appocomaster> yeah thanks :(
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> come on, unban lukelove :(
<@Appocomaster> someone almost didn't get voiced, Doom :(
<+[VGN]Doom|11-7> I CAN SPEAK!!!!!
<@Lunar_Lamp> A, has voice :-/
<+[VGN]Doom|11-7> yay!
<+[11-7]xls> go ahead:D
<@Appocomaster> A?
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> grats :p
<@Appocomaster> what?
<@Appocomaster> anyway
<@Lunar_Lamp> So, who was the most instrumental in getting 11-7 the win?
<@Appocomaster> congrats
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> smasher, definitely
<+[11-7]dragon|> :)
<+[11-7]xls> thanks
<+[11-7]xls> <[11-7]Moose-VGN> just like to say a quick thanks to Smasher who has been immense in calcing all our attacks and rallying the def all night, and a big thank you to VGN for all the def fleets sent my way ( a hell of a lot) and to Darren for all his awesome DC'ing VGN is gonna miss u mate! Dont be a stranger!
<+[VGN]Doom|11-7> our local slave driver Smasher :p
<@Appocomaster> well, he's not even here
<+[11-7]xls> nope
<@Appocomaster> this seems highly suspicious :(
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> well he wanted me to say something
<+[11-7]xls> he is sorry
<+[VGN]Doom|11-7> and gotta love the VGN defence, almost made me look like a def whore :D
<+[11-7]xls> need to play football now
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> about how he loves you all very much for allowing support planets </sarcasm>
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> and I promised
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> so :(
<@Appocomaster> lol
<@Appocomaster> you're lucky fiery isnt paying attention
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> im glad everyone is nice to notice my imba night watch skills
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> ^^
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> oh yeah bigbad
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> since you're here
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> you can do some talking
<@Appocomaster> you all seem pretty organised :(
<+[VGN]Doom|11-7> i was asleep never saw :p
<@Appocomaster> [VGN]Doom|11-7: but where did all that vgn defence come from?
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> ye i was allways the night watch as i wanted to [11:14] ωνω LukeyLove [~sirtwatty@LukeyLove.users.netgamers.org] has joined #planetarion
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> [11:14] ωνω mode/#planetarion [+b *!*@LukeyLove.users.netgamers.org] by Pea
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> haha
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> ups
<+[VGN]Doom|11-7> pfft well sjimmy mostly with those 470k vipers :D
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> as i was saying
<@Appocomaster> Doom I meant BiGBaD reported it so you got it all
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> can you unbadn lukeylove? :D
<@Appocomaster> no
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> ^^
<@Lunar_Lamp> Was there organised night coverage? Or did it just happen naturally?
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> ye
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> i was the night coverage
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> period
<@Lunar_Lamp> I get the impression that BigBad was the only guy?
<@Lunar_Lamp> lol
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> lol
<+[11-7]Rykone[xV> he wasent
<+[11-7]dragon|> you rock bigbad :)
<@Appocomaster> the rest are girls
<@Appocomaster> ?
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> well he did a lot of reporting
<+[11-7]Rykone[xV> :)
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> the rest have jobs and a RL
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> but smasher did most if not all ingal DCing
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> and he was awesome at it :)
<@Lunar_Lamp> So you're a European who's just dedicated to PA then BigBad?
<@Appocomaster> was he not in an alliance?
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> ofc he did..... cos i wasnt able to stay awake to do that :))
<+[VGN]Doom|11-7> we were all awake for the nights of incomings activity won us the round, great activity from start to finish
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> Lunar_Lamp ye more or less....... i wanted another round..... havent played pa for a long time and was missing the community
<@Appocomaster> Doom: didn't you just say you were asleep *all* the time?
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> but for the past 2 weeks i had a problem in the family and couldnt be that active any more :(
<+[VGN]Doom|11-7> if i was asleep how i get #11 :p
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> otherwise i bet i would've pwned elviz :D
<+[VGN]Doom|11-7> im noctunal :p
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> jk
<@Lunar_Lamp> It's always the way with PA - getting a good run at the whole round is hard.
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> congrats to 6:3 as well
<@Lunar_Lamp> At what point did you guys think you'd won?
<@Appocomaster> I never managed it. apart from once I was 50th or so :(
<@Appocomaster> Lunar: probably 90 mins ago
<@Appocomaster> that whole round ending thing works wonders
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> Lunar_Lamp we were #1 the whole round
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> roid wise/score wise/value wise
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> activity wise.......
<@Appocomaster> modesty wise
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> can't you unban lukeylove now? :(
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> and we had lucky exiles as well
<+[11-7]Rykone[xV> unban him
<@Appocomaster> we can't
<@Appocomaster> his ident gets him auto-banned by the bot
<@Appocomaster> and we can't reconfigure that
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> he changed it
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> oh and one more thing, thanks to cleaningmuppet and merlin who might go mad if I don't thank him :D
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> for all the def
<+[11-7]dragon|> \o/
<@Appocomaster> was there ever a big battle?
<@Appocomaster> you and 6:3
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> does he not get voice though? :p
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> not really :(
<+[VGN]Doom|11-7> well i think you can say that :p
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> we got a lot of incs a week or so ago
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> afaik we havent had some nice big br's
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> i think that' was elviz's treat
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> for some reason he never showed up though
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> odd that
<+[VGN]Doom|11-7> and we returned the favour :p
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> we lost our huge roid lead that night, and probably it earned elviz the win
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> i never bothered deffing vs huge waves cos it wasnt worth it :D
<@Appocomaster> well, you can blame that on you not winning
<+[11-7]Rykone[xV> does elviz pay all the beer now ... for all his minions ?
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> doubt it
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> i wouldn't have won anyway :p
<@Appocomaster> he drinks it all
<@Appocomaster> anyway
<@Appocomaster> time to move on
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> he'd be broke
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> ^^
<+[VGN]Doom|11-7> no they pay for him :D
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> lol
<+[VGN]Doom|11-7> free beer and free roids :D
<+[VGN]Doom|11-7> the perfect package
<+[ND]Byrney|11-7> LukeyLove> well er, send my love to asc and thank them for sending a fearless single def fleet all round
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> thank you TGV for the warm welcome and all the support and lets not forget Kargool and booji
<@Appocomaster> hurry hurry
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> enjoyed this round :)
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> im done :)
<+[11-7]BiGBaD> ty
<@Appocomaster> you have as long as it takes me to type all the devoice commands :p
<+[11-7]dragon|> Thanks for a good round, sorry I was drunk all the time :|
<@Appocomaster> lol, honesty++;
<@Appocomaster> ok
<@Appocomaster> finally, ND, for (iirc?) the second time in a row?
<@Appocomaster> I'm sure i'll be corrected
<@Appocomaster> with an almost 20 mil lead :)
<@Appocomaster> that's practically 2 elvizs
<@Appocomaster> congrats :)
<@Appocomaster> anyone else to +v?
<+[ND]Spritfire> No , you wount be corrected. 2 times in a row \o/
<+[ND]Spritfire> yeah [ND]BA if he didn't run away
<@Appocomaster> (someone needs to stop them doing the triple!)
<@Appocomaster> he's battering my pm
<+[ND]Spritfire> :p
<+[ND]BA> :P
<+[ND]BA> not for the first time
<+[ND]BA> u love it
<@Appocomaster> yeah :(
<@Appocomaster> so
<@Appocomaster> guys, congrats
<+[ND]Spritfire> We will ofcourse be comming back next round for the tripple
<+[ND]Spritfire> :>
<+[ND]BA> shhh
<+[ND]Spritfire> Thanks Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> you didn't really have a huge amount of top planets, apart from Byrney, yet you still won. Can you explain why?
<+[ND]Spritfire> Our average trough the round has been pretty amazing really
<+[ND]Spritfire> we have hadd a good amount of top100 planets all the way
<+[ND]Spritfire> And we have kept attacking and defending each night
<+[ND]BA> Team work and no flagship Def Whoreing Planets
<@Appocomaster> apart from Byrney? :p
<+[ND]BA> Nah i think Grog was worse
<+[ND]Spritfire> Byrney was out of tag until last night
<@Appocomaster> wow
<@Appocomaster> pretty good going then :)
<+[ND]Spritfire> yeah
<@Appocomaster> (apologies!)
<+[ND]Spritfire> he has been amazing !
<@Lunar_Lamp> So who do you see as your biggest rivals for next round? Who can stop you getting the hattrick?
<+[ND]BA> Exi
<+[ND]BA> CT
<@Appocomaster> are exi coming back?
<+[ND]Spritfire> Lunar_Lamp: Good effort and constant battering can stop anyone.
<@Appocomaster> not superman
<+[ND]BA> Dont know but the buggers just might to stop us
<+[ND]Spritfire> if he is in the dark
<+[ND]Spritfire> ;)
<@Appocomaster> he has like, infrared eyes
<@Appocomaster> anyway
<@Appocomaster> so how hot was the alliance battle?
<+[ND]Spritfire> Thats the strange part
<+[ND]Spritfire> we keept trowing fleets at urwins day after day
<+[ND]Spritfire> But I wount say that anyone at all sent anything they got at us
<+[ND]Spritfire> maybe asc one or two nights
<@Appocomaster> so was it fairly open all around/ no blocks, naps, etc?
<+[ND]BA> Well Ascen brought new dimensions to the game i thought making us use SK's and going dor Dist whoring. I really enjoyed that element of the rnd was something diffent.
<+[ND]Spritfire> We hadd a nap with ct who lasted for very long... we kept hitting urwins / asc all the time.. once xvx
<@Appocomaster> a lot of people were a bit upset about the sks
<@Appocomaster> well, som
<@Appocomaster> e
<@Appocomaster> :p
<@Appocomaster> and the covert oppers
<+[ND]Spritfire> We also hadd a nap with rock... rock was the best guys ever. We loved that they alone almost stopped xvx :)
<+[ND]BA> Well its part of the game and these elements in the past havnt been used to there full potential
<+[ND]BA> i think this will cange from now on
<+[ND]Spritfire> The most cocky part of it all tho.. wich I know BA agrees on.. is that we hadd no idea at all on how we could lose this at any point
<+[ND]BA> idd
<+[ND]Spritfire> We was sitting in hc chan wondering how anyone could have so much score reserves :\
<+[ND]Spritfire> It wasn't good. we didn't like it
<@Appocomaster> you're right, it does sound cocky
<@Appocomaster> worried that this'll force people against you next round?
<+[ND]BA> made us paranoid
<@Appocomaster> think you can do it next round?
<+[ND]BA> We kept thinking Ascen or CT where going to pull out a magic trick to win
<@Appocomaster> Ascen do have a reptuation
<+[ND]Spritfire> Appocomaster: You never know.. but ofcourse it will be hard.. but we will do our best as usuall
<+[ND]BA> We hope so we have the right guys great Dc team great BC team and scanners
<+[ND]Spritfire> Yeah
<+[ND]BA> I would also like to thank Urwins
<+[ND]BA> For putting up a great fight
<+[ND]BA> and for showing us how def can be done
<+[ND]BA> hats off
<@Appocomaster> very generous :)
<+[ND]Spritfire> Our scanners have been amazing... Arty, md ( who reached 150 amps ) , adama , excal, kublai !
<+[ND]Spritfire> and for the def department.. Who grog has been running this round.. Grog is the best alliance night watch there is ! Dont try to steal him or I will kill you :<
<+[ND]BA> CT also we excellent to work with thanks GM and co
<+[ND]Spritfire> We will also thank all the planets who came and asked and took planet naps.
<@Appocomaster> :O
<@Appocomaster> you naped all the top planets?
<@Appocomaster> no wonder you won :p
<+[ND]Spritfire> Nah we didn't
<+[ND]Spritfire> Urwins can confirm that clearly :)
<+[ND]Spritfire> Our BC team was also fantastic.. damo8 has been running it.. he decided it was better to go with gf on cinema instead of being here... We have no idea wtf he is smoking.
<@Appocomaster> so how has it been running?
<@Appocomaster> if he's not there to run it :p
<+[ND]BA> lol
<+[ND]Spritfire> Rest of bc team has also been amazing! Mufflo , kar , berten , zebra !
<+[ND]Spritfire> Catwoman who went to bed has also been great.. she got us all the great recruits!
<+[ND]BA> I would like to thank The_Fish just for turning up
<+[ND]Spritfire> <[ND]SteInMetz> oi [ND]Spritfire you should congrats me with getting the first t100 spot ever!
<@Appocomaster> The_Fish was back?
<+[ND]Spritfire> Yes. He turned up and wondering if we where winning
<+[ND]Spritfire> and then he started a planet
<@Appocomaster> highly suspicious activity
<+[ND]Spritfire> he didn't even bother to apply ingame so we could laugh at his score ;D
<@Appocomaster> well, you were full
<+[ND]Spritfire> I still have some applications left
<@Appocomaster> anyway
<@Appocomaster> thanks :)
<+[ND]BA> i made him do an interview ill let u read it
<+[ND]Spritfire> Think the part who made us so much infront.. was that our "support" planets did attack and grow instead of just go around and def
<@Appocomaster> ok
<+[ND]Spritfire> Dont think we hadd any planets who just deffed... maybe CM
<@Appocomaster> I think we'll end it there :)
<+[ND]BA> Support Planet a touchy word?
<+[ND]BA> :P)
<+[ND]Spritfire> [ND]BA he is cutting us off
<+[ND]BA> damn
<@Appocomaster> you've been 20 mins
<+[ND]Spritfire> :\
<+[ND]BA> i havnt thanked god yet
<@Appocomaster> the other guys together were 25 mins
<+[ND]BA> and cried
<@Appocomaster> you talk more than old women :(
<+[ND]Spritfire> :<
<+[ND]Spritfire> So its good catwoman are asleep
<+[ND]Spritfire> she is an old girl
<+[ND]BA> he called u old SPrit
<+[ND]Spritfire> ;D
<+[ND]Spritfire> Its ok
<+[ND]BA> shit that means i am a woman
<+[ND]Spritfire> And ofcourse we need to mention our Paddy. who does everything
<@Appocomaster> lol
<@Appocomaster> Fiery, you aren't old
<@Appocomaster> unless you're disagreeing?
<+[ND]BA> I would like to wish Jen GL for next rnd :)
<@Fiery> You may not mention Paddy because he'll be impossible to work with in support team.
<+[ND]BA> lol
<@Appocomaster> ok
<@Lunar_Lamp> Fiery loses at not mentioning people :-(
<+[ND]Spritfire> And thanks again for keeping this game running PA Team :)
<@Appocomaster> well, they just keep me away from the servers so they dont break them
<+[ND]Spritfire> You still remember our deal about not coding live. so its fine ;D
<@Fiery> I would like to mention that Lunar_Lamp is really a big sissy girl
<@Appocomaster> I cut down, I'm busy
<@Appocomaster> anyway
<@Appocomaster> *ahem* professionalism
<@Appocomaster> thanks to the ND HC :)
<@Appocomaster> finally (ish)
<@Appocomaster> <[VGN]GlowDog8-6> can you plz say that my little puppy boy was born 18 febr and his name is Tjorn :)
<@Appocomaster> congrats again to GlowDog, who's followed up celebrating his daughter's birth on the MOTD with getting his son mentioned in an EoRC :p
<@Lunar_Lamp> (PM Glowdog for lessons on how to pronounce that)
<@Appocomaster> finally
<@Appocomaster> I'll just about work out how to havoc things. ticks will start tomorrow at 9 GMT (lazy++)
<@Appocomaster> 15 min ticks
<@Appocomaster> I'll put it in the motd too
<@Appocomaster> oh
<@Appocomaster> a delayed response via someone else from elviz to say tanks
<@Appocomaster> this is unconfirmed
<@Appocomaster> but next round's signups should start in 2 weeks
<@Appocomaster> so you have 2 weeks to sleep
<@Appocomaster> I'll announce alliance limits, buddy packs, and trial stats
<@Appocomaster> hopefully over the weekend
<@Appocomaster> I can't think of anything else
<@Appocomaster> er
<@Appocomaster> I guess we can do an allcomp
<@Appocomaster> though we didn't announce it
<@Appocomaster> so it's a bit unfair :(
<+lenore> yeh but we do lots of things without announcing it, so it's not unprecendented
<@Appocomaster> :p
<@Appocomaster> well, there is a clear winner
<@Appocomaster> an allcomp is where we count tags
<@Appocomaster> and there's little surprise for who's going to win...
<@Pea> Tags counted, scanned 436 nicks and found 33 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<@Appocomaster> I forgot the command :(
<@Pea> #10. Tag: ASS, count: 12
<@Pea> #9. Tag: FC, count: 14
<@Pea> #8. Tag: Orbit, count: 14
<@Pea> #7. Tag: HR, count: 17
<@Pea> #6. Tag: xVx, count: 20
<@Pea> #5. Tag: HA, count: 24
<@Pea> #4. Tag: Urwins, count: 25
<@Pea> #3. Tag: CT, count: 25
<@Pea> #2. Tag: ROCK, count: 34
<@Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 50
<@Appocomaster> with quite a clear win there :/
<@Appocomaster> so congrats yet again :)
<@Appocomaster> I'll let you go now
<@Appocomaster> and try and remember what I just promised lol
<@Appocomaster> thanks to all for putting up with us