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EoRC Round 24: 21/12/07

<AppocoEoRC> it's about 9pm
<AppocoEoRC> so you allll know what itme it is
<AppocoEoRC> *time
<Markb> yay
<AppocoEoRC> it's End of Round Ceremony time!
<Markb> that time of the year again
<AppocoEoRC> oh, it's Christmas too
<AppocoEoRC> but that is less important!
<Markb> yes, and Christmas
<AppocoEoRC> it means I can sleep without fear of being phoned about broken servers
<AppocoEoRC> anyway... Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to Round 24's End of Round Ceremony!
<AppocoEoRC> This evening, we interview the winners from this round, to ask them about how their round went and to allow them to thank everyone
<AppocoEoRC> Firstly, just to remind you all that we have a speedgame which started a couple of hours ago, but which will be running over Christmas in addition to havoc
<AppocoEoRC> it's at http://speedgame.planetarion.com - we're a bit predictable, I'm afraid
<AppocoEoRC> Secondly, I'd like to announce that lenore is now assisting myself and Cin in coding
<lenore> sup
<AppocoEoRC> she's already found far too many bugs that I manage to get in the code, so I think general bug appearances are going to take a sudden downturn
<Markb> maybe PA will be bug free in a few years :P
<AppocoEoRC> I've been assured by many software engineers that bug-freeness is an impossibility, and I feel that's a fully acceptable view.
<Lunar_Lamp> Convenient that :-p
<AppocoEoRC> yes, welll.... moving on!
<AppocoEoRC> This round saw the (slightly contraversal) return of multiple targetting for ships
<AppocoEoRC> as well as an apparent downturn in my spelling ability.
<AppocoEoRC> that's about it really
<AppocoEoRC> but there was quite a hot fight among the alliances, if nothing ese
<AppocoEoRC> *else
<Lunar_Lamp> The final rankings were definitely very close amongst the top few!
<AppocoEoRC> and XP has hit another all time high since Round 16 or so, when I sat on it so heavily it broke
<AppocoEoRC> (well, not broke)
<AppocoEoRC> ok, I'll stop talking and get on with interviewing
<AppocoEoRC> Firstly, to the top 3 planets.
<AppocoEoRC> well, to two of them, as I can't find the third
<[54]LukeyLove> lol:<
<[54]LukeyLove> wheres jer!
<[54]Caj> jer is crying
<AppocoEoRC> oh it's jer
<[54]Caj> cuz we owned him
<[54]Caj> yeh
<[54]Caj> he is at home
<[54]Caj> booing
<AppocoEoRC> congratulations
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah not sure why he called himself 'god' :<
<[54]LukeyLove> thx <3
<[54]Caj> idd
<[54]Caj> thx <3
<AppocoEoRC> quite a strong galaxy performance in general
<[54]LukeyLove> definately.. they were awesome:P
<AppocoEoRC> but we'll get onto that later
<AppocoEoRC> so, firstly LukeyLove: how did you manage it? that's quite a lead :-)
<[54]LukeyLove> hehe
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah not sure many people expected me to win by that far
<AppocoEoRC> the fact that the top planets were all Xan seems to suggest that race choice played some part in that
<[54]LukeyLove> myself among them:P
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah.. xan worked well
<[54]LukeyLove> alot of cross defending with fakes ingal and stuff.. was apart of the strategy from day1 really
<[54]Caj> i never expected to be this far up.. otherwise idda been above lukey :<
<AppocoEoRC> xan does always have that strength, since we brought back cloaking
<AppocoEoRC> of course Caj
<[54]LukeyLove> wasnt much use for attacking.. but found alot of good caths to team with
<AppocoEoRC> So your favourite fleet was the Fr fleet?
<[54]LukeyLove> umm
<[54]LukeyLove> prob got the most roids with my FR fleet
<AppocoEoRC> I heard a lot of people found the Fi fleet quite hard to defend against
<[54]LukeyLove> but afair few with the fi too... was fairly balanced really
<[54]LukeyLove> fi attacks always seemed ugly to me.. as phantoms was the most likely def:\
<[54]LukeyLove> while FR was alot more clear cut.. specially when attacking with caths as well
<AppocoEoRC> How did you find this round in terms of the changes to the combat engine + stats?
<[54]LukeyLove> met too many suicidal xans in the early days to get carried away with the fi fleet:P
<[54]LukeyLove> umm
<AppocoEoRC> obviously you both (and jerome) seemed to make a good choice in terms of xan
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah.. alot were talking about zik..
<[54]LukeyLove> tried the xan in the beta
<[54]LukeyLove> and it worked well for me <.<
<[54]Caj> yeh
<[54]Caj> xan was key
<[54]Caj> hold the roids
<[54]Caj> ppl find xans scary to attack
<[54]LukeyLove> also the amount of xans ingal kept alot of incs off our backs.. as no ally could really cover the gal themselves..
<[54]Caj> cuz of posibilities of fakes
<[54]Caj> we used this
<AppocoEoRC> I'll make a note to downgrade xan
<[54]Caj> LOL
<[54]Caj> do that appoco
<[54]LukeyLove> suits me, ill be zik next round!
<[54]Caj> and ill be zik again
<[54]Caj> u killed zik
<[54]Caj> and i nearly won
<[54]Caj> r20 :<
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah.. me and caj are zik players
<[54]LukeyLove> bloody hate xans personally!
<[54]Caj> yeh
<[54]Caj> bring back zik stealing
<[54]LukeyLove> <3
<AppocoEoRC> we'll see :-)
<[54]Caj> if u dont wanna see us winning as xans
<[54]Caj> cuz we suck at zik
<[54]Caj> u see
<[54]Caj> :P
<AppocoEoRC> yeah yeah whatever
* [54]Caj farts on jer from above
<[54]LukeyLove> :<
<AppocoEoRC> so your galaxy was far more important than your alliance in keeping you clear of the rest of the top planets then? Caj, you said that you didn't think you'd be at the top this round? when did you think you'd be a top 5-10 planet?
<AppocoEoRC> be nice Caj
<[54]Caj> hehe yeh
<[54]Caj> well i realised when i just kept climbing
<[54]Caj> and no1 attacked us
<[54]Caj> tbh, i never realised i cud win
<[54]LukeyLove> hehe i was the same.. until i got the roidlead
<AppocoEoRC> did you realise how much Lukey had stockpiled?
<[54]Caj> until lukey was like: u just realised too late didnt u ?
<[54]LukeyLove> then started thinking
<[54]Caj> i realised then
<[54]Caj> heh
<[54]Caj> yeh i knew
<[54]Caj> he told me
<[54]LukeyLove> i was cheering for jer for the first 5 weeks at least:P
<[54]Caj> i kept pretending i had tons too
<AppocoEoRC> lol
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah
<[54]Caj> he never believed me thoe
<[54]LukeyLove> caj kept threatening to get me hit
<[54]Caj> in terms of what was important to me
<[54]LukeyLove> i get the feeling he was joking thou
<[54]Caj> alliance teamups were key
<[54]LukeyLove> as hes nice these days:P
<AppocoEoRC> did you go the fr route too?
<[54]Caj> i went mostly fi tbh
<[54]Caj> but had a fr fleet
<[54]Caj> which i teamed with cath (Germania )
<[54]Caj> alot
<[54]Caj> tbh
<[54]Caj> early round
<[54]Caj> i had difficulty getting any roids
<[54]Caj> until i kept a few for abit
<[54]LukeyLove> same:\
<[54]Caj> and got heavy value
<[54]LukeyLove> had a week of pure 3 fleet defending..
<[54]LukeyLove> think that was when the CT urwins war kicked off:z\
<AppocoEoRC> that might have cost them both the lead I guess
<[54]Caj> but, tbh, reason we are here
<[54]LukeyLove> it seems so
<[54]Caj> is galaxy
<AppocoEoRC> and race
<AppocoEoRC> !
<[54]Caj> well
<AppocoEoRC> and no doubt lots of skill
<[54]Caj> race was down to galaxy/bp choices :P
<[54]Caj> i wanted to be zik
<[54]Caj> heh
<[54]LukeyLove> lol
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah:<
<[54]Caj> funny
<[54]Caj> if id have gone zik
<[54]Caj> so wud of arc
<[54]LukeyLove> the bp was all supposed to be latin names as well..
<[54]Caj> and lukey/isil wud of gone etd
<[54]Caj> hahahah
<[54]Caj> yeh but arc and isilX messed that up
<[54]Caj> :<
<[54]LukeyLove> but isil forgot.. and arc got his changed in like tick32 :<
<[54]Caj> hey appoco, op the rest of the [54] lads
<[54]Caj> our planet wins are group wins \o/ 54 ftw
<AppocoEoRC> ok, time to move onto the galaxies I guess
<[54]LukeyLove> ye it was definately a team effort
<[54]LukeyLove> couldnt of been here without these guys<3
<AppocoEoRC> congrats to you all
<[54]Caj> <3
<AppocoEoRC> quite the lead
<[54]rasputin> where am I?
<[54]Caj> your in heaven rasp
<[54]Caj> i just kissed u
<[54]LukeyLove> pft ignore rasp
<AppocoEoRC> you're in hash planetarion
<[54]LukeyLove> hes getting old:<
<[54]rasputin> lol
<Markb> Congrats
<[54]LukeyLove> has memory lapses:s
<AppocoEoRC> he was your gc! respected leader, etc
<[54]LukeyLove> oh right yeah
<[54][xVx]Kent> somewhat respected
<[54]LukeyLove> he was more of a figurehead
<[54]LukeyLove> :<
<[54]LukeyLove> like the queen
<[54]rasputin> shh!
<[54]LukeyLove> - the huskies
<[54]Caj> btw respect to mistacool of vectorprime ... big up brother ! <<
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah <3 mista and all the other guys of ameth bg
<[54]Caj> including jer
<[54]LukeyLove> 1-5th all ameth \o/
<AppocoEoRC> so who was the original buddy pack - lukey, isilx, arc, Caj and ?
<[54]Caj> raspy!
<[54]rasputin> me
<[54]LukeyLove> and rasp :P
<[54]rasputin> the 5-man xan plan
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah
<AppocoEoRC> ooh
<AppocoEoRC> ok :-)
<[54]rasputin> isildurx claims he came up with it, so we'll throw him the bone since he isn't here
<[54]LukeyLove> we hassled seal and ika into exiling when we had lotsa space
<AppocoEoRC> 9 xans in a galaxy of 13
<AppocoEoRC> is quite a lot
<[54]rasputin> the 5 man BP was the key
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah.. lucky getting xans as randoms too
<[54]rasputin> we got next to 0 incoming pre-AUs
<[54]rasputin> and by the time they came out, we were ready to defend it
<[54]Caj> aye, idea of having 5 big xans, .... was the plan... keep allies away.... keep solos away.. better ingal cross def..we all had similar fleets.. got The Seal and other xans exiled in... the xan element was key. BCs hate attacking xans, and the heavy xans ingal just kept the major alliances off us long enuff for us to get a huge roid lead!
<[54]rasputin> apparently caj has a lot to say
<AppocoEoRC> did you ever feel threatened by other galaxies?
<[54]LukeyLove> 9:3 gave us abit of worry for awhile
<[54]LukeyLove> but always knew they'd be an outside shot really
<[54]rasputin> but they faded back a while ago
<[54]Caj> 4 7 too.. but they imploded
<[54]LukeyLove> woulda had to take alot of hate to take us off the top spot
<[54]LukeyLove> specially with so many top players ingal
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah 4:7 were scary early on
<[54]LukeyLove> as elviz is always a threat
<AppocoEoRC> so many top, modest, players? :-)
<[54]LukeyLove> lol:P
<[54]rasputin> btw, I want to give a big congrats to ND, my old stomping ground. All those wackos should live it up while they can
<[54]LukeyLove> never said i was including myself:P
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah gratz ND
<[54]LukeyLove> you guys pwned
<[54]rasputin> caj and lukey aren't modest
<[54]rasputin> neither is arc
<AppocoEoRC> the alliance race was by far the closest - did that really bypass your galaxy?
<[54]LukeyLove> also to urwins and CT for making the alliance battle the most interesting in quite a while
<[54]LukeyLove> we had some ptargetting on us
<[54]rasputin> for the most part. there were always enough people ingal to def against planet targetting
<AppocoEoRC> you had quite a mix of alliances
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah.. alot of people exiled in allianceless
<[54]Caj> alliance race helped us big time
<[54]LukeyLove> and we told them where togo:<
<[54]Caj> when wars kciked off
<[54]Caj> meant the big gal raid on us got delayed
<[54]Caj> even thoe we had single planet incs
<[54]Caj> i.e. urwins on ct
<[54]Caj> ct on urwins
<[54]LukeyLove> the gal was really open from day1 tbh.. full transparency
<[54]Caj> we feared the gal raid
<[54]Caj> and alliance race just didnt let that happen
<[54]LukeyLove> everyone knew each others real nicks... and alliances..
<[54]Caj> ppl had other agendas
<[54]Caj> OH YEH
<[54]LukeyLove> built up a good ingal atmosphere :<
<[54]Caj> was key
<[54]Caj> helped build happy environment and trusting enivironment
<[54]LukeyLove> i cant stand gals that are all
<AppocoEoRC> how did you handle 1 planet incoming?
<[54]Caj> whcih some galaxies lack :P
<[54]LukeyLove> elitist BP
<AppocoEoRC> for alliance on alliance raids
<[54]Caj> [09:26pm] <@AppocoEoRC> how did you handle 1 planet incoming? ->> most we lost was 1 or 2 waves per planet
<[54]Caj> when we had 4-6 waves
<[54]Caj> pretty good def o/
<[54]Caj> every1 recalled attacks to def
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah.. some people like rasputin got no inc all round :<
<[54]Caj> def was priority
<[54]LukeyLove> what was it rasp? 18 hostile fleets?
<[54]rasputin> I think I set the record for fewest incoming on a t5 planet
<[54]LukeyLove> pretty sick really.. but the rest of us got afair bit..
<[54]rasputin> 18 hostiles on 12 total waves
<[54][xVx]Kent> there was enough people neutral or on both sides to cover most inc
<[54]LukeyLove> also 1:1 being a mini-farm
<AppocoEoRC> !!!
<[54]LukeyLove> helped our little guys grow nicely
<AppocoEoRC> well, only when the bots weren't keeping on being deleted
<[54]LukeyLove> think ika got 90% of his roids from there
<AppocoEoRC> something I really have to sort out
<AppocoEoRC> so who inside and outside of the galaxy stood out in helping you to victory? you mentioned races, but in terms of activity, nightwatch, etc?
<[54]LukeyLove> rasp was awesome in terms of reporting inc
<[54]LukeyLove> always awake and reporting stuff<3<3
<[54]rasputin> kent and I as americans, and arc in asia came in handy
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah had some nice timezone balance
<AppocoEoRC> that was planned, I guess?
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah
<[54]LukeyLove> TGV politics really helped me out as well tbh
<[54]rasputin> ingal def felt a little like exi last round. Incoming shows up, call a few people, incoming covered
<Lunar_Lamp> <[54]LukeyLove> also 1:1 being a mini-farm <== I say, I say, I say I resemble that comment!
<[54]LukeyLove> as they stayed outta the big fight..
<[54]LukeyLove> i have no doubt that if i was ND/CT/Urwins
<[54]LukeyLove> i wouldnt have won
<[54]Caj> you wud of lukey
<[54]Caj> i mean i was CT
<[54]Caj> i got hardly any inc
<[54]Caj> prlly less than u :P
<[54]LukeyLove> the scanners in TGV were awesome too <3
<[54]rasputin> I would also like to give a nice thanks to Ascendancy for providing some tv entertainment mid-round
<[54]LukeyLove> lol yeah
<[54]LukeyLove> that was amusing
<AppocoEoRC> what?
<[54]LukeyLove> ct.tv ftw )
<[54]Caj> :<
<[54]Caj> oh if it wasnt for the bollox tv
<[54]Caj> ct wud of won
<[54]Caj> ct kicked like
<[54]Caj> 5 or 6 planets
<[54]Caj> due to that sodding tv
<[54]Caj> :<
<AppocoEoRC> could you explain for those like myself not in the know?
<[54]Caj> and poor nitina who had nowt to do with it
<[54]Caj> basically
<[54]Caj> ppl relay everything said in the channel
<[54]rasputin> I'll let mr. ct explain
<[54]Caj> to #ct.tv
<[54]Caj> #angels.tv
<[54]Caj> etc
<AppocoEoRC> yeah
<[54]Caj> for others to watch/spy
<[54]Caj> :/
<[54]Caj> sucked
<[54]LukeyLove> Id like to thank the scanners at #transcendancy .. really provide a great service for the PA world.. they helped alot
<[54]Caj> yea
<[54]Caj> #transcendancy <3
<AppocoEoRC> over alliance scanners?
<[54]rasputin> nobody ever said anything useful. it was mostly entertaining to watch them complain about our gal
<[54]Caj> pelennor was again ace for me in times of need !
<[54]Caj> ;P
<[54]LukeyLove> nar alliance scanners were immense too but
<[54]LukeyLove> always good to have a backup
<[54]LukeyLove> i never didnt have a scan i needed
<[54]LukeyLove> all round
<AppocoEoRC> if they disown you and never scan for you again ...
<[54]Caj> ct scanners rocked ty , duck, germania, archangel, rodneyy and wixz
<[54]LukeyLove> and that helped make good decisions etc
<[54]LukeyLove> contraversial statement but
<AppocoEoRC> like not completely trashing your fleet
<[54]LukeyLove> thanks to mac for dcing all my incs<3
<[54]rasputin> don't you mean thanks to mac for not getting as much incoming when you needed daf?
<[54]rasputin> def
<[54]LukeyLove> :P
<AppocoEoRC> a contraversial question - do you think xan are too strong with their cloakedness combined with no mil scan
<AppocoEoRC> ?
<AppocoEoRC> obviously it lead to your win
<[54]LukeyLove> not really..
<AppocoEoRC> or at least partly
<[54]LukeyLove> i mean theyve been like that for most rounds?
<[54]rasputin> their attack fleet was pretty weak tbh, particularly since they lost most of their init advantages
<[54]LukeyLove> its only been 1 or 2 where they had milscans..
<AppocoEoRC> a lot they weren't fully cloaked
<AppocoEoRC> not until .. I don't know, Round 20 or so
<[54]LukeyLove> and fakes were alot weaker this round than in some in the past
<[54]LukeyLove> as alot of people were catching onto it
<[54]LukeyLove> xans paper armor more than makes up for cloaked
<[54]LukeyLove> specially since xan init was poor this round..
<AppocoEoRC> it's still a case of "do I land on a 0 ship fleet that could be 100k ships or cold be 1"
<AppocoEoRC> *could
<[54]rasputin> yup, that has its perks
<[54]LukeyLove> often you just have to rely on people acting rationally
<[54]LukeyLove> abit of a big ask but
<AppocoEoRC> and deciding it's obviously fake?
<AppocoEoRC> anyway
<[54]LukeyLove> yeah i think we've said our piece
<[54]LukeyLove> not sure if tearz/seal etc
<[54]LukeyLove> wanted to say anything?
<AppocoEoRC> are they here?
<[54]rasputin> i think lukey just spoke more than he has all round, btw
<[54]LukeyLove> lol ive no idea
<[54]LukeyLove> seems not..
<[54]Caj> [09:33pm] <@AppocoEoRC> a contraversial question - do you think xan are too strong with their cloakedness combined with no mil scan ,,__Not as weak as zik r with the stealing ships dieing
<[54]Caj> when zik looses steal ships
<[54]Caj> they r left with huge holes
<[54]Caj> plz change this
<[54]Caj> zik isnt the same
<[54]LukeyLove> lol
<[54]Caj> Also
<[54]Caj> next round
<AppocoEoRC> lol
<[54]Caj> RANDOM GALS OF 25!!!
<[54]Caj> way2go
<AppocoEoRC> before more requests are given
<[54]Caj> :>
<AppocoEoRC> thanks to you all, and congrats again for a quite impressive win
<[54]Caj> ty
<AppocoEoRC> Finally, to this round's winning alliance
<AppocoEoRC> in what appeared to be quite a close-run contest with a 3 sided battle
<AppocoEoRC> NewDawn
<[ND]BA> :P
<[ND]Catzzz[H3ll> weeeeeeeee
<AppocoEoRC> congrats
<[ND]Spritfire> we made it atlast
<[ND]Spritfire> thanks appoco !
<AppocoEoRC> you've been in and around the top quite a few of the last 5-10 rounds
<[ND]Spritfire> and if my wrriting are shit.. im on a shity interntbox thtingy and com unit
<AppocoEoRC> it's ok, we have backups
<[ND]Spritfire> yeah we have been pretty close many times to
<[ND]BA> been a bridsmaid but never the bride a few times over the rnds
<AppocoEoRC> so, did you think it was quite a close run thing?
<AppocoEoRC> lol
<[ND]Spritfire> if we thought it was close ? ;p
<[ND]Spritfire> it was so close we didnt belive it before after last tick
<[ND]Spritfire> buut they put up a good fight
<AppocoEoRC> did politics play a major part? or was it an all out attack from the word go between the top alliances?
<[ND]Spritfire> BA this is your storry
<[ND]BA> Politics played a major part
<[ND]BA> The early Nap between CT and Urwins made things hard
<[ND]BA> Trying to crack CT is hard enough job but in itself
<[ND]BA> When the Nap broke it was a careful balance if timing
<[ND]BA> on who to hit
<AppocoEoRC> did you recruit anyone else to your side?
<[ND]BA> yep
<[ND]BA> A big shout out has to go to Exe and Jupp
<AppocoEoRC> it looks like most of the top 10 could have had an influence in things
<[ND]BA> we worked with these guys from mid rnd and a good honourable bunch
<AppocoEoRC> yes, Excessum were a new alliance this round .. well, returning from about R5
<[ND]Spritfire> I think we basically worked with evveryone during the whole round
<[ND]Spritfire> been a real good round that wise
<[ND]Spritfire> but politics turned into our favour it looks like
<AppocoEoRC> when did you consider yourself serious challengers?
<[ND]BA> When the Urwins CT nap broke
<[ND]Spritfire> we knew we where going to be big because of our member count
<[ND]Spritfire> but we didnt belive it will go so good
<[ND]BA> there was a glimmer of an oppertunity when the Nap broke if we played it right
<AppocoEoRC> interally, who helped ND reach top position?
<[ND]BA> Long List
<[ND]Spritfire> very long list
<[ND]BA> From the BC side
<[ND]BA> Damo and Berten where the main men. Quality quality quality...
<[ND]BA> DC team lead by Grog was supreme
<[ND]BA> i fact i would say the DC ing this rnd is what won it for ND
<[ND]Spritfire> yeah.. our def has been really good
<[ND]BA> as we are historaclly crap at defending
<[ND]Spritfire> think ct/urwins got some chocks when we covered some of their massive waves
<[ND]BA> Scanner Squidly,Kublia and MD and the team where on 24/7 all rnd it seemed
<[ND]Catzzz[H3ll> and adama
<[ND]BA> And ALL our members jsut seemed to be uber active ALL rnd it seemed
<[ND]BA> I would like to thank certain memebrs for not joining ND also
<[ND]Catzzz[H3ll> everyone remained active and that ofc helped
<AppocoEoRC> I've never heard that before!
<[ND]BA> As out fleets crashes were down this rnd
<[ND]Spritfire> lol
<[ND]BA> Big shout out to Barrow, Cura and Thrackran
<[ND]Spritfire> if fwe dont count me in ofcourse
<AppocoEoRC> was there any single difference that let you win this time and not in previous rounds? such as fleet crashes ^^
<[ND]BA> u know we love u
<[ND]BA> Activty of our memeber in the last 2 weeks and the l33t Dc ing done by Grog and the team
<[ND]BA> always been a weakness for ND in past rnds
<[ND]Spritfire> not this round
<[ND]Spritfire> everyone stepped up when needed and did a good job
<[ND]Spritfire> very good job
<AppocoEoRC> do you have any high and low points from the round in general? key battles, political decisions (such as the NAP breaking apart, or perhaps deciding to work with eXecessum) ?
<[ND]BA> The key was to keep politcis wide open and not tie our selfs down
<[ND]Spritfire> we liked first night ct his ut.. we never counted how many fleets they crashed on us.. but it waas loads.. my favourite day atlest.. with out this one
<[ND]BA> Also many thanks to the main man in all alalinces the Tech Mr.Harv
<[ND]Spritfire> we will also like to mention h3ll. who was our member upto a year ago when he past away. he is sitting up there smiling his ass of now
<[ND]BA> With out his TOOL sorry tools we cant carry out the work we need to do
<[ND]BA> BA Waves to H3ll
<[ND]Catzzz[H3ll> and This rounds dedicated to h3ll for sure
<[ND]Catzzz[H3ll> yeah harvs tool rocks!
<[ND]Catzzz[H3ll> woops tools
<AppocoEoRC> lol now now
<[ND]BA> Tart cant take her anywhere
<AppocoEoRC> well, you can I'm sure
<[ND]Spritfire> my inet box is out of time
<[ND]Spritfire> ;p
<[ND]BA> 20 Euros u got a deal Appoco
<AppocoEoRC> well, it's come to the end anyway :-)
<AppocoEoRC> lol
<[ND]Catzzz[H3ll> hehe timing
<AppocoEoRC> it's a long way
<[ND]Catzzz[H3ll> and before we go
<[ND]Catzzz[H3ll> can i just say a big thanks to all the pa team also
<[ND]Catzzz[H3ll> u guys and girls do a great job keeping this game running
<[ND]Catzzz[H3ll> so big hugs
<[ND]BA> Indeed
<AppocoEoRC> thank you :-)
<AppocoEoRC> though from previous history, I seem to be as good at breaking it as anything else
<[ND]Catzzz[H3ll> ofc
<[ND]Catzzz[H3ll> wouldnt be pa with out a few breaks
<AppocoEoRC> hence getting someone to keep me in line
<AppocoEoRC> :P
<Lunar_Lamp> But this round we managed to restrain you from breaking too much :-p
<AppocoEoRC> yeah, there was only the mass fleet recall..
<AppocoEoRC> quite successful really :-)
<AppocoEoRC> anyway, thank-you ND, and congratuations on beating CT and UrwinS this round :-)
<AppocoEoRC> I'd just like to say that in addition to the universe pages, I've updated the top 100 page for each race and the top 100 covert oppers
<AppocoEoRC> thanks all for listening - we'll get a log of this up asap
<AppocoEoRC> and an announcement confirming the winners
<AppocoEoRC> I'll havoc everything now
<AppocoEoRC> Havoc will start tomorrow at 10am (i'll announce this as well)
<AppocoEoRC> just so everyone can have a bit of a lie in
<AppocoEoRC> we'll also get the round name competition going over the weekend, and get up some information about Round 25, which has signups opening in early January
<AppocoEoRC> again, a reminder about the speedgame if you have withdrawal symptoms - that'll be going for the next few days at least, with a few havocs