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  • Round 80 Ticks Start: Friday 11th January 2019
  • Round 80 Ticks End: Friday 1st March 2019
  • Round 80 Havoc Ends: Thursday 14th March 2019

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EoRC Round 23: 19/10/07

<@AppocoEoRC> Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen
<@AppocoEoRC> and welcome to the slightly delayed End of Round Ceremony
<@AppocoEoRC> firstly, I must apologise for both the delay yesterday due to the downtime, and the IRC network issues which caused this to be delayed
<@AppocoEoRC> I'm afraid there's not too much we can do
<@AppocoEoRC> Firstly, a brief word about next round
<@AppocoEoRC> we're hoping to open signups next Friday, with ticks starting the week after
<@AppocoEoRC> we realise this is quite a short gap
<@AppocoEoRC> but we need to do it to fit in with christmas
<@AppocoEoRC> I'll try and make sure all the dates and announcements about buddy packs (staying the same) and alliance limits(probably staying the same, not dropping significantly otherwise... ), along with things like stats, asap
<@AppocoEoRC> preferably tomorrow
<@AppocoEoRC> now on to the winning planets
<@AppocoEoRC> This round saw a strong performance by Exil, and the top planets are no exception
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +vv toot [eX]Satyr
<@AppocoEoRC> elviz is "hammered" !
<+[eX]Satyr> hey o/
<@AppocoEoRC> toot and Satyr came 1st and second, with elviz coming third
<@AppocoEoRC> congratulations to you both
<+[eX]Satyr> thx
<@Markb> Congrats
<+[eX]Satyr> elviz always runs for eorc
<@AppocoEoRC> it does seem to be a theme
<@AppocoEoRC> so, was it challenging?
<+[eX]Satyr> it has been challenging at some point yea, think i had a harder time at the start
<+[eX]Satyr> and toot had it harder later on
<@AppocoEoRC> is toot here? he was but he might have drifted off
<+toot> i'm here
<+[eX]Satyr> leaving me all alone /o\
<+toot> wouldn't leave my wingman alone
<@AppocoEoRC> toot would never do that
<@AppocoEoRC> I suppose your alliance made teh difference?
<@AppocoEoRC> *the
<+[eX]Satyr> it sure did, great to play for exi after being on the other side for quite a few times
<@AppocoEoRC> (Angels, wasn't it? :P)
<+[eX]Satyr> angels r19 yea
<+[eX]Satyr> r18 1up
<+toot> exi being in bed with vs made the difference i guess
<+toot> made the round absolutely frustrating
<@AppocoEoRC> was it hard to find targets?
<+[eX]Satyr> all those nice planets we werent allowed to hit
<@AppocoEoRC> did you ever consider trying to break the politics battle?
<+[eX]Satyr> members did, command team always forbid it though
<@AppocoEoRC> so there was a strong sense of discipline
<+toot> to some point anyway i guess
<+toot> though sometimes seemed people couldn't even remember what ally they were in :\
<@AppocoEoRC> ah, 'accidently' ?
<+[eX]Satyr> discipline gets u on top, simple
<@AppocoEoRC> well, it did seem to work
<@AppocoEoRC> was there any doubt you'd not end a top planet?
<+toot> personally i had continuous incs the first half of the round, then the latter half of the round the rest of my galaxy had continuous incs i wasn't allowed to def with
<+toot> not too much fun sitting around watching the ticks roll by
<+[eX]Satyr> with all this hiding nowadays AppocoEoRC..
<+[eX]Satyr> who knew who was gonna win
<+toot> well about 9 hours ago i was wondering if i was going to lose 2,2 mil worth ships \o/
<@AppocoEoRC> did you think it made it more exciting or less? the unpredictability etc
<+toot> that might've affected my rank a bit
<+[eX]Satyr> more exciting, definately
<@AppocoEoRC> good
<@AppocoEoRC> so who in particular got you where you were?
<@AppocoEoRC> was it purely alliance, or galaxy assisted, or?
<+[eX]Satyr> alliance/gal ofc
<+toot> i thought i did :\
<+[eX]Satyr> alliance did a lot of it, great dc team!
<+[eX]Satyr> toot for escorting me to free roids
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<+[eX]Satyr> and bp for covering the uncovered incs by ally
<+[eX]Satyr> <3
<+toot> yeah as we had an awesome landing percentage of probably 5%
<@AppocoEoRC> really?
<@AppocoEoRC> hard to find roids
<+[eX]Satyr> leeching 25 deffleets a day was ace ofc!
<+toot> until today i had a week straight landing 0/20 attacks :\
<+[eX]Satyr> and since i usually teamed up with toot.. :|
<+[eX]Satyr> he's bad luck i tell ya
<+toot> anyway galaxy made the most difference for my success
<@AppocoEoRC> ok
<+toot> obviously alliance helped a great deal, but that was mostly from not getting incs at all, rather than covering them
<+toot> after mid-round that is
<+[eX]Satyr> yea, my bp helped me out a lot too, grats to isildurx, oizo, [r0x] and gmufc too tbh
<+[eX]Satyr> they were great, getting my ass covered while i was at work
<@AppocoEoRC> anyone else?
<+[eX]Satyr> and not to forget MortalP, for providing me tons of scans daily ^^
<@AppocoEoRC> everyone will be pming you now
<+[eX]Satyr> heh, nah
<+toot> nope, no one else, and we only mentioned those out of common courtesy.. it's really just our awesomeness :\
<@AppocoEoRC> ofc!
<+[eX]Satyr> i feel like i have to mention JBG too though toot
<+[eX]Satyr> great dc!
<+[eX]Satyr> i was amazed by him
<@AppocoEoRC> :lol:
<@AppocoEoRC> (is he even exil? :P)
<+[eX]Satyr> he was!
<@AppocoEoRC> right right :/
<@AppocoEoRC> ok
<@AppocoEoRC> well, thanks guys
<+[eX]Satyr> check rank 83 or something
<@AppocoEoRC> on to the top galaxy
<+[eX]Satyr> bah, toot gets more time!
<@AppocoEoRC> yeah, he does
<@AppocoEoRC> 2:3 were the top galaxy this round
<@AppocoEoRC> by a bit of a margin
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +vv teknik vd3|scan|2_3_12
<@AppocoEoRC> I don't know how many 2:3 players are around ...
<+toot> MrBachelor is one
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +v MrBachelor
<+MrBachelor> oioi
* [xVx]Paisley is now known as bwtmcisone
<+teknik> bwtmc is asleep
<+MrBachelor> not many of us around tonight
<@AppocoEoRC> having a bit of a relax?
<+MrBachelor> ye we all need it
<@AppocoEoRC> so, how did the round go for you?
<+teknik> we phoned him, he said something about it being the middle of the night in china, and went back to bed
<@AppocoEoRC> hehehe
<+MrBachelor> except tek who went awol for most the round :P
<@AppocoEoRC> tense until the end?
<+MrBachelor> pretty tense yep
<+toot> yeah was actually a tight race to win
<@AppocoEoRC> it didn't look it at first, iirc
<@AppocoEoRC> mid round you had a fair lead
<+toot> guess the fact that the 2:4 boys did their tricks a day too early kinda settled it i guess
<+toot> their good old "lets leave tag 5 minutes before tick and launch on exi before it ticks" sorta made sure they'd get spanked the last day (heh negative score growth on the last day)
<+teknik> our defense was pretty solid from day one, we covered something like 30 fleets of incs 2 days out of protection with 0 alliance fleets and we knew we had a good chance this round
<+MrBachelor> yep ingal def was outstading
<+teknik> the nap-factor caused some problems, but skill always prevails
<@AppocoEoRC> who was in the buddy pack?
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> ello all
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> weeeeeeee are the chaaaaaaaaaaaampions
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> )
<+MrBachelor> an old Sin BP
<+toot> bp was me, tearz, mrbachelor, teknik and hatlon - all old SiN people
<@AppocoEoRC> did you have a good mix of alliances?
<+toot> hatlon obviously there as the comic relief
<+MrBachelor> haha hatlon was in for light relief and our morale officer
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> lol toot
<+MrBachelor> so he had an important job
<@AppocoEoRC> was he expected to last the round?
<+MrBachelor> he also made our gal banner
<+teknik> he drew the awesome gal banner himself, thats a picture of what he thought everyone in the galaxy looked like
<+toot> offensively no doubt he'd last the round
<@AppocoEoRC> http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/...9/ferdigxq3.png
<@AppocoEoRC> btw ^^
<+MrBachelor> hatlon also went AWOL for a week or so
<+toot> defensively... he performed as expected
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> im the sexy one
<+teknik> i believe i am the yellow one on the left hand side, not sure why
<+teknik> he *may* have been drunk at the time
<@Markb> nice gal banner
<@AppocoEoRC> it's very colourful
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> lol
<+MrBachelor> from a colourful guy ^^
<+toot> oh and i gotta mention cad
<+toot> our superstar random from shuffle
<+MrBachelor> we had some great 'randoms'
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> and me bitch
<+toot> whom i'd pick for my bp over pretty much anyone except tearz, and maybe mrb
<+MrBachelor> <3
<@AppocoEoRC> be nice vd3a
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> :O
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> sox
<@AppocoEoRC> it's ok
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> soz
<+teknik> bwtmc needs thanking too, turning up mid round and playing like 1 hour a day from unreliable internet and still hitting a very nice score
<@AppocoEoRC> he's in china now?
<+teknik> didn't vd3a crash a load of his value 2 days before the end of round?
<+MrBachelor> we almost exiled druid in the first few days (i wanted to exile him) and he ended up being a top player even tho he hadn't played since forever and was very rusty
<+toot> teknik: only his entire fleet
<@AppocoEoRC> did you have fun?
<@AppocoEoRC> that's the important thing
<+teknik> no, this was sposed to be fun??
<+MrBachelor> we had lots of fun and lots of sleepless nights
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> i scanned teknik
<+MrBachelor> I also got warned for my 'Internet usage' at work \o/
<+teknik> i don't think mrb's gf is talking to him anymore either, not sure
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> the fleet that i crashed ( all ) was because i cudnt get online
<@AppocoEoRC> so fun all around then
<+MrBachelor> she's glad the round is over - and ofc ' I won't ever play again '
<+MrBachelor> Appoco it was fun but it's real hard work at times
<@AppocoEoRC> of course. for another 2 weeks
<@AppocoEoRC> it is hard work
<@AppocoEoRC> but is it worth it?
<+MrBachelor> yes for this
<+MrBachelor> can i say:
<+toot> i did get some good laughs the last couple days
<+toot> <3 gosu
<@AppocoEoRC> did you want to thank people especially?
<+teknik> to be honest this was dissapointing for me atleast, our aim pre round was all BP members t25, me and sexlon kinda let the side down :| something to improve on next round, boys?
<+MrBachelor> toot was exceptional all round - he somtines had basically no sleep and his knowledge of fleets and defence calcing was genious
<+toot> wasn't a flawless round for me anyhow, i did mess up with production in the end
<+MrBachelor> toot was the conerstone of the gal and i'm glad he won
* +toot slaps appoco
<@AppocoEoRC> wasn't my fault
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +v [Jen]Lewis
<+toot> your production time estimator didn't work so my order went 3 ticks too far
<+toot> so there went some of my score :(
<@AppocoEoRC> 3 ticks? no way
<@AppocoEoRC> sometimes it's a couple out from rounding :/
<@AppocoEoRC> but that's units, not ticks :P
<@AppocoEoRC> well, congrats anyway
<+toot> well it said "0 ticks" when i first added 100 ships and it didn't change at all, then i added 2000 ships and it changed 7 ticks or something
<+toot> still saying "0 ticks"
<+toot> although in your defense.. i was drunk
<@AppocoEoRC> ah yes, alcohol is often an "innocent" bystander here
<@AppocoEoRC> did you feel any galaxy would overtake you this round?
<+MrBachelor> yeah ofc
<+MrBachelor> the other gals were really good
<+[Jen]Lewis> it was tight this last week
<+MrBachelor> made it great fun and tense
<+toot> up until 2:4 guys sorted their gangbang on us 1 night too early (in my opinion) i was thinking they'd win
<@AppocoEoRC> (congrats btw Lewis)
<+MrBachelor> 14:7 at one point looked very strong also
* factorychange is now known as [ToT]z80
<+teknik> pfft i knew we'd win half way through the round, which is why i got lazy
<+[Jen]Lewis> lol
<+MrBachelor> teknik only played the forst 2 weeks
<+teknik> lies
<+MrBachelor> then we had to defend him for the rest of the round while he slept :P
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> )
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> teknik was the man in the shadow
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> always was in a background
<@AppocoEoRC> a bed in the background?
<+MrBachelor> ha yes
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> )
<+MrBachelor> a very confy bed
<+toot> teknik - total attacks launched 26
<+toot> almost top50 still though
<+teknik> thats because i was 3 fleet deffing you people constantly :/
<@AppocoEoRC> well done teknik
<@AppocoEoRC> well, anyway, I need to get the winning alliance up
<+teknik> i sent 3 alliance def fleets all round, whoops :|
<@AppocoEoRC> so peopole can get to bed
<+MrBachelor> watch out for the 'Disco Posse' next round
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> we are waiting for the next round
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> :d
<@AppocoEoRC> congrats again
<+MrBachelor> thanks
<+vd3|scan|2_3_12> thanks
<+MrBachelor> all the gal you were fantastic \o/
<+[eX]Cyzada> hello
<@AppocoEoRC> finally, congratulations to exil, for winning yet another round!
<+[eX]Cyzada> yay, thanks
<@AppocoEoRC> so, what's the winning secret? toot mentioned discipline earlier
<+[eX]Cyzada> well, i have to say that first we were not going to take part in this ceremony at all but i though our members deserve atleast few words
<@AppocoEoRC> and politics, with VS
<+[eX]Cyzada> heh, politics, activity, hard work.. value > * has been our motto always
<@AppocoEoRC> did you have any fears of not winning after the first .. well, week really?
<+[eX]Cyzada> nope, not really
<+[eX]Cyzada> make it two :P
<+[eX]Cyzada> first lets say 600 ticks vere pretty fun and entertaining
<+[eX]Cyzada> *were
<+[eX]Cyzada> congratulations for our top guys tuutti satyr and elviz
<+[eX]Cyzada> thanks for Bronto for working hard and doint lots of work
<+[eX]Cyzada> and very speacial thanks for JBG<3 who was always there and did absolutely great job
<+[eX]Cyzada> and guess some thanks goes for VS too
<+[eX]Cyzada> and Dauthi was asking me to thank my super gal
<+[eX]Cyzada> hmm, dont have much more to say i think
<@AppocoEoRC> are you playing next round?
<+[eX]Cyzada> oh and for those who are wondering
<+[eX]Cyzada> yes
<@AppocoEoRC> is this the first time you've played 2 in a row?
<+[eX]Cyzada> thats what i was going to talk about
<+[eX]Cyzada> no, we are not going to play next round as far as im conserned
<+[eX]Cyzada> im bit drunk btw
<@AppocoEoRC> ok
<+[eX]Cyzada> and i believe that eXilition will not play another round
<+[eX]Cyzada> but it is not something for me to decide
<@AppocoEoRC> well, I'm sure it'll be confirmed one way or the other soon enough
<+[eX]Cyzada> yes well if Kaifux ever wakes up :P
<@AppocoEoRC> ok
<@AppocoEoRC> well, thanks again
<+[eX]Cyzada> guess i have to thanks Ziw for stepping up to help me a bit
<@AppocoEoRC> I'll havoc everyone and we will start havoc ticks tomorrow morning at 9 GMT
<@AppocoEoRC> I'll make a formal announcement about that
* [eXcessum]kardo is now known as cough
* cough is now known as [eXcessum]kardo
<@AppocoEoRC> no kardo, you won't be mentioned!
<@AppocoEoRC> ooh
<@AppocoEoRC> I guess we're doing a tag thing
<@Markb> Tag up, people!
<@AppocoEoRC> ok
<@AppocoEoRC> just let me find the command
<+[eX]Cyzada> anyways im off to bar now to meet some friends as im tomorrow leaving to cambridge for 3 weeks.. thanks for another round of planetarion it seems i wont make it back before round start
<+[eX]Cyzada> bye
<@AppocoEoRC> bye !
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: -v [eX]Cyzada
<@Pea> Tags counted, scanned 399 nicks and found 37 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<@Pea> #10. Tag: pOny, count: 10
<@Pea> #9. Tag: VGN, count: 12
<@Pea> #8. Tag: xVx, count: 13
<@Pea> #7. Tag: HA, count: 15
<@Pea> #6. Tag: FC, count: 18
<@Pea> #5. Tag: Dest, count: 19
<@Pea> #4. Tag: ND, count: 20
<@Pea> #3. Tag: eX, count: 28
<@Pea> #2. Tag: ToF, count: 41
<@Pea> #1. Tag: ROCK, count: 41
<@AppocoEoRC> a tie
<@Markb> wow
<@AppocoEoRC> ironically
<@AppocoEoRC> <@Pea> #1. Tag: ROCK, count: 41
<@AppocoEoRC> * [ROCK]JD has joined #planetarion
<@Markb> Congrats, ROCK
<@AppocoEoRC> well, I'll give credits to both