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EoRC Round 22: 10/08/07

<@AppocoEoRC> Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to Round 22's End of Round Ceremony
<@AppocoEoRC> Despite a bad start to the round, we're pleased to have produced an extremely competitive round
<@AppocoEoRC> with the top spot and top alliance not being decided until the final ticks
<@AppocoEoRC> firstly, I'd like to congratulate the top 3 planets for winning These are gWarTh, elviz, and YuC
<@AppocoEoRC> unfortunately, elviz is not around to take second place, but we're lucky to have gWarTh and YuC with us tonight!
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +vv [VGN]gWarTh [VGN]YuC
<@AppocoEoRC> congrats guys on winning
<+[VGN]gWarTh> thanks appoco
<+[VGN]YuC> thx
<@AppocoEoRC> well, what's your lucky secret? How did you do so well this round?
<@AppocoEoRC> was it really as close as it looked at the top?
<+[VGN]gWarTh> yes
<+[VGN]gWarTh> acutally Star erazor missed top1 one just for 2 faults at the end
<@AppocoEoRC> I believe a few others have been unlucky with mistakes at the end
<+[VGN]gWarTh> its was a race till last tick
<@AppocoEoRC> Did the changes in the game, particularly in construction queuing and the production setup, affect how you
played the round?
<+[VGN]YuC> not that much
<+[VGN]YuC> as we focused on finace centres a lot
<+[VGN]YuC> most others went mass facs tho
<+[VGN]YuC> think that gave us a good edge in the end
<@AppocoEoRC> well, the roids helped I'm sure
<+[VGN]YuC> yes they did
<+[VGN]YuC> sad for star erazor
<@AppocoEoRC> roids seemed to change hands quite frequently at the top. 4:3:7 had quite a few until today
<@AppocoEoRC> yeah
<@AppocoEoRC> (4:3:7 = star erazor for those that don't know)
<@AppocoEoRC> So did you set out to win? Your buddy pack seems to have been pretty dominant in the top ranks
<+[VGN]gWarTh> he missed out on lots of salvage today
<+[VGN]gWarTh> so actually he should be here too
<+[VGN]gWarTh> in gal coverage with 5man bp
<+[VGN]gWarTh> was very important this round
<@AppocoEoRC> do you like the idea of a 5 man buddy pack compared to previous rounds?
<@AppocoEoRC> well, obviously you did I guess
<+[VGN]YuC> it is nice as it lessens the powers of alliance a bit
<+[VGN]YuC> alliances*
<+[VGN]YuC> you have more chances if you go with a good setup
<+[VGN]YuC> and nice dedication
<+[VGN]YuC> with 5 people
<+[VGN]gWarTh> indeed
<@AppocoEoRC> where did you gain the most support from during the round? your galaxy or your alliance?
<+[VGN]YuC> both
<+[VGN]gWarTh> both deffed their part
<+[VGN]gWarTh> lots of vengeance def
<+[VGN]gWarTh> thx guys :P
<@AppocoEoRC> Did you ever worry that you'd end up runners up to elviz?
<@AppocoEoRC> he had a very strong round
<@AppocoEoRC> and was prety close to you at the end
<@AppocoEoRC> Satyr also came close
<+[VGN]gWarTh> yes it was very close
<+[VGN]gWarTh> and we never were sure wether we get him or not
<+[VGN]gWarTh> yes satyr was strong as well
<@AppocoEoRC> was it a case of 4:3 vs 2:4 and the top planet being an incidental issue? or were you aiming more for the top planets?
<+[VGN]YuC> but the finance centres payed out there
<+[VGN]YuC> as we had lots
<+[VGN]YuC> our main goal was rank1 gal
<+[VGN]YuC> and if we get some top planets as well
<+[VGN]YuC> thats nice
<+[VGN]YuC> we never really hitted 2:4
<+[VGN]YuC> until the end
<+[VGN]YuC> when it was obvious we will win
<+[VGN]YuC> with hidden res and the roids
<+[VGN]gWarTh> 60 FCs ftw
<@AppocoEoRC> and then it was a case of top planet?
<+[VGN]gWarTh> yes
<+[VGN]YuC> gwarth had the highest chances on end top1
<+[VGN]YuC> above elviz
<+[VGN]YuC> so we kinda had to help him with attacking elviz
<@AppocoEoRC> you directly attacked each other?
<+[VGN]gWarTh> I didnt attack elviz
<+[VGN]gWarTh> at least not for real
<+[VGN]gWarTh> just one fake wave I did
<+[VGN]gWarTh> we knew we were going to outgrow them easily
<@AppocoEoRC> 2:4 rather than elviz?
<+[VGN]gWarTh> yes
<@AppocoEoRC> ok
<@AppocoEoRC> did you try and just keep roiding then?
* [ND]Basilisk (~bas@BASiLiSK.users.netgamers.org) has joined #planetarion
<+[VGN]YuC> at the end we focused on defending very much
<+[VGN]YuC> the last ~150 ticks that is
<+[VGN]YuC> selling the roids expensive
<+[VGN]YuC> as we were heavy on value
<+[VGN]YuC> we got some heavy salvage there
<+[VGN]gWarTh> TFD was nice today
<+[VGN]gWarTh> greets to them!
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<@AppocoEoRC> ok
<@AppocoEoRC> well, if you don't mind I think i'll voice your galaxy
<+[VGN]gWarTh> of course
<+[VGN]YuC> thx to all people
<+[VGN]YuC> who helped us achieving this
<+[VGN]YuC> especially our alliances
<+[VGN]YuC> and gsu
<+[VGN]YuC> greets to Fenix ofc!
<+[VGN]YuC> had to say that :P
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +vvv Razz- [VGN]StAr-ErAzO [gosu]aFu
<+[VGN]gWarTh> same from me
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +v [Jen]Zephod
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +v [FC]g3no^Judas
<@AppocoEoRC> well, hi guys
<+[Jen]Zephod> lo
<+[FC]g3no^Judas> hi
<@AppocoEoRC> congrats on winning by quite a way
<+Razz-> hi
<+[VGN]YuC> lo
<+[VGN]gWarTh> hi
<@AppocoEoRC> so how does it feel?
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +v [TGV]Sagnigius
<+[Jen]Zephod> like im allowed to sleep again
* isil|shopping is now known as IsildurX
<@AppocoEoRC> hehe
<@AppocoEoRC> not playing havoc?
<+[Jen]Zephod> uh, no
<+[Jen]Zephod> i actually did very little towards this as rl got massively in the way
<+[Jen]Zephod> have to say that the bpack activity in the gal was exceptional some nights
<+Razz-> yes indeed
<+[TGV]Sagnigius> they did alot of ingal dcing as well
<@AppocoEoRC> was it generally a tough battle to become #1? you won by a clear 10 mil
<+[Jen]Zephod> was tough until a point
<+[VGN]gWarTh> it was a tough competition until we were big enough
<+[VGN]gWarTh> that alliances were scared
<+[VGN]gWarTh> or fighting alliance wars
<+[VGN]gWarTh> and hitting us was often very unprofitable
<@AppocoEoRC> so the alliance wars helped a lot?
<+[VGN]gWarTh> as we did amazing in def
<+[VGN]gWarTh> thanks to AgOnY
<+[gosu]star> yea godlike dc agony !
<+Razz-> thanks to agony from here too
<+[Jen]Zephod> idd
<+Razz-> he PAmailed me where to send def when I was at work playing with my cell phone
<+[Jen]Zephod> there were a fair few nights when massive amounts of incs were largely covered through a mix of alliance and galaxy defence
<@AppocoEoRC> did you have some sort of plan to make sure night incs were discovered and sorted?
<+[TGV]Sagnigius> someone was always around and reporting them
<+[Jen]Zephod> idd, plain simple activity seemed to do it
<+[Jen]Zephod> though credit again to agony for the DCing
<+Razz-> I think agony and afu are a bit shy atm
<+[gosu]AgOnY> we had a buddy pack with several poker players
<+[gosu]aFu> ur doing fine, nothing to add atm
<@AppocoEoRC> that good at bluffing?
<+[Jen]Zephod> no need to bluff :P no ziks
<+[gosu]AgOnY> thats good at online times
<@AppocoEoRC> not many xans either
<+Razz-> hey!
<+[VGN]YuC> it was sad we had no ziks
<+[VGN]YuC> one could have stealed a lot
<+[TGV]Sagnigius> we had one
<+[VGN]YuC> except for shock that is
<@AppocoEoRC> quite unusual I guess
<+[Jen]Zephod> 3/12 active players... were xan
<@AppocoEoRC> where did the theme of fishing come from?
<+[gosu]AgOnY> xan were very important
<@AppocoEoRC> I have to ask!
<+[gosu]aFu> bout the fishing
<+[gosu]aFu> we actually couldnt decide on anything till the night before tickstart
<+[gosu]aFu> so we just went with something random
<+[gosu]aFu> star thought he was clever though chosing cat
<+[gosu]aFu> ;>
<+[gosu]aFu> cat as a name i mean, since he thought hed pwn us fishies
<+[gosu]star> my fault !
<@AppocoEoRC> were you originally playing for fun or to win?
<+[gosu]star> we started the round at fenix place
<+[gosu]AgOnY> for fun as long as we could win
<+[gosu]star> so i messed up the name in the end
<@AppocoEoRC> apart from [gosu]AgOnY, is there anyone else you'd like to thank for your win?
<+[gosu]aFu> id like to say thanks to subh for a fun round, especially ali
<+[gosu]aFu> and all gosus who supported us
<+[gosu]star> expect fenix
<+[gosu]star> nub
<+[VGN]gWarTh> thanks Vengeance for the great defs and attacks especially the HC/DC team for doing a great job there
<+Razz-> I would like to say thanks to Hude who was always teaming up his zik fr with me
<+[gosu]AgOnY> i'd like to thank the dcs of vengeance for good cooperation, especially mithrandir
<@AppocoEoRC> I'm sure you'll make it up to them next round Sagnigius
<+[Jen]Zephod> also a thanks to CT for not targetting us all round to let 2:4 win
<@AppocoEoRC> 4:2?
<+[Jen]Zephod> i was sure that would happen
<+[gosu]AgOnY> and ofc to all gsu and supporters, especially dedin, drohne, fenix, rul3r and [LDK]Cardinal
<+[VGN]gWarTh> and thanks to 13:6:14 for saving his hidden production for elviz and killing 500k value of him and Satyr
<+[gosu]aFu> cardi was more for moral support though
<+Razz-> come on enough with the gosu
<+[TGV]Sagnigius> afu for his suicidal wraiths
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<+[gosu]YuC> a big thanks to the scanners of Vengeance as well
<+[gosu]YuC> nearly forgot them
<+[gosu]YuC> great dedication
<+[gosu]YuC> and to those in #transcendancy
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<+[Jen]Zephod> oh yeh, big thanks to that lot
<@AppocoEoRC> it's been an interesting round for them
<+[gosu]aFu> trannies 4tw!
<@AppocoEoRC> an interesting new alliance of sorts
<@AppocoEoRC> ok
<@AppocoEoRC> well, if it's ok we'll move on to the alliances
<+[gosu]star> yo
<+[gosu]aFu> we want another free round
<+[gosu]star> ter ftw
<+[gosu]aFu> :P
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<+[gosu]YuC> nerf terran
<@AppocoEoRC> next year for sure
<@AppocoEoRC> Terran are fine
<@AppocoEoRC> I was Terran
<+[gosu]star> overpowered
<+[gosu]star> !
<+[gosu]AgOnY> yes terr was a bit overpowered
<@AppocoEoRC> top 5 all terran
<@AppocoEoRC> anyway, thanks
<+[gosu]AgOnY> right now voice the alliances
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: -vvvvvv [FC]g3no^Judas [gosu]aFu [gosu]AgOnY [gosu]YuC [Jen]Zephod [TGV]Sagnigius
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: -vv [VGN]gWarTh [VGN]star
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: +vvv [VGN]are [VGN]Cr0 [VGN]Amnion
<@AppocoEoRC> the winning alliance, VGN
<@AppocoEoRC> congratulations guys
<+[VGN]Cr0> thanks AppocoEoRC
<@AppocoEoRC> so it's been cited as one of the closest run alliance battles for several rounds now
<@AppocoEoRC> would you agree?
<+[VGN]Cr0> indeed was a hel of a fight
<+[VGN]are> definitly
<+[VGN]Amnion> I have no fingernails left. :-)
<+[VGN]Cr0> lol
<@AppocoEoRC> I didn't even know who was going to win and I had admin tools, I have to admit
<+[VGN]Cr0> it was close AppocoEoRC , we werent shure either
<@AppocoEoRC> How did this round compare to previous rounds? I think it's probably fair to say you were more a force this round than in recent previous rounds?
<+[VGN]Cr0> yes and no AppocoEoRC , last 3 rounds we improoved . and slowly we gained back into top ranks . think we where 11 or something 5 rnds ago
<+[VGN]Amnion> Yes, we've been getting steadily stronger over the last few rounds.
<+[VGN]are> unlike many other alliances that made the top position we slowly grew from the very bottom. It is a true community getting closer every round. Better profiles attracted even better players.<@AppocoEoRC> did you therefore expect to be at the top challenging this round? or did it not matter as much as feeling you did the best you could?
<+[VGN]Amnion> We always play to do as well as we can. I, for one, don't expect anything at the start of the round.
<+[VGN]Cr0> wel , manny pmed me during this round about that AppocoEoRC . we aimed kinda top 3
<+[VGN]are> well, views are different here, when peple asked me at the start of round I aimed for #7. Much more comfortable there, more sleep, less politics. :-)
<+[VGN]are> they overruled me, though.
<+[VGN]Cr0> top 5 i was shure of kinda , top 3 aimed at.
<@AppocoEoRC> there were a few new faces alliances wise this round
<@AppocoEoRC> how did this affect the politics between them?
<+[VGN]are> well, in my eyes the top 10 are the smae people like ever, some changed the alliance names, essentially the same people. And politics is between people
<+[VGN]Cr0> yeah , new alliance names , but know people
<@AppocoEoRC> why do you think this round was so different to others in terms of competitiveness of alliances then?
<+[VGN]Amnion> And our "Diplomatic Corps" did a great job this round.
<+[VGN]Cr0> i think couse the politics where good devided this round
<@AppocoEoRC> who were your major allies and enemies then?
<@AppocoEoRC> Conspiracy, TGV and Jenova were all major competitors at different points in the round
<@AppocoEoRC> and ROCK and a few other alliances were always ready to get involved and pounce
<+[VGN]Cr0> wel
<@AppocoEoRC> ND seemed to rise through the ranks too
<+[VGN]Amnion> CT were our main "enemy"
<+[VGN]Cr0> it was kinda ct + rock + tof hitting us
<+[VGN]Cr0> those where the most hostiles VS us
<@AppocoEoRC> and your allies?
<+[VGN]are> allies: TiT (partially former mebers that came back from some other game this round), naps: Jenova (after a bigger fight) and rock. Though ROCK we had to cancel for their links with CT which seemed tobe the main enemy
<@AppocoEoRC> what about tgv?
<+[VGN]Cr0> and we gave a little red love back with jenova + tvg
<+[VGN]are> have i dorpped TGV?
<+[VGN]are> oooops.
<+[VGN]are> sorry
<+[VGN]Cr0> coreckted than
<@AppocoEoRC> so it was two sides the whole way through?
<+[VGN]Cr0> yes
<+[VGN]Amnion> Pretty much.
<+[VGN]are> well, a mix
<@AppocoEoRC> (in your eyes at least )
<+[VGN]Cr0> ye
<+[VGN]are> tgv afaik had links with rock which again atacked us a lot after we cancelled the nap
<+[VGN]Cr0> yes and with ND if i am coreckt later on
<+[VGN]Cr0> not shure there
<+[VGN]are> and some people cliamed tgv would backstab us latest today, which they have not done. Thanks for this. real vikings, rude and straight.
<+[VGN]Cr0> :P
<@AppocoEoRC> that helped you win then?
* +[VGN]Cr0 salutes for that
<+[VGN]Cr0> wel as soon naps get broken all politics move AppocoEoRC , means we could have lost yes
<+[VGN]Cr0> ofcourse
<@AppocoEoRC> well, congratulations
<+[VGN]Cr0> was a close run all the time though
<@AppocoEoRC> in the final couple of minutes, who would you like to thank?
<+[VGN]are> well, only hostiles won't gain you the round, you need allies. everyone teams up on the top spot. alone you are dead
<+[VGN]Cr0> agree are
<+[VGN]Cr0> yes i would like to thank some if possible AppocoEoRC
<@AppocoEoRC> quickly is possible
<+[VGN]Cr0> Once again we've finished a round after a lot of hard work by a lot of dedicated people
<+[VGN]Cr0> This is the first time VGN has achieved this and we are goddamn proud of it
<+[VGN]Cr0> We owe this rank to the active people in our alliance. There's no need to name them
<+[VGN]Cr0> they know who they are
<+[VGN]Cr0> Our thanks go to Jenova. They turned out to be great allies. We wont forget that - thanks Jenova !
<+[VGN]Cr0> We also want to mention the TiT people. We know we didnt help too much to make them a big group. Still, we want to thank them for their loyalty.
<+[VGN]Cr0> And the last mention must go to TGV. They honoured the nap until the end of the round as we agreed
<+[VGN]Cr0> and ofcourse well done to CT. Thank you for a good fight this round. You proved yourselves to be worthy opponents. It was great fun
<@AppocoEoRC> well, thanks
<+[VGN]Cr0> momento
<+[VGN]Cr0> 1 thing
<+[VGN]Cr0> Just before I go - GlowDog would just like to add this
<+[VGN]Cr0> GlowDogWork runs around barking madly, doglicking all VGN and friend, and waggs his tail like insane
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<@AppocoEoRC> thanks
<+[VGN]Amnion> Hehe.
* [VGN]GlowDogBRB is now known as [VGN]GdogYEEEEY
<+[VGN]Cr0> i love u all VGN people ofc for the great dedication
<+[VGN]Cr0> thats about it
<@AppocoEoRC> thanks
* @AppocoEoRC strokes Glowdog
* AppocoEoRC sets mode: -vvv [VGN]Cr0 [VGN]Amnion [VGN]are
<@AppocoEoRC> well, thanks to VGN
<@AppocoEoRC> thanks to you all for turning up
<@AppocoEoRC> almost 600 people here
<@AppocoEoRC> we have the allcomp competition coming up
<@Pea> Tags counted, scanned 597 nicks and found 39 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<@Pea> #10. Tag: Orb, count: 21
<@Pea> #9. Tag: -SPQR-, count: 24
<@Pea> #8. Tag: CT, count: 24
<@Pea> #7. Tag: TGV, count: 27
<@Pea> #6. Tag: VsN, count: 28
<@Pea> #5. Tag: ToF, count: 41
<@Pea> #4. Tag: ROCK, count: 44
<@Pea> #3. Tag: Subh, count: 52
<@Pea> #2. Tag: ND, count: 53
<@Pea> #1. Tag: VGN, count: 56
<@Markb> Congrats, VGN
<@AppocoEoRC> you've won that too
<@AppocoEoRC> and contact the planets / 4:3 / VGN about credits
<@AppocoEoRC> thanks again for coming
<@AppocoEoRC> just briefly
<@AppocoEoRC> I did send a mail out to everyone
<@AppocoEoRC> about next round
<@AppocoEoRC> and put it on the forums
<@AppocoEoRC> but incase you didn't notice
<@AppocoEoRC> signups start 24th
<@AppocoEoRC> ticks start 31st
<@AppocoEoRC> also
<@AppocoEoRC> havoc starts tomorrow
<@AppocoEoRC> at 9:00 GMT
<@AppocoEoRC> because I want a lie in and 8:00 is too early