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  • Round 60 Havoc Ends: Thursday 12th March 2015
  • Round 61 Signups Start: Friday 13th March 2015
  • Round 61 Ticks Start: Friday 20th March 2015

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  • Round 61 - Highly Illogical: 383

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  • 13 Mar: Round 61 - Highly Illogical signups are now open at http://t.co/Zp28b19pu0 Ticks start Friday 20th at 20:00 GMT!

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  • 17 Oct: Just over an hour before ticks start at 20:00 GMT! Do you have your planet yet? http://t.co/Zp28b19pu0

  • 16 Oct: Planetarion Round 59 (Edge of Insanity) starts TOMORROW at 20:00 GMT. Login / signup at http://t.co/Zp28b19pu0

  • 23 May: Round 57 "Out of Alignment" has opened for signups! Create your planet at http://t.co/Zp28b1ryI8 Ticks start next Friday at 20:00 GMT

End of Round 24 and Round 25

Round 24 will end, as announced, at 20:00 GMT on Friday, 21st of December.

As is traditional, on Friday 14th December we will be removing free limitations and vacation mode. If you wish to enter vacation mode or remain in vacation mode after 20:00 GMT on 14th December, please let us know as far in advanced as possible - please contact us with a support ticket or PA Mail 1:1:1 so that we can make a note of it.

End of Round Ceremony

The End of Round Ceremony (EoRC) will be conducted in #planetarion at 21:00 GMT on Friday, 21st of December. As always, it will be hosted on the NetGamers IRC network and consist of interviews with the winning players, galaxy and alliance of Round 24.

After the End of Round Ceremony, the game will be 'havoced'. This consists of donating resources, asteroids and constructions to all members of the universe.


Havoc will consist of everyone gaining the following:
- All technologies completed
- 300 million resources (spread over metal, crystal and eonium according to your planet's race)
- 2000 asteroids (spread over metal, crystal and eonium according to your planet's race)
- 20 of each factory, 30 wave amplifiers, 35 security centres and 30 finance centres ADDED to their respective planet

Fleets will be recalled, but not deleted. XP will NOT be reset. The maximum construction limit will be set to 500 constructions, and asteroid mining limits will also be increased.

Havoc will continue until (at least) Sunday, 30th December.

Round 25

Signups for Round 25 will open at 19:00 GMT on Friday January 4th, 2008, with ticks starting on Friday 11th January at 20:00 GMT.

If you think you have a name that might be suitable as the round name for Round 25, please e-mail roundname@planetarion.com with it by Wednesday, 19th December.


Round 24 code will continue in private galaxy speedgame style from Monday, 24th December at 12:00 GMT, with signups opening on Sunday 23rd December at 12:00 GMT. This will initially consist of 10 man private galaxies against 20 man random galaxies, and will consist of 1 minute ticks. The game will continue during Round 25 with resets approximately once a week and two or three havocs per 'round'.

Beta Testing

The Round 25 beta testing will be predominantly private until Thursday, 3rd of January, which is the estimated time of public beta testing. Ticks for the public beta testing will start on Friday, 4th of January at approximately 12:00 GMT.

Creators Hour

We are also scheduling a Creators Hour for Wednesday, 2nd January in #planetarion at 19:00 GMT. More information will be available on this nearer the time.