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EoRC Round 21: 01/06/07

<@Appocomaster> welcome to the End of Round Ceremony for Round 21
<@Appocomaster> I have to say that firstly, the winner is slightly unexpected
<@Appocomaster> we'll get to that in a moment though :)
<@Appocomaster> I'm proud to say that we've not had any noticable downtime for the first round in a while, which may or may not be linked to me being too busy to touch the servers this round ;)
<@Appocomaster> ok, firstly, I'd like to welcome the top three planets for this round. As usual, each of these planets will receive a credit
-!- mode/#planetarion [+vv [Angels]Greenh Kileman] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [gosu]FeNiX] by Appocomaster
<+[gosu]FeNiX> o/
<+[Angels]Greenh> :)
<+Kileman> -_-
<@Appocomaster> well, congratulations to the three of you. Greenhills, for coming first in slightly unusual circumstances, and then Kileman and FeNiX, our expected winners
<+[gosu]FeNiX> congrats greeny :D
<+[Angels]Greenh> same to you both, tho this might sound a lil weird
<+[Angels]Greenh> under these "unsual circumstances"
<@Appocomaster> so, firstly, Greenhills... where did you come from? :p
<+[Angels]Greenh> It all just started like a joke, mockingbird and I were talkin about the game and he came up with the plan to play it the way you saw today.
<+[Angels]Greenh> I had a lotta help ofc from the galm8s; Sandvold, qSp, Lam0r, Demonslayer, Lexmark, Wwtoo, Death666, Gekke, BAMFER and Gothic. It took a lot of time to get all faces in the same direction, all gave up their own ranks to get only one guy up the ladder. No-one was selfish..
<@Appocomaster> what made you decide to do that?
<+[Angels]Greenh> Well, we were all pretty banged up so we suggested this idea
<+[Angels]Greenh> And the people were up for it, so I think it all started about 2 weeks before the end
<+[Angels]Greenh> Lil xp whoring in the end to get a decent score
<@Appocomaster> I'm trying to piece this together with ranking graphs
<@Appocomaster> so what, 10 days ago?
<@Appocomaster> you took a nasty hit
<@Appocomaster> as a galaxy
<+[Angels]Greenh> We were allready working on it at that time
<+[Angels]Greenh> All people had decent stocks and no1 used them at that time
<+[Angels]Greenh> not to selfcover or anything, was really good
<+[Angels]Greenh> This did prove that teamplay is the way to win!
<@Appocomaster> well, perhaps!
<@Appocomaster> very organised
<@Appocomaster> so was it just that you thought that the setup of donations wasn't anti donating everything to one planet in gal?
<@Appocomaster> Greenhills?
<+[Angels]Greenh> The idea was fun, and the whole gal had a really fun time doing this. It wasn't about me winning, it was all about haveing fun with a last stunt :).We enjoyed this as a game should be enjoyed.
<@Appocomaster> oh :D
<@Appocomaster> well, that's good
<+[Angels]Greenh> We started it just for the fun, checking if we all could get it done
<@Appocomaster> have you got anyone apart from your galaxy to thank? if not, I'm going to have to move on :)
<+[Angels]Greenh> The whole gal got a lotta people to thank I think.. just leave it with this
<+[Angels]Greenh> You can go on ;)
<@Appocomaster> ok
<@Appocomaster> Kileman, FeNiX, congratulations :)
<+[gosu]FeNiX> heh thnx :)
<+Kileman> for what?
<+[gosu]FeNiX> I was prepared to say: "wow i am the only angels up there with all the asc" but greeny destroyed my vision!
<@Appocomaster> did you not know anything about it then, FeNiX?
<+[gosu]FeNiX> no i didnt. that is whats the most awesome thing about this win.
<+Kileman> yer.... awesome
<@Appocomaster> :p
<+[gosu]FeNiX> but still i want to say some things:
<@Appocomaster> of course :) you're both welcome to
<+[gosu]FeNiX> first of all, sad nitro isnt up here, he was the nr. 3 expected like 300 ticks ago.
<@Appocomaster> you had perhaps a more interesting round
<+[gosu]FeNiX> second, grats to alki for awesome terran :p
<@Appocomaster> he should apparently win awards for doing so well, and for getting so much defence...
<+[gosu]FeNiX> third, i am fine with my rank, didnt expected to be that high in the end tbh. without gosu really playing.
<@Appocomaster> technically you're Angels ... ?
<+Kileman> u should have come first fenix
<+Kileman> it would have been more deserved
<@Appocomaster> Kileman, I'm sure many feel for you :(
<+Kileman> there isnt much i can say tbh
<+[gosu]FeNiX> yes, well kileman is the "real" winner. still creators should think about changing donation & stockpile system :O
<+Kileman> without completely slagging off pa and greenh
<+[gosu]FeNiX> :/
<+Kileman> but i dont think that will achieve anything
<@Appocomaster> well, yes. I'm sure some effort will go into adjusting donations for next round
<+Kileman> so ill just be quiet
<+Kileman> heh
<+Kileman> and entertain u with a variety of smilies
<+Kileman> @_@
<+Kileman> T_T
<+Kileman> ^_^
<@Appocomaster> JBG told me I had to do smilies whilst you were talking :(
<@Appocomaster> it seems you're known for them!
<@Appocomaster> do you have no one to thank?
<+Kileman> id like to thank asc ofc
<+[gosu]FeNiX> I want to thank some ppl.
<@Appocomaster> of course :)
<+Kileman> and my gal
<+Kileman> id like to thank idler for 3 fleeting every night
<+Kileman> :D
<+Kileman> and all the scanners
<@Appocomaster> defending or attacking? :p
<+Kileman> meatwax, qebab, mz etc
<+Kileman> attacking
<+Kileman> lol
<+Kileman> ofc to my wife
<+Kileman> for being understanding
<@Appocomaster> of course :)
<+Kileman> about why i play this stupid game
<@Appocomaster> is she standing there making sure you thank her?
<+Kileman> (im not allowed to play any more now :P)
<@Appocomaster> lol
<+Kileman> id like to thank game
<+Kileman> for giving me the inspiration to come 2nd
<@Appocomaster> and FeNiX?
<+[gosu]FeNiX> first of all: Furbie!!! he did awesome job getting me defense the round etc. Then ofc i have to thank gosus who played and build def fleets for me etc. would be awesome if ppl played. Ofc want to thank all gôsus for the moral help :D ago yuc kosh afu star draki dedin lockhead necant sjor ruler and all i forgot atm ! :o well some ppl of angels ofc. My Galaxy who sent me a lot of defense, supere cain atlas dragon allfather apoc, stuhlman
<@Appocomaster> :)
<+[gosu]FeNiX> ye hm
<+[gosu]FeNiX> then all cool guys for the conversations, kile, game, nitro mainly :p
<@Appocomaster> quite a complete list :)
<+Kileman> yer the rest of the top 10
<+Kileman> were pretty decent
<+Kileman> 2-10
<@Appocomaster> did you ever feel you were competing directly against each other, Kileman and FeNiX? and the others? was it more who could outroid who and get more defence, or were there direct attacks between you?
<+Kileman> i think everyone feels pretty jipped tbh
<+Kileman> there was a bit of a cold war going on
<+Kileman> for the last couple of weeks
<+[gosu]FeNiX> yes :D
<+[Angels]Greenh> yeah I felt that :p
<+Kileman> it could have gone either way
<+[gosu]FeNiX> but for last 200 ticks it was only kile and me :p
<+Kileman> asc basically told fenix
<+Kileman> that if i got roided
<+Kileman> we would wtfpwn him
<+[gosu]FeNiX> and thats the same i told him :P
<+Kileman> so it kinda distracted attention from me
<+Kileman> so it was a bit of a win win
<+Kileman> neither of us organising anything on each other
<@Appocomaster> ok :)
<@Appocomaster> fair enough!
<+Kileman> and just stock piling
<+Kileman> to try and outgrow the other
<+Kileman> or roid etc
<+Kileman> i think at one point there was a 100-200k difference between our EOR potential scores
<+Kileman> which one roiding would have swayed
<+Kileman> at one point fenix spent his res on a massve co fleet
<+Kileman> basically meant i had to do the same
<+Kileman> to stop him roiding me
<+Kileman> heh
<@Appocomaster> :(
<@Appocomaster> ok! well, thanks. I have to move on now :)
<@Appocomaster> I'll sort out credits in a bit
<+[gosu]FeNiX> one more group of ppl i would like to thank is the scanners: genosse xion cisco md dead-ops and the rest i think they made at least 10k scans for me. and crusie for organizing the cluster.
<+Kileman> can we donate them?
<@Appocomaster> sure, but I can sort that out later :)
<+Kileman> thanks
<+Kileman> and please fix pa for future rounds
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vvv Kileman [gosu]FeNiX [Angels]Greenh] by Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> well, thanks to the top planets this round :)
<@Appocomaster> next, the winning galaxy. The race was a lot closer than some of the previous rounds and they've been looking over their shoulder right up to the last minute to make sure they didn't lose
-!- mode/#planetarion [+vvvvvv [1|9|12]Au[ToF] [1|9|1]Zeb [1|9|2]Zaejii [1|9|3]Hellfire [1|9|4]aMtlMan [1|9|5]CBA] by Appocomaster
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> :cathaar:
<+[1|9|5]CBA> wooohooo
-!- mode/#planetarion [+vv [1|9|7]spaceman [1|9|8]Game] by Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> did I miss anyone?
<+[1|9|8]Game> yeah
<+[1|9|5]CBA> Striker had to go
<+[1|9|1]Zeb> apu
<+[1|9|8]Game> [WP][1|9|10]Apu
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> the [wp] tagged apu man
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [WP][1|9|10]Apu] by Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> sorry :(
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> :)
<+[1|9|8]Game> heh
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [ToF]chaddy] by Appocomaster
<+[1|9|1]Zeb> your parents fault not ours
<@Appocomaster> well, congratulations
<+[1|9|5]CBA> and [ToF]chaddy shud be here as he did alot for us until we exiled him:) well done chaddy
<+[1|9|8]Game> cheers Appocomaster
<+[1|9|12]Au[ToF]> /
<+[1|9|5]CBA> thankyou
<@Appocomaster> so, was it close?
<+[1|9|8]Game> nah
<+[1|9|8]Game> we won easy
<+[1|9|5]CBA> well if 2:4 did not get bashed i recken we wudda be fuked...
<+[1|9|8]Game> i had every confidence in Alki screwing 2:4
<+[1|9|8]Game> he did it well o/o
<+[1|9|5]CBA> idd
<+[1|9|7]spaceman> we were lucky with the mixture of alliance in gal aswel
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> yeah, last two days 2.4 and 9.2 got hit hard... we got hit yesterday but not like they did :D
<+[1|9|5]CBA> too many asc there
<@Appocomaster> yes, you were alone in the top 5 or so in that you only had 3 ascendancy
<@Appocomaster> some of the others had a lot more
<+[1|9|1]Zeb> lol
<+[1|9|4]aMtlMan> We had awesome ingal def, alot of planning for Def ships at the early ticks
<+[1|9|5]CBA> oh thanks to arc/antigone/red and those who helped organise hits on 2:4 9:2 :D
<+[1|9|8]Game> can we just also point out to Greenhills that galaxy and alliance are the only :team: rankings, not planets ;)
<+[1|9|5]CBA> Greenhills FTW
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> ^^
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> oh, and kile. thanks for giving us the inspiration to finish 1st :)
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> plain and simple Apooco
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> we won cos we were a WP gal
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> :P
<+[1|9|8]Game> anyway, basically quite a bit of sleepless nights, but cross defending was what won it is
<+[1|9|5]CBA> oh and Vision deffed ingal the most btw WP really lacked def:P
<+[1|9|7]spaceman> lol
<+[1|9|5]CBA> Apu lies
<@Appocomaster> you had as many WP as Asc
<+[1|9|4]aMtlMan> Oh noy!
<+[1|9|4]aMtlMan> Oh boy!
<@Appocomaster> so you can all totally agree as to why you won then? :p
<+[1|9|5]CBA> Vision were more important tho Appoco
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> yeah but WP made us win the round
<+[1|9|8]Game> why do we even have galaxies speaking, its pointless
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> sorting out 2:4 etc etc
<+[1|9|1]Zeb> i was going to thank him to darn
<@Appocomaster> so you got your alliances, that weren't really in the other rival gals, to take them out?
<+[1|9|5]CBA> Cross defending.. organisation of defence (game) and constant calling... and ordering of grounding fleets if we were fat won us the round
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> well, thanks to everybody that scanned for us.. and the tidbit of ally def we did get
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> cross def was really the strong point though
<+[1|9|5]CBA> pretty much Appocomaster yeh
<+[1|9|4]aMtlMan> A cool and active GAL is what playing PA makes or breaks as a GAME
<@Appocomaster> perhaps having all your planets in a few galaxies isn't so lucky all the time, I guess :)
<+[1|9|5]CBA> [27] <[Orb]Mem[KB]> cluster nap made u win :P
<+[1|9|5]CBA> oh yeh this
<+[1|9|4]aMtlMan> No one wants to be bashed or raped or farmed, if that happens MOST QUIT
<+[1|9|5]CBA> we had a cluster nap which pretty much suited our gal
<@Appocomaster> you weren't even NAPed to 1:1 :(
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> i'm just gonna paste something cos my little son just woke up
<+[1|9|5]CBA> we just broke nap etc and no one really got punished for it:P
<@Appocomaster> ok
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> lol we weren't nap'd to many appoco
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> so thanks everyone i gotta run
<@Appocomaster> but 1:1!
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> I just have a few thanks, firstly thank to all WP for giving me not only a great round but also some new friends ? scanners DC’s HC’s and peons alike
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> All my gal
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> The 3 fleet defs towards the end and no attacking nights when we knew we had pr-lunched on us was excellent, and a special thanks must go to Game who did most of the Dcing on the incs.
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> Finally I have to say thank god I’ve finally managed to win a round, finished in second place gal on a few occasions, most forgettably last round when in 2:5 and caj got fleet caught.
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> This really does make all the sleepless nights worth it ?
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> Finally
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> [1|9|3]Hellfire asked me to say this for him
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> I've played every rnd for Wolfpack ever since r5, i'd like Thnx Wolfpack for a great place over the past years, especially the old core.
<@Appocomaster> woah
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> 2nd i'd like to thank spaceman for holding out with me for so many rounds (lost count), its the first one i failed to get my galaxy killed so i guess he is happy :-)
<+[1|9|4]aMtlMan> No I hit CIN when I got frustrated
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> last, 3 fleet galaxy defence ftw!
<+[1|9|4]aMtlMan> hehe
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> now get me that free credit ffs
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> apologies for the paste
<@Appocomaster> Cin had pretty good coverage
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> @P
<+[1|9|7]spaceman> i gtg but i wanna say thx foor the good round every body in my gal espiecaly game for orginising defence fleets
<@Appocomaster> :)
<+[1|9|5]CBA> ^^
<+[1|9|5]CBA> also
<+[1|9|7]spaceman> and benneh for the cr attacks even though hr capped all roids :p
<+[1|9|5]CBA> well done to 9:2 and 2:4, great games both of ya..
<@Appocomaster> good :)
<@Appocomaster> were there any others you wished to thank?
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> WOLFPACK
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> :)
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> thanks
<+[1|9|5]CBA> bah
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> think we've thanked most everybody privately lol, in case we have forgotten people
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> and all my gal mates rocked
<+[1|9|5]CBA> credit to our whole gal
<+[1|9|5]CBA> 100% from all enabled the win
<@Appocomaster> good :)
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> oh!
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> thanks benneh, for never teaming up w/ me like you said you were going to :(
<+[1|9|1]Zeb> excellent cross defending and no one complaing when not covered
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> we still came in 1st ;)
<@Appocomaster> he did pretty well :(
<@Appocomaster> LOL
<+[1|9|4]aMtlMan> A specail thanks to : "<[VsN]tobbe> THANK ME CBA OR AMTLMAN!"
<+[1|9|5]CBA> hahaha
<+[1|9|5]CBA> love ya benneh u nuub
<+[1|9|5]CBA> rofl!
<+[1|9|5]CBA> hahaha
<+[1|9|4]aMtlMan> And he just PMed me, the RASH is NOT Contageous
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> oh, and thanks to 10.6.2 for attacking us nonstop for the last 4 days after i landed 2 waves on him
<+[1|9|5]CBA> anyways good round:D
<+[1|9|4]aMtlMan> Thanks tobbe
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> we should thank cluster 1 for some easy roids too
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> got plenty of def xp off that :)
<@Appocomaster> lol
<@Appocomaster> ok :)
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> and that too apu :)
<+[1|9|5]CBA> oh yeh he deserved a mention:P
<+[1|9|1]Zeb> yeah 10:6:2 deserves a persistence award
<@Appocomaster> fair enough!
<+[1|9|5]CBA> oh wait 1 more thing
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> lol
<+[1|9|5]CBA> aMtlMan did good at start suggesting what ships to build etc for gal deffed, worked well until middle of round when we just stocked..
<+[1|9|5]CBA> thanks vision for not demoting me this round btw:P
<@Appocomaster> a lot of stockpiling seems to be going on!
<+[1|9|5]CBA> true
<+[1|9|1]Zeb> lower the stock pile limit
<+[1|9|5]CBA> not as much as greenhills lol
<@Appocomaster> lol
<+[1|9|5]CBA> oh and also
<@Appocomaster> we'll see what happens :)
<+[1|9|5]CBA> we had more incs then all the other gals
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> yeah ^^
<@Appocomaster> ok
<+[1|9|1]Zeb> i lost more roids than everyone in gal
<@Appocomaster> well, thanks to you all :)
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> was nice seeing allies give up on hitting us
<+[1|9|1]Zeb> :P
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> i think you guys have had your 5 minutes of fame
<+[1|9|2]Zaejii> after landing like 2 waves outta 30 :)
<@Appocomaster> :p
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> move on to the winning alliance now Appoco
<+[WP][1|9|10]Apu> :)
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vvvvvv [1|9|12]Au[ToF] [1|9|1]Zeb [1|9|2]Zaejii [1|9|3]Hellfire [1|9|4]aMtlMan [1|9|5]CBA] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vvv [TGV]dan [ToF]chaddy [WP][1|9|10]Apu] by Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> thanks ;)
<@Appocomaster> as prompted, finally, Wolfpack, who won by quite a large margin
-!- mode/#planetarion [+vvv [WP]NitinA [WP]Rabbagast [WP]M0shy] by Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> congratulations guys!
<+[WP]M0shy> thanks Appocomaster
<+[WP]NitinA> thanks
<@Appocomaster> a 70 mil victory margin
<@Appocomaster> that's quite hefty
<+[WP]M0shy> it is yeah
<@Appocomaster> how did you do it?
<+[WP]NitinA> Good planning
<@Appocomaster> going into the round, you were one of the three major alliances along with CT and Angels, I think it's fair to say?
<+[WP]M0shy> that was our analysis yes
<+[WP]NitinA> Yeah, Id say that was the idea
<@Appocomaster> so talk us through some of what happened
<+[WP]NitinA> We basically had a plan politcally to just be as flexible as possible, prepare for the worst and hope for the best
<+[WP]NitinA> We tried to emphasize value within the alliance, and the importance of it
<+[WP]NitinA> In the end our value protected us and allowed us to outgrow the competition
<+[WP]M0shy> it all started about 2 weeks from the end of r20
<+[WP]NitinA> Only planets with a value below the alliance average (3436435) and a score below the alliance average (4432033) are eligable for development donations.
<+[WP]NitinA> our avg value within tag is larger than all but asc/wp's avg score
<+[WP]NitinA> *from tag stats
<+[WP]NitinA> statisticks
<+[WP]NitinA> however you spell that
<+[WP]NitinA> :s
<@Appocomaster> stats ;)
<+[WP]NitinA> yes :p
<+[WP]NitinA> value > * ;p
<@Appocomaster> XP was certainly less noticable
<+[WP]M0shy> the members have all been waitin for nit to say that
<@Appocomaster> it was certainly true this round :)
<+[WP]NitinA> Definantintly
<+[WP]M0shy> definite improvement from last round
<+[WP]M0shy> value > xp
<@Appocomaster> is it for the best, in terms of alliances?
<+[WP]NitinA> yes, for teamplay
<+[WP]M0shy> wp is a community
<+[WP]M0shy> and teamplay is our strength
<+[WP]M0shy> so it was pretty useful for us yes
<+[WP]NitinA> whereas asc have 17 in the top 100 and about 23 in the top 100 value, we have 19/36 in the top 100/200 value
<+[WP]NitinA> as far as the round politically goes theres a few things id like to say
<@Appocomaster> were there any particular moments that stood out in the round? major turning points, decisions that you or another alliance made that really changed the outcome?
<@Appocomaster> I was just asking :p
<+[WP]NitinA> hehe
<+[WP]M0shy> major turning point was r20 Appocomaster
<+[WP]M0shy> when vargon said "shall we do one more round of wp?"
<+[WP]M0shy> p.s. happy birthday vargon <3
<+[WP]NitinA> heh
<@Appocomaster> hehe
<+[WP]NitinA> Angels - fought a good war, very active in launch/recalls/fcs/etc. I think they flexed their military might very well. CT played a good round as well, though there were some fiery crashs from them more than any other
<+[WP]M0shy> ct did keep the fight up longer though tbh
<+[WP]NitinA> We were a lot down on roids for a long stretch of the round, angels/ct consistantly had more roids than us for 2/2.5 weeks stright and continued hitting us, but we kept outscoring them
<+[WP]NitinA> we had 1 NAP this round, with subh which helped
<+[WP]NitinA> subh didnt coop't attacks with us, ND did vs CT for a while, but things went a bit sour in our relationship
<@Appocomaster> were you behind the Ascendancy hits towards the end?
<@Appocomaster> they lost a lot of roids, and you seem to have gained quite a few...
<+[WP]NitinA> We hit a few strategic Asc targets (2.4, as we prefered the wp gal to win), "tantamount" to planet targeting (according to jesterina)
<+[WP]NitinA> a pnap breaker
<+[WP]NitinA> etc.
<+[WP]Rabbagast> you can thank Alki for that..
<+[WP]Rabbagast> :P
<+[WP]M0shy> want to mention another alli we worked closely with all round
<+[WP]M0shy> LOST
<@Appocomaster> ranked 19th/
<+[WP]M0shy> rabba decided to take them under his wing
<+[WP]M0shy> and pass on some of his expertees
<+[WP]M0shy> gd fun
<+[WP]NitinA> yeah
<@Appocomaster> did you act together?
<@Appocomaster> or were you completely separate apart from guidance?
<+[WP]NitinA> nah, we'd get scans for them, help them with intel, etc
<+[WP]M0shy> did a little shakespeare, but that was all
<+[WP]Rabbagast> =)
<@Appocomaster> :)
<+[WP]Rabbagast> Lost was great
<+[WP]Rabbagast> cool ppl
<+[WP]NitinA> and HR invited us to "w00fage", and mass waved Rabba at the end,they deserve props for that loln
<@Appocomaster> lol
<+[WP]Rabbagast> lol yeah
<@Appocomaster> did anyone in particular stand out in WP to help get you to the top and keep you going until the end?
<+[WP]NitinA> Yeah definantly
<+[WP]Rabbagast> thanks for the letting WP playing w00fage with us :)
<+[WP]NitinA> Teddy/Antigone/ReaperSix on BC side
<@Appocomaster> it'd have been easy to rest and relax once you got quite a big lead
<+[WP]Rabbagast> and for my special apreciation at the last tick :P
<+[WP]NitinA> Vargon on intel side
<+[WP]NitinA> darky/kjelle on tech side
<+[WP]M0shy> we wouldnt let them do that Appocomaster - we called / sms'ed everyone the last few nights to attack/defend :P
<@Appocomaster> I'm sure you were popular
<+[WP]NitinA> for DCs, Cead doing incredible work, and mista/antigone aswell
<@Appocomaster> are you going to play next round?
<@Appocomaster> or take a break?
<+[WP]NitinA> *cue drum roll*
<+[WP]M0shy> the million dollar question
<@Appocomaster> indeed
<+[WP]M0shy> we've already informed our members
<+[WP]NitinA> WP won't be playing round 22
<@Markb> aww :(
<+[WP]NitinA> I'm retiring, personally
<+[WP]M0shy> im going inactive, personally
<@Appocomaster> for the summer, at least, that's understandable
<@Appocomaster> a few people go to this strange "outside" place for the summer :(
<+[WP]Rabbagast> on the topic - I'm also retiring
<+[WP]M0shy> yes, finish my degree next week, so its summer party time, all invited
<@Appocomaster> I have to wait until september :(
<@Appocomaster> well, congratulations
<+[WP]M0shy> :(
<@Appocomaster> :)
<+[WP]NitinA> thanks :)
<+[WP]NitinA> take care PA!
<+[WP]NitinA> and <3 all to Wolfpack
<+[WP]M0shy> everyone keep an eye on their email
<@Appocomaster> I'm sure many people will try and step up and match your achievements this round
<+[WP]NitinA> wait!
<+[WP]NitinA> i almost forgot one more group
<@Appocomaster> and such a change in members might cause a few other alliances to change too :)
<+[WP]NitinA> our scanners, esp. adama/pelennor!
<+[WP]NitinA> maxing out amps ftw
<+[WP]M0shy> yeah they were a great resource
<+[WP]M0shy> i remember adama's kids gettin a lie in many mornings cos i needed more scans done
<@Appocomaster> lol
<+[WP]M0shy> big <3 to the whole hc team btw
<+[WP]NitinA> yeah definantly
<@Appocomaster> great
<+[WP]M0shy> only three of us talking tonight
<+[WP]NitinA> but it was a team effort
<@Appocomaster> yes, there's a fair few more of you :)
<+[WP]M0shy> but excalibu|r, |darky|, Vargon and Catwoman have done amazing too
<+[WP]Rabbagast> it wouldn't be possible without them
<+[WP]Rabbagast> Vargon made us all come together tbh
<+[WP]Rabbagast> and made us play again
<@Appocomaster> for "one more round"
<@Appocomaster> :)
<+[WP]Rabbagast> yeah
<+[WP]NitinA> heh yeah
<+[WP]Rabbagast> which has been great
<@Appocomaster> I think a few of us are familiar with that phrase ....
<+[WP]Rabbagast> I loved it :)
<@Appocomaster> including myself.
<+[WP]Rabbagast> even if I'm dead tired now tbh
<+[WP]Rabbagast> being sick to my guts
<+[WP]Rabbagast> heh
<@Appocomaster> you can have havoc off
<+[WP]NitinA> lol
<@Appocomaster> as a gift :p
<+[WP]M0shy> ty
<+[WP]NitinA> thanks PA team, without the game we couldn't play!
<@Appocomaster> thanks :)
<+[WP]Rabbagast> Happy BDAY Vargon
<+[WP]Rabbagast> yeah thanks to PA team ofc
<+[WP]Rabbagast> for putting up with everyons shit
<+[WP]Rabbagast> heh
<@Appocomaster> it's ok.
<@Appocomaster> I have to say a few more things now.. soo
<+[WP]M0shy> grats to 1:9 + top players
<+[WP]Rabbagast> I want to thank HR too one last time, our old allies of r13 and, and lon gtime friends
<+[WP]Rabbagast> thanks for your help this round :)
<+[WP]M0shy> and TY to all our members for fighting soo hard for us to spam here
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vvv [WP]M0shy [WP]NitinA [WP]Rabbagast] by Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> well, thanks to those WP HC :)
<@Appocomaster> Finally, a quick mention to those who got special roids
<@Appocomaster> these are the non 1:1 players who kept the roids for the longest. Unfortunately you're not trying nearly hard enough, and in a couple of cases we were first
<@Appocomaster> Pizi of Hidden Agenda, qtips of TGV, Hezrou of ND, oblivious of Ascendancy, sniper of SPQR and Nazqil of WP win credits for keeping the special roids for the longest
<@Appocomaster> (Crystal, Construction, Research, Production, Metal and Eonium respectively)
<@Appocomaster> I'd also like to say that Nazqil managed a quite shocking 1094 ticks with his special roid
<@Appocomaster> which i think is the longest anyone has ever held one
<@Appocomaster> finally, about Round 22
<@Appocomaster> we're keeping most of the beta testing private this round
<@Appocomaster> but if you wish to apply, please e-mail betatesters@planetarion.com with a description as to why you think you should be a beta tester
<@Appocomaster> preferably by monday evening
<@Appocomaster> and we'll get back to you on if you've made it or not :)
<@Appocomaster> it's easier keeping it smaller, and it means we have more focus than everyone just randomly testing
<@Appocomaster> we'll get news on the exact date of signups and round start ASAP, hopefully over the weekend, as well as details such as alliance limits
<@Appocomaster> but the XP formula will be staying the same
<@Appocomaster> and stats will probably be an iteration of the current ones
<@Appocomaster> buddy pack sizes will probably increase slightly too ;)
<@Appocomaster> we have a lot more interesting changes for the free round, but they'll be announced officially soon
<@Appocomaster> Finally, we just have the tag counting to do
<@Appocomaster> and with the help of my attractive assistant, Markb, we shall do so :)
<@Markb> :)
<@Markb> Right, here we go :)
<@Markb> so tag up!
<@Pea> Tags counted, scanned 525 nicks and found 49 different tags. 1 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<@Pea> #10. Tag: S, count: 15
<@Pea> #9. Tag: ND, count: 16
<@Pea> #8. Tag: Angels, count: 18
<@Pea> #7. Tag: VsN, count: 18
<@Pea> #6. Tag: ROCK, count: 20
<@Pea> #5. Tag: ORB, count: 23
<@Pea> #4. Tag: TGV, count: 25
<@Pea> #3. Tag: CT, count: 29
<@Pea> #2. Tag: ToF, count: 36
<@Pea> #1. Tag: WP, count: 52
<@Appocomaster> well, WP seem to have done as well here as everywhere else!
<@Markb> Congrats!
<@Appocomaster> congratulations, and I'll give you another credit
<@Appocomaster> :)
<@Appocomaster> for details on havoc, we've already announced them here
<@Appocomaster> the resources and asteroids will be added to the planet, not set
<@Appocomaster> and I'll attempt to have this all done in the next hour or so
-!- mode/#planetarion [-m] by Appocomaster
<@Markb> Thank you Appocomaster :)