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  • Round 58 Ticks Start: Friday 8th August 2014
  • Round 58 Ticks End: Friday 26th September 2014
  • Round 58 Havoc Ends: Thursday 9th October 2014

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Contest winners! and a general update

Hello everyone!

The new round is closing in, alarm clocks are being set, and excuses to stay at home from school/work are being made. And alas, the long awaited revealing of this rounds winners of the Stripcreator Contest is upon us.

I have to say, I had a lot of good laughs in this one, and whoever didn't win this time around, did by all means not make me laugh. But a winner had to be decided. Infact, 3 winners had to be decided! Each will walk away with a FREE credit for Planetarion R21!

The winners are:

First place! - Mordrek http://www.stripcreator.com/comics/Mordrek/387034

Mordreks entry displays everything that is wrong about Planetarion, but it also displays everything thats right about it! Set your priorities straight, save your planet! Congratulations Mordrek, for winning this rounds Stripcreator Competition

Second place! - [ND]Thrackan http://www.stripcreator.com/comics/Thrackan/386902

[ND]Thrackan here shows what most of us do every round, but rarely foresee. Its better to just close your eyes, hope for the best.........and rebuild your fleet. Congratulations [ND]Thrackan, as this rounds runner-up!

Third place! - spng http://www.stripcreator.com/comics/spng/386808

spng has his own newschannel. Where did he get it, and can I subscribe ? CNN is currently not announcing Planetarion, so this will have to do. Also goes great with Tivo. Congratulations spng, as this rounds third place winner of Stripcreator.

Congratulations everyone, I had many a great laugh, and as a extra bonus I can announce that all entries will be announced as a special bonanza later in the round!

Over to something completely different: Ive had a little chat with [LOST]BlitZ about LOST and everything in between. This interview will be posted tomorrow.

And as I am sure you have all been waiting for. JonnyBGood has posted section #2 of his 5 section article. The article can be found here and should tease the minds of just about everyone.

Have a good read everyone! And thanks for reading this announcement.

In the words of bugs bunny: Thats all folks!