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EoRC Round 20: 16/03/07

<@Appocomaster> Good evening everyone and welcome to the official Round 20 End of Round Ceremony :)
<@Appocomaster> firstly, thanks for so many of you turning up - we've not seen 500 people since we got a few globals out for a CH, I believe
<@Appocomaster> ok, I'll just wait :)
<@myk> Wow, a lot of people joining, very nice to see :)
<@Appocomaster> right, thanks for everyone who's turned up :)
<@Appocomaster> firstly, we'd like to make a few announcements before we welcome the winners to the stage
<@Appocomaster> firstly, we'd like to announce that myk has taken over officially as head of support
<@myk> Thank you :)
<@myk> I have produced some very good support documents which you will find taking over most of the Manual for R21
<@myk> in the areas which #support get a lot of questions in
<@myk> if you do find anything you wish added to the manual or if you want to join the support team, please let me know, i'm usually online :)
<@myk> okay that's me done on the head of support :)
<@Appocomaster> secondly, we'd like to announce that Assassin has decided to step down as head of Multihunting due to a lack of time (RL sucks sometimes :().
<@Appocomaster> Fiery, his deputy, will take over from him as Head of MH
<@Appocomaster> if you'd both like to say something? Assassin?
<@[Angels]Assman> Well, not much. Was an interesting round to watch. Was good been back for one round but
<@[Angels]Assman> im sure fiery will do great
<@[Angels]Assman> :)
<@[Angels]Assman> (and btw like my tag?) ;)
<@[Angels]Assman> but thats all
<@Appocomaster> Fiery's just woken up, she's probably not quite awake yet :p
<@Fiery> http://pirate.planetarion.com/showt...425#post3098425
<@[Angels]Assman> Says you
<@myk> :)
<@Fiery> I'm also cranky
<@Appocomaster> efficient :)
<@myk> lol
<@Appocomaster> anything else, Fiery?
* @Fiery cuddles all the people who just pm'ed
<@Fiery> I'm done and going to work now, thanks hugsNkissesLaters
<@Appocomaster> bye :)
<@myk> seeya Fiery :D
<@Appocomaster> lastly, we'd like to welcome Idler to fill the post of the head of the portal
* Appocomaster sets mode: +v Idler
<@Appocomaster> he's taken over from Chef, who left recently
<@Fiery> And you may NOT take my shoes, Bella
<+Idler> Hello everyone
<+Idler> I'd like to start off by thanking the PA team for this great chance to make a contribution to this great community
<@myk> Great to have you on the team Idler :)
<+Idler> thankyou :)
<+Idler> I have employed a few great writers to my team, whom will all be presented in due time on the portal
<+Idler> Angryduck has already started off with a nice column, about HC'ing
<+Idler> We will in the coming days post new and interesting reads, player interviews, regular columns, the works
<+Idler> in a weeks time I will be posting the First of a 12 series planetarion epic Ive been working on for the last month, so I hope you will all have a nice read :)
<+Idler> And last
<+Idler> I have a competition to announce
<+Idler> in the spirit of Planetarion, and all the comedy value that is out here, we will be holding a stripcreator contest. Where the 3 best, and obiously funniest, strips, will each be rewarded one credit each for the forthcoming round
<+Idler> www.stripcreator.com <- entries can be mailed to Idler@planetarion.com
<@Lunar_Lamp> We in PAteam are really looking forward to Idler's contribution, as his enthusiasm for the project is immense, and that has enabled him to recruit top quality contributors.
<@Lunar_Lamp> :-)
<+Idler> why thankyou :)
<+Idler> Well, as I've said. Times are looking good for the portal, and I hope that me and my gang can interest everyone with our contributions
<@Appocomaster> I'm sure you'll do well :)
<+Idler> If you want to contribute, have any questions, or anything really, Im always on irc
<+Idler> thankyou, and have a nice r21 :)
<@Appocomaster> now, if anyone hasn't rushed off to start their comic, we'll start with the ceremony :)
<@Appocomaster> the top 3 planets this round, DeLoS, Game and Alki :) All of Ascendancy... which is the first time at least in recent rounds where all planets have come from the same alliance
<@Appocomaster> congratulations
<+DeLoS> thank you
<+[12-1-3]Game> it was all planned of course
<+DeLoS> =)
<@Appocomaster> totally!
<+[12-1-3]Game> we had meetings for weeks about it
<+[12-1-3]Game> how best to exploit xp etc
<@Appocomaster> of course :(
<+Alki> sup gays
<@Appocomaster> we'll have to change all the rules for next round
<@Appocomaster> Alki :(
<@Appocomaster> you don't have to be present in more than spirit :p
<+[12-1-3]Game> Appocomaster, yeah ive heard rules have been changed to stop the impact of Asc before
<@Appocomaster> ah, a helpful person joins with a relevant nickname
<+[12-1-3]Game> maybe people should join us up here, where the high bar is :)
<+Alki> heh game tagged
<+Alki> :(
<+DeLoS> hehe :P
<@Appocomaster> nothing wrong with tagging
<+DeLoS> i was pre-tagged \o/
<+[12-1-3]Game> dont you have a list of questions appoco :(
<@Appocomaster> so, when did you feel it was going to turn into an ascendancy race?
<+[12-1-3]Game> organisation :(
<@Appocomaster> yes :p
<+[12-1-3]Game> when we screwed Caj
<+Alki> apparently xp sucks
<@Appocomaster> that must be a technical term
<+[12-1-3]Game> we got 8 alliances to attack caj
<+[12-1-3]Game> was prefectly planned :)
<+DeLoS> caj spending when having uncovered incs from cardi, really opened the round up
<+Alki> ty forest
<@Appocomaster> apparently Forest likes to get involved in these things :)
<+[12-1-3]Game> can we just say a big thank you to forest though Appocomaster
<+DeLoS> ;)
<+[12-1-3]Game> he helped us through it all
<+DeLoS> hehe, indeed ;)
<+Alki> yeah
<@Appocomaster> did you not ever feel that alliances would target you in a similar way?
<+Alki> we needed one man, and by gum he was the wone
<+Alki> -w
<@Appocomaster> if one top planet has been taken down, why not another?
<+DeLoS> not really
<+[12-1-3]Game> Appocomaster did you not hear the part where we planned?
<+DeLoS> never had 3k roids to loose
<+[12-1-3]Game> we had no fleet to kill
<@Appocomaster> yes, but not just one person can plan
<@Appocomaster> true :)
<+DeLoS> not much fleet to kill either.. ofc some, so a fleetcatch wouldn't have been too nice, but
<+DeLoS> generally; no
<+Alki> id not like to be thrown in with these xp whores tybm
<+[12-1-3]Game> the round being 7 weeks long meant XP would win
<+DeLoS> hehe Alki
<+[12-1-3]Game> i guess people cant read simple figures :(
<+[12-1-3]Game> hardly mine and delos' fault :(
<+Alki> yeah game planned this
<@Appocomaster> what do you feel about the general disapproval of xp?
<+DeLoS> i'm glad i browsed planetarion.com one shiny day, and noticed something about a new race :P
<+[12-1-3]Game> Appocomaster i understand it
<@Appocomaster> that was my fault :(
<+Alki> :hifive:
<+Alki> he intended playing for xp after he exiled for not recieving defence
<+DeLoS> tbh, i must admit; i prefer valueplaying
<+[12-1-3]Game> XP in its current form is most certainly wrong
<+[12-1-3]Game> and yeah, same as DeLoS
<@Appocomaster> well, as you were in fact a free planet DeLoS, that surely encouraged xp playing a bit more?
<+DeLoS> zik ftw etc :P
<+DeLoS> hehe \o/
<+DeLoS> well
<@Appocomaster> (congrats, you don't have to be a free planet next round :P)
<+Alki> id join in more but cgi irc is dying
<+DeLoS> (:D)
<+Alki> also the fact i came 3rd i think the whole internet is imploding somewhere
<+DeLoS> i don't know if it encouraged more xp-playing per se
<+[12-1-3]Game> can i just point something out
<+[12-1-3]Game> no-one would upgrade DeLoS
<+[12-1-3]Game> so really its the uni's fault :(
<+DeLoS> it just turned out this way, with the stats (which i didnt even look at before signup up right before shuffle)
<@Appocomaster> I think most other top planets got upgraded - he was the only one in the top 200+
<+DeLoS> i just chose the new race tbfh, wanted to try something new
<+Alki> we found a credit for him yesterday
<+DeLoS> lol game
<+Alki> but he didnt want to use it
<@Appocomaster> well, after coming so far..
<+DeLoS> i've had many people asking me if i wanted to be upgraded; turned them all down tho
<+DeLoS> i wanted to see how far i could go, being a free planet
<+DeLoS> apparently, i could go all the way \o/
<+[12-1-3]Game> DeLoS, you are again under playing the role of forest in all this
<+[12-1-3]Game> can we have forest voiced Appocomaster?
<+[12-1-3]Game> without him, we wouldnt be here
<+[12-1-3]Game> he made US look good
<+[12-1-3]Game> :(
<+DeLoS> nah i dont, and i'm perfectly aware of that game
<+Alki> i made myself look good
<+DeLoS> i wouldn't have won, hadn't that raid gone down
<+Alki> can i just state i wasnt top 100 5 days ago
<+DeLoS> Alki ftw =)
<@Appocomaster> I can't start voicing people really :p
<+[12-1-3]Game> can i just state Alki is black also
<+DeLoS> <Appocomaster> I think most other top planets got upgraded - he was the only one in the top 200+ - cool ;P
<+[12-1-3]Game> GO COMMUNITY SPIRIT!
<@Appocomaster> ok :)
<+Alki> can you stop nick talking my irc is dying:(
<@Appocomaster> cgi irc should come with a nick ignore
<@Appocomaster> well, if that's it? we'll move on to the winning galaxy :)
<+[12-1-3]Game> again
<+DeLoS> actually
<+[12-1-3]Game> thank you forest
<+[12-1-3]Game> <3
<+DeLoS> i would like to send out some gratitudes
<+DeLoS> while i'm here for a change
<+Alki> i need to thank some people
<+Alki> 10 9 10
<+DeLoS> (alki can go first)
<+[12-1-3]Game> if were thanking planets for roids, 1:5:8 tops mine :D
<@Appocomaster> heh
<+Alki> and still didnt finish top100
<+Alki> you attacked me for 10 days straight or something stupid
<+Alki> :salute:
<+DeLoS> lol
<@Appocomaster> any thanks for help?
<+Alki> also #excessum <3
<+[12-1-3]Game> yeah in all serious
<+Alki> and stoom you owe me $10 for beating you
<+DeLoS> (i have, just waiting for alki and game to finish theirs)
<@Appocomaster> :)
<+[12-1-3]Game> thanks to JBG, h1tman, benneh and all the other guys that did scans for asc
<+Alki> oh apprently it was 10 6 10
<+Alki> not 10 9 10
<+[12-1-3]Game> and also thanks to Munin :)
<+Alki> (sorry 10 9 10)
<+DeLoS> while we're speaking of #excessum tho; newt, you suck ;D
<+[12-1-3]Game> we owe it all to Munin :)
<+[12-1-3]Game> also, jer sucks, and he will never have a top planet :(
<@Appocomaster> awww that's mean !
<+DeLoS> lol
<+Alki> yeah scanners were ace
<+DeLoS> idd
<@Appocomaster> ok? we have to move on to to the galaxys now :)
<@Appocomaster> thanks though
<+DeLoS> no
<+[12-1-3]Game> Alki has some escort planets to thank AppocoAFK :(
<+DeLoS> me :S
<+DeLoS> First of all I want to direct my gratitude to the ones who believed in me, and my chance to win this.
<+DeLoS> Even at times, when things didn't look so good, you spurred me on, and made me continue my quest to win this round as a "freebee". Suffice to say, without the lot of you, I would never have achieved what I now have.
<+DeLoS> You all know who you are!
<@Appocomaster> ok, thanks
<+DeLoS> Some special thanks are in order though!
<+DeLoS> I'll start with jer, who got the ball rolling (or atleast; gave it a _very_ hard push), by setting up 2.5 for Ascendancy and others to hit. It was a great gesture, and was extremely appreciated. I'd also like to thank all those who participated in said attack :)
<+DeLoS> Furthermore I'd like to thank my GC and personal carebear Rul3r, for being such an outstanding guy and a great GC! Also provided tons of scans for me :D
<@Appocomaster> spam!
<+DeLoS> hell yeah, spam :D
<+DeLoS> As did my good friend elviz :) He's been in the frontline when it comes to getting me first. Especially the last fortnight has been great. I wonder how many scans you did the last two weeks? :S Roaches ftw! <3
<@Appocomaster> pfft
<@Appocomaster> ok :) thanks guys
<+Alki> omg delos you have a speech typed
<+DeLoS> I also have special thanks to direct to icewind and jupp^afk respectively, for lending me many helping hands in the last part of the round! ;)
<+DeLoS> I would never have made it without you! :salute:
<+DeLoS> yes alki, i do :S
<@Appocomaster> right, sorry but we do have to move on! :)
<@Appocomaster> next, the winning galaxy 15:6, who beat off some nice competition from C2
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> \o/
<+[15-6-01]Knight> :D
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> we'll make it brief guys dont worry:P
<@Appocomaster> who else is being voiced?
<+[15-6-14]Anti> :)
<+[15-6-03]cerv> Good game 2:5 well played guys
<+[15-6-07]zokka> who starts?
<+[15-6-01]Knight> ye idd
<+[15-6-01]Knight> uh
<+[15-6-07]zokka> yeah well done
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> jackies asking for a voice, even thou he turned up witha week togo
<+[15-6-03]cerv> we thought u had it
<+[15-6-07]zokka> I'd like to thank jer and his pals for their planning of the heroic attack on 2:5 when they had 20k roids.
<+[15-6-07]zokka> It was the catalyst that reanimated us into life since where all zombies in pa
<+[15-6-03]cerv> so respect
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> Finally rank 1, this game is so easy :p
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> shh jackie nub:<
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> Firstly i wanna thank ND (specially the scanners, who are without a doubt the best in universe), and the other alliances that occasionally defended us.
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> Best Exile I ever did :)
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> !
<+[15-6-07]zokka> sorry for chrnox who just missed out on top 100 again
<+[15-6-07]zokka> I'd like to thank 2:5 for putting up such a fight must be a wrench to finnish 2nd so late
<+[15-6-07]zokka> I'd also like to congrat them on their gender reassignment
<+[15-6-03]cerv> thank you to f-crew for donations of ships and salvage
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> lol hey zokka that line about 2:5 was mine:[
<+[15-6-07]zokka> sorry :D
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> i especially wanna thank caj in 2:5 tbh as hes a good friend and the REAL round winner :<
<+[15-6-03]cerv> big thanks to ROCK :)
<+[15-6-14]Anti> second that
<+[15-6-01]Knight> i'd like to thank my mum... ooh and my dad.....
<+[15-6-07]zokka> queen
<+[15-6-07]zokka> god
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> n 2:3 didnt do bad either :<
<+[15-6-07]zokka> appoco
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> I agree with Lukey on that, Caj played great
<+[15-6-14]Anti> value > *
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> I actually wanna thank everyone in this galaxy (shocker)
<+[15-6-14]Anti> <3 Caj
<+[15-6-03]cerv> and guys come get us in havoc :)
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> Even though I joined late
<+[15-6-01]Knight> yeah i agree with lukey bout caj
<+[15-6-11]CX> ty Appocomaster
<+[15-6-06]Neppy> I would like to thank Lyrastar for a sweet scanning
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> Also a big gratz to my 'padawans' arc and aiden for coming 10th and 24th! Gj guys<3!
<+[15-6-06]Neppy> and Silverace for getting second
<+[15-6-11]CX> I wanna thank VisioN for accepting me, and giving me a chance to play with them. They got some great players who even deffed me when I didn't have enough points, but that's prolly cus I'm teh cute ^^
<+[15-6-07]zokka> i'd like to thx omen for being so great to me
<+[15-6-07]zokka> and letting me dc
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> nice big of thanks spam here, who cares :<
<+[15-6-12]Sven> I'd just like to throw in my thanks to CT for taking in me and my old BG remnants this round :)
<+[15-6-01]Knight> who can i thank? :o
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> I wanna thank Orbit, they accepted me when I had a really tiny score
* +[15-6-03]cerv thanks rock and my freinds in 15:6 who worked hard to def me
<+[15-6-01]Knight> i'd lile to thank my galmates only :D
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> oh and btw
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> Orbit Congratz on gettin 6th
<+[15-6-11]CX> idd, well done Orbit
<+[15-6-11]CX> :)
<+[15-6-12]Sven> and to the other in 15:6 for letting a poor old exiler to stay in :))
<+[15-6-01]Knight> everyone helped out get 1st and we all did well
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> tbh im glad we didnt finish 2nd.. as both me and jackie have been in the #2 gal 3 times before.. makes a nice change to actually win it xD
<+[15-6-01]Knight> group hug!
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> group hug!
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> oh and i wanna slap knight for being idle
* +[15-6-03]cerv hugs knight
<+[15-6-14]Anti> I'd like to thank Destiny and the heads behind it: Pathogen,Caj,Bronto, special thanks to Mista,Cowmando and Teddy_Bear
* +[15-6-02]Lukey slaps [15-6-01]Knight around a bit with a large trout
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> yea, i have never seen such an inactive GC
<+[15-6-08]arc> !take 3:2
<+[15-6-08]arc> oh shit wrong channel
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> nub
<@Appocomaster> lol arc!
<+[15-6-01]Knight> lol
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> oh and
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> but
<+[15-6-01]Knight> fo jackie
<+[15-6-06]Neppy> i seond that Antigone
<@Appocomaster> pay attention
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> aiden is awesome, go recruit him next round!
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> Appoco got Questions?
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> ;p
<+[15-6-03]cerv> yh
<+[15-6-14]Anti> attacks are off arc:o
<+[15-6-01]Knight> u come in 3 days ago to the gal and think u can even speak
<@Appocomaster> er...
<+[15-6-07]zokka> where being accused off babbling :D
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> yeah
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> lets stfu
<+[15-6-11]CX> he prolly wonders why you guys didn't exile me
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> sssst Knight, they don't know im inactive!!!
<@Appocomaster> I don't think I've ever seen anyone come here and just speak so much so quickly
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> wanna move on appco?:<
<+[15-6-12]Sven> and once again, a thanks to Forest, for being a knob jockey (And giving us a hand on the gal win :P)
<+[15-6-03]cerv> Appocomaster ask away :D
<@Appocomaster> so when did you feel you were going to win? when 2:5 got hit hard?
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> yea to be honest
<+[15-6-14]Anti> you should have seen galchan last 30 mins appoco:(
<+[15-6-03]cerv> yep
<+[15-6-07]zokka> yes
<+[15-6-07]zokka> we did
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> oh and thanks to chronox for not exiling afte he threatened to do it about 20 times:<
<+[15-6-07]zokka> we had become inactive
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> CAJ, We couldnt have done it without you (not being rude here)
<+[15-6-11]CX> \o/
<+[15-6-07]zokka> chrnox threaten to exile
<+[15-6-03]cerv> we took advantage :P
<+[15-6-11]CX> <3 Lukey
<+[15-6-07]zokka> but we came alive then
<+[15-6-01]Knight> idd
* +[15-6-06]Neppy (~ndculver@neptizzle.users.netgamers.org) has left #planetarion
<+[15-6-11]CX> well, I still can't believe we ended #1, your all a bunch of noobs :P
<+[15-6-01]Knight> and we all tried hard then
<+[15-6-07]zokka> we all helped each ohter
<+[15-6-01]Knight> and did vwell
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> LukeyLove ty for giving me targets <3
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> yeah... there came a point in the round where we all started 3 fleeting...
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> and just fcked the roids:<
<+[15-6-14]Anti> <3 Pelennor our best scanner
<+[15-6-07]zokka> we lost so many roids too :D
<@Appocomaster> so you all decided to go for xp?
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> figured we couldnt win it by outvalueing 2:5
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> so went for xp
<+[15-6-07]zokka> yes
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> :/
<+[15-6-01]Knight> not all for xp
<+[15-6-07]zokka> cos there was no way we could match 2:5 for defence
<+[15-6-01]Knight> only those with lower values
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> which is hard for someone like me, im a value man thru and thru :<
<+[15-6-03]cerv> was a hard battle between 2:5 and 15:6 all the way
<+[15-6-14]Anti> we assigned some 3-fleeters
<+[15-6-14]Anti> worked quite nice
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> 2:5 had way better value, to conquer that we had to go xp
<+[DDK]Sven> some of us ended up XP'ing up after misreading scans and landing on more dealers than we thought... *cough*
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> <-- 3 fleet ftw
<@Appocomaster> these mistakes happen :)
<+[15-6-01]Knight> idd
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> think we're all done?:<
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> yea i think so
<+[15-6-08]arc> caj the best zik
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> i dont have more spam
<+[15-6-03]cerv> unless questions
<@Appocomaster> I think you covered most of it
<@Appocomaster> :)
<+[15-6-03]cerv> :)
<+[15-6-07]zokka> appoco thankyou
<+[15-6-03]cerv> ty again all of u
<+[DDK]Sven> one last comment from me
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> before i get too many pms about the blabber:<
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> Thanks everyone for playing !
<@Appocomaster> you're welcome :)
<+[DDK]Sven> Jezz is an utter gimp for dragging me back to PA
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> dont wanna sound like delos and chums *yawn*
<+[15-6-08]arc> and i would like to thanks lukeynub for bp-ing with me since im fairly to pa
<+[15-6-01]Knight> yeah ty everyone
<+[15-6-14]Anti> I want value next round>:(
<+[15-6-11]CX> I wanna thank Destiny ingal for Fleetcatching me when I said I would exile :P
<+[15-6-14]Anti> screw XP pls appoco
<+[15-6-03]cerv> Hope to see u all in battle
<+[15-6-01]Knight> lol CX
<+[15-6-03]cerv> :)
<+[15-6-03]cerv> gl
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> Thanks all and till next round!
<+[15-6-08]arc> and ofc all the destiny dc, shout out to mista speically
<+[15-6-11]CX> and Bashar for his great speech towards Destiny ingal
<+[DDK]Sven> value only and a longer round than 7 weeks, with decent stats please \o/
<+[15-6-03]cerv> ty appoco thats all
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> mista <3
<+[15-6-11]CX> which made em recall
<+[15-6-11]CX> someone voice Bashar, he deserves it
<+[15-6-07]zokka> Appocomaster thxs for xp
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> oh can i just say an FU to rasputin for turning me down on the bpack invitiation xD
<@Appocomaster> he's been idle about 8 days Chronox..
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> Congratz to Nazqil for getting a decent rank for the FIRST time :p
<+[15-6-08]arc> can u guys stop talking while im giving my speech, i cant type that fast
<+[15-6-08]arc> -__-
<+[15-6-07]zokka> shh
<+[15-6-03]cerv> lol
<+[15-6-14]Anti> nubs
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> bashars idle as usual :\
<+[15-6-11]CX> that's his nick at home
<+[15-6-01]Knight> shhhh for arc
<+[15-6-01]Knight> make way!
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> anyway appoco deop us :< the pressures getting to me
<+[15-6-11]CX> he comes online via laptop where ever he has inet
<+[DDK]Sven> lol arc, your as big a nub as gm :D
<@Appocomaster> arc?
<+[15-6-03]cerv> lol
<+[15-6-03]cerv> hes shy
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> arc is making up his speech right now
* boredstupid is now known as boozetime
<+[15-6-15]Jackie> he has nothing prepared
<+[15-6-08]arc> im done
* +[15-6-01]Knight drives over [ToF]Sover3igN
<+[15-6-01]Knight> nub
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> tbh its aidens 1st round
<@Appocomaster> lol
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> and he got 24th
<@Appocomaster> ok :)
<@Appocomaster> thanks then
<+[15-6-03]cerv> ok ty
<+[15-6-02]Lukey> thats pretty awesome iv gotta say
<+[15-6-14]Anti> ty
<@Appocomaster> finally, CT, one of a couple of new alliances this round :)
<+[CT]Sleepless> :)
<@Appocomaster> congrats :)
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> :)
<+[CT]alexis> thank you
<+[CT]Ace> thx
<+[CT]Sleepless> ty
<+[CT]alexis> duck first
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> ah ok
* Forest is now known as [CT[Forest
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> I'll try to be brief incase my fellow HC members would like to add anything. I feel like this was a complete and total team effort. Every member hit it hard every night, they grinded it out, and I couldn't be more impressed or proud of this team.
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> No one let roid loss get them down and no one put themselves in front of the team. Germania, Ace, Alexis, and Sleepless did an incredible job for CT as HC members, Bluey was incredible in working so hard recruiting wise, helping us put this team together.
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> Our scan team was terrific, and without that we are in a world of hurt, and certainly not here now. Our members have fought hard for this win. Each and every member rolled up their sleeves and pulled together to make it happen and as their Command Staff, we owe them all our thanks.
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> Also thanks to Bashar for his work getting our tech side sorted. Our two main opponents, Destiny and VGN kept the pressure on all round, the last week was extremely nerve racking.... our hats are off to their members and Command Staff.
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> thats my time :)
<+[CT]alexis> ok
<+[CT]alexis> thanks for the public service announcement
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> lol
<+[CT]alexis> what people might want to know. were we shitting it today?
<+[CT]alexis> yes we were. Thanks Destiny for that.
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> <---- ate all my wife's xanax
<+[CT]alexis> And I'f just like to say to all those who have been slagging this round off along with the top alliances. It was not boring for CT
<+[CT]alexis> as im sure it was not boring for the very capable competition
<+[CT]alexis> I'd just like to say thanks to everyone. Please contunue this game, and please PA crew do soemthing to make PAN come about
<+[CT]alexis> one final point from me
<+[CT]alexis> <+[12-1-3]Game> i guess people cant read simple figures :(
<+[CT]alexis> if there are no value players
<+[CT]alexis> XP does not work :p
<+[CT]alexis> so someone has to do YOUR dirty work
<+[CT]Ace> :)
<+[CT]alexis> congrats tho ;)
<@Appocomaster> what made you form this alliance in the first place?
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> well
<@[Angels]Assman> :)
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> I'd thought about it for a long time, but had no reason to quit 1up, and with no 1up, no exi, this round, we had all the right ppl available
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> the ppl I wanted on the HC team were open to it
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> so we went for it
<@[Angels]Assman> I wasnt :/
<@Appocomaster> so it was more a case of the right people and the right time?
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> lol
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> you made yourself unavailable
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> :P
<+[CT]Ace> and ofc it was amazing to see that happened what noone thought could
<+[CT]Ace> a mix of 1up and LCH
<+[CT]Ace> with a lot of other top players
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> add in the exi people, really ppl from all over the place
<+[CT]Ace> and funny enough
<@myk> [CT]Ace can I ask you how you felt this round went?
<+[CT]Ace> there was NO we are better stuff
<+[CT]Ace> myk
<+[CT]Ace> it was HARD
<+[CT]Ace> :)
<+[CT]Ace> but the ppl just kept going
<@myk> how so?
<+[CT]Ace> well if we look in our tool I see 1550 covered calls
<+[CT]Ace> and only god knows how many uncovered :)
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> we only defended from about the end of week 4
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> on
<+[CT]Ace> but I liked the team work in ct
<@myk> A lot of attacks against CT then :)
<+[CT]Ace> if we suggested something they went for it
<+[CT]Ace> well we all know how to play (right remy :) )
<+[CT]alexis> yes. we had more faith in HC direction and member dedication than we could ever ask for
<+[CT]Ace> he says I still cant play
<+Germania> We can definately thank the other alliances for not making it easy on us.
<+Germania> Never a moment where we could take it easy, we had to keep working to keep up
<@Appocomaster> are you looking to stay as a long term alliance?
<@Appocomaster> and play each round?
<+[CT]alexis> We'll be here next round. Our aim has always been long term
<+[CT]Ace> depends :)
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> LOL
<+[CT]Ace> change the XP first appoco :)
<@[Angels]Assman> ill look forward to it ;)
<@Appocomaster> :p
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> oh and Juppi is drunk, so be nice to him
<+Idler> I am glad that CT joined the game, you have been a very welcome addition guys :)
<@myk> Many people are drunk [CT]aNgRyDuCk
<@myk> :)
<@Appocomaster> or watching red nose day :(
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> I'm quit sure they are
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> lol
<+[CT]Ace> but like germ said hats off to dest and vgn the gave a good battle
<+[CT]Ace> and now a few days of sleeeep
<@Appocomaster> do you think that this round was more politics based than the recent ones, and do you think this will continue if it is?
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> well politics played a role in thew top 3 certainly
<+[CT]alexis> you're asking a new alliance that question
<@Appocomaster> yes, but you've all been in previous alliances
<+[CT]alexis> there's a definite problem when you only have three alliances in it
<@Appocomaster> Ace and aNgRyDuCk have certainly been well placed in previous rounds to comment :)
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> I think politically moves were made, that changed the direction of the top 3
<+[CT]alexis> it's like playing risk with 2 other people
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> from time to time
<+Germania> I wouldnt say it was more politics based, but the fact that there were 3 alliances that all could roid well meant politics was vital to the small differences that decided the round
<+[CT]alexis> the winner at any point is always hit by the others
<@myk> If it wasn't politically based why wasn't there a war between VGN and CT during the Desting/CT war as we all know there was an agreement there?
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> well during the first part of the round
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> destiny came at us almost right out of protection
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> vgn did their own thing, or atleast wasnt on our radar heavily
<+Germania> Destiny and CT were at war pretty much the whole round except for a few days
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> as it turned out I believe they had a "avoidance" agreement
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> which got broken, causing hard feelings
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> at that point, VGN had a nice roid lead which had to be knocked down
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> so we got with destiny and roided them for a night
<@myk> Fair enough
<@myk> :)
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> but any of the 3 catching the right break politically cound be here talkign to you
<+Germania> and we all fought each other at one point or another
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> happened to be CT
<+Germania> which I think is a good thing
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> but we chose to make the political moves we made, when we made them
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> so ofc we are hjappy with those choices
<@Appocomaster> could you have chosen better in hindsight at all?
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> I think we made the right moves at the right time
<+[CT]alexis> I think it's fair to say you saw very few long term commitments this round and the politic was very fluid
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> and pulled the trigger on VGN at the right time
<+[CT]alexis> <@Appocomaster> could you have chosen better in hindsight at all? <-- we won. maybe, maybe not. it's not too important.
<@Appocomaster> true!
<@Appocomaster> well, thanks guys :) if that's it?
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> :)
<+[CT]alexis> oh
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> thankyou, and we look forward to 21
<+[CT]alexis> <@[CT]Bluey> tell the alliance i love them for me!
<@Appocomaster> hehe
<+[CT]aNgRyDuCk> :)
<+Idler> looking forward to seeing you there Angryduck :)
<@Appocomaster> thanks to CT :)
<@Appocomaster> Finally, I'd like to congratulate ShiningYoshi (12:6:10), Nazqil (2:3:5), horn (10:6:2), candyman (5:9:7), Prez (14:9:1) and Titos (6:8:14) on holding onto their respective golden asteroids for the longest over the course of the round.
<@Appocomaster> they'll all receive a free credit
<@Appocomaster> I'd also like to briefly comment on xp and stats, especially etd
<@Appocomaster> we will be adjusting xp (back to a previously used formula, from round 18 I believe), which will again lower xp relatively to what it is now
<@Appocomaster> we've also redone stats, and hopefully these will be more balanced
<@Appocomaster> more news about this all soon
<@Appocomaster> also, apoligies to DeLoS as apparently I cut short his pasting
<@Appocomaster> he's abbreviated this to:
<DeLoS> my gal: Sovereign, Rul3r, Garm, nin4th, Freedom, anImaru, Kandinsky, ot8, Darknight, Spng and nexiva :D
<DeLoS> also thanks to ascendancy, jester and rob for 'running' it, heartless, jbg, benneh etc for scans, Munin for being the best ever <3
<DeLoS> and to various ppl in ascendancy, #theuntouchables for helping me with targets and stuff
<DeLoS> and last but not least:
<DeLoS> In closing, I have special greetings to Svenn and FIGJAM[GDL] - I made it! :D
<@Appocomaster> thanks for your patience and attention
<@Appocomaster> and I'll try and get a log of this up with a relevant announcement tonight
<@Appocomaster> I forgot
<@Appocomaster> the allcomp!
<@Mark> \o/
<@Pea> Tags counted, scanned 560 nicks and found 55 different tags. 1 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<@Pea> #10. Tag: -SPQR-, count: 17
<@Pea> #9. Tag: ROCK, count: 18
<@Pea> #8. Tag: VGN, count: 21
<@Pea> #7. Tag: Des, count: 24
<@Pea> #6. Tag: VsN, count: 26
<@Pea> #5. Tag: Orb, count: 27
<@Pea> #4. Tag: FC, count: 30
<@Pea> #3. Tag: ToF, count: 36
<@Pea> #2. Tag: ND, count: 36
<@Pea> #1. Tag: CT, count: 39
<@Mark> Congrats CT :)
<@Appocomaster> well, congratulations to CT
<@Appocomaster> who won this as well :)
<@myk> Yes!