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Taking over the helm

Hello everyone!

I have been so fortunate to be asked to relieve Chef as portal editor outside of PATeam. Chef unfortunately has retired from his position, but where one takes a leave; there are fortunately others to take his place.

To all the new faces, my internet nickname is Idler, but my real name is Tom Cato, I'm 24 years old and live in Oslo, Norway where I work as a tech consultant. I've been part of the community for... 7 years now, and I'm still enjoying every moment of it I started out in round 1. An eager teenager only looking for something to knock off an hour or two with, and apparently, it escalated into something that has been a pretty significant part of my every day life these last years.

Time with PA has been fun. I've been here when the player base was effectively the largest online game in the world. I was here when the giant alliances dominated the game, and I was around to see the continuous shift in power. The magic of PA is its ability to evolve, and that will continue for rounds to come. Many people here I like to call my friends, others have found someone to love, and others there again find people who make a boring day at work a lot more interesting. In short, this is a community that deserves some attention.

The portal will see a new sprout of activity. There are several exciting people who will be giving you the ins and outs of PAs every day life. There will be interview with the players who helped shape PA into what it once was, and what it has become. We will have competitions that suit the commoner, and a look back at PAs memorable history. In a short while a new Epic story will be written, deserving of Planetarions great potential for such a saga.

I am looking forward to working with the portal. I'm looking forward to yet another round and I'm looking forward to helping the community thrive as it should.

If anyone are interested in writing something for the portal, being it a guest column, storypage or any other related material, feel free to send me an email: Idler@planetarion.com , or contact me on IRC, nickname Idler.

I will see you all on the portal

- Idler