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  • Round 85 Ticks End: Friday 28th February 2020
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Round 20 Rules

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

We are coming up to round 20 once more and of course myself (Assassin) Has now returned as the head of MH. So here is the announcement of the rules that will be in force in Round 20. But first i have an announcement regarding one of the rules that has bin in place since round 16

Support Planet: Basically due to the re-introducing of clusters we have decided for this round we are going to remove the Support planet rule that has been in place since round 16. However, i want to stress, if we get the same actions enter the game again after removing this rule i will be forced to re-instate it. So lets please not make that happen. So from round 20 the Support planet rule has now bin removed. The rule has mainly been removed due to the fact with the current system allowing eta advantages it will be impossible to police this rule and put restrictions on clusters.


Exceptions are as follows: If your playing on the same computer/ip as someone else then YOU MUST apply for an exception. You do this via either sending an email to Assassin@planetarion.com, or you can come onto irc.netgamers.org and join the channel #multihunters messaging anyone with a + or a @ in front of their name. The information we would require are both user ids, both nicks of the people involved and how long you will be playing on the same ip (so for example the whole round, a day, a week etc etc) And we will then note all the details.

The MH Will flag both planets (or more) Under an exception. In this time though you cant attack each other. You cant constantly defend each other, keep it to a minimum.


The use of proxies have always been banned from PA. If we catch anyone using proxies without prior consent they will be closed. I am aware some people like to play PA from work/Schools and can only access it through proxies, but as I stated above you will need to again come and speak to a MH and verify this - if you don’t and we find you’re using a proxy you will be closed without warning.


Here below is a Copy of the EULA which you all sign I might add on the signup page so there is no excuse to not reading it. Here is the copy of the Rules Section:

18. Cheating
This section presents the rules for playing the actual Game.

18.1. Farming:
Farming is illegal. The definitions of farming are, but are not limited to:
(a) Attacking a target with his/her consent to get his/her asteroids/ships
(b) Defending against someone who is attacking with their consent to steal their ships.
(c) Abusing game features in order to gain excessive XP (e.g. roid farming)
(d) Doing either a, b or c by using multi-planets

18.2. Multiple Accounts / Account Sharing / Support Accounts:
Multi-ing, Account Sharing and Support Accounts are not allowed. The definitions are, but are not limited to:
(a) A multi is a player who owns more than 1 planet.
(b) If you create another Account and intend to still play the original Account, you are a multi.
(c) If you create another Account and use the old Account as a farm, you are a multi and a farmer.
(d) If there is more than one user actively playing Planetarion from your IP address, for example a friend or relative, this is fine. However, you must register for an exception to be placed on your account to avoid being closed. This exception will limit the interaction that can take place between the accounts and can be applied for on the preferences page in-game once signup has been completed.
(e) Account sharing is when one player has control over more than one Account during one round (i.e. has control over an Account that is not theirs). This control could be via password sharing or via any form of Trojan or Trojan like program.

18.3. Bots
Bots are not permitted to be used to access the game. Bot use is defined as, but not limited to:
(a) Using browser plug-ins that would make it easier for you to play the game
(b) Accessing the pages with another program (for example to check if you are under attack) ¿ see section 8.

18.7. Consequences of actions which are not allowed
(a) We reserve the right to determine how much evidence is required before action is taken
(b) Any such actions will result in a warning or closure (1) of your Account depending on the case.
(c) If your Account is closed you will be sent an automated message briefly stating the reason for the closure. If you wish to appeal against the closure contact the multihunter team in #multihunters. Upon completion of this appeal the decision to close the Account will be reviewed and one of a number of actions may result including but not limited to re-opening, deletion or other various punitive measures (2).
(d) Accounts are automatically deleted and will be unrecoverable after 10 days of closure.
(e) An Admin does not need concrete evidence of an offence in order to punish you, he/she just needs to have significant evidence to convince a normal person that an offence has been committed ¿ evidence is deemed to be anything logged by the Planetarion game server ¿ IRC logs cannot be used as evidence, but can be used to add context to a case.

(1) Account closure means it will not be possible to log into the account, fleets and covert operations cannot be directed at a closed Account. Upon closing all outgoing fleets will be automatically recalled, closed Accounts keep ticking (gaining resources, auto adjusting stealth/alert levels, etc) with the rest of the universe.
(2) Various punitive measures imply that the punishment is completely at the discretion of the Admins, it can vary from small score/ship/asteroid losses to full account closures depending on the situation.

18.8. Evidence of Cheating
(a) Use of proxies and anonymizers.
(b) All interaction between accounts in the presence of other evidence
(c) More than one account using the same IP
(d) Any logged Account behaviour which appears to demonstrate a form of farming.
(e) Shared registration information or preferences options from accounts in the presence of other evidence.
(f) False signup information will result in immediate closure.
(g) IRC logs can be used as evidence if they are supported by other evidence
(h) Potential evidence of cheating does not always mean your Account will be closed, if you feel you are doing something which may be regarded as cheating which is not covered by the in-game exceptions system on the preferences page, please register to be considered for an exception by emailing Assassin@planetarion.com.

Now this is the agreement above which is found on the signup page. This is what you agree to when you do indeed signup to the game. If you choose not to read this and you are then punished it is not our fault I am afraid. I am now posting it here so you are again aware and I will now go through some of the guidelines which I have bin told are not always made clear, these are going to be listed below with an explanation on what action will be taken:

(a) Use of proxies and anonymizers. - This as stated above in the 'Proxy' Section will result in closure unless we have spoken to you personally about why you need to use a proxy.
(b) All interaction between accounts in the presence of other evidence - Now this one has been mentioned before as not being clear. Interaction with an account sharing the same IP which isn’t allowed means you’re NOT allowed to attack the same planet. Defence also, will be looked into, if you defend a planet you are claiming to be your brother is saw as interaction, but this is allowed, however not constant defending. You're not allowed to attack an account sharing the same IP, that's also counts as an interaction. The MH's will see the evidence and base it on the actions to take. For example, if we see you have a few login times matching a planet with your ip, and you have defended him a fair few times and only him, you may only receive a warning and then if it continues without speaking to a MH you will then be closed. But if we find out you have bin attacking the same planets/galaxies as another sharing the same ip, based on the intensity of the case we may close you straight away.
(c) More than one account using the same IP - . I have explained this above. We do not stop players playing on the same ip as long as of course you make us aware of it and Stick to the limitations we set for you.
(d) Any logged Account behaviour which appears to demonstrate a form of farming.
(e) Shared registration information or preferences options from accounts in the presence of other evidence. - Accounts sharing the same IP and sharing the same Password will automatically be closed. Or any accounts with the same personal details (Same First and Last name). We make clear there is no need for anyone to have the same password as you, and this will result in closure.

Now one thing which is made clear in the EULA and on here is we will use the evidence and take the punishment as we see fit. We have been known in the past as a punishment for re-opening a planet if we have closed them and taken away roads/ships from them as a punishment. If it is a close and stay closed case they will ofc not be given this option.

The MH Code

The MultiHunter department is run by me as the Manager (Assassin), with Fiery as my deputy. We then have Cin, Remy, Ptraci, Exo, Chef, Squishy and Appocomaster that make up the rest of the team. We are here to prevent cheats from ruining the game for players who want to have fun and enjoy it. We are all here to make sure the winners of this game win it based on there skill and love for the game and not for cheating in some way. ALL of the MH team are trusted and will always listen to the community. If you suspect someone or want to speak about anything related to cheating or these guidelines feel free to drop by #Mulithunters on IRC and speak to one of us -as I said we are here to help. We will always be polite to you and treat everyone evenly. We never have a biased view on anyone, and I hope no one feels we have been biased towards them in the past. If you feel you have been wrongly closed for example you’re always welcome to a second opinion. So if for example one of my MH Team closes you and then tells you he won’t reopen you (as an example Remy) your then welcome to a second opinion by me or Fiery. I always listen to people before coming to a conclusion.

The MH team will always try their best. Please don’t forget we do this job out of our love for the game. We don’t get paid for it and we are only human. Don’t be surprised that there won't always be an MH on in the middle of the night and from time to time we may not always be their to help. But we will always trying to do our best for the game. And the community in general.

Discussing Cases

One thing I want to make clear is that cases will only be discussed with the person involved. So, if a HC of an alliance comes in to ask questions regarding a members closure we will not answer you. We have given leeway once before to speak to an alliance HC because the person we closed couldn’t speak English, but again that was an unusual circumstance and we gave permission for that. It’s only ever happened once also. But I am making this clear now so we don’t get people coming to the MH Team demanding why there members have been closed, as this will only be discussed with the planets involved.