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  • Round 63 Ticks Start: Friday 7th August 2015
  • Round 63 Ticks End: Friday 25th September 2015

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  • Round 63 - Risk and Reward: 115

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Pre Creators Hour Announcement

This is an update on the state of Round 19 on behalf of the PA Team.

After the reaction as to how high the alliance limit was, the number of members counting towards the alliance score has been changed from the top 70 to the top 60. The maximum number of members in the alliance remains at 80.

We've adjusted the current stats as follows:
Chimera int 7->8
Gryphon int 8->7
Wyvern: Armour 380->410 EMP Res 85->82
Dragon: Armour 440->470 EMP Res 87->85
Leviathon: Armour 425->460 EMP Res 87->86
Tarantula: Damage 60->55
Mantis: Armour 110-> 100
Phantom: Cost 210 each-> 220 each
Spirit: Cost 380 each->410 each
Wraith: Cost 470 each-> 490 each
Corsair: Int 6->5; EMP Res 83->86
Cutter: EMP Res 81->88, Armour 33->35
Clipper: Armour 70->76
Rogue: Armour 150->165
Pirate: Target Fr->Fi, EMP Res 72->76, Damage 180->200
Rogue Pirate name swap

To clarify a bit of confusion, the order/setup of research for scans is:
Surface Analysis (16 ticks) - enables Surface Scans
Technology Analysis (24 ticks) - enables Technology Scans
Unit Analysis (24 ticks) - enables Unit Scans
Decryption Algorithms (36 ticks) - enables News Scans
Warp Particle Detection (48 ticks) - enables Fleet Scans
Jumpgate Probing (64 ticks) - enables Jumpgate Probe Scans
Military Analysis (72 ticks) - enables Military Scans

The HCT is 16 technologies long, as in Round 18.
The Core Mining is 3 technologies long, as in Round 18.
With no "all" ship, the Ship tree only has 3 resources, as in Round 18.

Wave distorters can be built from tick 0.

Deputy Head of Operations