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EoRC Round 18: 1/9/06

<@Appocomaster> Good evening, everyone. According to me, it's 21:00 GMT, so it's about time to start
<@Appocomaster> firstly, thanks for everyone who's here - we've got an amazingly large % of the game here. It's nice to see so many, I'm not sure if we had nearly so many last round
<@Appocomaster> With quite an impressive lead, we have a clear winner this round
<@Appocomaster> Almedia pulled off a fairly strong win, with Caj and Ska leading the runners up
<@Appocomaster> congratulations to the three of you
<+[eX]Almeida> thank you
<+[1up]Ska> ty
<@Appocomaster> how did you manage to finish 4 million ahead, Almedia?
<@Appocomaster> that's quite a way
<+[eX]Caj> ta
<+[eX]Almeida> hm, i had a great alliance behinde me, a great gal and lots of luck
<+[eX]Almeida> from my first 15 attacks 2 got deffed which gave me quite a head start
<+[eX]Almeida> there's not really much i wanna say apart from some thank yous:
<+[eX]Almeida> a big thank you to eXilition who are giving me a great home since r13, without you this win would not have been possible
<+[eX]Almeida> love you guys
<@Appocomaster> [apparently someone doesn't love me :(]
<+[eX]Almeida> then i want to thank my galaxy which was a great place to be in this round
<+[eX]Almeida> special thanks go to caut who spent all his resources early in the game to save me from BS incs <3 you
<+[eX]Almeida> Ska: thank you for beeing a fluffy person in general and supporting me even though u have been a close runner up to #1 all the time
<+[1up]Ska> :)
<+[eX]Almeida> from non galaxy/ally i want to thank Benneh for cheering me up in PM quite often, Ziw and Bronto for the sexoring in PM ;)
<+[eX]Almeida> if i forgot someone, i am sorry, u know what all the beer did to my brain but same time you know that i wub you
<@Appocomaster> everyone blames the beer :(
<+[eX]Almeida> ^^
<@Appocomaster> last round it was responsible for a few missing faces, I think
<@Appocomaster> anyway, thank you Almedia :-)
<@Appocomaster> we'll come to Ska in a minute, but Caj managed to squeeze in between the two of you to stop a 1 and 2 of 2:7.
<+[eX]Caj> ;D
<@Appocomaster> you dived in at the last tick, it seems
<+[eX]Caj> spent on a few shippies ;p
<@Appocomaster> congratulations :-)
<+[eX]Caj> ty
<@Appocomaster> yes, you said you gained 1.5 mil score
<@Appocomaster> which is more than the whole of my planet score :(
<@Appocomaster> 3 times more, in fact
<@Appocomaster> that's a bit depressing, but oh well!
<+[eX]Caj> hehe
<@Appocomaster> you had quite a few roids for a zikonian planet
<@Appocomaster> is there any particular reason why?
<+[eX]Caj> well i like having a income ya know but main reason was excellent alliance behind me
<+[eX]Caj> cuppled with an excellent galaxy as well
<+[eX]Caj> i always like havin da rocks tho
<@Appocomaster> well, they obviously came in useful for all those ships
<+[eX]Caj> yeah definately ;)
<@Appocomaster> are there any thank-yous you'd like to give out to specific players?
<+[eX]Caj> gotta thank all exi for my rank without all brilliant dcs nitina mista pathogen stoom<3 and superdooper scanners like Odi Dead Ops and subzero ,
<+[eX]Caj> wudnt been possible
<+[eX]Caj> my gal m8s, vasquin, patho again, Captain(what a rock respect dude), Berns, theguardian and bwe533 , brilliant guys PA is all about the fun u hav during the journey
<+[eX]Caj> respect ;p
<+[eX]Caj> to biggin: you keep me on straight and narrow ty vm
<+[eX]Caj> Dav jackie lukey luved our fc races n value steals all the fun playin with u guys
<+[eX]Caj> antigone <3 :(
<+[eX]Caj> iz all..
<+[eX]Caj> :D
<+[eX]Almeida> <[eX]Caj> gotta thank all exi for my rank without all brilliant dcs nitina mista pathogen stoom<3 and superdooper scanners like Odi Dead Ops and subzero , <-- yes i have to agree, scanners rocked and Pathogen pulled fleets out of his ass to cover a fleetcatch attempt on me when i already gave it up
<+[eX]Caj> cataylsyt also
<+[eX]Almeida> and nitina, well crazy DCing as always :P
<+[eX]Caj> all my gal..cant say all ;D
<+[eX]Caj> yeah Almi :)
<@Appocomaster> well, yes. I think that a lot of the people here are waiting for a mention
<@Appocomaster> ;)
<+[eX]Caj> thx to you Appoco for your time :)
<@Appocomaster> that's ok. I was on holiday for 3 of the last 4 weeks
<@Appocomaster> In an island off scotland basically in the middle of nowhere. It wasn't totally stressful
<@Appocomaster> anyway :-) moving on, we come last but not least to Ska
<@Appocomaster> Dead_Ops, it's too late, they already thanked you :-)
<+[eX]Caj> scotland <3
<+[1up]Ska> welllllll
<+[1up]Ska> Id ofc like to thank the galaxy, everyone did awesome...and we had lots of newer players do well.
<+[1up]Ska> Raybone saved me with his gigantic dragon fleet more times than I can count.
<+[1up]Ska> and all other other active guys, randal, zokka, mighteh, caut, etc
<+[1up]Ska> and rshih so we had someone to make fun of
<@Appocomaster> it's nice to see that new players are very much involved in the success.
<+[1up]Ska> demonicus too
<+[1up]Ska> idd lots of newer/less experienced/comeback players
<+[1up]Ska> and qerr cant forget him
<+[1up]Ska> also like to thank everyone that stayed in 1up despite the rough round
<@Appocomaster> I do have to ask, did being in the same galaxy as Almedia help?
<+[1up]Ska> sid and the command team, my bg officers bluey, gmufc, arfy etc
<+[1up]Ska> yeah
<+[1up]Ska> though the scariest incommings were the exi ones for the most part
<@Appocomaster> were you more alliance players or galaxy players? [eX]Almeida? At times like that there's obviously conflicts of interest
<+[1up]Ska> we had a pretty good balance I think. We are very loyal to both alliance and each other
<+[1up]Ska> wouldnt you say almi?
<+[eX]Almeida> tbh if u make it clear with the gal from the beginning that one day your ally will attack your gal and u can't def then there won't be any conflicts
<@Appocomaster> the troubles tend to come with arguments about that sort of thing :-)
<@Appocomaster> but the galaxy seems to have done well enough with you as top 3
<+[eX]Almeida> there were almost no problems with that in our gal; we have been a nice team i'd say
<@Appocomaster> glad to hear it
<+[1up]Ska> idd, it worked out very nicely
<@Appocomaster> if you're all finished...? :-)
<+[1up]Ska> final thanks going to the old titans guys taht have stuck with me, the evilempire fellas, and warlock/cypher those who arent around but miss having :)
<@Appocomaster> :-) thanks and congratulations to you all.
<+[1up]Ska> oh and whoever orangized the def on xcel that allowed me back into top 5 ;) (just kidding guys)
<@Appocomaster> moving on, 7:5 won with a similar hefty margin. Greenhills managed to sneak in for *another* winning galaxy! It's not fixed, I have checked :(
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> :)
<@Appocomaster> I know you have a speech, but are other members of your galaxy wanting to come and say thanks? :-)
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> hehe yeah some i think
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> I will let jumper pull off the main speech :p
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> thx :)
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> Well... first of all thx for a great rnd all
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> The last 2 weeks was a run for our money at one oint we had our doubts we would win
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> after lossing elviz things looked bad
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> But great dcing in gal from my main man trest
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> made it possible to win after all
<@Appocomaster> did you play more as a galaxy than an alliance then?
<@Appocomaster> 2:7 made it clear their alliances came first
<@Appocomaster> though they still did well
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> Welll
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> I would say yes
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> After we saw that eX had won we could cool down on ally
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> and start thinking about our gal
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> gmufc gav it ago
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> which made us lose alot of roids
<@Appocomaster> you still did very well
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> If we ever had a fence it was gone right there :)
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> Yes.. main reason of that is high activty
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> And again our US player trest
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> which made like 200 calls every night
<@Appocomaster> just 1 non EU player?
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> yes i think so?
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> seems liek :p
<@Appocomaster> I wouldn't like his phone bill then
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> hehe
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> We also had frad
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> he´s from canada :D
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> fard
<@Appocomaster> so they were key in the galaxy doing so well?
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> typo _p
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> the last weeks yes
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> and the fact that 1:6 made alot of mistakes
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> gave us quiet a gap
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> Early rnd it was elviz cbk and I who dced alot.. then it was nauti and snra
<@Appocomaster> when were you sure you were going to win?
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> and last trest
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> well
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> 1 week ago
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> in tick 90 and something
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> 5-6 days
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> cbk said he could smell the victory
<@Appocomaster> 90x? not tick 90? :p
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> around tick 90
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> very early rnd
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> But i think it was ment as a joke mostly
<@Appocomaster> well, it seemed to be true
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> yes :)
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> Also thx to elviz
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> u have been great!
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> This win is dedicated to u
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> nauti
<@Appocomaster> ok.
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> Ohh and thx mobrulz..
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> not gona occupay to much just want to pull off a few things
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> ur da man :D
<+[eX]Greenhills> btw, just wanna say, gal: snra, toot, silver^Ace, burkey, elviz, cesation, nauti, jumper, cbk, trest, fast, fard, B-Butcher, jerome, goddy XelNagaTLani, Imkan, and some small fellahs we didnt get a chance to meet
<+[eX]Greenhills> And had a geat bp of cbk, elviz nauti cesarion and snra
<+[eX]Greenhills> And I am glad I was one of those lucky to exile in
<+[eX]Greenhills> ;)
<@Appocomaster> that's 3 in 4 now, isn't it?
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> :p
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> so am i :D
<+[eX]Greenhills> No, not in a row
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> I did like to start off thanking eXilition for their great play this round. Without exi this wouldnt been possible :)
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> then 7:5 memberbase was excellent
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> trest you DA MAN!
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> his activity during the night is ev0l
<+[eX]Greenhills> Fard does have the exiling record with exiling twice into winnin gal
<+[eX]Greenhills> :p
<@Appocomaster> :(
<@Appocomaster> you're all as bad as each other
<@Appocomaster> mentioning exil, they're up next :-)
<+[eX]Greenhills> yeah well, it did cost me 40k each
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> gmufc and 1up
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> thank you for the GREAT fight
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> you guys gave us in the last remineder of this round
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> remember antigone :)
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> yes anti too
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> cbk
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> for early game DCING
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> in gal
<@Appocomaster> ok. Well, I'm going to have to say thanks, as we're running out of time!
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> 1:6 kinda gave us easy win after anti pulled off a stupid move.
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> and thank too ALL scanners
<@Appocomaster> I'm sure he won't make the same mistake again
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> u guys are AMAZING
<+[7-5]nauti[eX]> :p
<+[7-5]Jumper[eX]> toot for a being there when it counted too :)
<@Appocomaster> thank you, and congratulations again to 7:5
<@Appocomaster> finally, exil
<@Appocomaster> congratulations on another win
<+[ex]bwtmc> thanks
<+[ex]bwtmc> Kaifux should be here too :o
<@Appocomaster> he is!
<+[eX]Kaifux> thank you appoco
<@Appocomaster> he's probably got a long speech lined up
<@Appocomaster> you're welcome :-)
<+[ex]bwtmc> not at all, we've just been discussing it
<+[eX]Kaifux> you will be surprised (saying that to everyone who mention it)
<+[eX]bwtmc> laptop keyboard :\
<+[eX]bwtmc> yeah it's been a very different round
<+[eX]bwtmc> from our last two
<@Appocomaster> you still won!
<+[eX]bwtmc> we worked pretty hard to give ourselves a solid base to fight with
<+[eX]bwtmc> both pre-round for a long time, to get the members back together, and during it
<@Appocomaster> well, it looks like you succeeded
<+[eX]bwtmc> it's probably worth mentioning a few stats on our round
<+[eX]bwtmc> notably the top hostile alliances, things like that
<@Appocomaster> ok
<+[eX]bwtmc> we had 5000 total incoming fleets (3468 defence calls)
<+[eX]bwtmc> nitina 856, caj 343, mista 261 were superb dcs
<+[eX]bwtmc> and everyone in the alliance has a lot to thank them for
<+[eX]bwtmc> me especially this morning ;)
<+[eX]bwtmc> the DC team was absolutely brilliant throughout the round
<+[eX]bwtmc> we had the odd problem and one tools failure, but it was very solid
<+[eX]bwtmc> 1up were by far the most hostile alliance
* Markb is now known as Markb`
<+[eX]bwtmc> 1130 defence calls
<+[eX]bwtmc> that was pretty much all wartime
<+[eX]Kaifux> thank you 1up, honestly
<@Appocomaster> they kept it interesting, I guess?
<+[eX]bwtmc> a lot of the members asked to pnap us afterwards (on being allowed to) and we generally didn't attack much after
<+[eX]Kaifux> Appocomaster: exactly
<@Appocomaster> I'm glad to hear that the universe didn't roll over, then!
<+[eX]bwtmc> they worked hard to try get a win, xVx omen escape subh were all a bit involved in that
<+[eX]Kaifux> hope to see more alliances in the near future fighting the tops more often, than just shooting around
<@Appocomaster> are there any apart from the DCs in particular you'd like to thank? we're about due the tag count
<@Appocomaster> I'm sure you must have quite a list
<@Appocomaster> I know Rikard wants a mention, but I'm afraid I can't give a reason as to why :(
<+[eX]bwtmc> (not surprisingly the problem for most of the above alliances trying to change the #1 was communication/negotiation, they couldn't find meet each other on good terms)
<+[eX]bwtmc> RIkard just tried to apply for next round with a fake nick
<@Appocomaster> lol
<+[eX]bwtmc> the BC team i'm sure you could tell was very efficient
<@Appocomaster> yes, it seems it
<+[eX]bwtmc> snra would normally do the overall coordination with me
<+[eX]bwtmc> and then the bcs run the attacks, we started off with three battlegroups
<+[eX]bwtmc> but they never seem to last a round
<+[eX]Kaifux> my main thanks goes to odi and the scanning team, all the hc team (mostly snra, nitina - they worked the most this round)
<+[eX]bwtmc> (xVx have got that to work very well)
<@Appocomaster> so I've heard
<@Appocomaster> well, thank you both
<@Appocomaster> :-)
<+[eX]Kaifux> what i would like to encourage is to remember what this game is all about
<+[eX]bwtmc> we had something to say about next round
<@Appocomaster> I'm sure that a few of us appreciated the different layout
<@Appocomaster> ok
<+[eX]Kaifux> WAR
<@Appocomaster> bwtmc?
<+[ToF]Kaifux> hm?:)
<+[eX]bwtmc> we've found that fighting for alliance tags
<+[eX]bwtmc> really isn't very interesting
<+[eX]bwtmc> the way the game's set at the moment
<+[eX]bwtmc> and at least we've decided that we're going to change the way we play
<+[eX]bwtmc> to try and make it (somewhat) more interesting
<+[eX]bwtmc> ironically, we're plan to do that by not aiming to win at all
<+[eX]Kaifux> sorry Appocomaster, couldn't resist..
<+[eX]bwtmc> *we're planning
<@Appocomaster> :p
<@Appocomaster> what are you planning?
<+[eX]bwtmc> we really want other alliances to do that
<+[eX]bwtmc> invisible walls have decided the last two rounds
<+[eX]bwtmc> to run a much smaller alliance
<+[eX]bwtmc> with a completely refreshed command
<+[eX]bwtmc> who we'll try to organise before r19
<+[eX]bwtmc> if we achieve anything in that round
<+[eX]bwtmc> we'd want it to be for our own members to have fun
<@Appocomaster> that seems like a worthy target
<+[eX]bwtmc> and to try do our best to get involved only in so far that other alliances get to have some fun
<+[eX]Kaifux> don't forget that it's not just about victory (this has to come the last)
<+[eX]bwtmc> Arfy: actually with the score system now
<@Appocomaster> I'm afraid we've overrun, and we've got the tag count and to congratulate the golden roid planets
<+[eX]bwtmc> you'd be rather fantastic to pull that off
<@Appocomaster> so I'm going to have to cut you short
<+[eX]bwtmc> with a small tag
<+[eX]Kaifux> i'm done :)
<+[eX]bwtmc> oky
<+[eX]bwtmc> me too
* Appocomaster sets mode: -vv [eX]bwtmc [eX]Kaifux
<@Appocomaster> thank you to you both
<@Appocomaster> finally congratulations to XceL, Cowmando, p69er, Narcosynthesis, Qerr and Jeffers, for their golden roid achievements
<@Appocomaster> and for the tag count
<@Pea> Tags counted, scanned 525 nicks and found 45 different tags. 1 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<@Pea> #10. Tag: SiN, count: 16
<@Pea> #9. Tag: 1up, count: 18
* Pea sets mode: +l 535
<@Pea> #8. Tag: HR, count: 21
<@Pea> #7. Tag: S, count: 21
<@Pea> #6. Tag: xVx, count: 24
<@Pea> #5. Tag: Omen, count: 25
<@Pea> #4. Tag: FC, count: 29
<@Pea> #3. Tag: ROCK, count: 34
<@Pea> #2. Tag: eX, count: 44
<@Pea> #1. Tag: ToF, count: 55
<@Appocomaster> congratulations ToF, though I don't think you needed your help :-)
<@Appocomaster> I'll take it up with one of your HCs later
<@Appocomaster> thanks for listening
* Appocomaster sets mode: -m