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EoRC Round 17: 10/6/06

<AppocoBusy> Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to the latest End of Round Ceremony!
<AppocoBusy> Ah, we've already lost Assassin
<AppocoBusy> well, hopefully we'll progress slightly better
<AppocoBusy> thank-you for all turning up
<Marv> /quit ta ta
<AppocoBusy> we didn't even need a global
<AppocoBusy> firstly, congratulations to all 'winners' this round
<AppocoBusy> firstly, the top 3 planets
<AppocoBusy> unfortunately, due to poor planning on *someone*'s behalf, we seem to be clashing with the football
<Marv> 531 people though, not a bad turn out i'd say :-)
<AppocoBusy> but luckily, we have Zhil here in place of elviz, and Tearz has managed to stay off the beer long enough to say a few words :-)
* AppocoBusy sets mode: +vv [1up]Zhil [SiN]Tearz|beer
<AppocoBusy> oh
<AppocoBusy> wait
<AppocoBusy> no he hasn't
* Pea sets mode: -b *!*@PunkAss.users.netgamers.org
* Pea sets mode: +l 543
* AppocoBusy sets mode: +v [Omen]Caj
<AppocoBusy> Caj has though :-)
<[1up]Zhil> Tearz caved then to the beer?
<AppocoBusy> yes
* P sets mode: +o Assassin
<AppocoBusy> he was last seen heading for the pub
<AppocoBusy> <[SiN]Tearz|beer> Thanks go to all those in 7:2 for their support especially my BP (toot Haz Turbo safe) Thanks also to all those in SiN who have worked hard to make this possible. See you all on the battlefield for R18
<AppocoBusy> more people!
<AppocoBusy> so, Zhil, what has elviz asked you to say in his stead?
<[1up]Zhil> In typical elviz style he has managed to give me a big fat nothing
<AppocoBusy> well, that's quite impressive
<AppocoBusy> would you like to guess what he wanted to say?
<[1up]Zhil> but I will guess to what he wanted to say and express it
<AppocoBusy> i'm sure he wanted to thank his alliance
<[1up]Zhil> as we wouldnt want to subject everyone to the horror of another elviz speech
<[1up]Zhil> elviz would like to thank firstly his galaxy 7:1 as it was ingalaxy defense and whatnot that help him keep that massive stack of roids
<[1up]Zhil> sandvold especially because without him elviz would have got roided loads and loads and we'd have all laughed
<AppocoBusy> hehe
<[1up]Zhil> and sandvold only just missed out on being top 3 (ending #4 I see)
<AppocoBusy> yeah, he did well
<AppocoBusy> we'll hear from him in a minute, I think :-)
<[1up]Zhil> thanks to plottingevil for all the laughs this round and cooperationm without them elviz would never have got to roid big roid targets
<[1up]Zhil> 1up HC for their time and dedication into running the best alliance in this game for yet another round
<AppocoBusy> I think Cin lost quite a few of his roids to elviz too
<Assassin> lol
<[1up]Zhil> and the rest of 1up for being the greatest fellow members someone could ask for
<[1up]Zhil> and lastly but not least, crusie for being his personal mascot and scanner
<AppocoBusy> yes, a few people were mislead at first
<AppocoBusy> elviz seems to have taken on JBG's fashion of naming himself after someone else
<[1up]Zhil> Indeed they were
<AppocoBusy> :-)
<[1up]Zhil> one last thing
<[1up]Zhil> elviz apologises to PE for the failure of PZT100
* Pea sets mode: +b *!*@ti400720a080-14620.bb.online.no
* Omen[Jay][ThaSe was kicked by Pea ([1] :: Make up your mind! (Excessive nick changes) :: (Auto) Duration: 25m)
<[1up]Zhil> Project Zhil Top 100 for reference
<AppocoBusy> ok
<[1up]Zhil> elviz managed to recall a defense fleet from me
<[1up]Zhil> and ended up with getting my revenants trapped at home
<[1up]Zhil> which resulted in their death :
<[1up]Zhil> and it was all his fault
<AppocoBusy> I'm sure he really would have said that
<[1up]Zhil> he would
<AppocoBusy> Caj, you've obviously had in many ways a far more interactive round than elviz, who was out of tag for a lot of the time. How did the round go for you?
<[Omen]Caj> was lotsa fun
* Pea sets mode: +l 533
<[Omen]Caj> biggest mistake was pickin a lil war with gate
<AppocoBusy> yes, Omen, ND and Insomnia were quite close for a while
<[Omen]Caj> got roided down to under 1k lol he planned it well
<[Omen]Caj> gate: great stats + sry u leaving man u gave me my hairiest moments .. the night i lost 3k roids..u da man! wish u be staying bro liked warring with u
<[Omen]Caj> <bit drunk n has pre-prepared things to say
<[Omen]Caj> firstly i would like to thank my galaxy, especially my uber leet gc SilverAce who been minted n the ultimate motivational speaker. love him to bits, the whole gal has been awesome best i been in and best i will ever be in, thx go to sleepless, stoom, biggin, and frozone and crew etc for keeping me entertained through the many late late nights towards the end:: 16:9=the shizzle
<AppocoBusy> I'm sort of glad I don't get phoned at 3am to sort out defence
<[Omen]Caj> yea sux
* Pea sets mode: +l 539
<AppocoBusy> the nightmare of my A-levels, tbh
<[Omen]Caj> worst wen u doing the phoning
<[Omen]Caj> 1 night i was ringing sa like 7 times
<AppocoBusy> I always went off to sleep really early
<[Omen]Caj> he was shaggingtho so..:/
<[Omen]Caj> needed his banshee n never got them
<[Omen]Caj> as a result satyr stole sum roids off me
<[Omen]Caj> tsk
<AppocoBusy> he has his priorities sorted, it seems
<AppocoBusy> oh well
<AppocoBusy> you didn't do too badly :-)
<[Omen]Caj> yer
<[Omen]Caj> secondly a personal apology to shek(16:9:9) who wud hav been top100 had i not killed his mandrakes at my place 3 ticks before round end sry bro.- u ended worst possible rank: 101---seriously gutted ( shek was mint with our combo fr/de attacks..luved your chims :P
<AppocoBusy> :-)
<AppocoBusy> well, thanks to you both
<[Omen]Caj> omen: you guys have been awesome , great def , great hc, keiz and rain lub u boyos. wishmaster, spacez <3
<[Omen]Caj> lukeylove: loved our lil mindgames, round wudnt have been the same without you bro:: peace and love.
<[Omen]Caj> n thats all
<[Omen]Caj> pa is ace
<[Omen]Caj> im going drinking
<[Omen]Caj> oo 1 more
<[Omen]Caj> my greatest achievement i believe this round sleepy informed me im 1up most hostile luvvin it
<AppocoBusy> well, I'm sure 1up found you funny too
<AppocoBusy> have fun drinking
<[Omen]Caj> hehe
<[Omen]Caj> hope so
<[Omen]Caj> ty and cu on the battlefield nxt round
<AppocoBusy> we'll see Zhil later :-)
<[1up]Zhil> would have been boring without you Caj
* AppocoBusy sets mode: -vv [1up]Zhil [Omen]Caj
<AppocoBusy> now possibly the most interesting of all the races
<AppocoBusy> the race for top galaxy
<AppocoBusy> for once, the galaxy wasn't wayyyyyy out in front for half the round :-)
<AppocoBusy> 4 fairly influential galaxies played a fairly large part, I'm sure partly due to alliance politics
<AppocoBusy> so, without further ado 7:1 :-)
* AppocoBusy sets mode: +vvvv [1up]Sandvold [Angels]Bazza [ROCK]lilboi [VGN]^Miksu^
<[ROCK]lilboi> =p
<AppocoBusy> yes
<[1up]Sandvold> never had belived we actually would get another gal victory with the "same" bp
<AppocoBusy> heh
* Pea sets mode: +b *!*@paisley.users.netgamers.org
* gals was kicked by Pea ([1] :: Make up your mind! (Excessive nick changes) :: (Auto) Duration: 15m)
<AppocoBusy> I'm sure I recongised a few of you
<[1up]Sandvold> the original plan was that qSp was gonna play and not greenhills
<[1up]Sandvold> but qSp missed the start beeing on vacation so greenhills had to step in
* AppocoBusy sets mode: +v [Omen]Greenh
<AppocoBusy> and there he is
<[1up]Sandvold> jepp
<[Angels]Bazza> lol - Greenhills just SMS'd me "did we win" heh
<[Omen]Greenh> I had to run home..
<[Omen]Greenh> Go on sand
<[1up]Sandvold> hehe haven't naything planned
<[1up]Sandvold> i like speaches as much as elviz
<AppocoBusy> hehe
<AppocoBusy> so who was the buddy pack, and who were the randoms roped in to help?
<AppocoBusy> did you get a few nice exiles?
<[1up]Sandvold> but i got to thx all our gal mates Rebel Bazza Aussie Greenhills elviz STONEKIN freeze Phantomias EvilTwin Lilboi ^Miksu^ Zephod K2000 Nath and Dag for never giving up hope for winning
<[1up]Sandvold> actually we didn't get any big ones
<[1up]Sandvold> but those we got did extremly good after they joined the gal
<[Angels]Bazza> We had prolly one of the best BP in the uni - Sandvold, Greenhills, STONEKIN, me & elviz
<[VGN]^Miksu^> quality exiles
* Pea sets mode: +l 533
<[ROCK]lilboi> =p
<AppocoBusy> I wonder who they were
<[1up]Sandvold> yea the exiles was pure quality when we got to know them
<AppocoBusy> so you played more as a galaxy then, and stayed out of politics?
<[1up]Sandvold> we didn't have any plans
<AppocoBusy> I believe elviz relied more on you than his alliance for most of the round
<[1up]Sandvold> yea we had to since 1up didn't tag up
<[1up]Sandvold> so me and elviz got to thank our gal mates for getting us to where we are today
<[1up]Sandvold> (alliance as wellofc)
<[1up]Sandvold> but they saved us alot of times in the start
<[1up]Sandvold> the best thing about the gal was prob that we could sleep whenever we wanted
<AppocoBusy> I'm sure you helped them back
<[1up]Sandvold> don't think we had many ticks where we didn't have anyone online
<[Omen]Greenh> Think the point we really worried was last night tho
<[Omen]Greenh> We had allmost everybody online for those 18h I think
<[1up]Sandvold> oh forgot to mention the c7 1ups that saved me and elviz alot as well
<[ROCK]lilboi> <[Omen]Greenh> We had allmost everybody online for those 18h I think <--- tell me about it, haven't slept for 4 days
* Pea sets mode: +l 539
<[1up]Sandvold> yea i had to leave the class i was subsitue teacher for several times so we could cross def
<AppocoBusy> pretty nervous times then?
<AppocoBusy> despite having the biggest player in the universe? or because of it?
<[1up]Sandvold> we wasn't sure on victory before two ticks ago
<[Angels]Bazza> we kept expecting incs from 10:9 - but they never came
<AppocoBusy> and of course, you weren't exactly low ranking Sandvold
<[1up]Sandvold> actually we all had good ranks , think we ended up with 10 top 100 planets
<[1up]Sandvold> so evne that elviz and me was big the whole round then the rest took us to where we are today
<AppocoBusy> yes
<AppocoBusy> top 10 top 70/80 planets
* Pea sets mode: +l 533
<[1up]Sandvold> someone else say something as well, i feel abit lonely here:P
<AppocoBusy> you were GC
<AppocoBusy> you're expected to lead the way, etc!
<[1up]Sandvold> yea, but i like to be in the back and giving the spotlight to the others
<[1up]Sandvold> that's why i let elviz win
<AppocoBusy> elviz being the moc :/
<Assassin> lol
<Marv> heh
<AppocoBusy> very communicative, off watching football etc
<AppocoBusy> anyway, if there's nothing else?
<[Angels]Bazza> Special personal thanx to STONEKIN for watching over me while I slept, Myztica for scanning and Angels for defence, to Greenhills for all his early morning calls and ofc to Sandvold for doing another great job as GC.
<[Angels]Bazza> That's all I think.
<[1up]Sandvold> not really, i just want to thank all our alliances that have helped us on the way
<[ROCK]lilboi> Rock FTW
<[ROCK]lilboi> =p
<AppocoBusy> (STONEKIN rocks as night DC, tbh. I can vouch for that :P)
<[Angels]Bazza> idd
<[1up]Sandvold> and once again for the gal mates that never gave up the fight for nr 1
<AppocoBusy> it's nice to see another fair mix of alliances
<[VGN]^Miksu^> I would like to thank especially VGN scanners for being online when needed.
<[1up]Sandvold> and a little thx to arch_koven for supllying us with the best bot there is
<[1up]Sandvold> and adding all the stupid commands we wanted
<[ROCK]lilboi> i also would like to thank the rock DCs that saved me many many times =p
<[1up]Sandvold> we prob missed out alot
<[1up]Sandvold> but those who have been there helping us all the rounds knows it
* Pea sets mode: +l 525
<AppocoBusy> I'm sure they do!
<[1up]Sandvold> now i guess me and elviz can take a break from the game till someone win more then 2 gal wins
<[VGN]^Miksu^> (No-one really wants to read any more of this)
<AppocoBusy> hehe
<[1up]Sandvold> but if none of the rest got anything to say then u can devoice us
<[1up]Sandvold> thx 10:9 for a great fight btw
<AppocoBusy> thanks :-)
<[1up]Sandvold> dota ftw
* AppocoBusy sets mode: -vvvvvv [1up]Sandvold [Angels]Bazza [Omen]Greenh [ROCK]lilboi [SiN]Tearz|beer [VGN]^Miksu^
<AppocoBusy> finally, we have 1up winning, in a performance like last round appearing out of nowhere
* AppocoBusy sets mode: +vvv [1up]Bashar [1up]Zhil [1up]aNgRyDuCk
<AppocoBusy> congratulations :-)
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> o/
<AppocoBusy> I guess this makes up for last round
<[1up]Zhil> Back again
<AppocoBusy> yes
<AppocoBusy> you sneaked in last round too
* Pea sets mode: -bb *!*@paisley.users.netgamers.org *!*@ti400720a080-14620.bb.online.no
<[1up]Zhil> yes :P
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> Zhil is the "face" man
<AppocoBusy> who are the arms and legs? :/
<AppocoBusy> yeah, that went well
<AppocoBusy> soooo
<[1up]Zhil> Sid and mazz
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> well
<[1up]Zhil> clearly
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> lol
<AppocoBusy> who worked out this round's tactics?
<AppocoBusy> as Sid has said, this round you didn't really have that many MO at the beginning of the round
<[1up]Bashar> Not many? We had none
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> it was nice to let our defense MO's have a break
<[1up]Bashar> Until the day we tagged
<AppocoBusy> did you plan to play to win?
<[1up]Bashar> Of course
<AppocoBusy> or just having a break and then realising you were in a strong position
<[1up]Bashar> We have every round, bar the Kingmaker round, which surprised us
<[1up]Zhil> Originally the plan was only to remain untagged for the first few weeks I believe
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> the players in 1up generally find not winning unnacceptable
<[1up]Zhil> but it was working better than expected
<[1up]Bashar> Yeah, until keeping roids meant mroe than capping them
<[1up]Zhil> so we stuck with it
<AppocoBusy> when you tagged, you were actually quite close to Omen in terms of score
<[1up]Bashar> The round was not planned until pretty late on though (as per usual 1up style, planned during protection lol)
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> lol
<[1up]Bashar> Lots of us were considering not playing at all after last rounds farce
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> we had a 3 mil lead
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> but we qwere way ahead value wise
<[1up]Zhil> we were 10 mill ahead in value I believe when we tagged, whilst only 3 mill ahead on score
<[1up]Bashar> At least we didn't have to dig up Sid from a bar this time though eh Zhil :-)
<AppocoBusy> and the roids made the difference
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> lol
<[1up]Zhil> we had sat on an extra 15K roids for ages
<[1up]Zhil> which proved their worth when we finally tagged
<[1up]Bashar> It was more than that Zhil, we tagged fairly slowly, I think it was 5 mil score when we tagged
<[1up]Zhil> as our members simply had better fleets for the most part
<AppocoBusy> did you expect to be more troubled than you were when you tagged?
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> we decided to get busy and take Omen out asap...no need to sit around
<[1up]Bashar> We expected a rampage on us when we tagged
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> after tagging
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> ya and it really never happened
<[1up]Bashar> Never quite happened though
<AppocoBusy> Omen did get hit quite heavily soon after you tagged, from the graphs
<AppocoBusy> Omen didn't do badly, if they were under pressure from you and insomnia/ND ?
<[1up]Zhil> I expected more incoming yes
<[1up]Bashar> Although, we are used to getting horrendous incomming all round
* Pea sets mode: +l 519
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> not tagging took some of that pressure off
<[1up]Bashar> We tagged up and hit Omen together, it was the same move really. That was always the plan, hit Omen as soon as we tagged.
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> gave out MO';s a much needed rsst
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> redt*
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> rest
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> lol
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> so we went into last 2-3 weeks with fresh MO's and motivated fleets
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> makes things a lot easier
<AppocoBusy> [for the record, I didn't mean ins/nd were allied, but they'd given omen some fair incoming early on to keep them in check]
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> when you have a mission
<[1up]Bashar> Yeah, they usually have to do a hell of a lot of work, we tend to average something silly like 120 fleets a night most rounds.
<AppocoBusy> the rest must have made a difference
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> and it should going into 18
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> as far as ppl ot being burned out
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> from working calls all round
<[1up]Zhil> it was indeed a very different round for 1up and its members
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> the attack MO's on th other hand busted their butts
<[1up]Bashar> Yeah, it was surreal. We're used to fighting tooth and nail against anyone who comes at as
<[1up]Zhil> our members deserve a big thank you and well done for their committment even though it looked like we were doing fairly poorley
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> it's weird that it worked out as a break, so benefit from the rest, and still left alone and able to grow without opposition
<[1up]Zhil> alot of members did believe we were only #3 or maybe #2 once they figured out a fair few of them werent inside the tag
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> a lot of members had no idea where we actually were rank wise until the tick we tagged
<[1up]Bashar> Yeah, the members were great this round, they stood firm and trusted us everytime we said "we're not worried, everything is going to plan", even when it appeared the opposite was the case
<AppocoBusy> that must be quite hard
<[1up]Zhil> I think it also helped 1up members get to work with their galaxies more
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> wuth that thought in mind
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> from Mazzelaar..... One message from me. A huge well done to the 1up members. It takes great character and belief to go day after day without organised defence and to consistently show trust in HC decisions even while you're losing roids. Well done to all of you, 1up is nothing without you.
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> I would like to thank the Officers and Members of 1up for their hard work and commitment. They upheld a standard thats come to be expected of this alliance,
<[1up]Zhil> same for me really
<[1up]Zhil> additionally I thank members like g0at who seemed to have the worst luck ever in getting and keeping roids
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> lol
<[1up]Bashar> Yeah, and with a lot of new faces this round too, and a lot of old faces missing. It was great to see new faces step in and take the places of the old faithful
<[1up]Zhil> yet didnt give up
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> yup the guys who took it on the chin deserve a big pat on the back
<[1up]Bashar> Sounds like me, "Mr ranked with scanners" lol
<[1up]Bashar> :-/
<[1up]Zhil> also thank you to Mitre for letting me land on his target alone when I piggied it by mistake
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> I'd also like to thank Bashar or making sure I didnt have the smallest planet in 1up :P
<[1up]Zhil> I finished rank 132 btw for those who were pming me and asking
<[1up]Bashar> :-/
<[1up]Zhil> it would have been higher if I didnt get distracted earlier and crashed all my wraiths and spectres 4 ticks before end
<AppocoBusy> Bashar beat jester by 1 rank, apparnetly
<AppocoBusy> jester wasn't too happy
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> think he lost roids as he got them every night
<[1up]Bashar> I did?
<[1up]Bashar> LOL!
<AppocoBusy> yes
<[1up]Zhil> oh god no
<[1up]Bashar> Go jester! You're officially shit!
<[1up]Zhil> Bashar will never shut up now
<[1up]Zhil> he managed to actually beat someone :
<[1up]Zhil> in jester's defense he probably never did anything though, he was marking exams and such whenever I saw him
<[1up]Zhil> and he had kargool in his galaxy also
<AppocoBusy> hehe
<[1up]Zhil> thats a morale demotivator to play
<AppocoBusy> well
<AppocoBusy> it's time for the tag count
<AppocoBusy> however
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 505 nicks and found 42 different tags. 1 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: TGV, count: 15
<Pea> #9. Tag: InS, count: 17
<Pea> #8. Tag: VGN, count: 17
<Pea> #7. Tag: ND, count: 20
<Pea> #6. Tag: ToF, count: 22
<Pea> #5. Tag: ROCK, count: 26
<Pea> #4. Tag: FC, count: 31
<Pea> #3. Tag: S, count: 32
<Pea> #2. Tag: 1up, count: 47
<Pea> #1. Tag: Omen, count: 47
<AppocoBusy> it's a tie :
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> lol
<AppocoBusy> Omen just managed to tag
<AppocoBusy> haha
<AppocoBusy> too late!
* Pea sets mode: +b *!*@Jonas.users.netgamers.org
* [InS]Jonas was kicked by Pea ([1] :: Make up your mind! (Excessive nick changes) :: (Auto) Duration: 15m)
<AppocoBusy> we're meant to have 5 credits that Assassin donated
<AppocoBusy> we might have to split them :/
<[1up]Bashar> I don't think people like us anymore. Everyone is tagging against us
<Assassin> ill give 5 each
<[1up]Zhil> haha Ska
<[1up]Bashar> Ska is now up for recruitment to any alliances interested in him.
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> lol
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> we needed those, someone has to payfor my next round :
<[1up]Zhil> Oh
* Pea sets mode: -b *!*@Jonas.users.netgamers.org
<[1up]Zhil> we also thank all our planet naps
<[1up]Zhil> without you our win wouldnt have been possible
* Pea sets mode: +l 508
<[1up]Zhil> nearly forgot that tradition phew
<[1up]Bashar> We'd have preferred a few less though, our larger members had nobody to roid at the end, they got a bit bored.
<AppocoBusy> hehe
<AppocoBusy> well, thanks :-)
<[1up]aNgRyDuCk> we do need to thank the galaxy members in galaxies our members resided in for helping with the in galaxy defense,, we put that on all of you
<AppocoBusy> congrats again
* AppocoBusy sets mode: -vvv [1up]aNgRyDuCk [1up]Bashar [1up]Zhil
<AppocoBusy> finally, a few words from me :-)
<AppocoBusy> regarding the world cup, which I've been quite silent on
<AppocoBusy> the stats are slightly different to those many may have been expecting
<AppocoBusy> but hopefully, people will appreciate the changes it'll bring for these 3 world cup events
<AppocoBusy> the stats are located http://worldcup.planetarion.com/stats.pl
<AppocoBusy> the most obvious thing is that there's only two races
<AppocoBusy> War and Science
<AppocoBusy> the PA Team felt that, at least for the individual event, the current stat basis really wouldn't work
<AppocoBusy> a few will notice that it's "old school"
<AppocoBusy> and indeed, these aren't the only changes for the world cup
<AppocoBusy> I've made an announcement here: http://www.planetarion.com
<AppocoBusy> but in summary, we have no XP, fleet scans back, cloaked ships back, eonium as fuel, more salvage, no covert ops, and a more interesting tech tree (scans are harder to get, so scan planets aren't so efficient)
* Pea sets mode: +l 498
<AppocoBusy> no PDS
<AppocoBusy> sorry
<Assassin> lol
<Assassin> we wish
<AppocoBusy> Assassin wasn't that convincing
<Assassin> i tried
<Marv> On a thank you of my own that I forgot to make earlier. A big thank to the guys n gals in #support for all thier work over the round in assisting with all your problems / concerns / worries. They have done a great job. Thanks guys :-)
<AppocoBusy> it is an interesting mixture of this round and last round
<AppocoBusy> and hopefully, it'll be enjoyed by everyone over the next 3 events
<AppocoBusy> as you can see, we didn't want to release the surprise too early
<AppocoBusy> I hope that everyone's race plans for their world cup galaxies weren't affected too much :/
<AppocoBusy> thanks again for staying up this late to read this all